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Emails between the EPA & Monsanto now revealed (The contents are sickening!)

I have made it my life’s mission to raise public awareness about what’s really in our food, how it can affect our health, and how a handful of large corporations are poisoning us for profit. These corporations use big bucks and unethical tactics to influence regulators into playing their game to keep Americans in the dark about the dangers of their products.

We should be able to trust that the food we buy is safe, but when the people in charge of that are working to keep unsafe chemicals on the market – we have a huge problem!

Along with so many of you and fellow activists, we have been spreading the truth about GMOs and hazardous chemicals used in conjunction with them like Roundup (glyphosate). This weedkiller isn’t just used on GMOs but on 70 different food crops in the U.S. – it’s in practically everything Americans eat. So, if glyphosate is causing cancer and other diseases, I want to know about it and get it out of our food – don’t you?

Stating the obvious: Monsanto makes billions off of Roundup sales, so they don’t want anyone to question its safety. Some never-before-seen confidential documents just released in a court case against Monsanto give us a glimpse into how they are working to influence the EPA (who is in charge of determining whether they are allowed to sell Roundup anymore) and undermine any efforts to ban its use. These documents show what many of us have known and suspected for quite some time… Monsanto is manipulating scientific research and has gotten some EPA officials on their side who seem to be helping them cover-up the health dangers of Roundup so they can keep it on the market.

Keep in mind… Monsanto and the EPA both do NOT want the public to see these internal emails! Why do you think that is?

While Monsanto is being sued in California by dozens of people who claim Roundup caused their non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, Monsanto had to provide over 6 million pages of internal emails and documents to the court and attorneys, and marked the majority of them as “confidential” so they’d be hidden from the public. When the plaintiffs asked the court to make the records public, both Monsanto and the EPA objected. The judge didn’t agree with their objections and threatened to sanction Monsanto if they continued trying to seal documents and found it in the best interest of the public to release them for all of us to see,“even if Monsanto doesn’t like what they say”.

The public interest group U.S. Right To Know is publishing these documents in their entirety on their website here. This is just the beginning and more are coming out. 

Here’s what we have uncovered in these documents so far…

  • Monsanto was in private talks with a top official at the EPA, Jess Rowland, who was in charge of evaluating the cancer risk of glyphosate for the EPA. Rowland was allegedly helping them stop another federal agency from investigating whether glyphosate causes cancer and told a Monsanto employee, “If I can kill this I should get a medal”. Rowland also signed off on the mysteriously leaked and deleted EPA memo which found glyphosate “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans”, which Monsanto touted as proof the EPA finds it safe.

  • Long-term EPA toxicologist Marion Copley accused EPA’s Rowland of playing “political conniving games with the science” and making decisions based on his “bonus” in favoring pesticide makers (such as Monsanto). Dr. Copley went on to allude that other EPA staff have conflicts of interest and may be taking bribes. She asserts that Anna Lowit (still at the EPA) intimidated staff to change their findings to favor the industry. Dr. Copley also stated, “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.” 

  • A Monsanto employee proposed they could “ghost-write” portions of a scientific report and then just have hired scientists “sign their names so to speak”. The EPA would later use this report evaluate the safety of glyphosate. The reason they would do this is highly unethical – to make the report appear to have been prepared by independent scientists, when in reality Monsanto wrote it! This begs the question, how often do they do this? An email suggests they ghostwrote this report presented to EPA regulators in 2000, although no Monsanto employees are listed as authors.

  • Way back in 1999, Monsanto buried the findings of their own scientist (Dr. James Parry) who found glyphosate is genotoxic and recommended further testing. Internal emails show that Monsanto employees questioned whether Parry had “ever worked with industry before”, “hoped that it didn’t cost too much” and that they should hire a different expert who would be “influential with regulators” and help them with “outreach” efforts. Ha! They only want to hire scientists who will make findings in their favor to deceive our regulators.

  • Monsanto knows other compounds in Roundup such as NNG and 1, 4 Dioxane are toxic and can cause cancer as they acknowledged this with each other in emails mentioned in court docs: “If you talk to Kerry [Liefer, an EPA employee], I wouldn’t push the NNG issue too hard — don’t want to draw attention to the toxicity of our product”.

  • In another 2015 email, a toxicologist at Monsanto hinted that Rowland would be retiring from the EPA and that he’d be useful for their “ongoing glyphosate defense”. This just further shows that Rowland was in Monsanto’s back pocket all along and is a key player in helping them achieve their mission.

