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This Frito Lay Organic Product Sent Shockwaves Through Me – Help Get It Everywhere.

Everyone knows that chips aren’t exactly healthy and many of us eat them anyways. They are part of our culture whether we like it or not. Super Bowl Parties. Vending Machines. Side Items. School Lunches. They are everywhere and that’s why seeing a very popular chip change sent shockwaves through me and a burst of hope shot up my spine.

I was recently near San Francisco visiting a local Costco store and saw a huge display of Organic Ruffles in one of the aisles. I was really surprised to see this because I’d never seen Organic Ruffles, and in fact, I had never seen a certified organic Frito Lay product ever in my life. Turns out that these chips are an exclusive deal, and are only available to Costco members. Costco wanted to have more organic snacks available to their customers, so they asked Frito Lay and got them. I also came to find out that it’s not just Ruffles and that Costco also asked Frito Lay for an organic version of Stacy’s Pita Chips, and also limited-edition Supreme Cheddar Doritos without the MSG (that you find in regular Doritos). Go Costco! 

This is why grocery stores are our friends. It’s not just us activists that can get change at these mega-billion dollar food companies – there are hundreds of amazing people working within the system to drive change and it can happen fast. They are the unsung heroes you never hear about… 


You might not think this a big deal. But it is.

Finding Organic Ruffles was a huge sign that Frito Lay is capable of much more than I previously thought. Frito Lay is owned by Pepsi Co and considered one of the worst junk food companies in the world – their products are FULL OF ADDITIVES & GMOs – so much so, that they have spent over 8 million dollars fighting GMO labeling over the last 3 years. 

Take a moment and think about this.

Part of our work is to speak up about these little changes because they do matter. In this case, switching from regular potato chips to organic chips can make a big difference for average people. That’s why I want to draw attention to this.

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone had access to these Organic Ruffles? We would have have… 

Less Synthetic Pesticides:  Potatoes Can Contain 35 Different Pesticides (Many of them linked to health issues). 

Potatoes are known to be one of the most contaminated crops in the U.S. and you’ll find potatoes on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Dirty Dozen List of conventional produce. According to the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program, up to 35 different pesticides have been found on conventional potatoes and several of these pesticides are known carcinogens, suspected hormone disruptors, neurotoxins, or reproductive toxins (see the list here). You may assume that because potatoes are grown in or just above the ground, they would be somewhat protected from pesticides – but this just isn’t the case. According to EWG“The average potato had more pesticides by weight than any other food”. Some of the pesticides used on potatoes can be absorbed into the flesh of the potato, so these pesticides don’t just wash off or come off when they are peeled.   

More Sustainable Farming 

Organic farming is beneficial to the environment – its methods improve the health of the soil and doesn’t pollute our water with the synthetic pesticides used in conventional (non-organic & GMO) farming. The more farmers we have growing organic produce the better it is for all of us, and will protect the integrity of the industry. Especially when it comes to potatoes.

Less Risky GMO Crops

Although there are not currently any genetically modified potatoes in our food, there will be soon – possibly hitting the market as early as Spring 2015. Simplot’s new GMO “Innate potato” just gained USDA approval and the FDA is expected to approve it shortly, clearing the road for food manufacturers to start putting it in our food. According to Doug Gurian-Sherman, a plant pathologist and senior scientist at the Center for Food Safety, “We think this is a really premature approval of a technology that is not being adequately regulated”. McDonald’s has already stated publicly that they don’t plan to use Simplot’s new GMO potato, and when we asked Frito Lay if they have plans to use this GMO potato they replied:

“We use our own varieties of “chipping” potatoes, which are specially grown for low moisture and shape. There’s no reason to believe that this will change in the future… I can only tell you what is happening now. I don’t see why we would have the need to use something else–especially since we’ve developed our own, perfect potatoes. This is what makes our chips better than all the others”

They declined to disclose whether Simplot was one of their suppliers. Even if Frito Lay ultimately decides to refuse GMO potatoes, the other main ingredient in potato chips could be GMO. Most conventional potato chips, including Ruffles, are fried in oils that are made from crops that are predominantly GMO like corn or canola. Frito Lay had this to say when we asked whether the oil used in Ruffles is GMO:

“we do not require nor exclude genetically modified ingredients, we are not able to answer this, however, we do have a variety of Reduced Fat Ruffles in our Simply line that is cooked in expeller-pressed sunflower oil. To our knowledge there is no GMO sunflower oil that is available for commercial purchase”.

Unless a chip is 100% certified organic or non-GMO project certified, it may be cooked in GMO oils. According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) GMOs are risky:

“animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food consumption including infertility, immune dysregulation, accelerated aging, dysregulation of genes associated with cholesterol synthesis, insulin regulation, cell signaling, and protein formation, and changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and gastrointestinal system… Also, because of the mounting data, it is biologically plausible for Genetically Modified Foods to cause adverse health effects in humans”.

