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Food Industry Tricks Are Everywhere – Here’s What To Watch Out For!

During my last trip to NYC, I had the chance to sit down with Yahoo Health and discuss some of the important information you’ll learn in my #1 best selling book The Food Babe Way. These are must watch videos! I discuss what popular diets get wrong and my top tips for healthy living. Food industry tricks are everywhere, here’s what to watch out for…

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 WatchThe Food Babe On How To Avoid Industry Tricks And Take Back Control Of Your Health




  • The Food Babe Way isn’t about deprivation or giving up your fave foods. Enjoy what you love in an additive-free way.
  • The only person who decides what you put in your body is you. 
  • Natural flavors can mean anything! The food industry uses them to replace real food which tricks your taste buds.
  • Artificial sweeteners make us crave more than we should, and can be found in foods you’d never expect like yogurt.
  • Hidden MSG creates an irresistibility about food that makes us eat more than we should. Ever wonder why you can’t stop at one chip? Hidden MSG is why. See my book The Food Babe Way for a complete list of hidden MSG additives.
  • It’s easier than you think to buy organic on a budget. Cook organic food from scratch and keep leftovers in your freezer, so you don’t waste food and save money. For 75 more organic budget tips check this post out.
  • When ordering at a restaurant, you don’t need to follow the rules and can ask for off-menu options. For more restaurant tips and how to eat out while traveling, check out Day 16 and Day 21 in The Food Babe Way.

Watch: 5 popular diets and what to watch out for (This information is not to demonize anyone’s principles about what they eat. No matter what diet you follow, there’s always food industry pitfalls!)


  1. Paleo: Watch out for the ingredient “carrageenan” found in alternative nut milk products. This ingredient is linked to intestinal inflammation. Don’t overdo the meat consumption which can make the body overly acidic – the emphasis should be on whole plant based foods. Consider eating beans, they have been shown to prevent heart disease, diabetes, and help keep you slim.
  2. Gluten-Free: There’s a lot of processed gluten-free products being developed by the food industry right now. These products can contain added refined sugars, fattening processed flours and starches (like rice flour) that increase blood sugar that can lead to weight gain – always check the ingredients!
  3. Raw: Agave has more fructose than HFCS, heading straight to the liver. Avoid this ingredient as much as possible to stay slim.
  4. Vegan: Fake meat products often contain soy protein isolate, which is heavily processed with toxic hexane. Stay away from these invented industry products full of questionable additives.
  5. Mediterranean: There’s little to no emphasis on organic living, exposing you to harmful synthetic chemicals. In some instances, olive oil has been contaminated with other cheap oils and may not be authentic.

To learn more, there are 5 more popular diet examples and what to watch out for in The Food Babe Way.

Please share this information and videos with your loved ones – the more we know, the healthier we will be!



P.S. In my #1 best selling book The Food Babe Way – I teach you even more ways you can break free from the hidden toxins in your food, lose weight, look years younger and get healthy in just 21 days. In my 2nd book, Feeding You Lies, I blow the lid off of the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat – lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science we base our food choices on. And, my first cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains over 100 mouthwatering recipes to show you how delicious and simple it is to eat healthy, easy, real food. Available anywhere books are sold.

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74 responses to “Food Industry Tricks Are Everywhere – Here’s What To Watch Out For!

  1. Great videos. A lot of good points in just a couple minutes. Glad to see you’re acknowledging the various eating programs out there and offering tips to bolster each. My #1 turn-off since starting to eat more whole, organic foods years ago is the militancy one often encounters on the subject of which diet to follow. We all have to conduct our own experiments and see what our body runs best on while simply using common sense. That any diet should be dominated by healthy, organic plants seems to be the common link. So, thanks for your fair-minded approach to that.

    Also, always enjoy seeing you on video having convos with Max Goldberg, like the one he released yesterday shot at Natural Products Food Expo West. I’m starting to think of you guys as sort of cousins (haha) and like how your individual missions and websites are unique in their own way and yet work well together toward the common goal of getting us back on clean, unadulterated, naturally healthy food.

