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Are You Buying The Healthiest Frozen Veggie Burger?

I have a confession to make: I’ve been visiting the frozen section of Whole Foods more often lately. I would have NEVER, mark my words, found this new product on my own. I usually grab frozen fruits, veggies and ezekiel bread and I’m out of there, not giving a second look to all the pre-made foods available. My thoughts about the freezer section at the grocery store have now been changed forever thanks to Hilary’s Eat Well – The healthiest frozen store-bought veggie burger currently on the market.

Hilary's Burgers

The Ingredients

Below is the full list of ingredients for all the Hilary’s Eat Well burger varieties. As you can see, every ingredient is Food Babe approved. The ladies at Hilary’s Eat Well were already fans of Food Babe before they sent their burgers to me to review, so they knew that I was not going to be an easy critic when it came to the ingredients! Hilary’s Eat Well ingredients speak for themselves, but were their frozen hockey pucks going to taste good? I was skeptical at first. Sorry to call them hockey pucks, but let’s be honest, that’s what frozen veggie burgers look like straight out of the package, right?!

Hilarys Eat Well

These burgers went fast in my house – the entire Food Babe team loved them. They were so good, that I continue to buy them on my own and get frustrated when they are out of stock. One of the problems that I have found with various frozen veggie burgers, is the texture. Hilary’s got the texture of their burgers perfect, with nice bites of bigger pieces of vegetables and grains. The ingredients were not all mushed up into a patty, if you know what I mean.

My favorite way to prepare them is baked in the oven, then garnished with sprouts, avocado and tomato. You can also put the burgers in the toaster, which makes them a great item to leave in the house for loved ones who are slightly food-preparation-challenged, or for kids. I also love that the microwave is “not recommended” for this product. (Just another reason to throw out your microwave, right?)

Out of all the flavors I tried, Adzuki Bean, Hemp & Greens, and the Original Veggie – Adzuki Bean is my favorite, with Hemp & Greens as a close second. They also have a new “Root Veggie Burger” that has an abundance of yummy root vegetables. I tried a bite of this at the Natural Product’s  Expo East show, and it is fantastic too. I have yet to see the “Root Veggie Burgers” in stores, but when I do, I’ll definitely be taste testing them more with all my favorite toppings.


Hilary’s Eat Well created a spin off product called “Original Veggie Bites” too. These little bites of goodness are dynamite and are actually perfectly sized for children. They are full of the superfood quinoa, and other nutritious ingredients like coconut oil. They toast up to be golden brown and are like the healthiest form of tater tots you could ever buy. They are also really really good dipped in organic ketchup! Hilary’s Eat Well is so skilled at making these bites perfectly crispy on all sides.

Original Veggie Bites

Before I go, I just have to mention the care and attention this company gives to to their suppliers who source their high quality ingredients, as well as for their support for GMO Labeling. Not only is this company feeding the world the healthiest store-bought veggie burger, they are also going the extra mile as an advocate to safeguard the food supply.

Where To Find Hilary’s Eat Well & Giveaway

You can order Hilary’s Eat Well online or use the website to find a store near you. They are also offering a YEAR SUPPLY of burgers to a lucky reader. All you have to do is enter to win on their facebook page here to get your chance.

We all know finding store-bought meals that are actually good for you and not full of additives is HARD to do. But we all experience those days where the last thing we want to do is cook. Knowing about this hidden gem will make your life easier, save you time and get your belly fed fast with the most nutritious foods on the planet when that type of day strikes again.

I’m so thankful for this company and the work they are doing.

If you’ve tried Hilary’s Eat Well before or plan on trying them, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you know someone who could use a little assistance in the frozen veggie burger department, please share this post with them.

Good Luck!

Food Babe

P.S. If you want to learn more about store-bought veggie burgers and the dangers lurking behind many of them, don’t miss my full investigation here.

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124 responses to “Are You Buying The Healthiest Frozen Veggie Burger?

    1. The ingredients looked great until I noticed that it says All Natural instead of organic which is a cleaver way of skirting the fact that it’s not organic.

      1. Ah yes, that is very true. I try to always have some homemade frozen burgers, to avoid the prepackage ones, but convenience wins sometimes. Do you know of any frozen burgers that aren’t made with oil?

