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Does Your Favorite Candy Have GMOs?

Before I knew anything about food and its effects on the body – I was a candy addict. To my family and friends, I was the queen of candy! I knew every brand, every flavor, and always had candy with me. And then, during my wellness journey years ago, when I discovered all my beloved candy had chemicals, trans fats, preservatives and petroleum based artificial colors added to it – I flipped. I immediately banned all major brands of candy and haven’t looked back.

Just look at the ingredients in Starbursts & Twizzler Twerpz and you’ll see what I mean.

I also found out these brands contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) – something I hadn’t given much thought to until recently.

And then I thought about the upcoming holiday and how many people are going to be buying this junk and giving genetically modified candy to their friends, neighbors and families.

If you’ve already bought your Halloween candy and it’s one of these brands on the left of this chart below – you might want to start looking for your receipt.

I created this chart to help navigate better candy choices without the added chemicals, preservatives, trans fats, artificial colors and GMOs.  The brands on the right are amazing GMO free substitutes that are very similar tasting to the popular candy brands on the left.

Many of the better and GMO free candy options are available to purchase at local health food stores, on the internet and at even some mainstream stores like Target.

If we all take a stand and stop supporting companies that use these chemicals and GMOs in their products – eventually there will be a tipping point. A tipping point, where food manufacturers will willingly remove these ingredients from their products.

Tell all your friends, neighbors and family members you want a GMO free Halloween this year and share these ideas with them.


Food Babe

P.S. Don’t forget to read my full investigation on chocolate and my other favorite chocolate brands here.

P.P.S. If you’d like to keep your Halloween completely candy free and GMOfree – Check out these adorable jack-o-latern faced tangerines a fan posted on my Facebook page and 100 Days of Real Food’s 20 ways to do Halloween without candy.


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206 responses to “Does Your Favorite Candy Have GMOs?

    1. Boycott Annie’s. They just sold out to General Mills. Sales from Annie’s will go to fight against food labeling

      1. The non-gmo store in my town has taken ALL Annie’s products off their shelves in response to General Mills buying them out. I stocked up before the buyout.

  1. Food Babe,
    I just looked at the Unreal candy labels and they have soy lecithin in them. Yuck. I don’t want soy. Can you find me some chocolate – that isn’t just a bar – with no soy in it?

    1. Jill-have you looked at Theo Chocolate? No soy, organic, Made in USA… plan to order some today.

      1. Theo is the best…and I too would like ZERO soy in my chocolate, or food for that matter! 🙂

      2. Theo is the only chocolate I buy … organic and fair trade, non-GMO, made in Seattle. I get the 70% dark bars, of which there are several varieties. All are excellent tasting.

    2. Equal Exchange has delicious chocolate candy bars, a variety of flavors. Also raw chocolate is aaaamazingly good. and have a fairly bi g sized bag for I think 12.95. Also this is from exqual exchange:
      Traditionally, conching has been an extended process of mixing the ingredients for long periods of time, often for days. It is now common for companies to use soy lecithin, an emulsifier, to help blend the ingredients, allowing them to drastically cut down on conching time and costs. We are proud to say that Equal Exchange does not use soy lecithin in any of our products. Instead, our bars are crafted using extended conching for a period of 24-72 hours depending on the bar. It is our belief that this method creates a superior chocolate that is both incredibly smooth and full of well balanced flavors.

    3. Coracao Confections!

      The best organic, soy free, gmo free, low-glycemic, gluten free, diary free, grain free, vegan, paleo, raw

      & this candy is the real deal, tastes so so good

      They’ve got
      The Berkeley bar, which is better then snickers. Rawmond butter bar for the resses peanut butter cup fans. Carmel cups for rolo lovers. Blondie bars if you’re into cookie dough & countless other candies that are so so so good!


      1. Fully agreed the Coracao confections are the best, actually even better than the ones they are trying to replicate. They are pricey though….so for me and my budget….it keeps me from over indulging.

    4. I know you said you were looking for chocolate that’s not just a bar, but one kind of chocolate bar that I found that I like is Nirvana. Just thought I would let you know.

    5. Hey Jill, we like Enjoy Life Choco Chips. They don’t use soy or dairy. They have small chips or chunks. I melt them down to make different things.

  2. Foooddude-go ahead and eat them. By all means if you are cool with being a test rat have at it. I have yet to see one reputable unbiased study that says GMO are safe. All I know is organic foods are safe and therefore wil eat them.