    Finally, I don’t think it diminishes the value of the information you’re providing to acknowledge that as you’re someone who is photogenic you SHOULD be doing videos. Or would the correct term be “videogenic”? 🙂 Lights… camera… Vani! Anyway, whether in text or “on screen,” keep up the great work!

    1. Try as I may, size 9 D footware will not fit my size 12 EEE hoofs. Appendectomies are never going to be undertaken via the mouth. And there is no such thing as fiddling around and miraculously stumbling onto what works best for me. There are for the first time researched scientific facts about nutrition. I recall in Grade 7 when the Public Nurse came and talked passionately and informedly against smoking and deep fried foods and junk food. That’s 50 years ago. All of us Grade 7 genius boys knew she was full of it and were bursting to get outside at noon to light up a Black Cat fag , after all , ” More Doctors,” smoked, ” Black Cat, “; and then headed to the Fish and Chip for a plate and a Coke.
      And just as different folks wear different sized shoes, a one size diet is an erroneous concept. Scientifically it is attached to our specific blood types and genetic factors. Not my , OPINION,”; hard peer reviewed science. It is a great threat to the bottom line of manufacturers, including healthier choices and supplement companies. And they are fighting back. When someone signs on as an expert or quotes, ” their experts,” use this tool we use to ost on sites and reSEARCH the experts on credible sites. We don’t owe the manufacturers or the reporters anything.

      1. “Scientifically it is attached to our specific blood types and genetic factors”

        Can you explain that, please?

      2. Not meaning to be flippant, honestly; but I prefer to make you a fisher rather than give you a fish. My recommendation buy,preferably,or borrow from your Public Library, Change Your Genetic Destiny, Dr. Peter J D’Adamo,ND Internationally respected
        in the Science of Epigenetics and Human Individuality; several decades of scientifuc research into Human Nutrition, Professor of Clinical Studies, Bridgeport University, Connecticut, USA. It’s a good entry level text for those interested in pursuing further studies or an excellent why and how book for those simply wanting to get healthy. This information is not conjecture, opinion or subjective. I take the matter of my credible sources very seriously.

      3. Hello Gewis; I’d love to. But the , “GREMLINS,” object to me posting on this site now beyond 2 sentences.. So much for free speech.
        Read,” Change Your Genetic Destiny.” Dr. Peter J,D’Adamo, Connecticut physician , International Expert in Human Individuality, Professor of Clinical Studies; in Who’s Who and America’s Bluebook of Physicians of Excellence.
        Severa Decades of Nutrition Study. Past Professor of Nutrition Bastyr Medical School of Naturopathic Medicine.

  2. Unfortunately I am not able to watch the videos, and I have friends that can’t either, so I appreciate the written word on all of this.

  3. Hi – I agree with 95% of what you say and I eat exceedingly healthily. I’ve tried eating all beans, even pre-soaking them and they do not agree with my body no matter how healthy they are. Some people, not me, can happily enjoy grass-fed, hormone-free meat and have no bad effects and even thrive. My take-away has been that everyone should find what works best by listening to their own bodies.

    1. I agree! My body can’t tolerate beans in any form, soaked or not. Grass fed meats my body thrives on… especially since I’m severly anemic and can only process iron in an acidic state. I do eat mounds of fresh veggies, berries and seeds. My doctor says in the 10 years he has known me, this is the healthiest he has ever seen me and to continue what I’m doing. Thanks for your continued effort keeping us informed in giving us the knowledge to make the best decisions for our bodies 🙂

      1. Help your self to a leg up, read, ” Change Your Genetic Destiny,” Dr. Peter J D’Adamo, and “You’ll Never Walk alone…..” hah !! Seriously read the book share with friends and family. It’s the real deal. The answer why one diet doesn’t work for everybody, it doesn’t. It needs to be appropriate to our Blood Type. Type B’s eating chicken are strokes waiting to happen. Meat except lamb, goat, turns to stored body fat in Type A. Beef causes A’s endothelial damage. This is Science.
        A colleague doc’s husband was having a tough time health wise. Blood tested O. Started him on an appropriate O diet; A total doubting Thomas but so much improvement so fast. Sometimes it takes more work depending on how much the system has been mucked up by wrong eating.
        Race horses have better diets than humans.