So, it’s not something I take lightly and this is why I avoid GMOs at all costs.

Less TOXIC “bud-nip” herbicides

A chemical that has been found on 80% of all conventional (non-organic) potatoes is chlorpropham (also called “bud nip”), a herbicide that is used to extend the shelf life by inhibiting potato sprouting. 

Chlorpropham has been shown to be “moderately toxic” by ingestion and chronic exposure in animal studies links it to retarded growth, increased liver, kidney and spleen weights, congestion of the spleen and death. Why would anyone want to eat that, even in small amounts?

This quote from Jeffrey Moyer, the chair of the National Organic Standards Board, says it all:

“I’ve talked with potato growers who say point-blank they would never eat the potatoes they sell. They have separate plots where they grow potatoes for themselves without all the chemicals.”  

If farmers won’t eat their own conventional potatoes, then why should we? I don’t believe anyone should, and that’s why I am asking Pepsi Co & Frito Lay to offer Organic Ruffles in all grocery stores.

Think about how HUGE it would be if Frito Lay sold organic potato chips to everyone and began sourcing organic potatoes and oils. Ruffles is a major potato chip brand and over 17% of American households reportedly eat at least one bag of Ruffles every 30 days. That’s nearly 20 million bags of Ruffles. Imagine how many potatoes it takes to produce that many bags of chips, all coming from conventionally grown potatoes likely sprayed with synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This can change and Frito Lay should do the right thing!

With your help, we can make a huge difference.

About 14 years ago, consumers persuaded McDonalds to stop sourcing Monsanto’s GMO potatoes for their fries – and guess what? They stopped. That same year, Frito Lay asked its farmers to grow non-GMO corn and non-GMO potato crops due to consumer demand. A huge chunk of the potato market told Monsanto “NO” and stopped growing their product, and Monsanto’s GMO potato sales plummeted. Monsanto pulled their GMO potatoes from the market the following year.

If it worked then, it can work now. We now have so many knowledgeable voices behind this movement to get produce sprayed with toxic chemicals out of our food. If just enough of us request it, lasting change can happen. 

Join me by sending a Letter to PepsiCo & Frito Lay.

This morning I sent the following letter to the CEO of Pepsi, urging them to offer the same organic products that they sell exclusively at Costco to everyone, by making organic potato chips available to all of their distributors. I realize that they cannot make this change overnight, but they should make the commitment now. I hope that you join me by sending a letter too.

Dear Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co. & Thomas Greco, CEO of Frito Lay, North America,

I’m pleased to see that you now produce organic versions of your Ruffles Potato Chips and Stacy’s Pita Chips, available in Costco stores. You also produce Doritos without the ingredient monosodium glutamate (MSG), also for Costco stores. As it is clearly possible for you to produce these safer and more sustainable products for Costco customers, I ask that you provide these same organic and MSG-free products to everyone by making them available to all of your distributors.

Organic farming is beneficial to our environment, as its methods improve the health of the soil and don’t pollute our water with the synthetic pesticides used in conventional farming. According to the Environmental Working Group, conventional potatoes contain more pesticides than any other produce, and these pesticides can end up in the food we eat. 

I believe American consumers would welcome having organic and MSG-free Frito Lay products available to them in every grocery store. I realize that you cannot make this change overnight, but I ask that you please make the commitment now. I’m eagerly awaiting your announcement.

Thank you kindly,

Vani Hari

Join me, and send this letter too – Sign below:

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Frito Lay Food Babe

What Can You Do:

  1. Sign and send letter to Pepsi Co & Frito Lay (see form above)
  2. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + 
  3. Contact Frito Lay on social media to tell we all deserve access to organic products:

Changing one product can have a profound impact on the food system – Thank you for standing with me! 




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230 responses to “This Frito Lay Organic Product Sent Shockwaves Through Me – Help Get It Everywhere.

  1. OK , now just so you don’t start becoming a laggard, with all that free time, hah, and newfound fame as a writer get right back at Pepsi and have them reformulate their toxic drinks… Do, “we,” have a big enough membership to sink PEPSI with a FOOD BABE BOYCOTT ???…..

    1. Yes, I believe we do… BTW there was a video on Xfinity Comcast home page today, “reasons not to drink soda”. It is off now. The soda companies are going to realize that they are going to have to change. It’s been a long time coming. I don’t know if anyone remembers when Pepsi tried to come out with a clear Pepsi, sans Carmel color… it did not make it. Companies have used the lure of color to peak our psychology of color to peak human interest ever since the inception of artificial colors. It’s even added to pet foods to make people want to buy them for their pets. It’s long been known… reading articles in the 80’s that the only thing Coca Cola was good for was to remove dried bug guts from the paint on your car. Everyone can make a difference if we only keep putting on the pressure, make inquiring phone calls, and tell them we won’t buy their products unless they change!
      THANK YOU VANI for leading the charge!!!

