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Is Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health?

Growing up, butter was an absolute staple in my household. We thankfully never got into the margarine craze because my mother believed that butter was good for the brain. Turns out, she was right about that and scientists have now concluded that butter is actually good for you in other areas too. It’s high in a compound call CLA that protects you from tumor growth and cancer, is not inflammatory like man-made oils from corn, canola or soy, and provides a nice dose of Omega 3 fatty acids, if you get it from the right source. But finding the right source can be tricky given all the buzz words and fancy marketing these days. Choosing the wrong type of butter can secretly ruin your health without you even knowing it! Here’s a look at what’s really going on and how to choose the healthiest butter for you and your family. 

Beware of Monsanto Butter


***Updated Graphic: Shortly after this blog post was published, Smart Balance announced they would go Non-GMO***

I call conventional butter “Monsanto Butter,” because it comes from cows fed almost entirely genetically engineered or GMO grains and Monsanto is the largest producer of GMOs.

Conventionally raised cows are most commonly fed GMO corn and soy, however, some farmers fatten up their feed with additional sugar from GMO sugar beets and cottonseed. Cotton is the most toxic crop because it isn’t treated as a food crop but as a textile (it has less regulation.) And then conventional dairy cow feed is sometimes fortified with additional protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and CLA from GMO rapeseed (canola) because the cows are not getting these nutrients naturally from the grass. GMO alfalfa hay is also commonly fed to cows. So basically, conventionally raised cows are almost entirely getting their food from GMOs – food that was created in a laboratory, that hasn’t been tested long term, but has produced horrific results in several alarming animals studies

Over 49% of all GMO corn is fed to animals or livestock. Only 2% of the GMO soybeans grown are actually fed to humans, the other 98% get fed to animals. Those figures are pretty scary once you consider the astronomical amounts of herbicides being sprayed on these GMO crops and what they are doing to the increase cancer rates, harm the environment and ourselves.

Land O’Lakes = Monsanto Butter

Land O’ Lakes was a staple in my household growing up. We’d use the whipped butter like it was nobody’s business – my mom would use it on her infamous parathas (Indian stuffed flat bread), in countless desserts and to make homemade ghee. Once I found out what was really happening at Land O’Lakes, my Mom and I had a little chat. I explained to her that Land O’Lakes is owned by a pro-GMO company called Dean Foods. Land O’Lakes co-developed genetically engineered alfalfa, directly contributing to the GMO animal feed supply. I also explained that Land O’Lakes contributed nearly $100,000 to the “No on I-522 Lobby” – the bill to label GMOs in Washington State. This is all on top of the fact that Land O’Lakes is not organic, raises their cows with growth hormones linked to cancer, antibiotics and harmful pesticide ridden GMO feed. I told my Mom she has to stop buying Land O’Lakes if we are going to change this world! 

Knowing all these facts, plus the health risks of consuming GMOs, my Mom finally asked “what butter can I buy?” Well there are many brands out there that are light years ahead of Land O’Lakes. Here’s a Butter Buying Guide that will help you (and my Mama) navigate the butter aisle next time you hit the market:

Slide2Updated Graphic: Removed Smart Balance From Chart

How to Choose The Most Nutritious Butter

  1. Organic – First and foremost, look for organic butter. This will ensure there are no growth hormones, antibiotics, harmful pesticides and GMOs being fed to the cows. Growth hormone or rbGH that is used to raise cows conventionally is linked to cancer and often accumulates in highest concentration in animal fat. One organic brand I’m suspicious of however, is Horizon, they are owned by Dean Foods (the same company that owns Land O’Lakes). The Cornucopia Institute has filed complaints for labeling their product organic while maintaining factory farm production methods. I won’t buy Horizon organic for that reason. 
  2. Grass-fed – Grass-fed or pastured raised cows are going to be more nutritious than cows raised with grains. Remember, the highest amounts of the most beneficial CLA and Omega 3 fatty acids naturally come from grass-fed cows. Also grass-fed cows produce butter with 50 percent more vitamin A and E and 400 percent more beta carotene (which gives the grass-fed butter a deeper yellow color). 
  3. Ghee – Ghee is clarified butter where all the proteins, milk solids and lactose is removed. This makes the butter more digestible, concentrated with nutrients and really great for immunity building. Ghee does not need to be refrigerated, it can stay on the counter for a few months without going bad. People with dairy allergies or sensitives often do ok consuming this type of butter. Pure Indian FoodsPurity Farms  and Ancient Organics have the best offerings in that they are both high quality, organic and grass-fed.
  4. In an ideal world, you would be able to find butter that is both organic, grass-fed and no additives like Organic Valley (in the green foil wrapper) , but sometimes that’s just not the case. In that circumstance, I would go for either an organic butter or grass-fed butter like Kerrygold (please note – Kerrygold uses some grains that could be GMOs a couple of months out of the year because grass doesn’t grow year round in Ireland – they admit that 3% of their feed could contain GMOs). Choosing regular organic butter will lessen your exposure to pesticides but will also provide less nutrition since the cows will mostly be fed organic grains vs. grass. Regardless, these choices are superior choices over conventional butter and both options (in light green on the chart above) will lessen your exposure to GMOs. 
  5. Beware of butter mixes with labels like “with olive oil” – 9 times out of 10, these butters will have one or more GMO ingredients like soybean, corn or canola oil. These mixes may have questionable additives in them too – check the ingredient list just to be sure! 
  6. Don’t Eat Butter? Here are some Vegan Substitutes – If you are vegan, skip all the “butter like” or fake butter spreads like Smart Balance that contain GMO oils, artificial ingredients made from petroleum and unnecessary preservatives. Instead, choose 100% coconut oil, olive oil, red palm oil (that is sustainably harvested from Ecuador and does not hurt the rainforest) or hemp oil instead. Also coconut manna, or butter works well too, when slightly heated it spreads just like butter. (These are also much healthier than organic spreads like Earth Balance that are usually a combo of inflammation causing oils). 

butter substitutes

Sharing the truth is the first step in changing the food system. If you know someone who is buying Monsanto butter, please share this information with them. Our choices can really change the marketplace, make us healthier  and change companies decisions to use these unhealthy ingredients. 

Much Love, 

Food Babe  


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863 responses to “Is Butter Secretly Ruining Your Health?

  1. FoodBabe, what about Meyenberg goat butter? What are your thoughts on that? Goat milk is the closest thing to human milk and much more easily digestible than acidic cow’s milk. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this company and it’s products, namely their butter. Sounds like a great product to me. Here’s a statement from Meyenberg:
    “All Meyenberg Goat Milk products are all natural, we do not add any artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Our goats are not given any antibiotics, bovine growth treatments or steroids and our products are GMO free.

    Meyenberg Goat Milk Products believes in the Humane Treatment of all animals. Our goats are grass fed in free range pastures adjacent to their homes. They graze on grass, clover, alfalfa, alfalfa hay and legume hay, they are never exposed to any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals of any kind as these would be detrimental to the health and life of our goats. Goats do not eat meat or soy, and are not given wheat, corn or barley as this can bloat out the goat and ruin the milk quality. Goats are strictly vegetarian.

    The goats are also given salt tablet for their digestion and have plenty of fresh water at all times. The goats must also have large shelters to keep them out of any seasonal elements such as extreme heat or cold.

    Our farms are regularly inspected by both, state and county agencies as well as Meyenberg Goat Milk Management to ensure the goats are always in the best of health and being treated properly. Our farms are also registered with the American Dairy Goat Association. For more information on the American Dairy Goat Association please visit their website at:“>

    While our goats are on maternity leave we do not milk them and give their kid’s first access to mom’s milk. Once the kid’s are big enough to graze on their own, usually 4 to 6 weeks, those does will return to the milk stream increasing our supplies again for Meyenberg Goat Milk products. We do not sell the kids off for meat purposes; the kids are used for herd building, or sold to other farms looking to increase their herd sizes.

    When our goats reach retirement, they are left to graze with their friends in the fields until nature takes it course. If a goat should become ill at anytime, it will be removed from the herd and nursed back to health and then given to a 4H program or petting zoo to teach the kids the wonders of goats. Sometimes our removed/retired goats are used to clear dry grassy areas that could cause fire dangers during hot summer months. A goat’s life is always valuable!

    Meyenberg Goat Milk Products is the nationwide provider of goat milk in the United States for over 78 years; we also do not import animals or any feed. Meyenberg Goat Milk products have also been Certified Kosher, and are all naturally gluten free.