      2. I have read that including vitamin c rich foods will increase the absorption of iron in humans. Perhaps that will help you. Also, if you’re eating bran, stop; it inhibits iron absorption.

  4. Thank you for providing closed captions so I can read this. I’m going to forward this videos to my deaf friends.

  5. Hi VannI
    Love love what your doing I’ve been an army members and referring hundreds of people to your site for over a year. Thank you for what your doing I sooooo appreciate it. I’d love to see more of the video please post more.

  6. Great videos! I also highly recommend the videos at As I clean up my diet, I find it very motivating to have good explanations of what’s happening at the cellular level and what data we have on disease & various diets. It clears up a lot of the confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not.

  7. Great concise video. My question is; I am buying Organic Virgin olive oil. How can I know that it really IS 100% olive oil?

      1. That means IT IS 100% Olive Oil. When it solidifies, that means it us pure. Other “filler oils”, i.e soy, corn, etc, do NOT solidify. So if it was mixed and not pure, you would know. I buy the Costco Organic olive oil and it was just rated one of the Top 5 Purest Olive Oils and a great price!

  8. Vani, you’re the best. I didn’t know about carrageenan found in almond milk. Thank you for this helpful tip. I use almond milk all the time for smoothies and get that bloating feeling. That explains it. I’m going to order your book.

  9. Speaking of carrageenan, why does whipping cream contain it? I have checked three brands and all have it listed.

    1. Charles Allison,
      I am a licensed health care provider and I tell my patients and anyone who will listen. . . ” Buy bulk foods, ”’Organic-God Made”’ and avoid anything processed//man-made; Period!” Bottom line . . . if you want whipping cream. . .then figure out how to make your own. You are really smart and very wise to check what is in your food. I want to share this with you. I call it the 11th commandment. .. a very large ancient stone tablet was found out in the Syrian desert. . . . . the inscription was very short but succinct:: ‘CYA.” As it was said many years ago. . . ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ Be wise and stay away from the American Inflammatory Diet.!!! When you figure out and complete making YOUR great whipping cream, let everyone know. I wish you the best and stay healthy. Carry on!

      1. Making whipping cream is easy, but it does take elbow grease (not literally:) Just take a cold metal or glass bowl , pour organic whipping cream into it and either beat it with a whisk, rotary beater, or electric beater til it forms peaks. Then you can add whatever you like by folding it in…like pure organic vanilla extract, stevia, ginger….whatever. My mom always made her own whipped cream when we were kids and it was a competition to see who got to lick the beaters. :))

  10. Hey Vani thank you so much for the great information! You are one of the reasons why I eat a whole food diet now and started my own blog where you can find smoothie recipes & almond milk as well as oat milk recipes (especially for those on a tight budget), etc. I’ve found that by starting with the whole product you get so much more out of it than buying part of something in stores for much more money. For example: Almond milk – buy the raw almonds – and the left overs you can use to bake something like a bread or muffins, or buy a whole chicken and you can not only have dinner one night, but you can make chicken stock from it, and use the leftover pieces for the next night in a completely different dish. I am on a very tight budget and this really works for me and allows me to always buy organic.

  11. Seeing that some like to get down to the nitty gritty at the cellular level, I
    recommend You get Green Med Info on your computer…. It deals with way
    more stuff than any other site I’ve ever seen…

      1. Thank you Vani, for this great overview. It all can’t be stated enough. We really have to blow it up in the grocery stores with voting with our pocket books. What you posted about Kellogs as great. Those that refuse to change, lose. I called them about making at least Kashi non-GMO but it’s not happened yet! They’ve gone up on their price too, just like everything else. My grocery bill went down when I nearly eliminated all processed foods ( “food in a box”) and with some organics in the store now it’s easier to get access. However reading labels, if I find some @#*% in there, I call the company and tell them they had better remove it or people are going to stop buying it! 🙂

  12. Let’s continue to bash the GMO’s people. GMO’s are just wrong because the products are a result of greed. Trading your health for their profits.

