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Is This Healthy Food Destroying Your Gut?

I love spreading the word about healthy living on national TV but it’s so hard to get in everything I want to say in just a few minutes! Alas, that’s why I love blogging and long investigative posts. Hope you enjoy the clips below from Access Hollywood and The Better Show. I discuss what healthy food could be destroying your gut and how to incorporate my favorite superfoods into your diet.

TV Clips

Access Hollywood: Our Food Is Processed To Death!

 Video Notes:

  • Our food has been “processed to death” and the majority of nutritional value has been taken out. It’s up to us to take back control of our food, by finding out what’s in it.
  • When the FDA took on authority to regulate the additives in our food there were only about 800, and now there’s about 10,000! The FDA has even admitted that they don’t have the capability to monitor all the of the chemicals that the American public are being exposed to.
  • I used to live a rat race lifestyle, working in the corporate world. I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now, had tons of skin issues, asthma, and on several prescription medications. I was able to heal myself naturally with an organic non-GMO diet. This is what inspired me to write my books: The Food Babe Way, Feeding You Lies, and Food Babe Kitchen.

A couple tips to help you eat The Food Babe Way:

1.  Read ingredient lists.

For instance, most cereals in this country contain the preservative BHT. This chemical isn’t used in the same cereals overseas because it’s linked to cancer and is believed to be an endocrine disruptor. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates BHT as one of their Dirty Dozen Food Additives out of the 10,000 chemicals in our food supply because some studies on BHT have concerning data. You’ll find this ingredient listed in kid’s cereals, and in “healthy” cereal too!

Many almond milks on the shelf contain emulsifiers like carrageenan, xantham gum, and cellulose. These may cause intestinal inflammation, and a study recently came out that shows some of these ingredients mess with gut bacteria that can affect your metabolism.

2.  Don’t drink with your meals.

When you drink a lot of water with your meals, you dilute your digestive enzymes. You want the chewing action of your food to create saliva that will help digest the food that you are eating. Sip on some warm water instead of a large glass of cold water, and you’ll notice that you digest foods faster and you’ll feel less bloated. This is the habit in Day 3 of The Food Babe Way.

The Better Show: How To Add Superfoods To Your Diet The Food Babe Way!



  • Goji Berries are chewy and sweet, and I use them in my trail mix, granola, and oatmeal. Goji berries are great for eyesight, fertility, and have a ton of antioxidants.
  • Raw Cacao can boost your mood, your serotonin and your endorphins. 
  • Tempeh (fermented soybean) is a healthier way to enjoy soybeans because it removes the estrogen mimicking properties. You can cut tempeh really thin and make a tempeh rueben sandwich with some sprouted grain bread, or saute it like tofu.
  • Kimchi comes from Korea and is one of my favorite fermented foods. It’s salty and can be spicy too. According to ancient Chinese medicine disease starts in the gut. Adding fermented foods like kimchi can add beneficial bacteria to your gut to help crowd out the bad bacteria and keep you healthy. 
  • Chia is an amazing superfood with an abundance of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The Aztecs survived solely on chia seeds in times of famine. They expand and gel up in water, and they expand in your stomach to make you feel fuller without adding any synthetic fibers to your diet. 
  • Hemp Seeds have an amazing ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Americans consume way too much corn and soy oils which make our omega-3 to omega-6 ratio totally out of wack. That’s why there are products at the store that are fortified with omega-3’s. A better way is to eat foods like hemp seeds that naturally have the perfect balance. Hemp seeds are also high in protein that is easy for your body to digest. I add organic hemp protein to my after-workout smoothies. 
  • Quinoa has a nice amount of protein, and is a great option for those that eat gluten-free. It’s a great substitute for rice, or you can even make a salad out of it with some raw vegetables. It’s very versatile. Check out my tabboulehi salad here.
  • Maca is a root that comes from Peru, and it’s a great supplement to add to your diet. It helps with your hormones, menopause and stress. A lot of people don’t realize that when they are stressed that they produce cortisol that can promote fat storage in the body. So, maca can help counter that if you are stressed out.
  • Sprouts are so amazing, and many people don’t realize that mini sprouted versions of their favorite vegetables are sometimes more nutritious that the actual full grown plant. This is one of the cheapest ways to add organic foods to your diet. You can start a little sprout garden in a kitchen window and start growing your own.

If you know someone who could use these superfoods and health tips, please share this post with them!



P.S. In my #1 best selling book The Food Babe Way – I teach you even more ways you can break free from the hidden toxins in your food, lose weight, look years younger and get healthy in just 21 days. In my 2nd book, Feeding You Lies, I blow the lid off of the lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat – lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science we base our food choices on. And, my first cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, contains over 100 mouthwatering recipes to show you how delicious and simple it is to eat healthy, easy, real food. Available anywhere books are sold.


