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Dissecting Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies {It Isn’t Pretty!}

There is no denying that Girl Scout Cookies are delicious but when you find out what’s actually in them, you might think twice about eating them ever again.

I used to be a Girl Scout and if I knew what I know now about food and nutrition, I would have boycotted selling them until the ingredients changed. 

We all know cookies are cookies and they are a treat that isn’t meant to be “healthy.” But, the cookies I like to eat have basic ingredients – flour, sugar, butter or coconut oil, baking soda and eggs. If you’ve been to any grocery store lately, you’ll see that there are tons of options that are just that. So, why is it that the Girl Scouts get little girls to hawk these cookies year after year that are filled with artificial and questionable ingredients? 

Just take a look at the ingredients, they speak for themselves! 

Dissecting a Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookie

Sugar made from GMO Sugar Beets

The sugar in Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t all come from sugar cane, but instead from genetically modified sugar beets. This type of sugar can contain glyphosate residues from the Roundup weed killer that is prevalently used on them. Glyphosate was deemed a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO), and is also linked to kidney disease, birth defects, and autism. If you think a little bit of herbicide residue in your cookie isn’t something to worry about, consider this, soon after Monsanto got approval to market GMO sugar beets for public consumption, they requested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) increase the limit of allowable glyphosate residues in sugar beet roots from 0.2 ppm to 10 ppm – that’s a 5000% increase! Given the prevalence of Roundup-Ready crops in America, just how much of this stuff are we really eating? Not to mention glyphosate pollution of our water, soil and air that is affecting us all.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

There are two versions of of Girl Scout Cookies made by 2 different bakers. Although the ingredients are nearly identical, one version of the Thin Mints cookie (and some other cookie varieties) is sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup. This sweetener can be contaminated with toxic mercury and has been shown to contribute to type II diabetes, especially in children.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

The Girl Scouts use a sneaky FDA loophole to claim all of their cookies contain “0 Grams Trans Fat” per serving, while some of them (including Thin Mints made by Little Brownie Bakers) actually contain partially hydrogenated oil with artificial trans fat. They get away with this because the FDA allows any product is labeled “0 grams of Trans Fat” to contain up to 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving (which is only 4 Thin Mints). Yet, the Institute of Medicine says that no amount of trans fat safe to eat because trans fat is linked to thousands of cases of heart disease. Please note – The FDA is requiring all food manufactures to remove trans fats by 2018, but food companies can still petition the FDA for a special permit to continue using it. 

Enriched White Flour 

This type of flour has been stripped of natural nutrients so it has no redeeming qualities and is essentially dead food. So, they enrich it with synthetic vitamins (niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid) that are not naturally derived. These fake nutrients are engineered in a lab from such things as coal tar, ammonia, formaldehyde, GMO bacteria, and petroleum.

Artificial Flavors

The type of flavors used by the Girl Scouts is a top secret man-made concoction of chemicals. Not only do you not know what chemicals you are really eating when you eat artificial flavors, but they are linked to allergic reactions.

Class IV Caramel Color

There are 4 different types of caramel color used by the food industry, and Class IV caramel color is added to some Girl Scout cookies like Thin Mints. Class IV caramel color is made from ammonia and contains the byproduct 4-MEI, a known cancer risk.

Thin Mints Ingredients

And if Thin Mints are not your favorite Girl Scout Cookie, Samoas are even worse! 

Samoa Cookie

And if you like Tagalongs – here’s the deal with those:

Tagalong Cookie

Do we really need to buy these cookies to support the Girl Scouts?

When the Girl Scouts come knocking, consider a donation or volunteering for the Girl Scouts instead of buying these cookies. Please also consider signing this petition started by a little Girl Scout asking for organic and non-GMO cookies!

Voting with your dollars is not always popular or easy but surely sends the right message to these bakers that continue to use these controversial ingredients. 

If you know someone who is selling or eating Girl Scout Cookies, please share this post with them. The more people that know the truth, the better! 




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231 responses to “Dissecting Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies {It Isn’t Pretty!}

    1. Tonya, Don’t be passive – YOU go getum! You can do anything Vani does, to any extent from the smallest action to the largest and most public. This is not a side show, it’s the #1 priority of the human race, the health of the body. Do your part to reach personal conviction (such as looking up diabetes rates in the US), then educate at least one other open person or thousands if you can, and you can … you have friends, email, Twitter, FBook and a telephone. People are munching on this crap right now and 24/7. Act!