    2. Let’s do it.
      Let’s Do It NOW!!!
      If it’s good enough for Europe, it’s good enough for us, why wait for legislation? Let’s make this happen now. And why stop at just ONE item? The USA was supposed to be about choices, give us choices with the poisons too!
      P-oison F-ree junk food sounds like a catchy phrase, lets make PF PC!

  2. I’m a Costco employee and the corporation always encourage us to go the extra mile for our members, and this is perfect example. I’m so proud.GO COSTCO!!!

  3. Many of these products are also distributed in other countries without the bad ingredients. I’m always floored by how clean the labels of lays potato chips are in India compared to the US when I travel there. Crazy that we get unhealthier versions here.

    1. That’s certainly true, here in Europe we can’t believe some of the stuff you guys are fed, unfortunately government corruption and shared interests between government and corporations means its going to be a long hard slog before it changes, but spend each dollar wisely!! Foodbabe ftw

  4. I live in SW Florida and they have in the local supermarket Simply Tostitos from Fritos-Lay which state they are organic yellow corn, states on the bag it is certified by OREGON TILTH. Happy to find something in the local grocery store.

  5. If we get our way and can buy Organic Frito Lay chips everywhere, great, but I suspect they have an exclusive deal with Costco and won’t want to jeopardize it. I don’t eat chips because of Diabetes, but when there’s a fight to reduce Carbs in any munchies product, I’ll be all over it.

  6. Just made my voice heard! Also, I find it very odd/obnoxious that there is some guy on facebook commenting on everyone’s requests – what is with that?! If he doesn’t like the organic option, he doesn’t have to buy it. Anyone else a little irked by this?

    1. He’s likely a troll… paid for by the chemical companies to create confusion and doubt around GMOs and how unsafe they are. They always bring up the “science that proves that GMOs are safe” and how “simple minded and anti-science” one is if one doesn’t believe GMOs are safe. They are pretty easy to spot after a while. 🙂

      1. Yep, you couldn’t be more correct…. Don’t engage the fools… it makes them furious!!! 🙂

    2. surprised his comments weren’t deleted, mine are quite frequently from here if I ask a question that even slightly challenges the post.

      1. You know, Jen… I really and truly don’t know what there is to challenge. If you are educated on the horrors of what has occurred in our food industry here in this country, why would one want to advocate for a seriously degraded, antiquated, corrupt system which governs what we can and cannot know about what we consume as sustenance for our well being. You MUST RESEARCH!!! Get on Green Monster. Subscribe to Environmental Working Group, Center For Food Safety, and many more. Educate yourself instead of being a sheeple for the corrupt systems which are the FDA, the CVM, the USDA. If Organic is so bad, why did Pres. Michelle Obama make all the White House Gardens ORGANIC! WAKE UP!!!

      2. Dede, that you don’t know what there is to challenge is exactly the problem that the people who actually study and work in the biological, biomedical, agricultural, and food sciences are trying to address.

        P.S. Michelle Obama is not the president, her husband is.

      3. Mike, yes, I know… but do you think her husband would have made the gardens all Organic??? I don’t think so. What is good enough for them is good enough for the rest of us.
        And what are the food sciences trying to address… Certainly not the poisons which are being fed our crops and animals. Maybe you should try the CAGE challenge…. you should know the one, where they keep PIGS! Some great food science, Huh?

      4. Let’s see, what else…. Cutting the feet and beaks off of chickens, raising cattle standing knee deep in feces, Oh! and another one…. Having lakes of Pig manure which get full and have to be empties by spraying it into the air where it lands on Neighboring houses. Let’s see why don’t you go live near one of those CFAO’s and then see how much you LOVE the fooooood sciences. Get Real!

      5. I’m sorry, Jen… these comments are for Mike. And Mike, when these man made lakes of feces need to be emptied and sprayed all over the surrounding land and neighborhoods there are no laws regulating them. Aside from spraying the POO all over every where, they are injecting it into the ground where it is winding up in underground aquifers. There might be one under ground NEAR YOU! Yummy! You might wind up in the Hosp. with a virulent strain of E-coli, or Salmonella which we have no cure for. Look forward to that. It’s already happening in areas surrounding CAFO’s, Food Science my Aunt Frances. They are polluting and destroying!

