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I started crying when I opened this box, and then something funny happened! (VIDEO)

I got a very special package this week from my publisher. I was so excited to see my new cookbook, Food Babe Kitchen, hot off the press…and then something funny happened:

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What a head fake – all those tears for nothing lol! 🤣

This is so funny to me because when I got my first book deal 7 years ago, it was actually for 2 books…

The second was supposed to be a cookbook after The Food Babe Way was published. But the publisher wanted to print my cookbook in black & white! 😲

I told them there was NO WAY that I could have a black & white cookbook. I wanted full color photographs of every recipe and wanted to create at least 100 recipes for this book. They said they didn’t have the budget for it, which was so heartbreaking. So I BEGGED my agents to get me out of the publishing contract and they helped me find a new publisher who saw my vision.

Now, Food Babe Kitchen is everything that I dreamed my first cookbook would be.

It is going to be so beautiful, with FULL COLOR photos of every recipe (over 100!) and never-before-seen photos of me with my family enjoying time cooking and eating together.

This cookbook has been YEARS in the making and now we have only a few weeks to go (it hits bookshelves Oct 20th!)…I can’t wait for you to get your copy to see how wonderful it is!

As a special bonus –When you pre-order Food Babe Kitchen today, I’ll send you a list of everything in my pantry, fridge and freezer. It goes straight to your inbox when you pre-order, so you get this list right now.


Food Babe Kitchen - Cover

Available in stores everywhere

Thank you for all your support, you are amazing, I love you all so much.



P.S. It’s about a month away for my book baby, but 3 months for my next human baby 🥰

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2 responses to “I started crying when I opened this box, and then something funny happened! (VIDEO)

  1. Congratulations o your book.

    You mentioned your three months away from having a baby, how wonderful.

    Please be concerned about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines they will inject into your new born.

    Best regards,


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