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BREAKING: Major Company Removing Controversial Ingredient Carrageenan Because Of You!

You never cease to amaze me Food Babe Army! The power you have to change the world is incredible. I just received confirmation that Whitewave Foods, who owns Horizon and Silk, will be removing all carrageenan from their products in 2015.  


Earlier today, I received an anonymous email that stated:

“To whom it may concern, Through friends I have made in the industry an announcement from Whitewave was shared with me regarding their removal of Carrageenan from their products. Due to the overwhelming pressure from consumers and encouragement from your website, Whitewave has announced that they will be removing Carrageenan. Keep up the good work. Attached you will find the announcement letter from Whitewave regarding this”.

Along with this attached document from Whitewave Foods:

We are removing carrageenan from our Horizon and Silk products!

  • Our consumers have expressed a desire for products without it and we are listening!
  • Carrageenan will be removed from Horizon flavored milk in Q1 2015, and from all other Horizon items by Q2 2015 (eggnog, Tuberz, heavy whipping cream, regular and lowfat cottage cheese and lowfat sour cream).
  • It will be removed from our top 5 Silk ESL Soy and Coconut beverages by Q2 2015 and remaining Silk Aseptic and other ESL products by end of 2016.
  • What is carrageenan?
    • A purified extract of red seaweed that is widely used in food and beverage products as a natural thickener and stabilizer.  Allowed for use in organic products since 1995
    • National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Handling Committee voted unanimously in February 2012 to recommend it for relisting
    • Food grade carrageenan is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by FDA, and is permitted for use by federal and international food safety agencies including FDA, and Health Canada

It was just reported by the Associated Press via ABC News that they decided to remove it “because customer feedback has been so strong“. Yes, it is because of all of YOU and your resounding voices, they have decided to make this positive change. This is in direct response to your continued activism in holding companies accountable for the ingredients they put in their products. 

Carrageenan Should Be Removed From All Food – Here’s Why:

I first wrote about this controversial additive back in May of 2012 when a cousin of mine asked me to investigate this ingredient. I highlighted research from food industry watchdog group, The Cornucopia Institute, who completed an in-depth analysis regarding the safety of this ingredient and subsequently petitioned the FDA to remove the additive from the “Generally Regarded As Safe” or GRAS determination and from organic foods all together.

In their report, they explained why even food-grade carrageenan is dangerous, yet how many food companies have continued to unscrupulously add it to their products. According to Cornucopia, animal studies show that “food-grade carrageenan causes gastrointestinal inflammation and higher rates of intestinal lesions, ulcerations, and even malignant tumors”. It can also cause cancer, because food grade “undegraded” carrageenan is contaminated with “degraded” carrageenan (the kind that’s not considered “food grade”). The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Research Council of the United States have both determined that degraded carrageenan is a carcinogen. So, it clearly should not be in our food – but it still is.

As reported this week in the Washington Post, Joanne Tobacman, a physician and professor, “asked the FDA in 2008 to examine the additives safety, submitting five of her own studies concluding that carrageenan can cause inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes. The studies were financed with grants from the federal government. The FDA denied her petition, citing several other industry-funded studies that contradicted her findings“.

Since the FDA won’t do anything to get carrageenan removed from our food, it is up to us to make this happen. 

Other Companies Are Guilty, But This Can Be Changed.

I’m so thrilled that Whitewave made this announcement, because this will likely lead to other companies following suit. Mark Kastel of The Cornucopia Institute has been working on this issue for years, and says that Whitewave’s decision reflects the rise of “people power” – which is so true. We do have the power to enact big changes in the food industry and this is proof of that.

Let’s help to be part of this sweeping change to remove carrageenan from our food supply by avoiding all products with carrageenan and ask companies who are still using it to drop it.

In this shopping guide, created by The Cornucopia Institute, you’ll find a list of all companies guilty of using this ingredient. If one of your favorite products is listed, please do your part and contact that company and ask them to remove it. If you know of other companies that are still using carrageenan, list them in the comments below.