    If you are using the Meyenberg Goat Milk with a child under the age of one year old, please consult with your Pediatrician about supplementation necessary for a complete feeding. The best milk to give a child under the age of one is breast milk. When that isn’t possible alternatives should be discussed with your medical professional.”

    1. I would also like to know about meyenberg goat milk products, specifically the powdered milk. We give it to our son, raw milk is not available to us

    2. Ha ha ha! ‘Monsanto butter’. That is the funniest thing Ive heard in awhile. Hey why not call ALL of the gmo foods ‘Monsanto food’. Thats what Im going to do from now on. Sincetheyre the devil, running perfectly innocent hard working farming families out of business. Thanks for the idea. I love it.

  2. I was told by my Heart Doctor that I cant believe its not butter was good for me please give me your view

    1. You should check out this book:
      I grew up in a family that did not think that fat made you fat or contributed to heart disease (found that conclusion by independent research rather than just following what the government said). This book goes into the history and science of our current food culture.

      1. Doctors aren’t always right either. I’ve had different doctors tell me conflicting things. They can be wrong too.

      2. That’s were your wrong, a majority of doctors in the United States, have little nutritional knowledge. American doctors know much more about which drug you can use then how to eat your way to health.

      3. Not ncessarily Jillie. The doctor is most likely concerned with heart disease and per his training- it is.
        But doctors learn almost nothing about nutrition in medical school.

        I have used Smart Balance for years but from what I’m reading, it’s made from GMO oils..that changes everything.

      4. Doctors receive one week of nutritional studies during medical school. My in-law’s doctor told him that his cholesterol of 225 was OK. Dietician’s while thoroughly trained, most often rely upon the Standard American Diet guidelines, which are supported by the dairy, meat and corn industries. Food in the 21st century has unfortunately, become about making money and politics. Have you ever considered why the % RDA is not listed for sugar on all labeling? There are so many ways in which we are fed information that is blatantly untrue. You have to be your own guide and lobby for your own health.

    2. Tim, listen to your doctor with a crooked ear. He means well, he has your best interests at heart (**wink, wink**) but he is NOT a nutritionist nor a food expert.
      My doctor, who is GREAT, told me that there is no difference between brown rice and white rice when it comes to my diabetes, and that there is no difference between long grain, jasmine or basmati – it is all rice and should be avoided.
      Well, he just could not be more wrong!
      It is rare that the medical community and the food community will agree so you HAVE to do the research yourself and trust people like Food Babe who are doing the research for you.
      And even then, do a little more – after all, YOU are the only one making the final decision of what goes into your mouth. 😀

      1. I am learning a lot from you guys. Could you tell the differences between between brown rice and white rice when it comes to my diabetes, and that there is no difference between long grain, jasmine or basmati? Not questioning, just learning!

      2. Hi Jan! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
        Brown rice is the whole grain with just the first outer layer, the husk or hull, removed through milling. It retains all its fiber and germ which contains vital nutrients.
        White rice is brown rice that has been milled further to remove the next layer of bran and much of the germ – this reduces fiber and removes an essential nutritious oil.
        Rice also comes in many varietals, such as long-grain, short-grain, jasmine, basmati, etc. These different varieties are chosen for different ways of cooking rice, such as sushi, but the important aspect for a diabetic is the glycemic index. Regular white rice has the highest glycemic index while brown rice has the lowest. Different varietals have different glycemic indexes with basmati having the lowest of all the different rices.
        For us, we use brown basmati rice to get the best of the whole grain and the lowest glycemic index.
        Does that help or make sense? I will be happy to answer anything more I can, and of course, others may chime in, too.

      3. Well said Marcia! Thank you- that is what I meant to say re: Tim and then replies to him about the doctor’s advice.

        The doctors mean well, but sadly they don’t know that much about nutrition . Years ago health and eating typical American farm grown foods went hand in hand- but not so anymore.

  3. I am wondering what your thoughts are on French butter? I can buy butter from France, Denmark, and other countries in a grocery store near me. I know that France does not allow GMOs, so I have used butter made there in hopes that it does not contain GMOs.

  4. I do appreciate the information, this is important stuff.
    The second image in 72 dpi is too small to see the names of the products that are healthy. Could you post a larger image so it can be read?
    thank you!