    The videos are great, informative and truthful. Thank you!

    1. “just wrong.”

      What well-documented bad thing has happened to the billion cattle that have been eating GMO for more than a decade?

      Hint: the number is very, very, very small. Less than one.

    1. Oh, nevermind, i just realized the words are the numbered sentences. I dont see and comprehend so well any more, lol. Great info. Love the link to all the ways to save money.
      Thanks Vani. This is valuable information.

  13. GMO’s…….My husband & I are totally opposed to GMO food, primarily because there have been no long term studies on the potential toxic effects and also because the only “studies” have been controlled by corporate giants like Monsanto (due to their patent on GMO seeds). On 2/25, we went to a University of Arizona “conversation” regarding GMO’s and were shocked by the 2 UA scientists leading the “conversation”. Both scientists defended GMO’s, and totally ignored or dismissed the audience comments and concerns. Both scientists applauded the “success” of GMO’s for ” higher yield”, “better” nutrition, longer shelf life, and “better” taste”!!! It seems pretty obvious that scientists, such as these, are 1) being funded by the likes of Monsanto, and/or 2)are stupid and/or insensitive to human suffering from disease, and/or ??? What kind of degree does it take to be considered a “scientist”? The overwhelming majority of the audience (at least 40 people) left that “conversation” unhappy, unheard, disgusted, frustrated, and angry.

    1. Objectives scientists aren’t supposed to change their professional conclusions because you don’t agree with them. You choose to believe that foods containing GMO products are harmful. Science says they are not.

      1. I need to correct you. I do NOT believe that GMO’s are harmful. I do not know if GMO’s are harmful. However, I know that there have not been any long term, unbiased research on the GMO effects on human beings. It appears that scientists come to conclusions based on short term studies, funded by Monsanto, etc

    2. I think if you do a little research on your own you will find out that almost all of the major health organizations in the world have come to the same conclusion about GMO crops that the two UA scientists you claim to be stupid, insensitive and funded by Monsanto did. For the record I am not a shill for Monsanto. I farm for a living and proud of what I produce.

    3. What if you are wrong? How would you know? What if you can’t tell if a scientist is corrupted just because he/she disagrees with you? How would you go about determining if a set of scientists simply knows some things about a highly technical field that you don’t know?

  14. I am disappointed that FOOD BABE has not addressed and embraced the 4 Your Type , and Change Your Genetic Destiny Diets and lifestyle recommendations by a real Nutritional Scientist respected worldwide, Connecticut practitioner, Professor of Clinical Studies, Scientist in the filelds of Nutrition, Epigenetics, and Human Individuality, Dr. Peter J D’adamo.
    I am also concerned that I hear distinct undertones from you that youy consider Organic Foods and grass fed meat and dairy product sources as unnecessary. That may be your opinion but it is not fact based. There is a saying that we can have our own opoinions but not our own facts. Yahoo Health is not a Scientific Journal to which I subscribe.

    I have researched nutrition for 40 years. I know hype from the real deal.
    I respect the work Food Babe has done to improve food production practices. I also know the method for invesstigation of facts.

    And, what we actually put into our bodies is the defining measure. I personally don’tcare what Star Bucks serves because I have been smart enough to avoid the crap trap for decades. Much better to get MSG, and Nitrates, and Antibiotics out of the food chain. The staples food chain is much more relevant to the health of humanity, of our chilkdren than the incidentals LIKE CHIPS, COOKIES, COFFEE, Fast Food. Easier just to stay away from processed and fast food and do what our much busier parents did, cook from scratch using the best ingredients you can afford. Our children repeat what they learn from kind examples they are exposed to.