  7. The Ingredients are not listed; ie: the product bags. Are preservatives used,: eg: DHA ?? The type of oil is also an essential, and the method of extraction. I rarely eat anything not home made, including vegetable chips; but I did have some chips brought to me from Sicily, made with Olive Oil, and they were tasty. Grapeseed cooked veggie chips are non greasy and helps maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

    Canola Oil is not healthy even if called organic, since the seed was modified

    decades ago, breeding out , “intrinsic factor,” to extend shelf life and neutralize

    the taste of rancidity. Cotton seed is perhaps the most polluted seed in the world and it’s oil not fit for human consumption, nor soy oil. Any oils except Olive, Grape, and Coconut, are suspect if shelved with extended life.

  8. Keep up the good work FOODBABE. As long as there talking about you, and to you, is a good means your on the right track. Maybe the next generation will live longer. Thanks to your tenacity.your one of the greats.
    Sincerely yours,
    A FOODBABE soldier.

  9. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but I don’t believe these corporations and I would bet money that their advertising is a lie. Not only that but who needs potato chips? How healthy are they really? Not really excited about this more like suspicious and firm in my belief that these corporate foods hurt our health not help it.

  10. Food Babe, I have three times now caught the ladies handing out samples at Costco making false claims about their products (they always have a package sitting there). One claimed their product was organic and the other two were calling out “non-GMO.” All three times I picked up the package and there was no organic symbol; no non-GMO Project verification; not even a CLAIM to being non-GMO! When I pointed this out to the women, they all seemed surprised (and one mildly annoyed) at a member questioning what I suspect to be a script given to them by management. Obviously Costco is eagerly pursuing consumers who wish to avoid GMOs with new organic Ruffles and such, but their sample people should not be trained to call out to members that products that are still very much GMO are non-GMO. That’s fraud!
    My Costco is in Sacramento, CA on Exposition Blvd.

    1. The demonstrators at Costco are not very aware. Some of them do not even know what GMO means much less if they are supposed to know if the product has them. The secret is to educate by asking and informing.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Patricia! From politely questioning the ladies, it’s so obvious they are completely clueless about GMOs and the GMO products they are telling members are organic or non-GMO. The one that was mildly annoyed quickly shoved a product information sheet in my hand, as if to say, “See!” But the information sheet had the same information as the package! It was not ‘non-GMO,’ as she was claiming!
        The fault here is the Costco management that is coaching these women to make false claims. They don’t know anything about GMOs — they are given a script. And I wouldn’t be surprised if management is as clueless as sample ladies (and men). But that’s no excuse! Management has a responsibility to know what they are telling members about Costco products.
        I live in CA where Prop 37 failed. I can’t think of a clearer example of the need for GMO labeling than this! I have complained on the Costco page and I always try to educate. But a simple “this product may contain GMOs” on the label would clear up a lot of confusion — and stop fraud, intentional or otherwise.

      2. What you do is report to the Manager is a very courteous manner, let them know you are educated on GMO’s, that’s why you are shopping their, and notify them of the ignorance and deception. Things will change.

    2. My understanding is that the Costco sample people are not actually Costco employees, but are contracted from an independent company. They also rotate stations a lot, so some of them might get confused about which product had which characteristics. I definitely agree that there needs to be better training, but I think it’s largely the responsibility of the company that employs them. I have heard some misinformation a couple times, but I always read the labels and correct them gently if they’re wrong. I also think it’s the responsibility of consumers to do their due dilligence and read the labels themselves. I’ve put “organic” items back on the shelves when they’ve contained too many ingredients and “natural flavors” to make me feel comfortable. In the end, no one is forcing us to buy and eat these things, and we have the option to read for ourselves and see if it’s really something we want to put in our bodies.

      1. These comments frankly surprise me, but perhaps you are Costco employees or just incredibly forgiving people. You live in a nation that refuses to label GMOs which are already labeled or banned in 64 other countries. That’s over half the people on earth who have a right to know if it’s GMO that you, as citizens of the “Land of the Free,” are denied. Costco hires a company to pass out its products inside its stores at a time when Costco is clearly trying to appeal to members who want to avoid GMOs and that company is misrepresenting GMOs as non-GMOs, intentional or not. So who do you blame for what is going on inside Costco’s stores? Not Costco!! You blame the company Costco hired and say it is the responsibility of consumers to be sure of what they are buying–UNINFORMED consumers, that is, who to this day have never been told with proper labeling that they are even eating GMOs. There are plenty of Americans who still don’t know or are fuzzy about this thing called GMOs our corporate-controlled media either ignores or claims are safe. I am astounded that you would put the responsibility on them!
        It is COSTCO’s responsibility to know what is occurring in COSTCO’s stores. And only if and when GMOs are labeled will it be the consumer’s responsibly to be certain they are not buying GMOs if they wish to avoid them. To suggest it is the responsibility of people kept in the dark for two long decades while GMOs were slipped into their food supply without their knowledge or consent is absurd!
        Good night.