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107 responses to “Is This Healthy Food Destroying Your Gut?

    1. Some holistic nutritionists like the Caltons from “Rich Food Poor Food” say we need to limit gums as much as possible because of this reason. It’s not something you want to have everyday!

      1. This is very interesting information! Looking forward to seeing more.alert(‘hi’)

      2. Hi, Could you add a “travel ideas/essentials” list; like the pantry list but for traveling, with a couple brands, etc. Please!

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to ask where the link is to the study on the additives (like xanthan gum) and the resulting effect on gut bacteria and metabolism..? I searched Google and could not come up with anything, especially not anything recent.

    Thank you!

    1. I don’t know for sure but I think the study she is referring to is the one published in the journal Nature on Feb. 25, 2015. The study looked at the effects of emulsifiers in general (xanthan gum is just one type of emulsifier). The results of the study were pretty troubling. In a nutshell, emulsifiers given to mice at a level equivalent to a person eating mostly processed food changed the composition of gut bacteria, which led to chronic colitis in mice that were prone to this, and metabolic syndrome in others.

      Here’s a link to an article about the study:

      And here’s a link to the actual study (not easy for the lay person to read though):

      1. Who decided that the effects of carboxymethylcellulose and polysorbate 80 could be extended to xanthan and other gums? Are they sufficiently similar?

  2. I am on day 3 of your foodbabe way and remember learning about not drinking 30 min before and after eating a meal in High School. I of course didn’t believe the teacher at the time, but sure wish I would have. I’ve been dealing with digestive issues for 10 years. So ready to feel “normal” again! 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you for spreading the word and fighting for us!

  3. Maca should not be eaten raw according to the Peruvians and those who have studied this. Please research and update.

    1. I see where it would lead some people to conclude that raw is ok. Very good point. It goes without saying that one must reasearch everything before ingesting/using etc.

    1. There is absolutely no harm in drinking before, during or after a meal… your enzymes will be fine (thanks for them), they won’t dissolve and you will be hydrated which is a good thing. The only idea that makes some sense is to have a large cup of water before a meal if you want to eat less – the water will fill your stomach somewhat and you will eat less till you reach satiety.

      1. Sebastien, I have heard such conflicting opinions about imbibing before, during and after meals. Mary Lou Henner (?) has her own bouncing back to health story and she claims one shouldn’t have a lot to drink with meals, doesn’t want to dilute digestive juices. The man from The Biggest Loser said to drink a glass of water 30min. before a meal to make you feel fuller, I tried this. All I had to do was pee before dinner, didn’t affect my appetite.
        I know one other article, I’m not sure who, maybe Dr. Oz??? said that fluid intake, i.e. water, is better absorbed into hydrateing the system, imbibing with a meal, instead of the fluid making it’s way directly to the kidneys and then to the bladder. I tend to go with the later. I will tend to take sips after chewing a bite thoroughly to swallowing, followed by a sip of my mealtime beverage.

      2. I find drinking minimal water during my meal help reduce reflux and aids in better digestion. Of course when i was 20-30 something it didn’t matter. LOL

    1. I have been seeing a natural doctor for my gut issues. Found out that from my doctor that the extra ingredients in the Silk or any other brand was causing me a problem. The day after I stopped it, my problem went away. 🙂 I now bought a can of pure coconut milk, nothing else in it, stirred it up with water in a pitcher and added a little vanilla and am now using this on my cereal. Delicious and no problems. Or you can make your own almond milk which I have done. Look on the Internet on how to make it.

      1. What is the ratio of water to your can of coconut milk and how much vanilla do you put? I’ve been buying organic and carogeenan free almond milk, but would like to try different options!

      2. I started drinking almond milk when I found out I was intolerant to dairy. Then I found out the carrageenan was making me sick so I switched to Tree of Life and found out that made me sick too and so does Silk. I forgot what ingredient it has, but now I’m staying away from anything that isn’t pure. I get the coconut milk at health food store. I’m sorry I don’t know the measurements. I used a pitcher and just dumped in the coconut milk, mixed in water and stirred and tasted. I think it really doesn’t matter if it taste good to you. I would say I put in at least three maybe 4, 8 oz glasses. Stir and taste. Same with vanilla…maybe 1/2 t or a little more . Be careful of vanilla too. There is bad stuff in some of it. I get the NOW brand at health food store. I can finally have cereal again which I love. Buy that at health food store too. 🙂 Good luck…and good health to you!