FDA Asleep At The Wheel!

Whitewave’s announcement proves targeting companies works much faster than targeting the FDA. Michael Taylor, FDA’s deputy commissioner for food, even admitted this week that “We simply do not have the information to vouch for the safety of many of these chemicals” and “we do not know the volume of particular chemicals that are going into the food supply.” The FDA is completely asleep at the wheel. It’s up to us to hold these companies accountable and that’s exactly what we are doing.

You are so awesome. Congratulations Food Babe Army! We are changing the food system once again. 

Sending you lots of love and courage to keep moving forward,  



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390 responses to “BREAKING: Major Company Removing Controversial Ingredient Carrageenan Because Of You!

  1. Even now still do not trust this company enough to ingest their products. They have done too many dishonest toxic things over the years and support monsanto.

  2. I live in Australia, and dont know of a website like this one. We need one here who can contact different companies for us, or take up petitions against companies who still use toxic ingredients. You can start petitions on, but I dont know how to go about it, its too big for me to organise.

  3. I purchased Whole Food’s 365 brand of almond milk over the weekend and carrageenan is not in the ingredient list. Does it ever go by another name?

      1. I I’m reading the label on the silk almond milk vanilla right now and it does seem like they removed that Ingredient. It’s not there anymore.

      1. Thanks Barf; No ,”saviour,” nor egotist here, “dude;” but as one who has been in the trenches of professional social activisim for 40 + yrs, while some effort may seem fruitless I know what sitting on one’s hands accomplishes.
        It is not a bad idea, too, when sending a letter of interest to paste your entire, social and professional sets in the CC box. A friend likes to load up the BC box as well creating some angst for the receiver.
        It’s not helpful to speak with a call center agent. Addresses for CEO’s, people who perceieve having something to gain are readily available

      2. IRISH MOSS , Chondrus Crispus, a red eaweed algae, growing on the Atlantic coastlines, is the source of carageenan. Oddly, eaten in it’s whole food form IRISH MOSS does not pose the dangerous health risks of the extracted carageenan.
        Not an uncommon outcome when whole foods are fractionated. A glass of homemade fruit juice is still unhealthy while the fruit is healthful.

        NO COMMERCIAL juices, all really MAJOR POP COMPANY OWNED LABELS, Frankenfoods, pressed out tasteless , odorless , colorless liquids, pumped through miles of pipelines to manufacturers plants, to which SWISS invented process flavour/aroma packs are added,: NONE are fit for consumption.

        Canola / Rape, seeds and Canola Oil were healthful until fractionated/GMO’d to remove the intrinsic factor to create an oil with an extended shelf life and remove all distinct flavour.

        CARAGEENAN has been used in ice cream from the beginning of commercialized frozen desserts and chocolate milk and prety much every creamy dessert and fruit pie you can think of. It is also used as a clarification agent in fermented alcoholic beverages.

        The correlation has been well scientifically established on 3 continents of the vastly increased face, mouth, tongue, throat, oesopegeal ; bowel, colon and rectal cancers incidence in ale and beer drinkers. Some of the most disfiguring and fatal cancers.

        We did an experiment decades ago with a nationally popular ice cream cake and up scale designer parlour ice creams whereby they were left on a table in the hot sun, and a second batch in the trunk of a car for several hours. Their form and colors remained unchanged. They were refrozen and both subsequently lost about 1/.4 volume, due to the loss of the air injected into ice creams/frozen desserts batters, and had a slight leathery exterior but looked and tasted about the same. (Much like commercial burgers.) Ice cream cakes left in the car trunk for 7 days looked exactly as the day they werer created.
        Try that with commercial Certified Organic or home made ice cream.