They are feeding us lies and these secrets are poisoning us!

Most Americans are eating glyphosate every day… No matter how healthy we eat or how much we try to protect ourselves from it, this weedkiller is being used on most major conventional food crops and is so rampant in our environment that it is contaminating virtually all of our food. It’s been found in honey, cereals, meat, drinking water, breast milk, infant formula, chips, cookies… the list goes on. Our government agencies (FDA and EPA) know this and are allowing corporations to poison Americans for profit. It’s truly disgusting! 

Monsanto is stooping to corruption to continue selling their poisons. Everything from seeking to keep their correspondence with the EPA secret, to intimidating scientists at the WHO International Agency on Cancer (IARC) who found Roundup’s active ingredient glyphosate “probably carcinogenic”. A large body of peer reviewed research links glyphosate to cancer, reproductive problems, liver, kidney and skin cell damage, antibiotic-resistance, and more – but Monsanto doesn’t want the public to know the truth!

Glyphosate should be banned worldwide and consumers have the power to make this a reality. Here’s our ACTION PLAN:

  1. Choose to buy only certified organic food and products. This will hit Monsanto where it really hurts, their bottom line! Their best-selling products like Roundup and GMO seeds are banned on organic farms. If all farms were organic these products would bite the dust! This is voting with your dollars and is the most effective way to force change.
  2. Share this post with everyone you know! Expose their corruption. They should be shamed for this! Especially if you know anyone who is still eating non-organic food or using Roundup around their homes, make sure you get this information in their hands.
  3. Ask your favorite companies to test for glyphosate and get certified. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if the food you buy contains glyphosate? I have an exciting announcement! The Detox Project just launched a new “Glyphosate Residue Free Certification” program and will begin labeling products that have been tested and are free of glyphosate. I’ve partnered up with them to help spread the word – They are working with food manufacturers and grocery chains, so that soon we will see labels like this on some products – send this link to your favorite companies and ask them to go glyphosate free.

Everyone deserves to know exactly what they are eating and have access to safe, affordable food. My job will not be done until this is a reality. I’m so happy to have so many of you by my side and I know we can make this happen!





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95 responses to “Emails between the EPA & Monsanto now revealed (The contents are sickening!)

  1. The people a MONSANTO SHOULD BE FORCED TO ONLY EAT THEIR POISON! The EPA FREAKS, TRAITORS, fired also! I am so disgusted with the poisoning of AMERICAN PEOPLE, and those that import it! THE SLOW KILLING OF BILLIONS.!

      1. About a year ago there was a story circulating around the internet that Monsanto’s employees were asked what kind of food they’d like in the company cafeteria.
        The most common suggestion was that they would like organic food to be served.

        So, your joke hits the nail right on the head, doesn’t it.

      2. I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!!! They only eat organic. They can easily afford it!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Vani. I am so grateful for your investigation of these atrocities, your clear presentation and analysis and the action steps you present us with! Your work is truly essential.

  3. There should really be a Constitutional Amendment for the separation of Corporation and State. Our government exists to serve us, the people, not corporate entities looking to grow their bottom line at our (and our environment’s) expense.

    1. Wake up St. McDuck. We are a fascist nation and have been since 1913. Too big to fail is for the corporations, by the corporations. Only under fascism can the government own General Motors. Princeton has even gone as far as calling the nation an oligarchy ( Try holding any of these politicians accountable, you can’t. The Republic our ancestors died for is no longer. At least the TPP is dead. For a while.

      1. Actually Thinkin Critically, my research shows that the corporations were instrumental in fomenting the war between the States, which I have come to call “The War Between the Corporations and the States”. Lincoln was a railroad attorney and committed treason as defined by the constitution. This was the pivotal time.

  4. Vani, this is dynamite! Maybe the best expose` you have done to date (and that is saying something!) I’m sharing this with everyone I know. I live in Lubbock, Texas, heart of the cotton industry and Monsanto has its claws deep in the industry here.
    Stay safe and keep digging! You are the best!

  5. I’m right there with you, Vani. Keep up the fantastic work and keep doing what you’re doing. It’s people like you that make a difference and expose all of these corrupt corporations. I love it!!!

  6. Keep digging and sharing need to know expose’s including tweeting to Predident Trump! He really needs to know!

  7. This is so great! THANK YOU! What about Roundup that people can purchase for their yards? Have you thought of pressuring garden centers, home improvement stores, etc not to sell that crap? Just a thought!