  1. This stuff won’t go away until we stop buying it! People waking up is starting to result in big changes in the food supply. It’s working!! I NEVER mind paying good money for pure foods. I DO mind throwing away good money on foods that have no real nutrients that do not contribute to my health. The more we know, the less we buy from those that deliberately poison people for profit.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Is there an address where we can flood Girl Scouts with a formal letter requesting them to change their cookie ingredients? Girl Scouts of America is a wonderful organization. My daughter is a member. However, the cookie ingredients are a major problem for us. We still enjoy a few boxes of our favorites each year but it’s only once a year so I let it slide. I would be beyond thrilled if Girl Scouts improved their cookie recipes so the harmful and unnatural ingredients were replaced with real food ingredients.

    Thank you!!!

    1. I too, think that Girl Scouts is just such a wonderful organization and helps young ladies so much. But the cookies. Honestly, not a fan. Cookies in general aren’t great for you and I wish they’d sell plain popcorn like the boyscouts sometimes do. Or something healthy like clementines. We have 8 ladies who go to my church selling these cookies and I get harassed every Sunday. I just keep smiling and saying no. In the past, I buy them and immediately throw them out. I don’t even want to give these to co-workers to eat because they are not good for you!

      1. If you have conviction, educate them. If you don’t have conviction, educate yourself further. Keep digging until you have 100% conviction like Vani has.
        Do I have to remind you that this product goes into the body?
        Stop being passively polite, it changes NOTHING!

      2. I was a Girl Scout leader for 9 years, a Cub Scout leader for 4 1/2, years, and am currently the proud mom of a Boy Scout. BSA and GSUSA are both wonderful organizations, but my family just can’t buy or eat the food products they sell anymore. (Have you read the ingredients in BSA popcorn?) I don’t know whether Girl Scouts have changed their recipes in the past few years or whether it’s a result of our having cleaned up our diets, but Girl Scout cookies just don’t TASTE good to my family anymore. The past few years, I’ve made donations to the local girls selling cookies, but I haven’t bought any. C’mon, GSUSA, clean up your cookies!

  3. Although nothing to do with food–another problem with GS Cookies is that it’s a relatively small portion of the profits that goes to the local troops and girls. What I’ve been doing the last few years, instead of buying cookies, is to give the girl selling cookies a check made out to the local troop. That way my donation goes directly to them, and stays local–and the scout herself still feels good because she’s got something for her troop.

    1. Donations are great, but keep in mind the troop/families can’t return cookies and will likely have to use your donation anyway to pay back the cookie balance. In our council the troop gets $ .93 per $5 box. The rest pays the baker, and funds scholarships and camps at the local council.

      1. Depending on which Girl Scout region the troop is in, the troops/families can return cookies or order only what they need so that donation is used as intended. As a Girl Scout troop leader, thank you, Rhonda, for your donation!

      2. Our local troop takes orders only–they don’t come round with cookies! You get what you order in a few weeks. So I’m not causing any problem at all by donating directly, rather than through an overpriced GMO cookie purchase. (I have to ask–why would a troop buy or order the cookies ahead of time, not knowing what kind, or how many, friends and families might buy?)

  4. Would be so interesting to know if Girl Scout cookies Were ALWAYS so filled with krap & artificial junk? Or I’d like to think they were a “decent ” treat, once upon a time…before mad chemical scientists got into the food game!

    1. No, once upon a time they really *were* good! I loved the thin mints and peanut butter filled cookies. Then some years ago, they changed in flavor and even texture–left a sort of plastic-y coating in your mouth. And believe me, as a school teacher I bought a lot of cookies from former students over the years!

  5. Wow. I just bought five boxes of these today & I look forward to them every year. I guess they’re going in the trash! 🙁 bummer.

      1. Should you donate them to someone you don’t like? “Here, I’m not going to eat this poison, but you can have it”

    1. Don’t be passive, YOU go getum! You can do anything Vani does, to any extent from the smallest action to the largest and most public. This is not a side show, it’s the #1 priority of the human race, the health of the body. Do your part to reach personal conviction (such as looking up diabetes rates in the US), then educate at least one other open person or thousands if you can, and you can … you have friends, email, Twitter, FBook and a telephone. People are munching on this crap right now and 24/7. Act!