      3. I just made my own almond and also cashew milk the day before I saw the above videos. I am glad I did, as I have been drinking about a gallon a week of Silk Almond Milk. I used organic nuts, distilled water, a blender and a nut bag. I decided not matter wha tthe labels say on a product, you can never be sure about how pure the water is that they use or if the nuts are organic, as it does not say either on the Silk Almond Milk carton, let alone the thickening agents they put in it. It must be mostly water if they have to add all those thickening agents. It’s good that it is Non-GMO, but most almonds, supposedly, are not GMO anyway, so that is merely a ruse to get people to buy. So I decided to make it myself. I have not tried coconut milk yet because it is more work to crack a coconut, scoop, grate, etc., plus I am not sure if my older blender could handle it. Would have to get a food processor and stronger blender. It is easier with the nuts because you soak them in water overnight and then drain, rinse, drain before you add them to the water in the blender.

      4. What kind of canned coconut milk do you use? I have stopped using all cans, except garden of Eden, due to the chemical liners found in canned foods. It drives me nuts that I have to do so much research just to get healthy food for my family. Our government has failed us all miserably

    2. Silk happens to be one of the cleanest almond milk products available. One thing I do like about Silk, is that it does NOT contain carrageenan, which is found in other almond milk products. Studies have found that carrageenan inflames your gut, and inflammation leads to disease. Although, nothing is better than homemade organic almond milk. Though you do need to invest in a good blender to make it, such as a Vitamix.

      1. Tree of Life doesn’t have carrageenan in it either. Both of these brands make me sick anyway. There are other things in there that cause me inflammation. It is best to experiment. If it bothers you, don’t drink it. I have gone to making my own, but I’m lazy and now use pure coconut milk mixed with water for my cereal. Get it at health food store.

      2. Silk is owned by Dean Foods which is owned by Monsanto. NOTHING clean about it.

      3. but almonds test high for glyphosate so its not any better…. and silk has used glyphosate & genetically modified edamame in their soy milk previously… how can you trust them?

    3. Most of the alternative milks have junk in them, including synthetic vitamin D.
      I make my own milks:
      1 c oats (ideally soaked overnight)
      3 c filtered water (filter number 35/42. the rest only take taste/smell of chlorine out)
      5 pitted medjool dates
      1 T sunflower butter or other nut butter
      1/4 vanilla bean
      Blend all (with ice if desired).

    4. You can also make your own milk. You blend the coconut pulp with water (barely cover the pulp), then strain it or better use a nut bag. Makes very creamy and taste milk!

  4. Food Babe—you didn’t mention wheatgrass… is a great additive to your diet….can also be grown. Has lots of really good stuff in it! Might even help fight cancer according to MD Anderson researchers….thought you might like to know.

  5. Great information! Would like to know if you recommend a certain almond milk brand?

    Thanks soo much !!

    1. It’s very easy to make fresh almond milk and it tastes so much better than store bought. So fresh it only lasts about 4 days vs store bought that lasts for a month (preservatives). Soak raw almonds (unpasteurized the best) for apx 8 hrs or overnight. Rinse well. Take off any skin – very easy after soaking. Put 1 cup almonds and water in nutri-bullet or vitamix – maybe blender will work and 1 cup for creamer and 2 cups water for milk – or to taste and desired consistency. Strain with cheesecloth or fine bags made for this and you have fresh almond milk. Add organic vanilla or hazelwood and honey if you want a flavor. Easier than it sounds.

      1. For vegans, what kind of creamer do you recommend for your almond milk recipe? Thx

  6. Hello Vani
    Just wanted to say Thank You for all of your research! Just recently I read an artical about Bunny Love baby carrots. It was saying how bad they are for you. I buy the organic ones but was wondering if you have heard anything about this?

    1. I have been told that the precut carrots have been dipped in formaldehyde, otherwise they would never keep that long. Yuk! I never buy them.

    2. Bunny Luv is from Grimmway Farms, which has some operations located in desert environments, drawing water from extremely deep wells. Sustainability is questionable, from an environmental viewpoint.

  7. I bought the Food Babe Way Hardback for my daughter. My wife started reading it immediately. I also got it on Kindle so I could read it anytime I want, which means laptop, iPad, iPhone or the Cloud. We like the book. Started mornings with warm water, lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne Pepper. I reduced my desire for my main addiction: Good strong French Roast Coffee, which was contributing to arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats). Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and MSG gave me headaches and GMO’s not that friendly on my stomach. Maybe it doesn’t effect you that way and that’s fine. The woman is telling her story and how she cured herself. If it benefits you fine. I suspect not everybody will be a believer. Name one person who has a philosophy that everybody agrees with. Good luck with that. I already know about juicing with a powerful juicer as well as Nutribullet. All of that works for me. Simply expanding my experience and watching how it affects the wasteline. We also exercise. But a kick in the pants is often a motivator.