  8. MORE GOOD WORK from you Vani. How can any of us repay you for all you have done. We “health food nuts” have been fighting this for YEARS, but YOU are making it happen. All I can say is please keep up you work, the world needs you. I can never figure out why there are still people who can’t or won’t SEE what these corporations and the EPA are doing to our food. You will still find people who don’t believe this is happening. Nothing to be done for them I guess but CANCER is epidemic so it shouldn’t be too hard to see if they would just open their eye.

    Thank you isn’t enough, but still THANK YOU.

  9. While I’m glad you highlight the need to eat organic to stay safe from these carcinogens, what do you do if your house backs up to a farm where crop dusters are seen spraying regularly? Do you move? How can you test your soil or your own body to be sure you aren’t getting an even higher dose than through just eating conventional foods?

  10. Hi Vani,

    Keep up the great work! Just wondering if you have contacted President Trump or Ivanka Trump about the EPA and Monsanto? I am sure Ivanka would like to get involved in this. Also, Eric Trump and his wife may also want to get involved, since his wife just announced that she is pregnant, and they also helped raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. (Big connection between glyphosate and children’s cancer.) Let’s Make Food Great Again! 🙂 P.S. Maybe they will finally light the White House Gold for Childhood Cancer in September!

  11. Those who have been on the path of health these past years are not surprised by these revelations….and bringing the lies and deceit into the light is a good thing for the world. Thank you Vani for your perseverance and pure intentions….truth is we would all be starving if we ate all the lies they fed.

  12. Here we go again with big business throwing the American public under the train… I truly believe and pray that this monster’s footing/foundation is toppling.. As one song says, “God is on the move!”
    It is vital to be in a ‘heads up’ awareness to safe guard your health. The best of the best is eating Organics; as best as possible.. Know your water’s source as best as possible. Check out steam distillation. There are a few things one can do to help remove toxins from our bodies.. Fasting – start with the ‘Fast Diet’ technique written by Dr. Mosley.MD. Easy lifestyle to incorporate into your life to detox.. Drinking enough water daily also helps flush toxins out…. The Goal Is to drink half your weight in OUNCES OF WATER EVERY DAY. Remember that if you give the body what it needs, it has the innate ability to heal itself… Sweating is another activity that helps…. your skin is your largest organ… including exercise, saunas…… Check with your doctor before you jump into saunas…. This activity has been used for thousands of years but you do have to be careful. Go slow and learn… Eating Organic Foods also helps chelate toxins-metals out of the body as well.. Educate your self on supplements and herbs that aid the body to eliminate. Juicing is another daily activity that will detox and rebuild at the same time… There are real solutions out there… The key is to educate yourself and be on the lookout… That will put you also in a great position to help others….as well Eat well and be well..
    God’s blessings..
    Again, thank you Food Babe, staff and army for your heartfelt work/efforts… Together we can win the war on nutrition… after all we are in a democracy … right? / !!!

  13. Any chance you could tell us some of your favorite organic alternatives? Maybe if people knew which products are safe, they would buy those instead. It’s so hard to know which products are truly safe since there’s no standard labeling law.

  14. Gosh what a surprise: corporations putting money before their own customer’s health.
    A recent broadcast reported that food products from China tested at 30% higher in glyphosate then domestic. Time to make our own stir-fry sauces and call for a world wide ban indeed.

  15. Thank you so much for exposing this. I’ve been saying this for over 35 years about Monsanto. I the worked in a place where I found health reports of people who worked for this company and everyone of them had cancer . Of all the issues that are brought to the forefront in this country what we put into our bodies and how it affects our childrens health should be at the forefront of it all . Greed is destroying the planet.

  16. Thank you, Vani, for finding and presenting this information to us. Now that Monsanto and Bayer are merging, we will have an even bigger problem. Add the realities that Trump intends to substantially defund the EPA, in addition to having added to his cabinet an EPA anti-advocate as Director of the EPA. We really have our work cut out for us in promoting health and raising awareness of the inequities of big agribusiness and pharmaceuticals. The cost of healthcare could be phenomenally reduced by promoting health. Thanks again, Food Babe. You are definitely doing your part.

  17. You are so strong to come out against not only global billion dollar corps but all the people in denial. You have taken a lot of flack from those who do us harm and they are attacking you from all angles. Keep it up food hottie!

  18. Thank u for spreading such vital information! the more information u put out there, the more people will start to wake up!

  19. I am so thankful for all the hard work that you do to keep us informed. You are an angel here on earth. God bless you.