  3. I LOVE the unreal candy!!!! it tastes soooooooo good. They have new wrappers and names now since they first came out. Check them out at The candy’s Foodbabe has listed here are the gimme ones, nutty ones, loaded one, and double one.

  4. Too bad the organic food is way more expensive! If we all had money then of course we would buy that way. But not everyone can afford it.

    1. I basically posted the exact same thing on Facebook. It CAN be expensive to eat more pure and not everyone in this country has the budget to do this. Plus, certain parts of the country may not supply a good chunk of the alternatives to mainstream candy.

      Vani, I sometimes wonder if you’re not considering the fact that everyone’s budget is different. It’s really hard for low income familes to even try to eat organic, so that’s why they reach for the GMO products. Please consider giving us options for those who may not have a decent amount of funds to do this.

      1. I think this is asking too much from the lady. Pointing out healthier food options is her ethos for the blog. She can’t help the fact that smaller suppliers must make a greater profit on each ind. item sold – that’s a fact of economics. But there is, of course, a cheaper option to mass-produced candy: make your own.

      2. Money is no excuse. Candy isn’t a necessity, so eat good quality less often and you will spend just as much money. Try making your own or stick to the not so fancy stuff like chocolate chips and lollipops. If you want to give something to trick-or-treaters than consider giving them something other than candy.

    2. The money you don’t spend on buying safer food, you will be spending on medicine and doctors visits.

    3. Your Health is priceless! You cannot enjoy your life of you’re unhealthy. Know what’s more expensive, being treated for the sicknesses that these ingredients are precursors of.

      1. I agree Goose! Your health is priceless. I know my food bill is higher because I only purchase Organic GMO free foods. That is were my priority is, with my and my children’s health!

    4. Money is no excuse. Candy isn’t a necessity, so eat good quality less often and you will spend just as much money. Try making your own or stick to the not so fancy stuff like chocolate chips and lollipops. If you want to give something to trick-or-treaters than consider giving them something other than candy.

  5. You can’t buy any food that hasn’t been genetically modified in some way. Unless you have old seed (heirloom) that your great grandparents produced and saved from before the 1940’s and 50’s, you can’t even grow food that hasn’t been genetically modified. Getting legislation passed isn’t going to change anything but the labeling; but it is going to be very very expensive and those food producers are going to pass that cost on to the consumer and the food will still be genetically modified. I was raised on a farm and my husband is in the grain industry. I don’t want genetically modified foods either, but to some degree, there is no escaping them. The best thing we can hope for right now is to get rid of pesticides. That will make the biggest change in the safety of our food. (and get rid of Monsanto)

    1. FYI: Consumer Reports recently released some research on GMOs. Their findings are many. But one finding, in particular, is their estimate on how much extra it will cost the average household for GMO labeling: $2.45. And there are other reports that it won’t cost anything since most manufacturers change their labels regularly and rather than losing customers, they eat that cost themselves.

      As for heirloom seeds, organic farmers do not use GMO seeds. You can go down to the store and purchase organic seeds as well as organic dirt. The word “organic” is labeled on the seed packs and packages of dirt as well as on fruit trees, vegetables, etc. GMOs are not allowed in organic, and there is the non-GMO project that verifies the absence of GMOs. So, there are plenty of foods and food products out there that have no GMOs. You just have to read. Again, look for the word “organic” or “non-GMO certified”.

      1. Funny, but misleading. If I sell a million candy bars a day, I can easily make a profit even if it’s only 1/2 a penny on each unit. If I sell 1000 candy bars a day, that 1/2 cent profit is not going to keep me in business. The healthy stuff costs more because they sell fewer units per day. (This is why McDonald’s can sell you a burger for less than a buck, but the Mom – n- Pop store can’t).

    1. It’s expensive because more people DON’T buy it. Consumers control the market. Organic food sales aye booming thus more companies going that route and offering options. Heck even blah Walmart is changing up what they stock to appease that market

      1. This is so true.. the more it catches on the more prices will drop. It called supply and demand. I have noticed more of a drop and more options and places to buy organic and more and more of it sold in mainstream grocery stores- including Walmart.

  6. Food Dude watch a movie called Bitter Seeds to see what GMOs do to farmers, families and communities. As for those who complain organic food is expensive so is healthcare.