    1. The best quality of Maca is the ROYAL MACA from Whole World Botanicals. The company practices fair trade policies, provides for the Peruvian people and it’s 100% Organic. Also, it tastes GREAT!

  8. Vani,

    How exciting that you were on TV! Thank you for all of your hard work and research! I’m loving your book-it helped me to quickly realize how little I knew about the food industry and that several “healthy” food items I was buying and eating were not good for me or my family at all! I’m trying to lose weight from having my second baby and was really struggling with losing the weight this second time around, and am so glad my trainer told me about you! You have helped me to learn so much about food and health in general!! You are awesome and keep up the amazing work!!

    Your fan,


  9. Dear Mrs Vani Hari, I just wonted you to know I bought three copies of your book The food Babe Way. You have done a great job keep up the good work I enjoy you when your on the InfoWars with Alex. Maybe some time when your up this way N.H we would love to have you educate the kids and parents at the Chichester elementary school Take care. God Bless.

  10. You never cease to impress me Vani, way to go! Sorry I missed you in Anaheim, I really wanted to applaud you in person! I’ve been raving about you to my friends and family and I say this gal is bad-ass fearless and can take corporations down along with her fearless foodbabe army! This movement is for us and those of who truly want change! This is your time Can I you’re in the lime light and a shining star! I’m so proud of you and will continue to fight along with you. Post in Spanish too! ¡La nena alimentaria super extraodinaria! (Foodbabe super extraordinaire!)

  11. Quinoa is an environmental and human disaster.
    Since it became so popular worldwide, to keep up with demand, the growers are cutting more and more natural forests and its price has gone up so much that the indigenous people who used to eat it as a staple of their diet for centuries have cannot afford it any more.
    I stopped buying Quinoa after learning about the devastastation growing it is causing, I don’t care how “good” for me it might be. Caring about the environment and the lives of other people is more important for me than another exotic ingredient. My nutrition is healthy and varied enough without it.

    1. Thanks, Elle. I have heard about this Quinoa disaster also. I really like Quinoa, but have been avoiding it. My concern………after a while, will there be ANYTHING we can eat in good consciences?

  12. Vani,
    First off, thank you SO much for what you do and the helpful information you share! You are a true pioneer and hero for our world today.

    A lot of people think BHT (a synthetic antioxidant) is harmful, and reasonably so, but the studies that show it’s harmful are actually flawed (I wonder why? Ha!). I’m one of the most anti-synthetic supplement people on the planet, however, in a desperate attempt to regain my health, I checked it out at the recommendation of my health guru (who knows more about what works than anyone I’ve ever encountered), and testimonies of others.

    BHT breaks down fat encased viruses that most antibiotics won’t touch, such as herpes and mono. I immediately came down with mono when I started on 1000 mg/day of BHT. I have since realized the virus must have been semi-dormant in my body for years causing problems. Thanks to BHT, it has been brought to the surface, and as I’m killing it off, I’m feeling TONS better mentally and physically. BHT has been a miracle for me, so I want to get the word out to others.

    Googling {BHT Virus} will pull up lots of great information, and there is also a free eBook about benefits of BHT called The BHT Book.

    Thank you Vani!

  13. Hey Vani — I have a question that I keep running into and not finding any answers. I know in foods we want to stay away from xantham gum but I keep noticing it on the ingredients list in cosmetics. Is xantham gum an ingredient that is ok to use in soaps, lotions and cosmetics? Is it safe to put on your skin? I would think if we shouldn’t eat it, then we shouldn’t be applying it to our skin either but I could be wrong….any answer to help me with this question?! 🙂

  14. A homeopath recommended that I drink coconut water – I work out and sweat a LOT! and she said it was a healthy way to rehydrate. It’s so expensive! Is there a particular brand you recommend? and where can I get it without going broke? It’s more expensive than gasoline!

    I ordered your book yesterday and can’t wait for it to come in! I’ve suffered from gut issues my doctor can’t figure out for almost seven months now and am hopeful that your book can help! So much information – thank you for all you do!

    1. If you have a Costco near you, it is a great place to buy coconut water. MUCH cheaper than the grocery store!

      1. Hey, Renee, yes, we do have Costco, but do they have the types Vani recommended in her article? It’d be worth the trip into Charlotte to get it!

  15. I’ve been drinking Shakeology which has almost all of these super foods in including Goji berries, Maca, Chia, Quinoa plus more and also has added digestive enzymes!
    My digestion has improved so much and I have IBS, my stomach was a mess before I incorporated all these superfoods!! Thanks for giving them the thumbs up, it reinforces the fact that what you put into your body has direct results on how you feel!