  5. Tim, my doctor told me the same thing too, but the I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter actually made me heavier because it created more unhealthy cravings for me

  6. Hi,
    I thought I read from either Natural News or Greenmedinfo that Organic Valley is actually a MONSANTO supporter and that the brand is hiding like many others are doing, behind the USDA ORGANIC label. ???????? I was sad to hear this because the milk is very good, pasteurized, but creamy. Your thoughts?

    1. This was a hyperbole of what actually happened. Organic Valley wanted to keep GMO alfalfa off the market entirely but the USDA decided that it was entering the market it would either be completely unrestricted or partially restricted. Organic Valley chose partially restricted and was lambasted. I know Organic Valley dairy farmers and they are some of the most ethical people around- and have to be to keep up with Organic Valley’s high standards.

      1. Thank you so much Kelsey, I’m sooooo relieved to hear it, its so creamy and makes good Kefir. Do they do Raw Milk?

      2. Organic Valley gets their milk from farmers from many different places so the availability of raw milk from the farm will differ from sate to state and even town to town (even though Tylenol is more dangerous than raw milk). The farm that I am most familiar with is Lilac Ridge in Brattleboro VT ( In Vermont you must put your name on a state monitored list to be eligible for raw milk (that way if a bunch of people get sick the state can try to track it to a farm). I have since moved to Idaho where the availability of raw milk is common and not controlled (which I appreciate). The sensationalization of the “dangers” of raw milk is probably one of the most detrimental news stories to public health. I would encourage anyone interested in raw milk to visit the farm and see the practices employed. A good farmer will welcome that and I would be suspicious of any farm that discouraged it.

  7. Food Babe, if a baking recipe calls for shortening what is my best option for shortening or substitute? The recipe is for Sweet Potato Biscuits -gluten free and vegan. It calls for allergy friendly vegan shortening, is this my healthiest option?

  8. Thank you for such a wonderful article. Last night I made browned butter and myzithira (dish I’ve done for ever). Like you I long had a disdain for Horizon (you have confirmed my suspicions) however, due to grocery store monopoly in my town, selection is VERY limited for organics (esp. salt free), prices are insane ($6+ for Kerrygold 1/2 lb) , and availability sketchy (an organic house brand I use to use is no longer) – thus Horizon unsalted was my “affordable” option — jokes on me – I had to throw out an entire stick as it would not brown — after exploding, there was minimal browning particles, and as I continued to heat they only got more burnt — after 2 unsuccessful attempts I fortunately had some Challenge organic salted and everything worked out fine (it’s just that salted foams more) — I then tried some of the horizon again (perhaps my heat was off) Nope it just spattered, popped, and quickly burned. For grins and giggles I am going to bite the bullet and buy some of the euro butters and see what happens. note too that when browning the butter my husband said the Horizon didn’t smell like melted butter, just hot oil & but the Challenge immediately had the warm butter smell upon heating.

    AS for those who worry about health and butter – re: the fat; for what it is worth I stopped using margarine 15 years ago, eliminated HFC 10 yrs ago. 54 y/o wf; w/ only changing the nature of my food my wt is back to the same as in high school and when I joined a gym for the 1st time in 20 yrs, my intake BMI for my age was “athletic”. I’m a housewife and avid organic gardener. Note too my 85y/o father who has followed my advice is on NO meds and just had his annual heart exam, total thumbs up.

    Again, thank you for a great site. You’re now in my favorites.

    1. Thanks for all your input. Amazing.
      Too bad about Horizon Butter as a brand.
      Yes to Challenge, especially a kind now blended with coconut oil. So heavenly.
      Also, envy on your 85 y/o father. I am trying sooo hard, but they just get angry at my very, very gentle advice and admonishement on label ingredients. On all they typical Rx, Statins, Diuretics, BP… who knows what else.
      – Need to find an Integrative physician, but parents love their GP who admitted to not having any nutritional training in med school.

  9. The people that attack you are ignorant& ill informed. .A condition probably caused by in breading or GMOs. Keep up the good work.

    1. Your spot on. I am thoroughly convinced that school shootings are a result of the complete lack of nutrition in this country. The time line of the mass shootings is linked to the flood of processed carcinogens in our food supply. If a human being is not given proper nutrition then how can peoples brains develop correctly? Of course there is probably no way to prove this, since there are so many variables, but it makes perfect sense.