  4. Some years ago I phoned LOBLAWS corporate office complaining about the removal of Organic Vegetable Protein, SOY, PEA,HEMP,BROWN RICE from their shelves. They said there was nothing they could do. I thanked them and asked for a web address where I could express the same sentiments at the same level. I then wrote referencing my conversation with the badge number and pledged I would never shop in their store and thaat I would endeavour to influence, family , friends, professional colleagues and whoever I might reach via the numerous sites on which I comment to follow suit. 7 weeks later I received a note advising LOBLAWS was proud to announce the launch of a new line. The product was back. They were childish enough to want to make it sound as if it was of their own invention. I have no problem with that. For years I wrote social impact reports for a superior who had surpassed his level of incompetence. He signed and took credit. All that mattered was that the right things happened. Sitting on ones hands instead of using them for change achieves status quo.

    1. David, That is so not cool. You should be getting the credit, not your boss. You need to do what it takes to change that. You sound like a bright guy… If you can stick up for others, you should stick up for yourself. too!!!

    2. I hate to break it to the savior-complex here, but it is highly unlikely that one letter from one dude caused this company to create and add an entire product line to their shelves in 7 weeks’ time. More likely is this was in the plans for quite some time, and you happened to catch them between dropping one, and adding the other.

  5. I started looking for carrageenan in products that I had in my pantry and fridge was surprised to find it in Tillamook brand ice cream and Shamrock brand half and half.

  6. Hi food babe- now let’s see if we can talk Tom’s company into jumping on the CARRAGENNAN ditching band wagon! I am a dental hygienist and love their toothpastes. I have emailed them twice now trying to get them to take the carcinogenic ingredient out of their products. They assure me that it is safe…… let’s see what the food babe army thinks! Thanks Jean Carley

    1. ATTA GO !!!! Often there are local private or co-op owned true Fair Trade Organic bean roasteries looking for members. Members have the option of receiving dividends in product discounts; tax free. Mine also sells home roasters and green beans. All of the profits go to education programs for children living in poverty.

    1. Yes I so despertly want CARRAGENNAN out of So Deliciouse brand Ice cream I buy there coconut milk it’s not in there I love there ice cream sandwiches but I can’t eat them until they take it out.

      1. I got some So Delicious Soy ice cream this week at Tom Thumb that didn’t have it in there!!! OMG I’m in heaven!!

  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t thank you enough for what you do for all of us consumers!

    I’ve been sending e-mails to companies about carageenan and have not even gotten a response.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 🙂

  8. Well this is good news that carageenan will be removed the products. But I’m sure it will only be replaced with some other type of “gums”, which is better but not ideal. Why are these thickening/emulsyfiers needed anyway? I don’t mind giving my aseptic milk a quick shake before I use it.

  9. I just found this in my buttermilk,It is in the Aldi store brand. I also found it in the Great Value, WalMart brand, vanilla unsweetned almond milk. That was two random things out of my fridge, oh my.
    I will be reading labels now that I know about this.

    Charlsa Golden

    1. Charlsa, I’d definitely make a point of getting organic almond milk, as almonds are a high-pesticide crop, with reports of birds dying in these orchards.

  10. Food Babe, would you be so kind to also publicize that SO Delicious ice ream unfortunately has this ingredient. We thought we were eating something healthy, and we are not. I will call the company and let them know, but would appreciate if you could help get the word out. I will no longer buy this brand. What is your favorite brand? Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  11. How about Lactaid brand milks they have carrageenan in them as well. I have young nieces and nephews that have to drink Lactaid for their lactose intolerance and this does not seem right? If this is not healthy, than what can kids (1 and 3) drink?

  12. Wow so Awesome!! Let’s put pressure on more companies so that we can feel good about what we put in our bodies!! Thanks food babe for all your hard work!

    1. Carageenan is not in Silk Almond Milk. It IS in the blended Coconut/Almond milk. You can go to their website and read the labels.

  13. totally agree with this blog. I support it 100%. happens in my country just as much. is invading us junk food and I have some notes on food and “soda” that ostensibly harm our body and found in supermarkets. Interested?