  16. I think you did a great job with the recent TV appearances, Vani! My husband used to eat so much cereal and you have been instrumental in motivating me to help him eat better.
    I hope you are still coming to FL because I cannot wait to meet you in person! I’ve been following you for some time now, ever since I heard about you through I truly admire your fighting spirit to get the truth out. I am sure it is hard when you go up against big food corporations who will do everything they can to try and discredit you and threaten you but that it is just proof that you and the Food Babe Army are WINNING!

    1. Yes! I’m headed to Miami tomorrow and then Ft. Lauderdale on Friday night. Can’t wait to meet ya!

  17. The limiting water during meals is actually from ayurveda — a holistic medicine dating back 2000 years. However it mentions that drinking any liquid an hour before/after eating is bad for you. If you must though one cup of lassi is permitted during meals which I follow sometimes othertimes I have some warm water as that stimulates the ‘digestive fire’ in the gut! Then again I’m an ayurvedic health nut who doesn’t smoke, drink and has never been vaccinatted or taken antibiotics but that’s another topic 😉

  18. I would love to eat Soy and ferment my own tofu, if it were not for the fact that almost all soy, in the USA, is GMO. I doubt that fermenting will remove the effects of that as well as nullifying the hormone disrupter effect. Does anyone know where to get non – GMO Soy?

    1. A lot of health food stores sell organic soy – as well as stores like Costco, Harris Teeter and Target.

  19. Fermentation of soy does not, in any way, reduce the phytoestrogen/isoflavone content of the soy…

    1. I am responding to your comment : “Fermentation of soy does not, in any way, reduce the phytoestrogen/isoflavone content of the soy…”
      Thank you for the tip. I was wondering where I could read this information as I was about to go buy the Organic, Non-GMO Soy Products, at the stores I was provided on this site, to ferment myself. I won’t bother if the claim is true. I understand that even well meaning individuals, like you and Vani, may not have all the answers and would like to read a study of some kind that explains the phytoestrogen/isoflavone content either way. Thanks in advance for your time. Taylor

      1. Taylor: Chen, Su, and Wei, J Food Biochem 34 (2010): 1-12. Fermentation of soymilks by Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium cocultures resulted in more highly bioavailable isoflavones, with a small net reduction of total isoflavone content.

  20. Eating organic, non GMO foods is what changed your life and made you lose weight??? Surely you did more than that. That makes no sense at all.

    Several years ago I read Wheat Belly and decided to go gluten free. I lost 11 lbs. over the course of the next 3 months. I was really surprised and excited. At the same time I went gluten free I also decided to cut out as much sugar as possible and also to start exercising again after missing exercise time due to an injury. At the end of the three month period I slipped a little and starting eating a little sugar here and there. I also got busy at work and stopped exercising. I stayed gluten free though. I gained the weight back quickly. It wasn’t the gluten free diet that made me lose weight at all but I sure wanted to believe that it was. The bottom line is that when we decide to do one thing to improve health/fitness/well-being we normally do more than just that one thing. People who go organic, non-GMO, as you suggest, will not lose weight unless they cut back on calories consumed, exercise, cut out sugar etc. They certainly don’t have to pay up for organic to lose weight.

    1. @hall… Agreed… I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 18 years, and my weight has been steadily increasing. I hit 240 last year in November… I started walking between 2-3 miles per day, EVERY day, and cut my dietary intake… I’m now at ~200 lbs… Regular exercise, and attention to your diet are key… People have been eating bread and drinking beer for the last 500 years… Gluten isn’t to blame for obesity… A sedentary lifestyle is… Weigh in daily, at the same time each day, and track your weight… Exercise more… Eat less… It actually works…

      1. J W – people have been drinking beer for over 6000 years! the Sumerians (in what is today Iran) and the Ancient Egyptians brewed and drank the first beers. Wheat has been cultivated for food by mankind for about 10,000 years, according to available archaeological data.
        I recently read a study (sorry, don’t remember where) that avoiding gluten when you are not really gluten-intolerant or have Celiac Disease may actually harm the gut microbiome (aka microflora).

      2. Congratulations on your success. I used gluten free as an example but my bigger concern is that the constant drumbeat of organic/non-GMO foods being the key to weight-loss, well being and fitness is terribly misleading. It is the environmental activist’s playbook to get people to be afraid of the foods they eat to further their own agenda which has nothing to do with your health. There are far more good things going on in American agriculture than bad. Telling people that going to an organic/non GMO lifestyle will make them thin, trim and happy is just plain irresponsible.