  11. While you’re at it, tell them to stop using canola oil, soybean oil and other vegetables oils that we now know are unhealthy. Organic potatoes won’t be enough if the oil is oxidized.

  12. I work for Frito – lay in Ohio. The “Simply Natural” line is available in ALL grocery stores. This is not a Costco “exclusive”. Frito – Lay makes 6 products in this line including Blue corn Tostitos, yellow corn Tostitos, Thick cut Sea Salt Lay’s, Reduced Fat Ruffles, Multigrain Sunchips, and White Cheddar Cheetos. Know your stuff before you start ranting and raving.

    1. Perhaps you didn’t notice that Vani wrote about the Ruffles and Stacy’s Organic chips being Costco exclusives not the Simply Natural products. Perhaps you aren’t aware of everything your own company manufactures.

    2. Simply Natural is a meaningless label and there are NO standards whatsoever to match its claim. It could even be the same ingredients with new packaging.

  13. Just today at local HEB in east texas, found organic potato chips. Must be new as first time I have seen them. So happy as costco 90 miles away!

    1. HEB has quite a few organic, non GMO products. Their prices aren’t much more than the more unhealthy products. I wish my stores here in the north-east Price Chopper and Hannaford) would follow HEB’s example.

  14. I’ve eaten two bags of the organic Stacey’s Pita chips in consuming my hummus. Also had one bag of the organic Stacey’s Pretzel Thins. All three bags bought at Costco or Sam’s Club as I believe both have them.

  15. I do so appreciate Cosco”s efforts to provide better healthier foods. It is just good business for Cosco to meet the public demands. However , because of food industries (and other groups) previous actions, I wonderrif they really are organic. How do you check for that claim? I am learning that if there is no police man, there is no law. .

    1. I do, too. But I don’t want to support a company that spent over $8 million fighting GMO labeling. If they start labeling their products, then I will reconsider my stance. Until then, they don’t deserve my money. I’ll stick with Cadia or Kettle Brand Organic chips. Frito-Lay can go the way of Monsanto.

  16. With you all the way. I don’t buy this stuff because I don’t want to get chubby but I do love chips. I will sign it but please first fix this:
    “Organic farming is beneficial to our environment, as it’s methods improve the health of the soil.”

    I’ll check back and sign it after it’s fixed. Thank you so much for your unbelievable work.

  17. I would love to send this letter to Frito-Lay, but I wish you would let me customize it. Many of the sites where I sign petitions & letters let me do exactly that. It’s not that I find fault with the letter’s sentiment or its expression thereof (it’s just fine); but I am put off by its misuse of the apostrophe (I am the Usage Dude!)

  18. Really? You guys would miss signing just because of a few curly pixels on a screen? You don’t eat the apostrophe! The food is the important stuff.

  19. I signed and went to every site you listed and sent a powerful message that is they can’t put their products in grocery stores I will not buy their products. As for the employee above saying great for Costco,,think past your nose, their are other people who can not afford a Costco membership or have a close Costco. The point should be not what stores carry them, it is the health of all our society. Geez…

  20. How about packing that keep the chips fresh and crispy ? , I believe they use Ne . Is that the case?

  21. Have been buying ORGANTIC Chips at Costco for 5 months now. Was so happy to find them, and surprised that Food Babe just discovered them. I sent an email to Frito Lay to ask why I can not find in regular grocery stores, and they said they only make Organtic chips for Costco.

  22. There was a time when the USDA organic seal really meant something. When the organics market share was miniscule,the integrity of a product bearing the organic seal held up to the intent and spirit of the National Organic Standards Act. Over time, the organics market share was gaining and all the BigAg Corps. wanted in, but their interest was not in producing a truly healthy food, it was and still is all about the money. So now, the big players peddle their influence and dilute and erode the National Organic Standards every year. There are now more than 200 previously banned ingredients that are now allowed in processed so-called organic food products. Dear Food Babe, please pick your next cause to be fighting the erosion of organic standards and to get them back to when they originated. The Organic Consumers Association and the Cornucopia Institute ( read their white paper titled “Organic Watergate” ) are on the front lines of this battle to ensure organics integrity and i am sure they would love the support and alliance of the Food Babe Army.

    1. Couldn’t agree more… What say you Food Babe? That’s the root of the problem. We can battle on more than one front. 🙂

  23. i get the organic ruffles everytime i ser they have them. Costco has the best organic tortilla chips too. Also recentlt they have finally started casing organic apples. We miss their organic ranch dressing. I am also encouraged by how they have their organic product signs in green. They are making the priduct stand out! Way to go Costco!