  7. I love to trick or treat, so we do! Then I tell the kids if they can read the ingredients and tell me what plant it came from they can eat it. OOOPPPS!!!!!!!! So we break out the Yummy Earth and enjoy GREAT CANDY!!! I felt guilty the first time I disposed of the contaminated chemical garbage but now I look at as part of the price we pay to participate in a fun holiday. If you get past the chemicals maybe the idea of what might contain food being GMO will stop you from poisoning your little ones. So, I say play the game its fun

  8. Do you know if Panda Licorice blueberry is GMO free? Specifically mentioned are raspberry and cherry–blueberry is pretty tasty!

  9. Foodbabe, your argument is floored. Not saying the GMO fight isn’t a worthy cause but the amount of candy you were eating strongly points to you being a sugar addict and blaming your lacklustre health on gmo’s when you were eating your way into type 1 diabetes is like an alcoholic blaming hangovers on dodgy food.

    1. to Angela

      You do not eat your way into Type 1 diabetes, it’s an autoimmune disease. Please do some research before making such statements. Thanks.

      1. I don’t disagree that sugar is harmful. But you *can* eat your way to an auto immune disease.

  10. FoodDude, in my opinion there is nothing inherently wrong with GMOs. If they want to combine the best properties of several varieties of tomatoes, I’m in favor.

    However, there are two GMOs that are making the news.

    Bt corn produces its own Bt (a naturally occurring soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis). When ingested by caterpillars (including the corn borer), the bacterium causes inflammation of the gut, and very quickly the insect dies of septicaemia. It is supposed to be very species-specific, not even harming other types of insects. But no long-term studies have been done to confirm that it would not harm humans when ingested as a regular part of the diet. With our tendency to develop allergic reactions to things we’re exposed to a lot, I think it’s unreasonable for them to dump this, unidentified, into our food supply; if someone does get a bad reaction to it, they’ll never be able to trace it to the source.

    Roundup Ready corn, soybeans, and other crops are engineered to be resistant to glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup weed killer). The genetic composition of these crops is not an issue (unlike Bt). The issue is how the crops are grown. Since they are resistant to glyphosate, a farmer can spray his entire field, supposedly killing the weeds without harming the crop. There are two problems with this concept, though:
    First, it means that the food you buy has been sprayed with a potent poison. Is it taken up into the plant? I don’t know. Is it toxic to humans? Supposedly no, but has it been adequately tested? The EPA does not conduct studies; it has no funding for it. So they have to accept the results of the manufacturers’ studies as gospel truth. History demonstrates the fallacy of that approach.
    Second, the Roundup-resistant gene has now spread from GMO crops to weeds, spreading like a virus. This means that the farmer has to use much more herbicide, more often, in order to keep down weeds. This is a real cash cow for Monsanto, which sells more and more Roundup every year, and soon will have to come out with another herbicide, so the cycle will start all over again. Meanwhile, unprecedented amounts of poisons are soaking into our soil and washing into our streams and lakes.

  11. Cowgirl, GMO foods have only been on the market since 1994, according to Wikipedia. You are perhaps confusing genetic engineering with hybridization? They are emphatically not the same or equivalent.

  12. Thanks for your great advise. My treats this year have no GMO’s , HFCS and are organic. Feeling good about what we are handing out. Hoping that the parents of the kids will see better choices for their kids too!

  13. Seems like the misinformation trolls are at it big time on this page. That means you are doing something right Foodbabe!!! Hats off to you.

    I am giving jars of play-doh and mini-slinkies for halloween. I was also the candy queen until about 2 yrs ago. It has been a combination of discovering how much garbage is in candy…(so many ingredients that you can’t pronounce), to me realizing that sugar in general is awful for you and basically attacks the immune system.

    Keep up the great work Foodbabe!

  14. Dude of Food… Just come clean and admit that you are a paid slave by the powers of the GMO industry to try and manipulate and discredit the ” Truth Revealers” like the Food Babe. I think you should change your handle to “Doody Foody”. I can always spot a shill when they spout how knowledgable they are in a subject matter, and yet can only resort to bashing and name calling without bringing forth any of their supposed subject matter expertise. You’re Fired Dude!

  15. For those ignorant people going on about cults, conspiracies, and GMO vs Hybridization. Go take your negative approach about someones information, and sharing of knowledge somewhere else. If you choose not to adhere to the healthy choice, and beneficially governing information world wide, then so be it.