      3. @Elle,

        Agreed completely WRT the history of beer and bread (My SO and I both brew beer, and she has a pretty significant background in “beer history”… :-))! I think I was more focused on the period of time over which folks typically have a historical grasp of “average human mass”… 🙂 Also agree with the view that folks go overboard WRT both “GMO” and “Gluten Free” lifestyle choices… Nearly every food item that we consume today has been genetically modified from it’s “original” genome. Farmers have been selectively breeding plants and animals for various reasons since agriculture became a “thing”…

    2. Not really sure what your getting at? Eating organic, non-GMO is not about losing weight, it’s about protecting the planet & your family from petroleum based chemicals that we know for a fact are carcinogens. Weight gain & loss is about calories & portion size. Now I realize that other factors can help or hurt people’s ability to maintain weight, but if you eat real pure “one ingredient” foods & avoid eating from boxes, cans, etc. you will be making healthy choices. If you have ever grown an organic garden as opposed to one sprayed with chemicals, you would realize the extra effort is why organic food cost more. Since when has the easiest way ever been the best?

      1. To JW: selective breeding & genetically altering foods to be “round up” ready are two COMPLETELY different things. I choose not to do science experiments on my family

      2. The Food Babe says she was 30 lbs overweight when she went to the organic/non-GMO lifestyle. I was responding to her statement insinuating that her change was the reason she lost weight. Weight loss is definitely from healthier eating. It has absolutely not one thing to do with organic/non-GMO.

    3. “Environmental activist” , “agenda?” Really? Sounds like a statement from a FOX news media source. So when company’s like Monsanto spend millions of dollars to fight against GMO labeling, they don’t have an agenda? If there is nothing wrong with GMO’s then they wouldn’t care if it was labeled as such. Your right, I have an agenda and my agenda is to take care of my family & our planet for future generations. Sorry if my agenda isn’t based on greed like the corporations that want nothing more than the almighty dollar$$$$$

      1. Environmental activist….yes. Agenda….yes. Objective science is on my side….and Monsanto’s. Your agenda should be based on sound science which is actually good for the environment while being as healthy a choice for consumption as anything else you can eat. If you want to throw your $$$$’s away on your idea of what’s good to eat, that’s fine with me. I would appreciate very much though if you people stay out of the business of trying to change my diet choices.

    4. Your either on the Monsanto payroll or very naive, go have a cup full of round up & finish yourself of quickly, so you don’t have to see others slowly die of cancer and look very foolish for believeing scientist bought & paid for by Monsanto. I will continue to enjoy my dandelions & my great health!

      Bye troll

      1. Why is it that anyone who disagrees with a commenter has to be labeled a shill or a troll? I believe in following sound science when it comes to food choices. I do shop at Whole Foods and my local coop because buying local is important to me. I try to buy organic but sometimes do not. I haven’t eaten processed foods in decades and we cook all the time. But, I refuse to jump on board the toxin fear train or the gluten this or that and the latest fear mongering about food. We are fortunate enough to have choice and abundance in our food. And in our thinking – remember: America? To suggest somebody who doesn’t share your thinking is a troll and should leave tells me that your convictions aren’t very strong and can’t withstand criticism.

    5. P.S. Hall, your the person who is commenting on a blog for people who want to eat healthy. I don’t get on Monsanto lovers blogs & tell them what to think, just like other cults, they can deal with what they get. So saying we’re telling you how to eat is a joke. You obviously think petroleum based chemicals are safe to consume, so go find a blog where you will feel at home. I’m quite sure FOX news has plenty of blogs that will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside:)

  21. Are Goji berries a “nightshade”? I cannot tollerate nightshades. I get arthritus type pain and swelling if I consume it!

      1. Nightshades are plants from the “solanaceae” family which is a very wide taxa including potatoes and tomatoes.

      2. Derp. My bad, I forgot to add, yes they are a “nightshade” Cathy.

  22. My son is 3 and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis when he was a baby. That being said he has problems with cow’s milk so I had to try alternatives. He has been drinking goat’s milk for quite some time and I think that the protein in the milk is causing his severe constipation. I’m slowly trying to put him on almond milk but having read your article I don’t want to do that now. Any suggestions on what I can use in place of cow, goat, or almond milk that isn’t full of junk?

  23. All the canned coconut milks (full fat and light) have guar gum in them. How bad is Guar gum?? Also what if a company uses Organic Canola oil?? Is that possible since most Canola is GMO?