  24. I will not sign this petition because Frito-Lay doesn’t deserve anyone’s business, organic or not. You wrote yourself that the company has spent $8 million to fight labeling. I do not want to give my money to a company that thinks I don’t deserve to know what’s in my food. Rather than signing a petition, I vote with my dollars in the products I buy and will buy other organic brands that don’t fight labeling.

    1. I agree with you. I was surprised that we would want to support a company that spent so much money to defeat Our Right to Know what’s in the food that We Feed Our Children.

      Who wants to support a company fighting against us even if they throw us a bone once in awhile to keep us complacent?

  25. This seems so crazy?? I’ve sent them a message and posted on the FB pages, it all helps, they listen when enough people comment. Even if chips are non GMO potatoes are prone to disease, covered in chemicals and there are very few organic options in many stores in Canada.

  26. I am a fifth generation potato grower and detest the amount of falicies in this article. I eat our potatoes and would never grow a different plot of potatoes for our family. We are proud to feed the world and would never risk the health of our population. In fact, many potato growers, like us, participate in a program called Global GAP where we do MRLs (maximum residue levels). We use chemicals on our farm to control many issues that the general public wouldn’t understand, other than to say that you wouldn’t want to buy the potatoes that didn’t have that amount of control. So far, we’ve never had chemical detection in our potatoes….35 dangerous pesticides my ass (excuse my language but articles like this give a bad name to an inexpensive nutrient rich vegetable!!) In addition, i know that many of the ‘organic’ growers that I’ve been aroud still use the chemicals that we do (not sure how that works but the world isn’t fair sometimes). Also, the ‘GMO’ potato is called innate because it uses genes from potatoes only. It isn’t like the round-up ready GMOs we all have heard about. I’m not sure how I feel about the innate potato yet and would like to see more long term testing but it would be nice if people were given the correct information. Also, just so you know, they are already in production. I can provide scientific data to back up everything I’ve just said, can you????

    1. I’d like to see the scientific data you have that backs up everything you just said. You can just respond here if you please. Thank you in advance.

      1. Sure, I would love to send you all of the data. I just need an email so that I can send you the testing results from our MRLs, I’d post them here but it is an attachment. Here is the explanation of an innate potato, along with their explanation that they would be in limited test markets last spring, with the majority starting in 2015.

    2. The web address you provided is simply an advertisement by Simplot for Simplot GMO potatoes. As for the USDA and FDA, both government agencies have stated that neither has the resources to adequately test all the foods and food products that manufacturers are submitting for approval Both of these agencies rely on the manufacturers to test their products for safety. There is nothing rigorous about either of these agency’s approval process. They each take the manufacturer’s testing and claims, which are always positive (otherwise, why submit?), and grant the submissions. And that is at the crux of the matter.

      We want and deserve independent testing of all these GMO creations. Without independent testing of GMOs, we simply have a fox in the hen house, a wily fox whose sole purpose is to get their products on the market and make lots of money. As for claims that GMOs have been independently tested, that is not honest. Most of the tests done on GMOs purporting to show the safety of GMOs have been done by, sponsored by, paid for by, represented by (and so on) the GMO industry. That fox also made it clear early on that testing was not to be done on their products under threat of lawsuit intended to destroy any perpetrator that might dare to try.

      On to the potatoes. this paragraph from their web site causes concern. “Innate™ potatoes and conventional potatoes can be grown near each other, without cross-breeding occurring. Research shows that separating the new potato variety plants from conventional ones by 20 or more meters eliminates the risk of outcrossing. Even if cross-breeding occurred, the impact would be minimal because potatoes are grown from other tubers, not from the potato seeds.”

      So, the first sentence says the Innate(tm) and conventional potatoes won’t impact each other even if grown near each other. The very next sentence suggests they be grown 20 meters or more apart from each other to eliminate risk. The sentence after that suggests cross-breeding could still occur but attempts to mitigate the risk based on some perceived difference between tubers and seeds. Still, it sounds like potatoes can grow from seeds as well as tubers.

      Here is the next paragraph from Simplot’s web site about Innate(tm) potatoes. “There is no danger of the improved potato varieties hybridizing with wild potato species in the U.S., because those wild potato varieties are not found in the same geographic location as commercial potato fields.”

      What if Simplot’s potatoes do make it to the same geographic locations as wild potato varieties? How easily will they hybridize with wild potatoes? Besides, based on the first paragraph, I thought Simplot’s Innate(tm) potatoes could be grown near other potato varieties without any impact.

      Finally, there is no information provided about test criteria or test results. Their testing probably wouldn’t matter as much to me as independent testing would. Independent testing not funded by GMO companies, not influenced by GMO companies.