      2. Y’all might want to read the ingredients chart again as it says “organic” next to all the ingredients.

  1. I love your column. However, could you please just tell me where to find these burgers?
    Also, will you please tell me what are the 5 foods I should not eat. I am sooooo tired of hearing that woman talk on and on and on. I am sure she is trying to sell something and the commercial will not go away even though I shut down computer so I just have to let it play all the way through until it finally goes off.

  2. We tried them last night. The plain garden burger was very good.

    But then we looked more closely at the label.

    We were disappointed at the large amount of saturated fats and high sodium.

  3. Praise The Lord! Finally a “fast” food I can feel good about. Just went to the store to grab some and it was DELICIOUS !!

  4. I LOVE Hilarys burgers (and the Veggie nuggets)! I work in a Co op in Minneapolis and have been telling people about them since my first bit over a year ago! Truly, the best tasting frozen veggie burger out there! Plus, you get the added bonus of knowing they are good for you. Can’t wait to see what this brand comes out with next.

  5. Amy’s brand veggie burgers are vey clean and taste great and are mostly organic, and are in many stores: always NO GMO. their California burger: Ingredients : (Vegan) Organic mushrooms, organic onions, organic bulgar wheat, organic celery, organic carrots, organic oats, filtered water, organic walnuts, wheat gluten, organic potatoes, sea salt, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic garlic. Contains wheat & walnuts. – See more at:

  6. Excellent! I liked their FB page, entered the contest, and will be buying them soon 🙂

    Btw, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a database reference page – where we could search your do buy and do not buy lists. I would like to be able to enter a product and see if it is safe, based on your research. I bet this would be a bit labor intensive but well worth it! I would volunteer on a project like this. I already send loved ones to your site – telling them just enter a topic in the search bar and see what she has to say about that 😉 Please feel free to contact me about this idea – as I mentioned I’m more than happy to help and have some other suggestions for this type of project that are cutting edge and super helpful for people to use.

    Thanks Vani!

  7. Vani,

    Thanks so much for the Hilary’s Eat well recommendations. I ran right out to my Whole Foods to get some. The veggie bites are amazing and my children took them in their lunchboxes today. I have yet to try the veggie burger. It will be my lunch tomorrow! Thanks again for recommending such a great company.

  8. Thanks for another awesome recommend Foodbabe!! Best veggie burgers ever! I was really surprised with the low price as well. Keep up the great work, you’re making a difference and keeping it healthy!

  9. I love the adzuki burgers! I have been eating them for a while now. I haven’t seen the others but would love to try them. They are a great company to work with. They did a coupon special for my gluten and dairy free group. You can get more info at

  10. How much do they cost? I’m shocked whenever I’ve checked out WholePPaycheck.. Can’t afford those markups… Re enemies bread, is it healthier or help lose weight. Seems to have as many If not more calories, little protein & again Super pricey… The English muffins are more than double the price as regular ones

    1. Enemies? Did you mean Ezekiel? (Damn you, autocorredt!) This bread IS healthier, and I find you only need one slice for two of standard breads, it is that nutrient dense. My fave is the sesame bread. Try it toasted – it is incredible!

      1. Yes auto correct is the death of me when typing fast. 6 English muffins is usually 4.50 vs regular ones on sale buy one get one free regularly. The nutritional panel was the same. It was weird Ezekiel had a serving size as half when the muffin isn’t even scored. I just find most healthier foods are super expensive and more t carried by the regular stores. In fact, many healthier options disappear cuz they don’t sell (and they’re almost never on sale. Even something innocuous like baked chips or other lite versions seem to always be excluded

  11. They are incredible! I just went last nite to Whole Foods and bought three different types. so far I ate the hemp and greens on sprouted buns with LOTS of sprouts and creole mustard and ohhh they were so yummy~!!!!! Thanks Food Babe!!

  12. They are incredible! I just went last nite to Whole Foods and bought three different types. so far I ate the hemp and greens on sprouted buns with LOTS of sprouts and creole mustard and ohhh they were so yummy~!!!!! Thanks Food Babe!!
    ( cooked two in a pan with a teaspoon or two of coconut oil)

  13. Thank you! I love these! I’m so happy that these hold up when making a burger, unlike some other vegan/veggie burgers. Love the taste too!

  14. came to know about these burgers from you. thank you for finding them. they are not only healthier but delicious :)))

  15. It’s fantastic to see a local company getting props on here!! I don’t know what I would do without Hillary’s veggie burgers. I’ve been eating them for a while and they are the best!! I even toast them then break them up into a salad, veggie egg mash. Yummy!!