    1. Guar Gum and Acacia is not suitable for human consumtion. It is a metabloic disruptor. tastes like liquiud pig poop smells to me. YuuuuK !!!
      Locust bean gum and Carob Bean powder is okay. I have never used gums in my Brown Rice, or Buckwheat Soda Bread, or natural yeasted breads. I’d rather add an egg or 1/4 cup prunes liquified in 1 1/2 c water : 4 1/4 c flour. Tried those gluten free products and wanted to upchuck. Horrible !! Just a knee jerk carpet bagger industry response to a trendy story. PROFITS !! I am able to buy Heritage Wheat and Organic Spelt. I prefer to avoid wheat because I believe the bran is a significant bowel irritant.

  24. Thanks Vani,

    Keep up the amazing work that you do. The sooner people realise exactly how food scientists, marketing psychologists and the diet industry are destroying our health, minds and futures, the better!

  25. I agree, best to avoid drinking with meals; 1/2 before, 1 hr/ after meals is the Hygiene recommendation. Hot water has a much better taste than warm; but yes, totally dumb to drink cold liquid for hydration. Kukicha tea is a great after dinner beverage; a digestive aid. Green tea is a great health insurance policy. Organic Single Estate is the best quality as it is in EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. US sold Olive Oil is notoriously sketchy. Canada has a system to track oils to guarantee the product, from country of origin to extraction processes. Blending is illegal unless so labled, and batch certified. Spain is considered to have a superior product.
    The stomach has to raise the liquids’ temp to 98.6 before it can leave the stomach to avoid inducing the state of shock.

    Goldmine Natural Foods is a mail order source of superior Natural Foods. A gallon of Organic Kimchi, also called Gimchi, is about $65,00. They sell live Miso. There is no health advantage to eat Pasteurized Fermented Foods since the heating process kills the beneficial bacteria.
    They also sell fool proof fermentation vessels , 10 quart $ 84.00; 5 quart ,$ 70.00. These are water seal design which defeats the chance of contamination and spoilage. They pay for themselves quickly.

    Hemp is nature’s perfectly balanced oil., 3:6:9. If buying oil, buy Organic, Oxygen Absent,Cold Extraction; Bottle din Dark Glass Nitrogen flushed bottles in an Oxygen Free environment. Preferable to buy oil that has been frozen since extraction and kept in Freezer between usngs. Same for Chia and Flax. Cheaper to buy the Organic Seed. 1/4 cup seed equals 1 Tbl Oil. They are great in salads. I toss 1/8th cup in a tsp hickory roast sesame oil and substitute for smoked Pig/bacon in salads, like Caesar,and Waldorf. Never buy ground Chia, Flax , or Hemp. Buy whole seed and mill just as using to prevent rancidity. These high quality seeds are quickly affected by oxygen exposure. My personal experience is that the seed is better digestively tolerated than a lot of oil in one
    Goldmine has an online Catalogue and a paper Catalogue. I have ordered from the company for 30 years and have never been disappointed.
    Quinoa is the most versatile food I know. It’s great in pancakes, potatoe cakes, soups, stews, tabouleh; as a hot cereal; for breading fish and chicken, and particularly Turkey pieces. I think it has a corn like slightly bitter taste making it an ideal corn flour sunstitute. Brings an interesting taste to oven , ” fried.”Turnip, Rutabaga, or Winter Squash , ” french fries.”
    It adds a nice Protein boost to Homemade Buckwheat Pasta; as simple as rolling out pie crust.
    I try to satisfy myself that I am not purchasing product produced by child and slave labor, including Chocolate. Manufacturers try to win our opinion by positing that people are better off even with slave labor wages. It’s not true of course. Disney’s concessions merch CEO makes as much an hour as a factory of Pakistani workers in a day. The only ones better off are the wealthy manufacturers and their political cronies. We have great power as consumers. We can accomplish things that politicians cannot. We have consumer dollars.

  26. Good Writeup and Video, Vani…

    Unless the news hosts on the video are paid to act ???, they are suffering from LUARD… Living under a rock disease…

    Unfortunately, most Americans have this disorder, but some are waking up… I returned some unopened BBQ sauce to Costco the other day… The guy asked why, and I said “Caramel color”… He said Oh, like he knew why…

    I’m on a crusade against Sodium Nitrite… I LOVE Easter Ham, and ….. None unless I pay $200 or something…

  27. Drinking with food: I actually read this years ago while in the waiting room of my chiro. What it said was, limit the amount of liquid you drink with a meal to prevent diluting the HCL in your stomach. It went on to say, if you’re drinking something acidic, such as wine, you can drink more.

  28. I am not being facetious. You are attractive, tough and well spoken. I encourage you to run for president, and lead this country to better health while taking a stand against the tyranny of the FDA and big Agri and Pharma business.

