Patsy Says:

I have been a subscriber since May. Every month has been helpful. However, this month, you knocked it out of the park. As I read each recipe, I realized my pantry is filled with just the right ingredients for most recipes. I have even changed prep habits that help, i.e. I crock potted a large amount of chicken and have it frozen in just right portions. Quinoa and Barley are now a staple in my pantry. My freezer has tortilla and Rudi bread available when I want/need. Each month my shopping list gets easier. While I do live in a rural area with some limits, especially fresh produce, so much can be ordered online or picked up on trips to “the big city”.

Each month I have learned/added/changed. This month, from the eating guide, I’ll add cauliflower in new ways and learn how to store the extra for later use. The pantry and freezer have become this single ladies best friend for having quick, nutritious and beautiful meals. Thank you for all you are doing to help awaken us out of our food lull. It wasn’t a happy or healthy place to be.