  16. Just out of curiosity, is Hilary’s one of FoodBabe’s sponsors? Is there a discount code we can use? Anxious to try the bites out on my 4- and 3-year olds but don’t want to spend so much if they don’t like them…?
    Thank you!

  17. Thanks for sharing this! I love veggie burgers! I used to buy those horrible mainstream brands years ago that I know are just terrible for you now. I tend to make my own these days, but these sound amazing and the ingredient list is refreshing! Will definitely check them out!

  18. im confused I click the link and get to the facebook page but I don’t see any contest besides a photo contest is that what you are talking about? I just had one of these amazing burgers for lunch!

  19. Hilary’s are the best burgers EVER!!!! My freezer has two shelves with them!!! My kids love them, too!! So glad that you let the world know about them. I hope Whole Foods keeps up their supplies now that a gazillion more people are going to be buying them!! lol lol

  20. To those who are wondering about our Year of Free Burgers contest- that one has ended now! That being said, we have a “Made with Love” photo contest you can learn about on our Facebook cover photo that is a live contest until Friday, March 14th!

    Thanks for all the love friends! <3

  21. I found some of the root veggie burgers in the clearance area of my local Sprouts store last month (Roseville, CA). My granddaughter and I enjoyed them. I went back for more, but couldn’t find any.

  22. These are the only veggie burgers I buy. Everything else seems to have gluten, milk, or eggs as a binding ingredient (which upset my stomache). Adzuki is my favorite and goes amazingly with organic hummus. *Drools just thinking about it*

  23. I have eaten these burgers and they are so good. When I crave a burger this is it and it has no carageenan which a lot of veggie meat has. Yum

  24. I just tried the Veggie Burgers and loved them! I found them at Lakewinds – a co-op in my area. I can’t wait to try all of the varieties. Thank you so much for recommending these!!

  25. these burgers are truly the best! I love them. perfection in a patty. Healthy and convenient. I have to try the bites to get the kiddos to eat them

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  27. Visited my husband recently in the UK and was struck by how easy it was to buy frozen, tasty and “healthy” veggie burger patties in the super market. Last night I landed home in the US and was wondering what could I buy that was as healthy as what I had in the UK. I knew Food Babe would have the answer and she did, I just bought these at my local Whole Foods and tried out their world’s best veggie burger pattie and really loved it. I used my George foreman to grill and it got done perfectly, crispy and looked like something I would make at home myself and not some weird mashed up crap. It tasted amazing as well, I paired it with – whole wheat bread, red pepper hummus, red onions slices, tomato slices, red lettuce and jalapeños. Just had the most tastiest dinner 🙂 Thanks Food Babe, I bought other types and will be trying them out for lunch this week!!

  28. I just saw this post after Google’ing “Veggie Burgers carried at Sprouts” to find and post the “Hilary” name to an Instagram page I follow. I realize it’s an older blog post 😉
    I have been eating these for about a year, on and off, but saw this post and had to comment. I randomly found them at my Sprouts while browsing the veggie options. I’m a label reader now (due to a former medical issue) so that was my first go to on the package. It sold me.
    And they are so good. The Adzuki Bean is my favorite too. Excited to see all of the other options. My store only carries one or two.
    You don’t even miss the meat (and I’m not a vegetarian/vegan).

  29. My favorite veggie burgers are Dr. Fartstein’s Organic Bean Burgers. I think I’ll have some for lunch today.

  30. My favorite veggie burgers are Dr. Fartstein’s Organic Bean Burgers. I think I’ll have some for lunch today.

  31. I looked into these after you mentioned and the ingredients have organic canola oil, which turned me off. You would still recommend these?

  32. Hilary’s are now using Canola oil!!! It kind of upset me, because they were so good and healthy and they totally went for profit…once again and dropped their quality level! I wrote them but of course they never answered! Please rectify your blog, they are toxic now! thank you!

  33. Hilary’s has changed the ingredients and now make these with Canola oil. I wrote to the company to express concerns and I did not receive a reply. I will not buy these anymore.

  34. Hilary’s has changed the ingredients and instead if using Coconut oil, they use canola oil…. I’m so disappointed. You need to modify this post Food Babe and then Truvani needs to make them!!!!

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