  14. Safeway’s Open Nature Fruit and Veggie Juice Bars (popcicles) list carrageenan as an ingredient right on the front of their packaging, along side claims ‘natural’ and ‘no artificial flavors, colors’.

  15. Could we please launch a campaign to have Costco remove carageenan from their Kirkland organic products. I keep writing, but I need help! ! ! ! My children and grandchildren drink these products. Help

    Thank you for making our lives better. Hugs

  16. Tru Moo Chocolate whole milk vitamin D cpntains it. Their contact number is 1 800 395-7004. I was actually drinking it while I was reading this & needless to say I DID NOT finish the bottle.

    1. All milk, except local farm raw milk, has hormones or Rbst in it. Drinking Almond milk or Coconut milk is your safest bet. Without the Carrageenan’s of course. Besides, cow milk is actually made for baby cows, not humans. Cow milk is actually cow pus. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Not good for humans!!
      Oh and now they have hidden the fact that they are putting Aspartame in cows milk now. Aspartame is pure poison.

      1. In 1991 my husband and I attended a two week clinic-seminar with Tony Robbins at the Waikoloa in Kona. That is where I first heard the words COW PUS and Tony saying it is meant dor baby cows, not for humans. The entire time we were there, we were in a strict, mostly raw foods Vegan diet….no dairy, no eggs. If you are a Tony Robbins event grad, congratulations!

      2. The extensive research of Dr. Peter J D’Adamo offers clinical proof that only Bloodtype B people can digest milk. The rest of us can benefit from Blood Type specific cheeses and Yogurt, and 2 Blood Types can use Kefir healthfully. Butyric acid and beneficial bacterial cultures are thus made available. Converting butter to ghee is anotheer wonderful source of Butyric acid, bvery healing for the gut.
        The one size diet is as incredulous as one size fits all shoes.

  17. Nestle Quick milks (choco and straw) have C-nan in them as does Kroger milks of the same flavor. Lawson’s Chip Dip has it in there too, along with MSG. Why doesn’t someone from this website start a comprehensive data base of all the “posted” products, containing C-nan that bloggers list…?

  18. Now, if it can be removed from the health food stores. I have also found carrageenan in frozen dinners.

  19. julies brand still has carrageenan in it. Was upset when we bought organic ice cream sandwiches and saw it on the ingredients list.

  20. I have used Whole Foods 365 vanilla creamer which I’ve discovered carageenen on the ingredient list. This is tragic because I’ve also been diagosed with gastritis in the last year. I will definetly bring this to their attention. Thanks for this much needed information.

  21. Have ‘Almond Fresh’ brand in my fridge, just read the ingredients. Sure enough Carrageenan. Bah! Possibly why my gastrointestinal issues continue, even though I have switched to healthier options. My boyfriend still has dairy and sure enough it is in his cream for coffee. I have emailed Almond Fresh to ask them about it. I am so glad there is a blog and a person out there that feels the same as I do about our foods. Thanks for the continued crusade!

  22. I looked at the ingredient label on my carton on ‘Silk’ Original Almond Milk and did not see Carrageenan. on the label, unless it’s a hidden ingredient, and it has the ‘Non-GMO on the label. So, that’s a positive.

  23. I contacted ‘Home Dairies’ about their Carrageenan in their hazelnut coffee creamer and products. I told them that I, as well as my friends, will not purchase their products anymore until this carcinogen is removed.

  24. Foodbabe,

    Have you seen Coca-Colas new “wellness”venture? Teaming up with health & wellness company FairLife…immediately it looks like a great, healthy alternative… that is going to sucker the majority. For a health & wellness company you think they would know to place the phrase “shake well” on their products instead of adding carrageenan!

    Not to mention they aren’t organic, but claim they “pamper our cows and are committed to sustainability and traceability”… too bad every “health” product claims this as well. Any thoughts?