      Trust me, the science matters. But we won’t just simply take the “science” provided by the makers of these GMO foods as Gospel. We want and we deserve long term independent research on the safety of GMOs for human consumption. These companies should not simply get free passes by government organizations that do no independent testing themselves. And until these products are put through rigorous independent testing, they are suspect at best. FYI: Michael Taylor, a “previous” Monsanto employee had a new position created at the FDA especially for him. Sound suspicious?

      As for an attachment, just provide a web address which I and everyone else on this stream can access. No sense in just me being granted access.

  27. I called the Frito-Lay company ten or so years ago, asking if their “Fritos” corn was GMO. The rep politely said, “Probably, but I don’t know” or words to that effect. Since then, I’ve found some good ones from Trader Joe’s that are organic. While I adore the Food Babe and applaud all she has done and support her in all ways I can, sometimes I feel it might be better to just quit or switch. Corporations (which are simply dead entities) care for nothing but profits. Therefore, all they will (likely) respond to is a lack/decrease of profits. Don’t buy their crap! (Hey, why do you think the big cola companies started buying out water/juice companies? Well, because soda sales are decreasing — as well they should!)

  28. This is for William….why do you monitor and make comments against organic choices on an exclusively organic site? Go ahead and eat what you like and we will do the same.
    Just using organic potatoes does not complete the circle. We need protection from the lining of the packaging and the oil and the salt.

    And I also have to congratulate Costco for wieldng their buying power to influence food quality coming from the likes of Frito Lay, if indeed this story is true. Not many retailers have the ability to do this. Once the bloom is off the rose we’ll all benefit from the effort, and this example may influence other food producers to clean up their act for similar benefits.
    it’s a good thing……


  30. This is even more important now that the FDA has approved a GMO potato strain, while simultaneously approving potatoes for purchase with WIC financial support. It’s almost like they want poor mothers to buy unhealthy GMO for their kids.

    1. Sorry, quick correction: Congress has not yet approved potatoes for WIC, but it is a piece of legislation up for consideration that received attention on an NPR-related program a couple weeks ago.

  31. Have you considered tackling “health” products like hearbalife that is stealing money from people who want to be healthy but are being poisoned? I was shocked to see the first ingredient was soy and it also has sucralose and aspartame. Please consider going after this as I know it would help so many people.

  32. If you don’t like Frito Lay, don’t buy their stuff. What is up with people that want to make everyone else live like they do?

  33. Eden Foods wrote an excellent article in 2006 about why they refused to continue using the USDA Organic Certified label. They were involved in the original organic labeling but chose to discontinue using it secondary to changes which have made the labeling deceiving at best. Americans are being grossly lied to about many serious issues and concerns. Any claim a huge company makes with a track record like Frito Lay must be independently verified by multiple independent sources. Just because a third party is involved does not mean they can be trusted. I appreciate the work Food Babe is doing. Many of our leaders are controlled opposition. Please verify that what Frito Lay is claiming on their organic labels is are fact true and ask them to define organic. Also, ensure they.’ve truthfully disclosed the 5% of ingredients allowed in organic labeled foods that are not required to be “organic”. Send in multiple independent investigators to production and packaging facilities.. Until then, I would not send congratulatory thank you letters, promote or consume their products. Thank you!

  34. Your family will be eating GMO and could die from this type of product that is made from it. If you love your family, do go Non-Gmo. You could be saving your family life and legacy. What is more important money over life?

  35. FB, You’ve got to be kidding. You want people to thank and beg Pepsi/FritoLay/Monsanto-Partner for carrying an “organic” chip? I wouldn’t trust this company with my first born. They spent millions fighting GMO labeling and continue to poison customers. They are not to be rewarded or supported. None of Monsanto Partners should get a dime from true, health food advocates. There are plenty of other brands to support that have been loyal to the organic movement from the start (and they will be scrutinized as well). Starve the beast, which includes all of Monsanto partners.

  36. Why are you confusing the consumer, You have a bag of non-organic chips and organic-chips pictured together, Why the change of position with Frito-Lay. They have had the opportunity to make wholesome products decades ago. You stated to Molly the following: “I was surprised that we would want to support a company that spent so much money to defeat Our Right to Know what’s in the food that We Feed Our Children”. Who is “We”, don’t you mean that you support Frito-Lay and your asking your followers to support them now. I was surprised that you even posted a pictures of Dorito’s, no MSG, there Dorito’s no real food in there. Do you have a working agreement with Frito-Lay ?

    1. Ha that’s funny. I can’t stand this company – but I have a bigger goal in mind. Expand organic farming – reduce pesticides – improve the health of millions of people by reducing the toxins in our food. While I can sit back and vote with my dollars because I have access to better brands, many do not. This is about changing the world – not about staying angry. See the big picture! Things can change – and we have the power to change it.