      1. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy is the only one I know of in the country who has done a more than 20 year study on all the shooters who have made headlines and a lot of the well known suicides. The psycogenic drugs for depression, anxiety, etc., passed out like candy, are directly related to this. I’m sure chemical toxicity and poor nutrition don’t help the situation either. Google her and check out her site.

    1. Your spot on. I am thoroughly convinced that school shootings are a result of the complete lack of nutrition in this country. The time line of the mass shootings is linked to the flood of processed carcinogens in our food supply. If a human being is not given proper nutrition then how can peoples brains develop correctly? Of course there is probably no way to prove this, since there are so many variables, but it makes perfect sense.

  10. My partner has relatives who are farmers,and they don,t eat butter,so I am wondering why,they certainly told her that they make and sell it on the farm
    the relatives are on her fathers side of the family and only turned up on fiunerals so she can,t ask them. As she does not really communicate with them as they were never in her life.”sad really”.

  11. FYI – Smart Balance Original is now Non-GMO!
    And has been for a while now.
    Their Pledge is
    “WE PLEDGE that 100% of ingredients source for this Smart Balance Buttery Spread are Non-GMO”” Learn more at

    PLEASE UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE! Thank-you and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Safe New Year!
    God Bless,

      1. it’s a butter spread. It’s not made with any dairy, therefore is not butter. It’s made with oils (though I’m curious exactly what non gmo oils and how they are treated) and is therefore an oil spread. You don’t get the same benefits you do with real butter. I know vegans don’t eat dairy and so this is considered a good substitute, but it still ain’t butter

      2. Wow, thanks for the info.. Now I’m wondering if I should trust their peanut butter :/ my kids love it!

  12. I’ve been buying Full Circle organic butter at Raley’s. Is it ok? It says it is produced without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or dangerous pesticides. The ingredients are: Pasteurized sweet cream, salt. Sounds ok, right? Anyone’s thoughts or knowledge appreciated.

  13. I want to thank you for posting this article. I shop at Whole Foods who been selling Horizon products. And I been buying it for years and the issues have been going on for years. And I never knew about it tell I found your article. Man I am very upset with Horizon and even more so with Whole Foods!!! Since we pay high dollars to shop their I expect the food to be high quality … instead I been getting the same junk that sold at Walmart’s. I feel like they ripped me off!!!

    another article I found concerning this issue:

    Right now I am very disappointed more so with Whole Foods and just sent an email showing that. This is the second time they have disappointed me. I shop their and I expect high quality because it cost a lot more to shop their and I feel they should have taken this off their shelves a long time ago. I’m going to see if anybody is watching Whole Foods … if not thanking of researching all their products and posting the results.

    Thanks again … Signing up

  14. How about Brummel and Brown, not sure who makes them; we’re allergic to dairy but yogurt has never bothered us.

    1. You’re allergic to dairy but yoghurt (made entirely from milk i.e dairy) has never bothered you? How can that be?

      1. I think it’s because of the acidophilus, but it’s been that way for 25 years now…anything with milk, cheese, cream bothers me but items made with yogurt don’t have the same effect.

      2. Fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheeses tend to have bacteria the help break down and thereby decrease the amounts of lactose in those products.

  15. I wish you would have mentioned Super Natural butters! Made in the USA, grassfed butter. We get it at Whole Foods.

    1. We love Kalona Super Natural! I was surprised it wasn’t mentioned either. It’s the best option I’ve found and has the best flavor.

  16. I’m curious about Earth Balance Organic Coconut spread, it has the Organic label and the Non Gmo label but yet on the ingredients on back says it has Lactic Acid and Natural Flavor with no * on either one…and also it says on front in very small print….78% Vegetable Oils (Non-GMO) any comments on what that means if the container says Organic and Non Gmo

  17. i buy breakstones organic whipped or wegmans organic. I honestly don’t know or trust anyone anymore.

    I just bought my wife NyQuil. You wanna be horrified? Read those ingredients.

    1. The lack of trust in our government, food supply, etc. has probably kept many from vaccinating their children (along with autism scares). Measles are probably better for children then the garbage GMO’s Americans feed their children.

      1. If you want to see a very well done, eye opening, compelling documentary on vaccines, autism, GMO’s and more, just google these three words….. Bought the movie.