    It is time that someone expose the fact that big Agribusiness and Pharma are in league together to destroy human health through the food system, so they can manage our diseases through the drug system.

    Please expose this connection with the AMA & FDA at its nexus; and please lead the USA (which is often a model for the rest of the world) – out of the deep woods we have been lured into by big corporations – which many work within because they have no choice left. Help us collectively demand more responsible, sustainable organic food production – through less subsidizing of corruption.

    You can do it. Run for public office – preferably by becoming the POTUS; set up a campaign through Crowd Funding and you will be successful in the bid. People want a real change to our options but the government is not helping us.

    Good luck!

  29. I guess I won’t be having this problem since I drink raw cows milk that I buy directly from a farmer.

  30. Can Food Babe investigate Starbucks matcha for their green tea lattes?
    When buying the green tea, Good = Kagoshima area of Japan.
    ALL tea should be avoided from the Shizuoka area. Prefecture region because of the radiation from the tsunami.
    Where does Starbucks get their’s? I worry that the corporations go the cheapest route. Food Babe! Help!

  31. First let me say I am so grateful for the work that you do. You are a hero for challenging the status quo and taking on these companies. I am also a champion for healthy food and work in nutrition.

    In regards to the term superfoods a lot of those items you listed above I would classify as just food. Such as quiona, tempeh or kim chi. They are great foods and important cornerstones of a healthy diet. To me a superfood has a special effect on a organ system or the hormones such as maca as you indeed mentioned. Of course there is overlap since everyday food can heal the body. Something like kimchi does benefit the digestive track but it also very much a staple.

    I think it sensationalizes food, increases their price in marketplace and puts them into a unnecessary special category when we need to teach people that these are everyday nutritious choices.

    Leave the superfood term for things that you wouldn’t make a meal out of like spirulina, bee pollen, wheat grass and maca.

  32. Vani,

    Great videos! I’m curious, of the 2 sprouted options, I know that one of those on the plate were chick peas, but I”m curious to know what were the other sprouts next to the chick peas?… lentils?


  33. Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Xanthan, Locus and vegetable gums almost killed my cat 7 years ago. Thanks to an annual rabies vaccine (animals only need one in their life) her immune system crashed and she developed something called Rodent Ulcer. I woke up one day and she was covered in blood, the vet just wanted to keep shooting her up with steroids to suppress her immune system. I immediately began making raw cat food at home and slowly tested various ingredients over 2 years to determine it was these ingredients causing her IBD, Rodent Ulcer, and other digestive problems. I now know more about cat nutrition than any vet, thanks to my cat nutritionist, and Alabama is 19 this year.

    I’ve contacted the pet food companies, even the boutique ones that claim to be “healthy” that have these ingredients, especially carrageenan, to tell them how dangerous it is and they ignore me or give me excuses. And the vets still sell that garbage Science Diet which is the McDonalds food for pets. I’ve posted on their FB page, oh I have stories about Science Diet, they monitor their FB page to stop any negative comments by informed pet owners.

    It’s terribly frustrating, I was spending $5k a year with my vet until I realized it was my cat’s food that was killing her. I’ve told my vet that IBD is caused by carrageenan but vets ARE NOT taught nutrition classes in vet school! So he says “there’s no proof,” well duh! It’s very frustrating!!

  34. I noticed you mentioned in this article to not drink at all when having your meal.

    Does this also include organically and freshly squeezed orange juice and water? (Or other organically squeezed juices for the matter)

    1. Just wanted to be sure, trying to lose weight over here c:

      I’ve gained quite a bit throughout the winter months sadly.

      I’m about 50 kilos currently and am 5ft1, wanna get to 42-40 kilos the superfood way 😀

      Thanks for the advice so far Vanil

  35. Regarding not drinking water while eating. I find the logic incredibly flawed. You want me to eat kimchi, one of the saltiest and oddest tastes in the world. It’s delicious, but I don’t know anyone that won’t want to wash it down. You need enzymes, but you don’t need as much as possible. You need enough just to catalyze a mixture and water won’t affect what you have in your stomach. In fact, won’t drinking liquids help move solids through the digestive tract?

    From, a site that seems to be associated with more scientiffic things:
    Water and Juice
    You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water each day, and may drink water or juice with your meals. However, you might wonder whether doing so will dilute your digestive enzymes and make digestion less efficient. Technically, drinking with your meals does dilute the enzymes — any time you add water or liquid to a mixture, you make it more dilute. However, it’s not a problem because the concentration of enzymes isn’t important to the rate of digestion.

  36. What time is perfect to drink water after completing my meal? Is any kind of juice can fulfill anyone’s water demand a Little bit! Waiting for more information from you. Nice Post!

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