    I conclude that I do not have a , ” home ,” here. Glad you are having some success with your book and notoriety, and I can realize your excitement by the attention, but don’t let that become your compass.
    I am sure you do not intend to do so but better to have a publicist flogging your book. That appearance can detract from the important work you have undertaken.
    I will unsubscribe now as I no longer see this venture as compatible with my goals for public health.

    Erl, ND(Tdl); DipHom; CD, (ret’d)

    1. ErL,N.D,

      I am glad you are in-tune with what is really on track and ‘offf’ track… I hope,(pray more), that you do not dis-appear with being retired. You know so much and there is so much ‘lack – of – knowledge in this country. This country needs to hear your song. Build bridges and educate folks. I do it everyday in my practice. I have seen so many miracles where folks from all ages/education/sickness rise to the occasion and bottom line leave the disease/drugs/weight/pain/and fear all behind. Eat 4 Your Type is nothing less than huge. One simple book with real life solutions is nothing less than amazingly miraculous. This book carries the solution within. What a God send!! What a great health cornucopia you possess. God’s Blessings!!!

      1. A cut and pasted list. But first, I notice that my post on Organic Agave has been removed ???? Science, Scientific Research not my great aunt Fanny’s notion, not a Google Devotee suggestion, demonstrates that Organic Agave Syrup is fine for
        human consumption. The process not the source is the problem.
        Chemically or HighHeat Distilled extracted Olive Oil is unhealthy. Low heat, oxygen absence, no chemicals, 3rd Party Approval are the health hallmarks to look for.

        Pig/Hog is too biologically similar to human to consume. Perhaps all religious instruction is not based in myth, as all major religions, including Christianity orders humans to not eat pig. But pig eaters most meat eaters are. Deny evolution as an avoid hell fire condemnation but eat pig. Strange creatures are we…. Yoda
        More consumers are trying to make healthy choices at the grocery stores, but it’s difficult when companies push their toxic wares and dress them up as health food. Young people in particular fall victim to these schemes. You have to give a kid credit for purchasing something called “Vitamin Water” over a soda pop, and it’s infuriating that the kid, trying to make a good choice, has been tricked into the purchase by deceitful advertising and marketing.

        Some of the products listed, may in fact be exactly what they are portrayed to be, but I choose not to financially support the corporations behind them.

        Protect your health and help starve the beast by avoiding products distributed by these companies and their subsidiaries:
        In addition avoid any products listing EDTA which blocks mineral absorption and causes minerals to leach from bones.

        Campbell’s – $250,000.00

        Healthy Request
        Wolfgang Puck Soups
        Pace Foods
        Pepperidge Farms

        Cargill, Inc – $202,229.36
        Truvia Natural Sweetener (not pure STEVIA ,contains Erythritol and GMO corn Maltidextrin.)
        Shady Brooks Farms
        Diamond Crystal Salt
        Nature Fresh
        Peter’s Chocolate
        Wilbur Chocolate
        Honeysuckle White
        Rumba Meats
        Good Nature
        Coca Cola – $1,164,400.00
        Vitamin Water
        Smart Water
        Minute Maid
        Honest Tea
        Con-Agra – $1,076,700.00
        Orville Redenbacher’s Organic
        Hunt’s Organic
        Healthy Choice
        Hebrew National
        Dean Foods – $253,950.00
        White Wave
        General Mills – $908,200.00
        Nature Valley
        Fiber One
        Cascadian Farm
        Muir Glen
        Gold Medal Organic
        Food Should Taste Good
        Heinz- $500,000.00
        Bagel Bites
        HP Sauce
        Lea & Perrins
        Smart Ones
        Tater Tots
        TGI Friday’s
        Weight Watchers

        UPDATED TO ADD: Heinz has divested itself of Hain-Celestial stock over the past couple of years. Two sources report that the primary investors for Hain-Celestial are companies of extremely dubious consideration for our health: Phillip Morris, Monsanto, Citigroup, Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart and Lockheed Martin. (Farmwars and Home for Health) Haines was already dubious under the Hines Brand.