      2. If you want to see a very well done, eye opening, compelling documentary about vaccines, autism, GMO’s., etc, google these three words…. Bought the movie.

  18. Best butter I have tried so far is Trickling Springs Organic Butter. Found it at Whole Foods. Organic, Grass Fed and salted with Celtic Sea Salt!

  19. I would call you misinformed but you are completely uninformed. And irresponsible! You naively believe that just because something contains a GMO it is bad for you. You seem to think that GMO’s are unregulated and untested. This is completely untrue. Rather than quote you studies and proof that butter with GMO’s is completely safe to consume why don’t you check your facts before publishing them since you feel the need to blog and educate people. Can you provide one respected journal study that supports your claims?

      1. I’m with Tracy and Robka. Not sure where you’re coming from, or why you’re on this page. Common sense alone tells you genetically modified food is wrong for us — or do you have a genetically modified body to work with it?

    1. Why don’t you find blogs that support your beliefs instead of trolling blogs that don’t? The only rant I saw was yours.

    2. It’s easy to understand why you have a positive feelings about GMO’s, since all the knowledge you have gained were written by Monsanto. An education isn’t worth the paper its printed on if it’s tainted by falsified studies conducted by a billion dollar corporation who pay their scientist to do what they tell them. Have fun conducting science experiments on your families health by feeding them GMO’s

    3. I know a GMO scientist who explained to me that some genetic modifications are to increase yields. Most people have no problem with that aspect of food science. The problem comes from creating seeds that withstand petroleum based (carcinogenic) compounds during growth.These plants are created specifically to be used in conjunction with Round-up and other industrial pesticides. Industrial farms blanket huge areas with toxins that end up in our water supply. The latest scary development is the making of plants that generate their own pesticides. Why are we the only 1st world country that experiments on its population and makes food safety a secondary consideration?

  20. Thank you for all the great information and advocacy you provide. My daughter has a life-threatening allergy to dairy and most tree nuts. I have been buying Smart Balance Light, labeled non-GMO. What are your feelings about this? I have been finding it difficult to feed her healthfully and stay away from toxins in many dairy substitutes.

    1. I have a tub of organic smart balance. Im thinking the canola is what will make it still a bad choice. I hope someone answers both of us on this. Ive got lots of food allergies myself. Makes it tough on some things.

  21. What about Earth Balance-non GMO-organic-vegan butter spread? I don’t see that on the list?
    Am I really better off with dairy?


  22. I remember grandma came home back in the 50 s and she had a bag of grease and it had a yellow spot in the middle and you needed it and that was margined ever like it alway eat butter

    1. I remember that…it was a white substance in a plastic bag that we used to place on the radiator to soften…I loved to squeeze and make it all creamy….don’t remember what it tasted like…but the squeezing was fun…most likely was lard or something else bad for us…

  23. Food Babe,
    What about Benecol? It has an ingredient derived from natural plant sources, plant stenol esters which have been proven to lower cholesterol levels…

      1. ‘Grass-fed’ case dismissed: Reasonable consumers would not expect cows to be fed ‘only’ grass

    1. ‘Grass-fed’ case dismissed: Reasonable consumers would not expect cows to be fed ‘only’ grass

  24. Years ago finding out what is in margarine – I switched to butter much to the dismay of my MD. Well now I am making my own butter. Doesn’t take long – just GOOD heavy whipping cream and KitchenAid mixer. Simple, fun for the kids and healthy

  25. Pls tell me what to use as good butter spreads or use in baking cakes or cookies ! I would appreciate much if you can reply me ASAP as I need to bake a cake foru sons birthday ! Thank you much !

  26. One word on Organic Dairy…….STRAUS, from beautiful Marshall, CA. Michael and his family take farming to a new level. So glad their products are spreading farther!

  27. Thanks for the Butter tips! I usually buy Land o’ the Lakes, but No More. I called them to inquire about GMOs & they said they cannot guarantee what the cows eat, etc. So I told them I won’t be buying it anymore then. I’m going to Sprouts or Wholefoods for Organic Ghee now!

  28. To: Joseph Hickman your obviously a Monsanto supporter, so you can take your ” bought & paid for” garbage studies & your opinions to another website with less intelligent readers!

