The Watsons Say:

We have been trying to lose weight for over ten years, and have tried almost every diet plan. We can't remember how we came across your website, but we found a couple movies listed on your site (Food matters, and Fat Sick & nearly dead) that really made sense to us. However one of our main problems with food was never planning our meals, and just trying to find something when we get hungry. So when we found your monthly meal plan, we thought we would try it out and "see if it worked". We were both skeptical about how tasty and filling it would be! Over almost three weeks, we have made all the recipes in this month’s meal plan and we've been very surprised on a number of different levels! We followed each recipe listed serving size, and found that the portion size of each recipe was almost too much to eat. We were stuffed after each meal, and were also surprised by how long we felt satiated! We have been very impressed with how flavorful and tasty ALL of the recipes are. It has been very easy to eat the recipes, because they are so delicious! However, what we are most surprised with is our weight loss! In just under three weeks we have each lost 15 pounds, and feel amazing. We both feel "cleaner", "fuller", and have more energy. We both feel that this is a change that we can do for the rest of our lives. Thank you for all that you do, and for helping us get started.are both excited for our future!