Carmen Says:

I have Lyme Disease which took 4 years to be diagnosed. During that time I became disabled and lost everything. After about a year in bed, I got rid of my medications and started The Gerson Therapy. Within 9 months I was mostly back to my old self. This is when I realized how important food was to healing and living a life of quality. Wanting to life a more "normal" lifestyle, I looked for "healthy" food options. I felt so lost and confused by all of the conflicting data out there. When I found Vani, I believe in 2012, she was exactly who I was looking for. My only regret is I didn't find her sooner.

I love her sincerity and passion to share with us what not to eat and why. What made her different from everyone else is she told us what to eat instead, and in doing so she completely removed all of the mystery around what to consume. When she created the Food Babe Eating Guide I subscribed immediately and haven't looked back. I love the weekly layout and recipes. I also love the fact that even while the recipes are healthy, simple, delicious and nutritious, they aren't labeled as diet food. This is clearly a way of life The Food Babe possesses, proposes and promotes. Thank you Vani for being an advocate for our health, wealth and happiness, and taking the mystery out of eating and living healthy.