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Homemade Doritos from my new cookbook: Food Babe Kitchen

I went on live video making my version of Doritos in my own kitchen. Have you seen the ingredients in Doritos? Bleh! My husband loves to eat chips and that’s why we created this fun recipe together for the Food Babe Kitchen cookbook. Homemade tastes better too, especially when they are warm from the oven! 

Click to watch the video to see how super simple it is to make Doritos! And, this is one of the few places that has copies of my cookbook in stock this week:

You’ll find the full recipe inside Food Babe Kitchen. Here’s the picture of my Homemade Doritos from inside the cookbook:

There are a VERY LIMITED amount of signed copies in stock on talkshoplive: Go here to order a signed copy of Food Babe Kitchen

This is very good news because Amazon is currently out of stock and experiencing a 1-2 month shipping delay on this book! Other bookstores are selling out too. Here’s a rundown of who currently has books in stock:

  • TalkShopLive has signed copies you can order online (at a discount too!)
  • Barnes & Noble has physical copies in their stores across the country. You can reserve online for curbside pick-up or go inside to buy your copy. 
  • Books-A-Million also has copies available in some stores to pick-up. Their supply is limited!
  • Park Road Books has signed copies. These are going fast. Order online or call them at (704) 525-9239 to order.
  • Independent bookstores in several cities have copies of this book. See the list of them here. I recommend calling your local stores in advance to see if they have it.

I had so much filming from my kitchen today… I think I should do this more often! A “Food Babe Cooking Show” would be pretty awesome. What do you think?




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One response to “Homemade Doritos from my new cookbook: Food Babe Kitchen

  1. Hi Vani ~ I just received my Food Babe Kitchen Cookbook and I was so excited to quickly
    skim through and see all the beautiful photo’s. I love that you have your daughter in it as she is
    adorable. My granddaughter turns 3 next month and she too is loving little cooking projects.
    I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts you have put into the research to help all of us out that
    care about our health. I want to learn and change as many things as i can for as long as i can
    to stay healthy to enjoy my sweet grand children and to watch them grow.
    I will look forward to all your new books and seeing your little family grow too.
    Best of Luck and Thank You Again. ~ Ann

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