  6. Finally, the information I have been waiting for. Only a week ago, I was saying to myself I should put in a request for you to evaluate Girl Scout Cookies but never did and then I see this post! I took my daughter out of Girl Scouts precisely because as a parent, I was so opposed to my child selling these cookies and having to be responsible financially for boxes and boxes of them to be sold. There has got to be a better way to teach our girls salesmanship, and all the other great values they learn through selling these cookies, while at the same time harming people’s health. I am hoping everyone signs this petition so they change the ingredients in their cookies at least or better yet find something actually healthy to sell. Good job Foodbabe, there has got to be a better way!

  7. Who’s your source? Little Brownie Bakery does not use artificial colors or high fructose corn syrup in any of their 8 varieties. It’s possible other “claims” to this article are also bogus. Of course they’re not healthy, but give me a break- it’s not the cookies killing people. They’re happy to supply you with truthful information/ingredients just ask.

    1. Tracy – the ingredients are right there – Little Brownie Bakery uses artificial flavors and caramel coloring made from ammonia – check the post again.

      1. They use artificial flavor in some of their varieties, which I never claimed they didn’t. I’m pretty sure carmel color falls under natural colors like beet juice, etc…just saying, claims to your poster aren’t accurate. These aren’t as evil as you’re making them out to be. Hair dye, now that’s evil.

      2. Actually there are 2 bakers for the cookies depending on where you live. Little Brownie Bakers does not use HFCS but the other baker, ABC Bakers does use. So depending where you are when you bought your cookies, some boxes will say sugar and some boxes will say h so depending where you are when you bought your cookies, some boxes will list sugar and some will list HFCS.

      3. Sorry for typo. Tried to correct but hit submit too soon. But wanted to end by saying that may be the reason some are not seeing the HFCS on their boxes.

      4. What is wrong with Artificial flavors? I know they are made up of chemicals, but then so is everything we eat… broccoli, kale, chicken

      1. Stuart: You’ve apparently been absent the last 10 years. Start by looking up “xenobiotic”.

  8. I was a Girl Scout leader for 7 years. I no longer buy the cookies because they are crap!! I try to give donations of a few bucks at booth sales. The girls always appreciate donations because 100% goes to the troop. At least that’s how it was in our council

  9. I’m a Daisy troop leader. I only agreed to do cookie sales because of their gluten free Trios. The ingredients aren’t horrifying, and it’s a step in the right direction. They’re not organic, but money talks, and if customers demand more cookies like the gluten free, Girl Scouts will listen. Donations are always appreciated but the troops are now required to preorder most of their cookies, so they will likely have to use your donation to pay back the baker anyway.

  10. Leave the Girl Scouts alone. The cookies are sold once a year & unless you eat a whole box daily, chances are you’re gonna live.

    1. Agree! I’m a Girl Scout leader to 12 beautiful little Daisys. We only get about .55/box. But it’s our only big fundraising event and we use that money for camp and fun educational trips.
      I understand you want a healthier cookie but that would also drive the price up. It’s already $4/box and the gluten free is $5.
      And I’m a committed healthy, unprocessed eating woman but like Mike said….it’s once a year….give us a break.

      1. How much profit goes to the national organization? Of the money they receive, what percentage is salaries and bloat?

        And why are strangers supposed to subsidize your kids activities?

      2. No Christine, no break. Be a better role model and teach your Daisys about eating healthy food. You are not doing them any favors by allowing them to promote junk food. Sell something healthy and give us a break.

    2. Why not educate the Girl Scouts about eating healthy instead of selling junk food. The organization should be modeling better nutrition, in addition, sales to support the organization would be better if they sold a healthy product. I haven’t purchased these cookies in years. Girl Scout leaders, stand up and help your girls.

      1. There are plenty of ways to raise money with a group of kids (or any group). I haven’t Googled “fundraising” but I’d bet there are healthy alternatives–maybe even the organic, non-GMO vegetable and flower seeds I’ve heard suggested! I’d be much more inclined to buy home-made goodies outside a store, than a box of the current GS cookies. Old fashioned bake sale… and there are so many lovely treats that even Daisy Scouts could take a sizable part in making, thereby learning kitchen life skills (which *everyone* needs) as well as salesmanship!

  11. I never buy them, not that I’d not want to help them out. I like homemade & never have been one to like premade cookies. Glad you shared this, I hope they’ll take note & make the cookies healthy.

    1. Diana, I encourage you to do more than being glad, hoping, and writing a two-sentence subjective post. You may feel self-satisfied for 5 minutes but what good is that?