    World wide, Europe especially being one of the biggest places that ban GMO. GMO = Genetically Modified Organism. This process is not “hybridized” plants, they genetically alter the DNA, mixing, and adding, in a labratory. Not in a field with multiple cross-bred plants, like some of these people here believe that is what GMO’s are. GMO is made in the lab.

    Hybridization is a process of getting two species of plants to create a hybrid, mix bred species. This is done in fields, in an all natural environment. This is how you get “gluten” as well. Gluten is a process which came about from cross-breeding wheat for a very long time. Gluten is on it’s own a whole different sanction of issues, opposed to GMO. So don’t get your stuff wrong.

    Do some home work, if you just get all your information from the News, don’t waste others time by repeating false misinformation. News is not a reliable source of information. If anyone believes that, clearly they may not have been educated long enough.

    Those spouting negativity about others positive information, slandering it based on your own ignorance, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This article is awesome, and it actually helps hundreds if not thousands of families, to choose the right choice! You should NOT be endorsing GMO, and you should NOT be handing out GMO junk to your children, or others children!

    Don’t be a negative cynical being, just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it’s not true. If you just follow along what everyone else believes you will never know the truth. Always do the research yourself. Take the time to listen to others, and always have an open mind. No matter the debate, or issue.

    1. Thank you!!! i should print out your post and carry it with me since i get so much negativity from trying to eat better. I think most times its a case of a guilty conscience

  16. Oh please. I WOULD NEVER waste money on organic anything for a bunch of strangers that wouldn’appreciate it. Organic candy for trickortreaters!? Hah! The good stuff is for my kids. Other parents can worry about their own.

  17. You give that candy to kids in my neighborhood, and you can bet on your house getting egged later tonight.

  18. Food Dude, you haven’t seen a report showing the bad effects of GMOs because the only reports issued are sponsored by Monsanto, and not one of theirs studies effects for more than 90 days.

    I remember back in the 60s when the tobacco companies offered the same “scientific” assurances that there was nothing harmful about their products either. We need independently-funded, long term, proper-protocol studies to determine the effects (if any) of GMO foods. Until then, I will avoid them.

    If they are so good for us, why are Monsanto and the “big” food industry spending millions of dollars to prevent labelling – labelling, not a ban, just letting people know what they’re consuming. Seems to me that if GMOs are the panacea for all our problems, they’d want people to know about it.

  19. Anyone who hands out tangerines for Halloween deserves to get their house egged… hopefully some GMO eggs.

    Happy holidays, buzzkills!

  20. Unfortunately I can guarantee every last one of my favorite types of candy contain ingredients that are completely detrimental to my health >_<

  21. I was finally able to make it to Target to get the Unreal candy and I love it! I am knew to all of this and I am trying to make healthier choices. But I notice on package it listed Soy Lecithin in it. Does that mean it contains GMO’s?I am just curious, this is all new and confusing.

  22. I was finally able to buy the Unreal candy and I love it. But I noticed in contains soy lecithin. Is that a GMO, does anyone know? I am new to all of this and it is still confusing.

    1. Soy Lecitin, Citric Acid – GMO. Molasses can be GMO too. All Natural doesn’t mean GMO free.

  23. Thank you, Food Babe! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    The bio-tech shills and naysayers can gladly have my share of GMOs, and most politely, they can also KMA. I don’t need any studies to convince me; I am my own proof. I have had an increasing list of health problems for fifteen years.. autoimmune, gastrointestinal, thyroid, heart, brain fog, fertility, uterine, liver, arthritis, skin, and the list goes on. I’ve stumped many specialists as to why I had ANY of these problems, since I’ve been an otherwise thin, athletic, healthy individual (to see me, you wouldn’t think I had one health issue). I have always been conscious about what I put into and onto my body, so I was clueless as to what was triggering my body to malfunction in so many ways. I never smoked, nor did drugs, and I drink only on rare occasion. I went through a gamut of trial and error; nothing made a significant difference.

    Then finally, after learning about hidden GMOs and eliminating them from my diet, my gut is finally healing and my symptoms continue to disappear. I am finally becoming my healthy self once again! During a routine checkup, my MD was very impressed and wanted to know exactly what I was doing, and—let’s just say– she took notes and has since been encouraged to work towards changing her own family’s diet. Furthermore, several of my family members and friends who have eliminated GMOs are also surprised and pleased by how their health is improving.