        Earth’s Best
        Spectrum Organics
        Garden of Eatin’
        Rice Dream
        Soy Dream
        Mountain Sun
        Walnut Acres
        Fruiti di Bosco
        Health Valley
        Bread Shop
        Celestial Seasonings
        Kellogg’s – $632,500.00
        Bear Naked
        Morningstar Farms
        Kraft – $551,148.25
        South Beach
        Back to Nature
        Nestle – $1,169,400.00
        Pure Life
        Poland Spring
        California Pizza Kitchen
        Tribe Mediterranean
        Sweet Leaf Tea
        PepsiCo $2,249,661.61
        Miss Vickie’s
        Sun Chips
        Harvest Crunch
        Ocean Spray
        Naked Juice
        Unilever – $467,000 (source)
        Ben & Jerry’s

        A little bit of good news…
        There are a few companies you can still count on

        It isn’t all bad news. There are a few companies you can still count on – keep in mind that corporate mergers take place every day. When businesses change hands, there is no obligation to notify the public. One such cautionary tale took place with the company Dean’s, which acquired Horizon Foods. They quietly phased out the use of organic products without making any changes to the label and used non-organic milk produced under factory farm conditions. As well, they dropped the quality of their organic soy and began purchasing cheaper harvests from Asia. Meanwhile, unwitting retailers had no idea that the company had ceased producing the items organically, and continued to promote the products as they had previous to the acquisition.

        Right now, these are some of the GOOD LABELS to look for:
        7th Generation
        Amy’s Kitchens
        Apple and Eve
        Blue Diamond
        Bob’s Red Mill (Some products Questionable, Sea Salt and GLUTEN FREE BAKING MIXES. Also uses CARAGEENAN.)
        Bossa Nova
        Cal Organics
        Choice Organic Teas
        Clif Bar/ Nectar Fruit
        Coombs Family Farmers
        Cosorzio All Natural
        Country Choice
        Crystal Geyser Alpine Water
        Doctor Kracker
        Dr. McDougall’s
        Dr. Praeger
        Eat Raw
        Echo Farms
        Eddie’s Pasta
        Eden Foods (The only company NOT using harmful plastic BPA and BPS in the lining of their cans as bonding agent!)

    2. Please define “scientist”. Is there a degree? Does a “scientist” have any interest or knowledge about future effects?

      1. Pleased to oblige.
        Merriam Webster; Oxford International:
        noun, sci·en·tist \ˈsī-ən-tist\
        : a person who is trained in a science and whose job involves doing scientific research or solving scientific problems..”

        Scientists who are held in the highest esteem by world wide leaders in the particular field of study, who produce extensive peer reviewed research are of particular credibility to my assessment. Particularly when their research is independent of corporate and association interests and respected across many related disciplines.

  15. Hey Vani.. great post yet again!
    Question though with regards to vegan foods- is it possible that some companies source out HEXANE FREE soy protein isolate? Most already use non GMO so what would the label have to read? Organic? or specifically HEXANE FREE would have to be stated and even then how is that guaranteed?- do you know? For that once or twice a week vegan meat alternative. I’m going to take that minimal hit to my health for the animals either way but I prefer to get the best if it’s available.

  16. On a good day I read your blog and think “Yes!” let’s keep fighting the fight. On a bad I think we are all doomed! Please keep going, you are performing an amazing service for everyone… even some who don’t know it!

  17. In your book, The Food Babe Way, you mention that when you want something sweet one of the items you eat is Righteously Raw chocolate. However, this product does contain Raw Agave Nectar. which is a substance you say stay away from in your book.

    Can you please explain why this is okay but using raw agave nectar in general is not?

    I buy Vans waffles for my kids because they are gluten free and they made the Clean List. Are they bad because the are made with rice flour?

