Nina Says:

I have always considered myself a “healthy eater”. I did not grow up eating fast food or processed foods and am fortunate to have a mother who is a talented gourmet chef. However, when my twin boys were born in August 2012 I became a meticulous researcher of everything that went into their bodies or onto their skin and realized there was so much I didn’t know about the food I was eating. The Food Babe introduced me to GMOs, chemical additives, “natural flavors” and other seemingly harmless or invisible (to the average consumer) problems with our food. While the twins were still infants, I slowly adapted her principals in my household. By the time they were eating purees and other solid foods our entire pantry, fridge and freezer had been made over. We were shopping at the local farmers market and Whole Foods exclusively and regularly incorporating her recipes into our weekly menus. When the eating guides came out I was thrilled to have an opportunity to support the blog that I so heavily relied on for guidance. I love having so many clean recipes at my fingertips and especially love the ‘special features’. For example, nearly our entire Thanksgiving spread last year was based upon recipes from the Holiday Eating Guide. I also love the Juicing Eating Guide and have referred to it often. The recipes are easy to prepare, delicious and I can always trust that ingredients are the cleanest possible. Since I started following Food Babe’s eating principals I have felt so much better physically. I don’t feel like I am “denying” myself by passing up chemical-laden artificially-colored sweets, whereas I used to have to resist temptation constantly with sweets. I have higher energy, feel more attractive, and feel more in control of my appetite. Best of all, I feel like I am feeding my kids not only nutritious food, but also food that is FOOD – not artificial, made in a laboratory, junk. I am grateful for the Eating Guide recipes, special editions and also the extremely available and supportive team. Members of the Eating Guide team make themselves available to answer questions via email and also to support me in my food choices that may seem “radical” to many of my friends, colleagues and family members.