  20. Thanks Vani for releasing this information. Those are strange bedfellows EPA and Monsanto – I predict that with the current movements, they are both going to get theirs. It may take some time, but in the meantime, the smart ones will be eating organic.

  21. You would have made a great lawyer! Thanks for having our best interest in mind. You are a true public servant and superhero. We ought got to get you a cape and some bad*** boots!

  22. Thanks Vani for your continued effort to expose the scum of the food industry. four years ago when I turned 30, I got really sick with unbearable pain – my diet full of conventional garbage that was making me feel like an 80 years old sick man. The doctors could not give me a clear answer as to what I was going through and then I took my health in my hands. I thank God and Jesus that you were one of the first people that could connect the dots between the poison we are being fed to on a mass scale and the lack of health I was experiencing.
    Although I would mention to the doctors I visited that could it be that my diet is causing me to feel this way – I would be met with silence and one time laughter from a doctor when I was 17.
    To everyone that is still not convinced that the conventional food system is systemically degrading the health of millions and millions of people around the world, please do your research and try switching for a month to more basic alternative ways of eating and cooking – And see the difference in the health and wellness of you and your family. It takes a lot of humbling to break old habits, especially food… the resources are out there from Foodbabe, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Cassar, and many many more.

    1. That’s the thing – it’s never going to be listed as an ingredient on a nutrition label. The only way to know it’s there is to have it independently tested in a lab. I think Vani shared the results from some common products and brands in a blog post not too long ago, but obviously it’s not an extensive list. You just have to assume it’s on at least 70% of the food you eat in the US until someone does something about it. Organic helps but isn’t 100% free of glyphosate. I really hope the detox project’s new label works out.

    2. Tammy, is correct. Vani posted on this recently. One of the worst is Cheerios which had 1125 PPB. Remember per the Seralini study, only 0.5 PPB can initiate cancers. Oats are mostly sprayed about 10 days before harvest to defoliate the crop, ripen the crop evenly, defoliate the weeds and loosen the kernels in the seed head for more in the bin. Notice that all the reasons are to help the farmer make money and have nothing to do with your health.

      Tammy is correct on that organics are not necessarily free of glyphosate (and the rest of the formula) since in as little as 3 years, you can have USDA organic products but as I posted elsewhere. it may take hundreds of years to clear the soil, depending on conditions. Plus some farmers re cheaters. Anybody remember DDT? It was banned in the 1970’s but is still around in the environment. This is my 20th year of being organic on most of my fields and just now starting to feel a bit comfortable with it. I do have some small areas that are probably forever organic, never saw farm chemicals.

  23. I have been a member of the non-GMO Committee for several years at my health food coop. It continues to be a major fight to get the store that we members own, to stop selling GMOs. The Board of Directors is developing a Merchandise Policy but aren’t very interested in even mentioning the word GMO, never mind glyphosate. Unbelievable, and WE OWN THE STORE! Members aren’t allowed to vote anymore on any important issues. Sounds a lot like fascism.

  24. Thanks for all you do, I have breast cancer and only eat organic now and do a lot more healthful activities to get well but I blame my illness on what organizations like Monsanto have done to our environment because I have always lived a healthy life but didn’t eat organic until now had no idea what was being done to our food supply.

  25. Wow! I have been against Monsanto and it’s practices since I watched “The world according to Monsanto”, which is available to watch on the internet. These emails are just criminal. Unfortunately, our EPA only cares about the lobbyist and not truth and protecting the environment or the people. I hope these go viral!!

  26. Curious that a story of this magnitude has not hit the mainstream media. I’m guessing one of two things….you’ve fallen for fake news or you “researched” by doing a google search until you found this. Such a liar.

    1. Renae

      Your naivete astounds me. The mainstream media is in the pockets of the big corporations and that is why you do not see this type of article there. Vanni is not the liar. Monsanto is.

      1. This is the standard response to a dissenting opinion. If what the Food Babe says is actually true and real it would be a HUGE story. However it’s not being reported anywhere else but here. Use your heads. If it was credible it would be the main story on every news outlet in this country and maybe even the world as it would impact everyone.

      1. Now I see. These emails were released in a lawsuit. Typical strategy by plaintiff lawyer’s to shape public opinion. I guess the court will decide the truth.

  27. It is a shame that officers in charge of taking care of people’s health, are so corrupted. Congratulations to that judge in California. And a big THANK YOU
    to “Food Babe”, for her efforts in favor of americans health.