  19. Vani, These are really great short, power packed videos. I hope a lot of people will pay attention and make a habit of reading the labels, even on what the industry labels as healthy. The warning on olive oil being mixed with other oils is right on the mark. Something else we should be aware of is that all oils. including olive oil can go rancid over time. So even when you buy 100% organic, olive oil, we should pay attention to the expiration date. It is pretty safe to assume that olive oil consumed within 6 months is OK. Organic olive oil, I believe, is required to have an expiration date. That at least gives us an idea of when it was picked, how long it has been on the store shelf and that it has been minimally processed.

  20. I LOVE your content but if I’m honest video is not my favorite format. I’d love it if you’d keep your full articles when you do a video as well.

  21. Could you tell me how come they are putting color in Salmon. I go to Costco & Publix & they both have it in their fish.

    1. Some Salmon at your local supermarket is colored because it is farm raised. The expected pink to red color of wild caught Salmon is due to their diets. The feed on the farms do not contain the same chemicals the fish would consume in the wild. Without the coloring agent added – often as a nutritional supplement to harvest ready fish, the Salmon flesh would be a grey color.

      For consistently good fish – though with a higher cost, look for wild caught Salmon sourced from a sustainable fishery.

  22. Love what you are doing Vani, you are a force to be reckoned with!!
    Per your request for feedback on videos here is my take. I will ALWAYS prefer to read an article over watching a video! a) I can read the same information that a video normally offers in a fraction of the time, b) it’s easy to go back and re-read a section if needed for emphasis, c) articles can be printed out for later reference, d) videos often freeze my computer or are slow to load, and e) if at work I don’t have to worry about whether my coworkers can overhear. If videos are the way you go then it is always nice when there is an option to read text instead. Just my 2 cents worth…Keep up the great work!

  23. Vani,
    Please share more info about ascorbic acid and citric acid. I have read they are usually from GMO corn? And added to just about everything now as a preservative including vitamins and juice for kids…

    1. Ascorbic acid and citric acid are not produced from GMO corn. Citric acid is produced via the fermenation of A. niger (a fungus). The feed stock for the bacteria is almost any sugary solution but corn products may be used. After the mold is filtered out the solution is precipitated with calcium hydroxide. The resulting compound is washed with sulfuric acid to produce the citric acid. Ascorbic acid is also produced from biological sources bacteria in this case) via the Reichstein process. And yes, I know this sounds scary but there is no other way to get refined citric and ascorbic acid without using chemistry.

  24. Thank you for providing us with all this helpful information. Just as you are helping me and my family, I would like to help you and your family, give to you by grace what by grace has been given to me. In one ( of your blogs, I read something that I understood that you believe in evolution. (If I understood wrong, I apologize.) I just wanted to let you know that it’s a lie as the all natural label, or far worse. Many scientists agree with this statement, not just Christians or believers of other faiths. As it is important to know information to help our bodies, it is even more important to have information of our Creator, because this is all a plan, His perfect plan, which He shares with us in His Holy Bible. As you take time to do all of this research in order to care for your body and ours, you may also take time to search eternal life, for this is far more important as it is eternal, not like our bodies which will perish. Our soul is forever, and gifted God has given humanity His Son in order for us to have an choice; we can choose to be healthy with our bodies, but we can also choose to be in complete comfort with the state and future of our eternal soul, with our Lord, with our Creator. I can talk so much more about this (or type should I type) but I have told you somewhat most of what’s necessary. I will just continue to tell you this: if you decide/not to read his plan, I must at least have you aware (so that I am not to be held accountable for it) that Jesus will come back one day and he will execute judgment. I desire from the bottom of my heart that you make a wise choice, to listen to our Creator’s voice. Believe me, you will not regret it. [My life has changed for ever since he came to my life.] I had to hear from Him a couple of times, but it wasn’t until I read His word (KJV) that I met Him. Once again, there’s a plan and a decision we make that will have an eternal effect. God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. P.S. You’d share one of the many understandings with me and others, which tickles me a bit: God gave us real food. Maybe you’d be surprised that even in this area, Satan’s plan to destroy God’s creation, doesn’t limit itself. He produces all sorts of things that separates us from God (sin) &/hurts us (God’s perfect creation). Once again, thank you so much; GOD BLESS YOU<3!