    1. Carageeenan extracted from Irish Moss seaweed algae is a thickener not a dispersent. In early days the whole plant was used. The extraction method is also important. I have read that one method of extraction used in Dutch Process Cocoa manufacture uses gasoline. Benzine, and a dirth of petroleum products are used in commercial extraction processes.

      Magnesium Stearate is another enormous health concern. Used as an anticaking agent and to coat tablets. It is sourced from Asian duck feathers, human hair, and polluted cotton seed oil. NASTY stuff.

  25. Hi Vani,

    Horizon organic heavy cream I purchased 11/30/14 still contains careenagen.

    You should be alerted.

    Thanks !

  26. Is undenatured carrageenan toxic? I am looking for vegan empty capsules and NOW has a Vcap with a HPMC ingredient listed as their seaweed extract (vs Bovine). I wrote the company and asked if their HPMC ingredient contained carrageenan and their reply was:

    “No, but undenatured carrageenan is non-toxic.

    Thanks for sharing your concern about carrageenan. There is a myth that carrageenan is unsafe; due primarily to the existence of a denatured carrageenan polymer (poligeenan) previously used in pharmaceuticals that does not resemble the material that we use. Poligeenan is less than 20,000 Daltons and does not share properties with carrageenan, which is over 100,000 Daltons. Poligeenan is currently used as an x-ray imaging component. Due to the safety concerns over poligeenan, regulations require carrageenan to have high molecular weights to ensure its integrity but there are no unresolved safety concerns over undenatured carrageenan. Supposed carrageenan risks are typically taken out of context and do not reflect its stellar safety or regulatory record.

    Sea vegetables (seaweeds) are generally healthy, so a small amount of a natural form of a minor constituent that has been thoroughly vetted by public health authorities over a number of decades should not be cause for alarm. Undenatured carrageenan is a natural stabilizer, binding agent and emulsifier.”

    So I get from their reply that the seaweed extract contains undenatured carrageenan?

    1. Their reply is correct, if only technically. There are two types of carrageenan, degraded and undegraded. Degraded is classified as a carcinogen, and, as Food Babe mentioned, has caused inflammation in the bowels of lab rats. Undegraded is used in human food and supposedly has no such results. Here is a study which references both types and admits that degraded is exactly what Food Babe talks about:

      The problem is that the undegraded stuff isn’t exactly purely undegraded, as the above report shows, and the undegraded stuff can actually degrade into the degraded version after you consume it, making it a very risky choice for consumption.

    2. We all need to tell our retailers, and our politicians. Petitions are a great tool. Retailers are interested in profits. That comes from us.

  27. This is such a big deal I can’t even get over it!! For years, I’ve been emailing companies, boycotting products, and driving myself crazy trying to find heavy cream for my recipes because almost every single organic brand contains carrageenan. When I tried to go vegan for a little while I couldn’t even find an appropriate organic milk substitute because even those had it! And I mean all brands, correct me if I’m wrong but I think even the Eden brand contained it. Anyway at one point Organic Valley had pledged they were going to remove it and for a little while I was finding organic heavy cream from them that didn’t contain carrageenan. But since then, which it has been about a year or so, I haven’t been able to find the carrageenan free version. Personally I prefer the Organic Valley brand over Horizon but at least they’re taking a step in the right direction and hopefully other companies will follow suit as they continue to receive pressure from all of us. Thank you everyone for all your hard work and thank you Vani for creating this platform that we’ve been able to use and make big progress with. You truly are an inspiration and all this success just shows how much your dedication has paid off. Don’t ever let the critics bring you down. You’re here to stay. =)

    1. Trader Joe’s Organic Heavy Whipping Cream does not contain carrageenan. It is thick and creamy and so yummy. $3.79/pt in So.California. I love the stuff. Im so afraid that I’m going to find out they are mislabeling it. :/