  12. Making the girls sell cookies is a disgrace IMO.
    Give to the girl scouts and they keep all of the proceeds.
    Buy a crappy box of their cookies and they send most of your money to the corporation that bakes them and they keep a small portion. So support a corporation or support the girl scouts…. your choice.

    1. Just FYI, this is untrue. In my council, cookies cost $4/box and Little Brownie Bakers receives $1.01. The troop receives up to $.73/box and the rest go to the Service Unit (group of troops from the same area that all work together) or the council, where it is spent on financial aid, camp scholarships, and programs that the girls are able to participate in. I have never felt that my daughter and her friends were getting screwed selling cookies.

      1. Cookies now cost $5 per box…. hope the troops are getting more.. and no, I don’t eat the things. I give them money.

      2. Meg, Anyone who unconsciously eats them is “getting screwed.”
        Put your calculator away. Except for the manufacuturer and all the middlemen, this is not about money. Number 1, it’s about shining a light on and for the physiological well-being of the unknowing.

  13. Thanks for the info on Thin Mints which used to be my favorite. I think you should go after Betty Crocker’s Bisquick too. The ingredients in it make me cringe yet so many households use this to make pancakes.

  14. Thank you for finally shining some light on this issue. I want to support the Girl Scouts, but you’re absolutely right that these cookies as they are now are not the best way to do that. A donation or volunteering are great suggestions, and hopefully someday we can all buy a box (or 12) of Girl Scout cookies that has a USDA Organic seal on it.

  15. Why pick on Girl Scout cookies? Almost all of the cookies on the shelves in the grocery stores are just as bad, if not worse. I’m very supportive in your research and it’s wonderful that finally the truth comes out about the nasty “food” we’ve been sold for many years. I guess my point is that purchased cookies in general are a horrible choice for anyone interested in their health.

  16. Lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) but I have NOTHING to do with the National Corporation (GSUSA Inc.,) or any of their franchise holders (aka Girl Scout Council of (fill in the Blank)).

    Before getting on the membership, that is the girls and the adult members that have volunteered to take on and lead a troop, that are pretty much forced to participate in “product sales activities” PLEASE REMEMBER that this is BIG BUSINESS.

    Little Brownie Bakers are also known as “Keebler”, a subsidiary of Kellogg’s the only other corporation manufacturing cookies for GSUSA Inc., is “Interbake” a corporation that makes store label products. From Walmart (yes those similar cookies are Girl Scout Cookies) to Safeway, Wegman’s and Publix, those store brands, yep….

    The Local Franchise holders from GSUSA Inc., (aka Girl Scout Councils) get the profits from the selling of cookies, NOT the National Corporation. The “kick-back” to the troops (a few cents for every box sold) and “prizes” to the girls are “peanuts” in comparison to the profit that pays for everything from the paper for business cards to the executives’ salaries. In some areas product sales (ie Girl Scout Cookies) brings in up to 80+% of their annual operating funds. No wonder there is a HUGE emphasis on EVERY GIRL to MAX OUT selling boxes of cookies.

  17. I’ll admit, was not looking forward to reading this. My girls were in girl scouts until this year. We are just recently trying to get healthy and into whole food. We have ordered every year; its like a treat every year!! But I wasn’t going to this year, until my oldest said she had ordered some!!! Aggh!!. Definitely hard to teach them about being bealthy. So can I have just 1 or 2 or 3?? I need a healthier version of that cookie. Gigantic weakness!! But thanks for revealing the truth!

    1. What is the relevance of your baseless implication of hypocrisy to the issue of gut health and overall health of human beings unknowingly eating, not just non-nutritional junk food, but synthetic harmful junk food? There is none. Think about it, please.

      1. She suggested that instead of buying cookies that you make a donation directly to the scouts or volunteer. Just inquiring if she did so….as a scout leader I am curious.

  18. Hi,
    You seem to have some misinformation regarding the use of Glyphosate and the implication of residues.
    I am a plant pathologist that has since specialised in plant protection products. If you would require some further information please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you correct the errors in this article.
    Many thanks,

      1. Classy Frank. Guy comes on here offering some information, and is in no way aggressive or argumentative, and you turn round and accuse him of … I’m not sure what.

  19. Whenever I see girls selling these cookies, I give them cash for their troop and tell them to keep the cookies. I’m not bringing them home.

  20. We vote with our money, and our best form of defense is education. Thank you for doing the research! I always knew it was bad, just didn’t know how bad.