    1. “Don’t overdo the meat consumption which can make the body overly acidic.”

      Do you know what Vani means by this? How would I know if my body has become too acidic–will I dissolve things that I touch? If I eat too many vegetables will my body become too basic?

      This is scary stuff. GOD BLESS YOU TOO GLENDA!!

      1. good point:
        How does a body become too acidic? How does one measure that, in order to know if it’s happened? Is there any evidence that eating a lot of meat actually changes the pH of the blood?

      2. Google blood acid ?? Type O’s function best slightly acidic; B’s and AB’s close to neutral and Type A’s slightly Alkiline. Type A tend to have low stomach acid and it is recommended they take 1000mg Betaine Hydrochloride, at least twice daily with meals, to aide digestion. Using antacids for heartburn/digestive disturbance is the worst thing Type A’s can do.

  25. Can someone explain the coconut oil thing? Why choose coconut oil if you can choose olive oil? I even bake with olive oil.

    Coconut oil-Saturated fat. This is a type of fat that comes mainly from animal sources of food, such as red meat, poultry and full-fat dairy products. Saturated fat raises total blood cholesterol levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, which can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Saturated fat may also increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Olive oil-Monounsaturated fat. This is a type of fat found in a variety of foods and oils. Studies show that eating foods rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. Research also shows that MUFAs may benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be especially helpful if you have type 2 diabetes.

  26. What are the 100% Olive Oils we can trust? I am so sad that the Organic Olive Oil from Costco Kirkland can possibly be Canola Oil. GROSS!!

    I heard a test to check if it is real olive oil is putting some of the oil in the fridge and if it solidifies it is real olive oil. If it does NOT solidify it is not Pure Olive Oil.


  27. “Fake meat products often contain soy protein isolate, which is heavily processed with toxic hexane.”

    I know the one 2010 industry study found 21 parts per million of hexane in soy flakes, and although the levels appear to be harmless, most food producers responded at the time.

    But you say I will “often” encounter toxic hexane if I eat soy products. How much hexane would I ingest if I ate a Boca Burger, for example? Or some White Wave tofu? Is there more hexane being used now than back in 2010?

  28. Love the videos! Just started listening to your book on audible. Thanks so much for doing the research and putting in the time to make change happen. I’m grateful!

  29. Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about food at all? “Don’t overdo the meat” when eating paleo? Did you know that homo sapien were more of a carnivore than an omnivore? When we as a species were paleo our diet wold consist of over 60% meat? Proof? Our brain. It requires more energy than you will ever get from plants, especially considering that homo sapien survived the ice ages. Have you seen a lot of fruit and veg during a cold ass winter? No? Neither have I…

    And by the way, our bodies are acidic, naturally. It should be kept that way, or we will die.

    Love from an actual biologist

  30. I bought your book a few weeks ago and I am working on it every day. BRAVO! On another note: I am Canadian and go to Texas every winter. On our way home every year, I buy all my seeds at WallMart because they are a lot cheaper than at home but I noticed that this year the prices are gone up because they are all non GMO??? None of the cheap one are on the shelf anymore. WOW is the food industry waking up on seeding? I can’t believe it? Food Babe you really rock. You inspire so many people and saving our planet and our lives. I just hope one day I can accomplish some of the good work you are doing. You have gutts. I hope you will see me comment???

  31. Vani,
    I took a photo of the ingredients in my sister’s feeding tube while she was in a nursing home unable to eat due to M.S. If you are interested in me sending it, let me know and I will. It was appalling. She lives in another state and I saw it just 3 days before she died.

  32. Hexane is not toxic by the very definition of toxic. It is at least one order of magnitude above threshold for toxic. Please also be explicit when you name a chemical as I assumed you meant normal-hexane. There are several isomers with different safety profiles.

  33. How does a person find out which is the safest or real Olive Oil with all the brands it’s difficult too tell

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