  28. Recent studies also confirms glyphosate found in all vaccines….(amongst other chemicals and “preservatives”). Most of which can cross the blood brain barrier moments after injection. And we wonder why we see a pandemic of memory loss in older people and ADHD & Autism in these younger generations. The assault on our bodies and brains are too much – environments toxic, food toxic and most people are uneducated about what they put in their bodies.
    Check out vaccinesrevealed for more info.

  29. Vani,
    Thank you so much for putting this fantastic piece together. It is what we have all been hoping for and waiting for.
    Monsanto is really good at corrupting people. So this is probably the tip of the iceberg.
    Anyone defending this EVIL should automatically be struck by lightening.
    I heard about this when it broke, from Organic Consumers Assoc . Natural News has an article as well.
    On with the fight! Ship the Koch bros. and all their evil minions to Mars!

  30. God Bless you, Vani, for all that you do for the health of concerned Americans. I pray the Lord’s strong protection for you and your family, and an extra measure of courage! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  31. OKAY I gotta breath first … NOW..
    1) 7 years to till land until majority of toxins are vanished… but how long does the human body hold this toxin?

    2) Round-Up is the next generation of Agent Orange so I am confused why anyone would need scientific testing to decipher if it is harmful.. right!

    3) Didn’t Trump just cut funding to government agencies to allocate money to build a wall … ??? I agreed and now I have even more reason to agree … not to make this all about Trump but .. right .. Trump is right!

    4) if this toxin is altering genetics.. UMMMM Agent Orange was proven to alter DNA for three generations.. why most American military received money for themselves, there children, but also there children’s children.. UMMMM
    If round-up was supposed to be less harmful ironically teaching Monsanto how to alter offspring DNA of the poisoned person hoping to hide its toxicity and go undetected … well they obviously failed but my point is how far down the rabbit hole did Monsanto go this time not only placing an advocate inside the EPA but .. did they just try to hide facts we already knew.. UMMMM YUP!

    5) Monsanto’s goals in my opinion are to try to alter human DNA not just by exposing DNA to toxins but also alter food so our DNA alters by eating non toxic food.. well not non toxic but non cancer causing .. Example Folic Acid is Monsanto’s replica of folate .. Monsanto figured out that if you expose DNA to fake nutrients you can alter DNA with no cancerous effects…. but they also figured out if you feed those fake nutrients to a human in foods we do not naturally process the natural nutrient then they can alter DNA even faster.. natural folate we process from green leafy veggies … folic acid was fortified into breads, pastas, and grains.. never before have humans process this nutrient in those foods. Now many humans have methylation variation (altered DNA) also listed as “mutant” when DNA is altered at only 20% and many have a 60% alteration or mutation. OKAY … WAIT … I AM TOTALLY TRIPPIN OUT!

    1. Hate to burst your bubble on item #1, Krissy, but how long it takes for glyphosate to be broken down is not well studied (Monsanto blocks such research) plus some of the breakdown products are more toxic than glyphosate. Per Professor Emeritus Don Huber of Purdue, a recognized glyphosate expert, the half-life (time to break down half the product) varies greatly with soil conditions. It may be anything from a few months to 22 years. In the cooler climate of the far north, chemical reactions come to a stand still in the winter. It took me about 8 years to stop seeing the effects on potatoes on a former commercial farm field and more time to totally get rid of it. Keep in mind also that per the Seralini report, 0.5 PPB wil l cause cancer, but foods like Ceerios have 1125 PPB so will take a very long time to get well below the 0.5 PPB, at least a factor of 15 times whatever the breakdown 1/2 life is for your conditions. On a related issue, the more you till the soil, the more you lose fertility: new research indicates to build up sol fertility, no till, deep mulching is needed. This is very important to the 1/2 life since the higher the soil microbial activity, the shorter the 1/2 life break down will be. And when glyphosate chelates minerals in the soil, we do not know how long it takes to break down in this form. Plus there are other ingredients in the formula such as Vani pointed out, some of which are more potent than the glyphosate. Since these other chemicals are so-called “inert” chemicals, by the horrible EPA definition, “inert” ingredients are not what kills the plants, so no tests are done on them, since the EPA does not care about how these “inert” ingredients affect your health.

  32. A slightly different take on glyphosate – having been down the road of depression many times during my life and, having done a ton of research on the aspect of inflammation in the body/brain, Monsanto’s Round-Up (glyphosate) is a significant issue in this regard in that it has been proven that ingestion of glyphosate-laced wheat products cause serious gut problems which not only reduce the amount of nutrients that get into the bloodstream, but also set up the aforementioned cycle of inflammation which messes with the production of serotonin in the gut. Also, glyphosate, like so many chemical “additives” is a neuro-toxin which causes inflammation in the brain, thereby causing havoc with the natural workings of healthy brain chemistry.