      1. It’s not fair to say I am “sitting back” and voting with my dollars. It isn’t always easy to actively seek out companies that aren’t part of the anti-GMO labeling ring and buy from them for my family. It isn’t easy to have to do more cooking in order to avoid the processed foods, where you usually find GMOs and artificial ingredients. And it isn’t easy to have to pay more for better brands, as is often the case. The bottom line is what these companies care about. (They sure as heck don’t care about the health of our population, or they wouldn’t offer the lowest-grade ingredients in their products.) By choosing to NOT buy brands that think I shouldn’t know what I’m eating, I am sending a clear message to them. Yes, I have access to other brands of chips — but come on, no one really needs potato chips. I am surprised to not find support here from you, when I am trying to do the right thing for my family and for my part in this “food fight.”

        I, too, have a bigger goal — stop buying from GMO brands altogether so they realize people are choosing non-GMO, or at least food that is labeled so they can choose what they are eating. I have written to companies. I have written to the FDA. Petitioning a company over the distribution of organic chips? Really not the big picture.

    2. Ha again. It’s even funnier. Vani didn’t write what you claimed she did: I wrote it! That’s me who responded to Molly. I don’t know if Vani even realized you had quoted me. That’s hilarious. BTW, I am not affiliated with Vani in any way. But I do believe in what she’s striving for. And I like that she is getting results.

      To answer your question, “We” means us, the consumers.

      My thoughts differ from Vani’s. I believe we should never patronize the companies that turned on us, that fought us tooth and nail, that tried to keep selling us products that they know are dangerous in order to satisfy themselves and their shareholders with ever increasing bottom lines. They should be punished for turning on us, the people who keep them in business.

      Vani, however, wants to make healthy food available to the masses and make it easier for the rest of us to get healthier food. If all companies followed European food guidelines in America, we would have safer food. And once a few chart along that course, others will follow when they see it is profitable to make and sell safe healthy food without hidden agendas. She is hoping for the snowball effect to eventually take over and, voila!, a new food system emerges.

  37. Keep up the good work, don’t waste your time or energy with negative comments or opposition. Make a difference, this is the only way it’s going to happen.

  38. I looked at the ingredients for the Doritos, the label includes, ‘sodium caseinate,’ ‘whey’, and the dreaded ‘natural flavor’. It’s my understanding that there is a good chance that some if not all of these ingredients contain MSG. Just because these new Doritos don’t literally say MSG or yeast extract like the other bags doesn’t mean they don’t have hidden MSG in it right?

    1. Hmm. That’s a good question.

      I was more concerned about whether it may use GMO corn which would be a reason to avoid, MSG or not.

  39. There’s an all-natural Cheetos that has been on the market for several years now. Whole Foods used to carry it, but I now I only see it in a few Giant supermarkets in the Washington D.C. area. Very delicious!

  40. The line of Simply Organic chips are the best. Our local Safeway store has the Simply Organic Blue Corn Chip and they use to have the Simply Organic Sun Chip but not lately. THANKS FOR PRODUCING SUCH A QUALITY PRODUCT…………I WILL FOREVER BUY THESE!!! No GMO products and NO canola or corn oil….only sunflower oil.

  41. Isn’t it funny how they can make organic chips – WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR POCKETS. . . but can not for the health of the public??

  42. This is wonderful news indeed! We must keep up the pressure on these “food” giants and make them fully realize that we’re not going to buy, let alone eat their crap anymore! It’s my feeling that in the case with Cosco, they are beginning to make the organic ones but they have to get rid of the junk somehow, so they keep them going to the regular markets until they get rid of their supplies!

    I have been trying so hard to find a “cheese doodle” that does not have soy, canola, msg, “natural flavors” etc, in it, found one close enough without the soy and canola
    by the name of Michael Seasons and my large, ever-expanding “health food” store REFUSES to carry it because it doesn’t sell they say!!

    As usual, good work Vani….you’re putting the mettle to the pedal!

  43. Thanks for what you do – You are awesome!

    I’m still more than a little skeptical. I think this is a move in the right direction, but can organic from such a huge toxic brand be trusted??? Personally I don’t trust the big companies… they can say whatever they want on a package and they usually have the money to get away with it. I would bank that if these ‘organic chips’ were put under the microscope…that they would not be as organic as they claim. My personal opinion and suspicion. Instead of trying to help them make more money by increasing production, how about supporting the smaller organic chip makers… like ‘Jackson’s Honest’…

  44. I don’t eat potato chips much, but when I do, I buy Jackson brand. These chips are made with organic pototoes in organic coconut oil. Delish, but expensive. I get these at my local Co-Op.

    1. Connie… are Jackson brands sold in California, Orange County?
      I’m interested in locating them…Thx’s.

      1. Sorry Connie, I wanted to know if the Frito Lay Ruffles chips were certified non-gmo? It isn’t clear from the article or packaging from what I can see.

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