      1. Linda, thanks for the tip! Unfortunately here in NY, the Heavy Cream TJ’s sells DOES contain carrageenan =(. I know, very disappointing. However, I’ve taken a completely different journey in my dairy quest and after watching a really sickening video on Cornucopia University’s website, I have decided to buy only local, grass fed, and pastured dairy and meats. It will definitely cost more but I can’t condone the way they treat the animals in factory operations. We’re just going to scale back on our dairy and meat consumption to make up the cost which is fine by me (I actually decided to be vegetarian after watching it because I was so heartbroken). And plus, I’d rather support local, organic, family farms making a difference in their communities than big business corporations. One small step at a time makes all the difference as we can see with the Food Babe movement…. =)

      2. Sorry, needed to correct myself. The conventional heavy cream doesn’t contain it, but the Organic one does. =(

      3. Sorry need to correct myself. The conventional heavy cream doesn’t contain it but the Organic version does. =(

  28. Y’all are totally missing the point.

    It is about truth in labeling. If I want to buy CREAM, it should be CREAM. Not cream with thickeners added to make it now a bogus cream.

  29. I follow a cat blog by INGRID:
    Author: Ingrid
    All of the Wellness formulas contain carrageenan, and I try to avoid foods with this ingredient.

    See all comments on this post here:

    She does not recommend the Wellness wet cat food brand be used because it contains carrageenan. She recommends several other brands that are carrageenan free. I have written to the company and have stopped using Wellness!

    1. Thank you Food Babe for this information!! I’ve read other articles and studies supporting its tumor promoting effects. I’ve thrown out everything that has Carrageenan and vow to never purchase anything with it.

      I just discovered it’s in Wellness canned dog foods and I have written to the company to urge them to remove it as well. Will be getting a better replacement for my dog!

  30. Something weird about the Lactaid brand cottage cheese. I can’t by it in Dallas, Texas without Carageenan. My mom, 5 hours North in Amarillo says it’s not in her Lactaid cottage cheese?? WTH?

  31. HOORAY !!! SILK Unsweetened Almond is the only almond milk I can use; no carageenan, no deadly starches; now I will have an Unsweetened Soy and Rice Milk.
    Soy milk is much better I find for baking.
    An aside, the only olive oil and lemon juice mayo, totally gums free, recently disappeared from the shelf. Canola is not fit for human consumption and vinegars not bacteria compatable with my blood type. Weird, olive oil resists rancidity forever and lemon cold cooks egg and neutralizes a myriad of toxins as well as preserves color.
    Doing research I find my mayo label was, as so often happens, gobbled up by a commercial label and discontinued.

    1. You can make your own mayo! All you need Is 1 egg, 1/2 tbsp lemon juice, 1/4 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp powdered mustard and 1 cup extra light tasting olive oil. Put all but 3/4 cup oil in a blender, then slowly add the rest of the oil by drizzling it in while blending VERY SLOWLY!

  32. This sounds great- but in the ingredients it now lists, gellan gun, sunflower lecithin, “natural flavors” and acsorbic acid. The last two I read are ways to hide “msg” even when the labels say free of MSG.
    I’m still a skeptic.
    what do you think?

    1. Exactly ! We have to learn more how to avoid to buy products with toxic ! Any products /food/ drinks would fool us.

  33. Vani, quick question, I have a year using Nature’s Gate Fluoride Free Toothpaste, and I noticed it has carrageenan. I live in Costa Rica, and there’s no Fluoride Free Toothpaste options here. I got this through Amazon, but, do you recommend another option? Can we make some pressure on them? They’re supposed to sell natural products. I really admire your job in the US and we have a website called Bloque verde and we follow you always!

    Thanks and waiting for your answer.

    A concerned customer, pura vida!

