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Here’s How To Get My Newly Printed Recipe Book

Want to know why I love fall?

I find myself wanting to cook ALL THE TIME. Especially soups. It’s soup season in the Food Babe house.

And, I’ve got great news. Over at Truvani, we’ve been working on something special…

We created a beautiful recipe book with foods that enhance your health.

The book is 46 pages, beautifully printed and bound, with STUNNING photography, and 17 health-giving recipes that are DELICIOUS and easy-to-make.

Just picture it on your kitchen counter…

And of course, we included desserts, main meals, and SOUPS (like our creamy carrot turmeric soup).

These are some of my favorite recipes I make at home for my family… everything from “Healing Everyday Hummus” (Page 8) to our simple “5 Ingredient Protein Pancakes” (Page 36). And more.

We include clear instructions for each recipe: 6 steps max (that’s for the Peanut Butter Protein Cookies). But most of these recipes have only 2 or 3 steps.

So, how do you get a copy sent to your house? Here’s how…

Many of you know I absolutely love, love, turmeric. I’ve been using it for years to help with maintaining healthy inflammation responses and joint health. This is one of the main reasons why Daily Turmeric was the first Truvani product.

I’m so grateful so many of you support our mission and love the turmeric as much as I do. We have over 1,600 reviews. And I still can’t believe it. Many of them are 5 stars.

Beginning today, if you buy a bottle of Truvani Turmeric, we will send you a copy of this new book… FREE.

Click here to get your copy (while supplies last)

Inside the book, you’ll find 17 recipes – including 3 recipes that you can make with Truvani Turmeric, too!

What makes our Turmeric special?

Of course, it’s 100% organic (with black pepper to aid absorption), but there’s one other thing, too…

You can take our Turmeric Tablet as a traditional supplement. Or you can combine it into everyday, easy-to-make recipes – because there’s NO COATING.

It’s also USDA Certified Organic. And we test for toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic to ensure the purest, safest ingredients (we pass the strict Prop 65 limits).

Get A Bottle Of Turmeric Today (And Get A Free Recipe Book)

Happy cooking!



P.S. Here are some real reviews from people who’ve tried Truvani Turmeric:

“I have tried many brands of Tumeric and never really felt the effects of it. I continued to take it because I knew the benefits outweighed what I was feeling (or not feeling). When I decided to try Truvani Tumeric, it was like night and day… I recommend trying this product! You won’t go back to another brand!” – Laura B. (Verified Buyer), 06/22/18

“I have been thinking about taking Turmeric for a while now and chose this product because it is organic and well made. I appreciate doing business with a company that is truly motivated by wellness and honesty and not money.” – Cynthia N. (Verified Buyer), 06/28/18

“This product has exceeded my expectations. From the glass bottle and safe packaging to the actual pill itself. It’s authentic and I can feel the difference between this product versus others I have taken. I am very mindful about the products I use and put into my body and I have great peace of mind with this product.” – Georgia C. (Verified Buyer), 06/19/18

We only have a limited supply of this recipe book available, so if you want a copy don’t delay. 

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