    So, to each his own; I’m personally done with preaching to deaf ears. There is, after all, this wonderful thing called natural selection; survival of the fittest. Knowledge is power–always has been, always will be. Choose to use it or not. Those who would like to trust the government instead of educating themselves, good luck with that. Go ahead and play Russian roulette with your health and that of your children, and like Jane (from October post) said… be sure to sign up for Obamacare. Like the government, big pharma also loves you and wants to take care of you on your way out.

  24. I just have to say that I get tired of the whole organic is better blah blah blah, I am a farmer and we do use chemicals, but nothing systemic. It is all washable and we use overhead sprinklers and run them within 4 hours of spraying. we only use to kill bugs and stop disease. If we did not do that it would cost way more and we would lose half our crop. How is that utilizing the land by wasting it. I think people just need to be smarter about sprays. My family has been doing it this way for 40 years and nobody has ever gotten sick or diseased. As far as the whole food thing goes. One day they say something is bad for you and 2 months later they will say it is good again. If people want to go organic fine, but good for them to have the extra money to do so, cause I sure don’t. Plus I know that the way we farm is just fine and hurts no one. Let people choose and don’t push your way

    1. I have to disagree, you spray crops and within 4 hours turn on sprinklers, those sprinklers are washing it off food and putting it into the soil which then gets sucked up in the roots into the plants, and the veggies. there is a way to control bugs, weeds naturally, a farmer in Lancaster (amish) wrote a whole article on it.

      1. Again, to each their own. We sell our stuff to tons of people in our area with no complaints and my family is and has always been very healthy, and with most organic farms, they do waste a lot of land for the stuff that ends up being overridden by disease and bugs( I associate with many organic farmers), The cost is too much and I think it is more of a trendy thing now anyway. They continue to do studies and are showing more and more that there is no difference in the nutritional value either way organic or not. I have no quarrels with those who go organic. If that is how they want to eat and they can afford it, then fine by me, but if any sprays are bad, then I guess my whole family should have been ill decades ago,and the bees in our fields should be disappearing, and that is not the case, so I just don’t see the need. We all have our way of thinking, and I just get tired of people trying to force it on others. Live your way, love it, and move on

  25. It seems that most of the candy has “natural flavors” as an ingredient. After seeing the video about these coming from beaver tush, I’m a little paranoid….thoughts? Should I be a little more lenient because it is candy? Thank you!

  26. Yay, I love Endangered Species Bars. They’re like eating chocolate marshmallows. A little expensive for this chocoholic, though, at $2.25 or so at my health food store. I also like Dagoba’s xocolatl (not on the list, but as far as I know Dagoba bars are okay). It’s also a lot, but because it’s made with chili peppers and is quite spicy, a little goes a long way. My health store (BJ’s, for those in the High Desert) also has healthy lollipops for the surprisingly low price of 20 cents each. I don’t remember if they were organic, but the ingredients were good. They also have awesome faux peanut butter cups made with sunflower seeds.

  27. I don’t give out candy at all. Even the bad stuff is ridiculously expensive. I will buy the “good” stuff for my kids at Christmas. 🙂

  28. Maybe it’s there, but I don’t know if I saw this addressed:

    Many will think I am being persnickety, but do we really want to support cheap Chinese crap and use the troops as dumping grounds of poisonous junk we don’t want our own families to eat?

    I understand our options are limited – but they are limited because we keep buying into it and we keep supporting really bad things.

    We all take our stand, where we take our stand…but, keep thinking… go farther, try harder wherever you can.
    I mean no disrespect, but I know it will still ruffle some who feel pushed to the limit as it is.
    I understand. I really do. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep taking the next step to do a little better (all of us, me included)

  29. Food babe army: Silence hurts the most- don’t respond to the haters, just Ignore them!! I seriously get a good laugh reading their comments, it’s like watching a toddler have a temper tantrum!! Haha
    Food babe you are amazing! You changed my life and you’ve made it so simple to cut out processed foods. You’re the best! Xo

  30. Hi Vani, I noticed on this blog you didn’t underline “sugar” as a bad ingredient. I think you should since at least 50% of the sugar used in this country comes from GMO beets, if I’m not mistaken. So that is a risky ingredient as well as the others you highlight. Thank you. -Don

  31. Just remember, Annie’s has just sold out to General Mills, which will be using it’s profits from Annie’s sales to fight food labeling. Boycott Annie’s.