  21. I’ve asked this question before, and never had an answer from Vani.

    Just what is wrong with (artificial) flavors, or even natural flavors for that matter?

    The two links you provide, give no evidence to back up their suggestions.

  22. Why single out Girls Scout cookies? Why stop there all these “bad’ things in them are in so many more products…….

  23. I have been telling people for years what you said in your article, but no one listened. Last year I wrote many letters to Girl Scout Head quarters and their replies felt like a pat on the head. I can’t believe they have little girls selling such an inferior product. Who is making more money the big companies or the individual Girl Scout troop. good luck with your campaign.

  24. Vani, Thank you for all you do for us, for showing us the truth. Im wondering what are your thoughts on Shakeology. Sounds good as they describe it.. But I trust your opinion more than anything..thank you

  25. C’mon Vari ….. you know as well as I do that cute little girls and their Mom’s hawk them as supporting a good cause … that’s the only reason that they can get people to shell out good money to buy some of the most expensive, cheaply made cookies on the planet … and for me, the hardest thing to do was to give up the peanut butter Tagalongs.

  26. Vari, I truly do appreciate your point of view. I’ve been a clean eater for 13+ years. But I feel you missed the target on this one. There are plenty of year round for profit bakers making dirty cookies, including the two that make GS cookies. In my area the bakers only receive $1.02 per box. The remaining $3.98 is what keeps the Girl Scout Council running all year and gives the troops their main funding for activities and badges. Girl Scouts is one of the last affordable activities/camps for many girls.

    I appreciate that you suggest that people donate instead, but they don’t. They do however love to share their harsh opinions with the girls. I’ve been a leader for eight years now, and and can share first hand that when Girl Scout cookies get involved in a public boycotts, people approach the girls of all ages to be sure they know they are being boycotted. They are too young to understand what it all means, and it upsets them. It’s heartbreaking. Last year it got to the point of scary. People don’t approach the council employees or the adults at the booths, they approach the girls!

    I agree with your point, but please go after the industry; the bakers. Not the non profit, its volunteers, or especially the girls.

  27. I think everyone knows that if a food item has a label then it is not REAL food. When you post something like this please put the part about donating first instead of buried at the bottom.

    You may be personally responsible for not allowing hundreds of underprivileged girls to go to camp and make a different in their lives.

    I hope you will personally make a large donation to Girl Scout of America.

    GS Troop 1787 Leader

  28. Thank you so much for all your investigations! I always read ingredients before purchasing any item and have not supported Girls Scouts for years because of their support for Planned Parenthood. Glad to say I have not eaten any of these cookies in years.

  29. Why is accountability always a dirty word? Kids are tougher than we think! We have to be accountable and transparent in life. We may not like to see this information, but it’s necessary in order to stop companies from producing products that cause health issues. When people get cancer, heart disease, etc., everyone acts like it’s just bad luck. In reality, it’s our choices that lead us to bad health. Once a year or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is holding these “cookie monsters” 😉 responsible for producing health depriving products to our families. That’s when we really begin teaching kids about accountability.

  30. The human body is a very great organ, if this cookie was so bad for you then I am sure that most of us would be dead a long time ago, I am 69 and my last wellness check when the doctor walked in ask “what are you here for, to brag” so my indulging in these cookies hasn’t heart me to dad.

    1. A lot of ‘us’ ARE dead because of this “food” industry. I urge you to do more research. ‘Fed Up’ is a good documentary to start with.

  31. My daughter joined the Girl Scouts 3years ago. My household is GMO free. So, I was in a conflict between my believe system and selling the cookies to support my daughter’s activities. I decided to stay true to myself and if my daughter troop would do activity paid by sell of cookies I would pay for her . It turned out good for all of us. But even before that I would not allow Girl Scouts cookies in my household for the reason of possible questionable ingredients. I told the coordinator that unless the cookies are going to become “verified GMO free”, I don’t want to have anything to do with selling/buying them.

  32. Also, the girls only make a few cents of the sale of each box. Someone else is getting the profits and using the girls to do it. Instead of buying cookies give a donation directly to the scout group.

  33. Good job Vani!, what this means is that the GSA will have to start buying GMO free and as organic as possible, cookies. After all, I would be certain that the GSA wouldn’t want their own kids eating poisons…

  34. Thank you so much for doing the “dirty” work for us! I knew they were bad, but didn’t realize they were THAT bad!!

  35. My girls were Girl scouts and they make so little on the cookies any way. It use to $.25 a box. If you want to support the organization give them a cash donation. Even if it is $1.00 it is more than they receive and we are still fighting with our dollars by not buying the cookies.

