Jennifer Says:

I have struggled with my weight in my thoughts and self image or actually being overweight most of my life. I have never liked vegetables. My diet mostly consisted of fast food hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and pizza. When I would eat at home it would be boxed foods or some other version of fried and processed foods. I drank sodas and juices and very little water.

I was one hundred pounds over weight and pre diabetic. I had tried every diet. I had lost fifty pounds here and there and then gained it back. It was a cycle. I felt hopelessly addicted to food. I felt trapped in the cycle. Then one day my mom, Debbie, told me about FoodBabe. I signed up for her monthly menus. I was so excited to have the meal plans and the shopping lists. She is very creative. One of the things that I like most about FoodBabe is that she is very realistic and neutral. In this journey it has been hard to find the “healthy” road. There are so many “healthy plans” . Yet FoodBabe is very practical and teaches you how to have spice in life without the chemicals. The food is tasty and enjoyable.

I would encourage anyone to read her articles and get her menu plans. As for me, I have lost sixty six pounds to date. Let me encourage each of you to take this amazing journey. You will never look back in defeat again. It is beyond worth it. Thank you FoodBabe for all that you do. I will forever be touched by your passion. Your passion is igniting a wildfire thatthrough the world making an impact on everyone!! My sincerest thank you!