  34. Hooray!!!! The squeaky wheel!!! A true example of what can be done with perseverance……….I stopped drinking carrageenan products about a year ago and notified everybody I could of it. NOW – how about getting rid of CARMINE……it’s in Yoplait strawberry yogurt and other yogurts have it too……carmine is the beetle insect – google it or Wikipedia it

  35. The other one to stop eating is CANOLA OIL………it is really called “rapeseed oil”……..Canada is the creator of this oil “Can Oil”…….Canada Oil…….this highly processed oil can cause inflammation and depletes Vitamin E. I used to buy canola margarine and canola oil for the past 15 years because somewhere I read it was “the thing to buy at the moment”. They claimed it was beneficial over butter, etc. So I bought into the claim like lots of people do. But, I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and after going over everything I was putting in my mouth – up comes canola oil. After much research, I stopped eating it. AND my inflammatory markers have come down. The FDA recognizes canola as GRAS (generally recognized as safe), but depending on how much a person eats of it – well figure it out……..EVERYBODY should really be checking it out and eliminate it. I now use (in moderation) Kerrygold Irish butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and NEVER EVER buy bottled cooking oils.

  36. OH – and one more thing……..Coffee Mate has carrageenan and I wish they’d TAKE IT OUT OF THAT PRODUCT!!!!! I have to buy Coffee Mate Bliss – that’s the only one that doesn’t have the dreaded CARRAGEENAN!!!!!

    1. Coffeemate is manufactured from used rancid cooking oils sold as , “post purposed inventory,” by the giant fast food chains. It’s Frankencrap in any form.

  37. I’m so happy about this!! I always bought Silk products until I learned about carageenan. Thank you!

  38. Dear Foodbabe,
    I have a new 13.5 week old kitten, the dry food his foster mom was giving him does not list how much ash & ash in dry should be less than 7% ! It’s Nutro Natural Choice & they have a canned Kitten that has 3.5 % ! Wellness has only 1.95% in some flavors, but is has the darn Carregeean ! Can you belp get this out of my little fellas
    Canned Cat Food ?! Then it would be perfect ! Last cat ate it it’s last 17 months of
    life, no cancer, died of stroke ! I spent over 6 gran on him because of ash in dry food,
    now vets say all wet, no dry but now we have seaweed extract that causes cancer !?
    Please help !
    Thanks, Melissa

  39. I learned about Titanium from other information that toxic as well. I learned about carrageenan and BHT (cereal) from Food babe. I checked the products what I have:
    Colgate Total clean mint 6.0 oz , it has carrageenan and Titanium dioxide.
    Lubriderm daily moisture lotion 16. oz it said 100 % fragrance, dye- and lanolin-free (that s wonderful) however it still have mineral oil, Titanium dioxide!!!! (That is sad to fool us.)
    Vanicream moisturizing skin cream that I got form allergist Doctor for my face when I had rash last year. I used this once a while when needed. It said free of dyes, lanolin, masking fragrance, fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde. (Kid Friendly). However it still have BHT !!!!!
    I am trying to check the list of toxic for food and products but too many. I don’t know other ingredients still there would be toxic beside what we know right now.
    We need to slap at FDA for allow all horrible businesses who make profits but slowly to hurt human people on earth. However Businesses to pay government Taxes that s all government want to earn taxes. What else would it be?

    I will contact the products above about toxic to remove. However, The best thing is for Food Babe with petition would be helpful to work with Environmental Working Group ( for products. What do you think? We would like to support you to remove many toxic. Way to go !!!!! Thanks.

  40. This is great, but what about ORGANIC brands who still choose to use this ingredient?! Why can’t we get an organic non-dairy milk that isn’t indigestible?

  41. When will Carrageenan be removed from these products? I have been checking the Horizon Organic Cream every week and it is still a listed ingredient.

  42. Please lobby the makers of MUSCLE MILK to get rid of Carrageenan.


    Roland A. Carlstedt, Ph.D.

  43. I have been taking a liquid Calcium/Magnesium/D3 supplement for YEARS!
    It lists “sea vegetable extract” as the last ingredient. Is this Cargeneenan?

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