  33. Well sorry to say NOT surprising. THANK YOU for all your work! People need to pressure garden centers to stop carrying Round-up.

    Please make any easy, concise version that can be put on facebook. This needs to go viral. Monsanto is guilty of ecocide and crimes against humanity. They ought to be SHUT DOWN. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world to ban glyphosate.

    People NEED to be educated big time!

  34. From someone who has lived ‘healthy’ for the past 25 years and two month ago was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, this is absolutely sickening. How do these M-f**kers sleep at night? I am not a violent person but this makes me want to drown them in their pesticides. STOP KILLING US FOR MONEY!!!!

  35. Vani You are awesome for exposing terrosist groups like MonsterSanto, and Pharma Compnies that have easily surpassed Hitler, Sadaam Hussein , O’Sama Bin Ladin and Isis in the Killing , Crippling and Torturing catagories.

    We should be able to confiscate all of the finances, from these lowlife companies no matter where it is hidden and use that money to start reversing the damage already done,
    We could possibly educate the people who wear Pink for Cancer Cure as many other groups do. They must learn and embrace the fact that
    natural mineral rich foods combined with natural chiropractic, are the real prevention or cures.

    I have many marketing Ideas and concepts that I can expand on, But I can only say Thank You and maybe if you cant convince the Trump’s to help maybe you should run for president.

  36. Thank you for sharing!

    I was having a conversation about all of this just yesterday morning with a group of Clients.

    The most frustrating part off all of this to me is the release of these correspondences is obviously on the EPA side where they are primarily tasked with protecting our environment.

    Based on the research I’ve done and the reports I’ve seen, the corruption is even worse with the organizations that are tasked with protecting us as citizens and educating us on what’s deemed safe and even healthy, the FDA and the USDA.

    When Bayer made the open offer to buy and merge with Monsanto a couple years ago I sincerely believe it was one of two things or both:

    1) a litmus test for them to gauge how aware the populous at large is of these types of corruption and the blatant disregard for our health and wellbeing


    2) it was simply a direct demonstration to shareholders, scientists, doctors and the countless government officials who are receiving bribes of just how unaware the masses are about what’s really going on here.

    The general response, or lack thereof, about that particular event provided a green light to double down on their efforts because they are working so well and most people continue to believe the spin that “it can’t really be that bad.”

    They are profiting immensely on both sides of the consumption:

    1) of the foods that they know are directly causing sickness and disease


    2) on the continual medical interventions and so called life saving prescription medications that treat the symptoms of the sickness and disease that the foods cause.

    All of this has escalated so quickly over the past few decades that the general consensus of the masses is that it’s “normal” to be sick and diseased.

    The implications of that belief are terrifying because, as you know very well, what people perceive to be “normal” becomes entrenched in the unconscious programming and conditioning of the youngest generations of a society and then perpetuates without question.

    As a society, now is the time to question our beliefs about food and medicine. When the beliefs of the past aren’t serving us, it’s time to challenge them.

  37. Vani,

    Thank you for your great work! We are in the process of understanding a similar cover up to discourage the use of the superfood blue-green algae: Spirulina

  38. I am so excited about the glyphosate testing label! Pesticides are the #1 reason I buy organic and non gmo, and it’s really hard to explain to people with all the misinformation out there. There’s no way to be 100% safe with any of the labels and certifications we currently have, but at least this simplifies things by targeting what I’m trying to avoid in the first place. I visited the detox project’s Facebook page to show my support for the label and was disgusted to find some people there already being negative about it in the comments. It makes no sense because it costs these people absolutely nothing (unless they have a conflict of interest like the people mentioned in THIS article). If you don’t like the label just don’t buy it and leave the rest of us alone.

  39. The FDA and other government agencies have been severely compromised since Reagan made Rumsfeld his Secretary of State. Rumsfeld, ans Steele, whom he put in charge of the FDA, were both Monsanto flacks, and overrode the misgivings of the scientists, to approve Aspartame,, GMOs, and the pesticides.

    1. Wow, Alec, I did not know that. Thank you for posting that info. for us to pass along.
      Monsanto and all the other Big Ag Seed and Chem. corp. are sinister and can corrupt anyone except the pure and honest, of which our Government is devoid.

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