  36. I love how you perfectly choose to do this right in the middle of all of these little girl’s cookie season instead of maybe being a positive influence and showing how a woman can make a positive change.

    A respectful woman would have recognized, yes perhaps we have a problem here, but how can it be positively changed without destroying a non profit organization, but instead encouraging and helping it? These cookies may just be a cookie to you, but they mean more to these little girls. They mean camp, and activities, and charity and service project work. They mean entrepreneur opportunities for these girls.

    Wouldn’t it have been more positively impacting if you had approached them well before Cookie baking and manufacturing started in plenty of time to offer opportunities of education and change? Instead you come in acting friendly and helpful, but crushing and negative instead.

    We all want our food clean and our families healthy. If you conducted an investigation, great… reveal the information to those that can change it and in time to change it instead of just using it as a forum to rant and destroy revenue from an organization that uses those funds to help little girls.

    A large portion of money comes back to the girls Council wide, Service unit wide, and Troop. Funds to the bakers are minimal to cover cost and minor profit… They are a business. Donations given to girls during Cookie season are supposed to legally go to Troop to Troop since this is what is marketed for donations, so local level is not supposed to keep the money for their own Troop needs.

    Did you yourself actually contact GS USA and the two bakers in advance to provide education of what you found and an opportunity to help them or work with them for change or did you just launch this attack? I’m very curious to know.

    So sad and disappointed in the direction you went with this.

    Upset in Texas,

    1. Shelli n T x, did your anger prevent you from seeing where Vani suggested just giving a financial donation without taking the cookies? I’ve been doing just that for years as I’ve known how bad those cookies are for you.

      Stop your rant and realize that even if they have lower donations this year, isn’t that better than doing all those activities you mentioned on the backs of people sickened by those dangerous ingredients. I think the Girl Scouts would agree if they knew the truth. That they’re peddling cookies that make people sick.

  37. YOU GO GIRL. Gotta tell it like it is. Just look at what you have accomplished. WOW. Information will be passed on. Just keep on doing what you are it is working.

  38. Keep it up food babe!!!!
    You inspire me to no end.
    I want the Round up and MONSANTO ( and all harmful chemicals) out of every corner or our country and out of our water supply. Forever.
    The cookies are a temptation this time of year, for those of us who were indoctrinated into this way of life as kids. And they sucker us in by giving us the excuse that we are helping little girls by eating this crap.
    but I give my son natural treats with real foods and he loves it!!!
    because he’s never had the other!!!

    last night I made Mango ice cream (frozen mango in the Vita-mix with a little organic whole milk) and my kid is over the moon.

    “mom you make the best ice cream, because this is my favorite kind of ice cream”
    Coincidence he never gets sick and has never taken antibiotics? No, keeping him off sugar is total preventative medicine.

    Thank you for putting yourself out there!!!!!
    We all vote with our dollars but those who stand to profit from the declining health standards and expanding waste lines of American are waging an aggressive war and passivism isn’t alway the answer.

    I swear people get scared when I say I don’t give my son sugar they go out of their way to challenge it and taunt my son with treats. It’s messed up.
    and He is only 4 years old!!!!

    Maybe you could go on sesame street?

    Thank you,

  39. I don’t know that the ingredients were any more healthful, but do know that when FFV in Richomond, VA was the baker for GS cookies the taste was SO much better.

  40. THANK YOU, Vani!

    I am SO glad you revealed the truth about the very unhealthy ingredients of Girl Scout Cookies. I am grateful you had the courage to call them out!

    I was a Girl Scout many, many years ago and I support them with monetary donations. I do not buy their cookies and I think it is sad that the companies that bake their cookies “hide” behind the positive reputation and smiling faces of the Girls Scouts to deceive the public.

    Also, regarding palm oil, I am a Master Gardener and I believe I read that the palm fruit from is HEAVILY sprayed with pesticides. It is strange that I continue to see it used in many food products.

  41. Thank you for this investigation. It’s about time that the GSA take your lead on this and sell cookies with only healthy organic ingredients.

    Thank you Vani!

  42. Besides pushing poison, the economic fruits of the girls labor is mostly siphoned by the national organization. And why are we supposed to support other people’s kids activities? I was happy to pay 100% of my kid’s sports activities.

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