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Food Babe Kitchen is SOLD OUT on Amazon. Here’s where to get a copy NOW.

I’m completely blown away by your support for Food Babe Kitchen

I just got word from my publisher that AMAZON has sold out of copies for shipping this week.

The demand for Food Babe Kitchen has been much, much bigger than anyone expected.

I am so grateful for you. I know this book will be life changing for you and your family. 

Amazon is now expecting a 1-2 month shipping delay on all books ordered today. 

But I have very good news…you can still find a book elsewhere.

Based on real time data shared with me, there are still some places you can buy a copy of Food Babe Kitchen today:

  • Barnes & Noble has physical copies in their stores across the country. You can reserve online for curbside pick-up or go inside to buy your copy. 
  • Books-A-Million also has physical copies in some stores that you can reserve online to pick-up. Their supply is limited!
  • Park Road Books has signed copies. These are going fast. Call them at (704) 525-9239 to order.
  • Independent bookstores in several cities have copies of this book. Click this link to find yours.
  • The eBook version is available immediately to download on any device on Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, or eBooks. It’s less expensive this way too! You don’t need to wait. 

Here is a list of all independent bookstores who currently have copies:

These are all your best options to get your hands on a copy before December. 

I’m crying tears…some of which are tears of joy….and some are out of frustration. 

I want everyone to have this cookbook in their kitchen this week, and now I see this will be impossible. There simply are not enough copies printed this week. 

This happened due to the overwhelming demand for this book (which was unexpected) and also printing delays during the pandemic, which is beyond my control. 

I just want you to know that I thank you for your incredible support. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that my cookbook would be sold out on launch day. 

You are truly the best Food Babe Army in the world.


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