  32. Can someone please tell me why the Food babe has not said one word bout Dow Chemicals new gmo that just got passed.I have emailed her several time to speak up about it and nothing.It goes like this round-up is now failing to kill some weeds.The weeds have now become resistant to round-up the are know as super weeds.The farmers have been complaining that round-up is no longer killing the weeds.So now here comes Dow with its new gmo that has been engineered to withstand several applications of 2-4-D.What is that you ask ….its half the component of AGENT ORANGE! So in closing I’m calling out the Food babe to please get the Food babe army out there to call the representative to express the discontent with this new gmo being fed to Americans ,

  33. I love the tangerine jack-o-lanterns! Even though your candy list is a better alternative, it is still not a good idea to get kids hooked on anything with concentrated sweeteners or that comes in a marketed package.

  34. I’m all for healthier versions of candy & food, but can’t they come up with more appealing names for them?? What child, or adult, will want something called “Unreal”, “Yummy Earth”, or “Annie’s Organic …doesn’t make me want to go out & buy them.

  35. Why does anyone want or need candy? Is this what Halloween was based on?

    I have an answer for the fast food vs organic food vs cost

    Use the power of the government.

    Increase the tax on fast food. If you don’t have to cook it up. It cost double or five times
    If it is brought up on a local farm without dodgy sprays or feed. it is taxed less. Fruit should be almost free and subsidized by the sugar industry.

    If it costs 3 bucks for an organic chicken and 15 for a big mac people will sway their choice by force of cost via the government

  36. I’m all about eating healthy foods but those substitute candies do not seem to be an equal swap. I’m fine a few times a year (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) to be a bit naughty and have the regular candy.

  37. On the comments of price and how expensive it is to switch to non-GMO and organic: I pick one or two things every pay day and switch that product out. First it was milk to almond milk, then it was butter to an organic non butter substitute, then bread, noodles, then other things. I picked the things i eat the most of and could get the biggest bang for my buck.

    Then I eat a lot of raw vegetables and buy what is on sale. Different veggies and fruits are always on sale in the summer. As I feel better, it encourages me to keep going. I also pick one new food regularly and try it, like quinoa. If pay days are slim, then I just keep up with what I have switched out already.

    I visit the organic section of the grocery stores every week to see if there are discounts because the sales don’t make it in the ads. That is often how I try new products.

    Come income tax refund season, I stock up on organic essentials for my emergency food pantry for those weeks i am not working as much. It’s a good time to invest a little in switching out for more organic foods, too.

  38. Watch out for anything that says “All Natraul” this doesn’t mean anything, many GMOs and chemicals are hidden inside products with this label. Also anything with “Natural Flavors” in the ingredients could be anything. look for double certified Organic, and check all ingredients for stealth GMOs. If it has more ingredients than the size of your thumb the chances are its not good for you, that’s my rule of thumb.

  39. I love it how everybody says organic is healthier but yet nobody has even had the time to check the REAL NUTRITIONAL values of each product vs its conventional counterpart.
    If people really did the chemistry behind it, they would know that organic does not always mean better nutritional value. And also would know that organic biocides and pesticides ALSO leave residues in the food which were applied to, and that also can he harmful to you (dosage is the key, being synthetic or organic, everytime)

  40. You can make your own chocolate candy bars with Organic chocolate chips, melt in cups with whatever you like, almonds, coconut, peanut butter, rice, or organic corn chips, cashews etc. You really can make your own organic chocolate treats. Get 2 bags of organic choc chips!! You’ll use em, or even plain with sunflower seeds, raisins, they are GREAT!! and satisfy the choco-crave.

  41. Food Babe! It’s time to go back to school on GMO’s and where they are. I’m skeptical that Panda Licorice is NON-GMO as it contains molasses which may come from GMO sugar beets. If this company is NON-GMO they are missing out on increased sales from having the “NON-GMO Project Verified” label on their product which suggests to me that either they’ve fallen behind or their not free of GMO’s. Also, Annie’s has been bought out by General Mills who fights and lobbies against labeling GMO’s and the consumer’s “Right to Know”. I appreciate that you’re showing alternatives but do that extra research on the products you’re suggesting.

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