  29. Very sad to me that the majority of people in the US look to doctors for nutrition advice. My mother is a retired physician and my brother has been an ER doctor since 1995. Doctors get about an hour on nutrition in medical school and ZERO education after that.
    Unfortunately, physicians are not very likely to say, “I don’t know” when asked a question about nutrition.
    The marketing of “what’s good for you” is in the hands or huge commercial processed food manufacturers, not physicians.
    My brother is a great guy, but he lives on Diet Mountain Dew and Snickers bars and processed foods.
    Good healthy fats are an absolute necessity for optimal health!
    Your choices of food from grocery stores changed DRAMATICALLY with the advent of High Fructose Corn Syrup which is now in the majority of foods in the grocery store and now listed in different forms. I stay away from processed food, sugars, especially high fructose corn syrup, conventional cooking oils, and just about anything in a box or a can.
    The Food Babe has some great info even though a lot of it goes against everything you learned growing up.
    I’m not telling you what to eat, but I will tell you that you should educate yourself, b/c the FDA and the government isn’t looking out for you as far as your health is concerned! Monsanto has had company representatives in the US Executive Cabinet since Dan Quail signed into law patenting living organisms to Genetically Modify Organisms (GMO’s) for the benefit of Monsanto, NOT YOU!. You AREN’T EATING THE FOOD GRANDMA ATE, even if it goes by the same name! IT’S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

  30. Melva Smith,

    Stay away from Canola Oil! There is no such thing as organic canola oil, b/c it’s man made. = Polyunsaturated fats (the bad kind)!

  31. First of all, thank you Vani for all of your hard work and dedication! I’ve been an avid label reader for years now; and it is definitely not easy to decipher most of the ingredients! I try to eat organically as much as possible, but I am becoming very suspicious of the USDA! If we can’t trust the FDA; what assurance do we have that another agency run by the same government is legitimate? Would love to hear back from you about what makes you trust their practices and standards!

  32. Don’t put your faith in Whole Foods. The owner is best friends with the CEO of GMOs and they not only have sometimes sold GMO products unlabelled they’ve been paying lobbyists to prevent the labeling of GMO products.

  33. Hello, sorry I dont understand some very well, the great value salted butter is worst.
    my english is little my idiom is spanish and use traductor ocasionaly for understant. thanks. love your site

  34. Butter tastes to good to be true, sounds like the stuff heart attacks are made of. On the other hand, if you work pretty hard, digest dairy well, and burn this stuff off vs. parking it in arteries, then it’s a healthy foodstuff. We had to move away from organics when people started breeding like flies, things like antibiotics became popular, and the cities keep filling up with people who’ve got nothing better to do than eat.

  35. This article talks about how certain types of butters that can be very harmful towards your body, specifically it explains that Monsanto butter (butters such as margarine and other butters that possess GMO’s) are bad for you. It also explains that butters made organically are the best ones in which you can consume. Within the list of the 10 red flags to watch out for this article falls under red fag number 9 which is “lists of good and bad foods”. I believe this article possesses false claims due to the fact that there was a list going from left to right starting with organic butters that were good for you and ending with butters that are the worst for you ending with margarine. When looking into this article from a deeper perspective, there is no evidence or supporting valid sources that the author should have used in order to help their statements have more validity. In other words this article was written based on someone’s opinion about butters with very little evidence about how GMOs can affect humans and there was no correlation to how butters may affect a human based on a general population of test subjects. Another important detail this article neglected to talk about was what the term “organic butter” actually means, or are companies just slapping this label on their products to make them seem more healthy? Overall, this article is one that can be considered Junk Science.

  36. I love butter. There is no recipe that cannot be improved by its taste, or nutritional value. Here is my question: I see you do not have Amish butter listed here. To my mind (I’ve test it) I find it to be an inexpensive, high-quality butter, although it DOES NOT label itself Organic. My understanding is that the Amish food is Organic by default — so they do not feel the need to label it as a distinction from Non-Organic. Is that so? Because the Amish butter is in a sustainable gold wrapper and a four pound “roll” is only $10.00.

  37. Good morning,
    I recently heard you speak on the broken brain podcast.
    Thank you for all the hard work and advocacy! I believe in this movement and support your efforts. In reading this butter article I love that it is advocating for a “better butter”. I would love to believe that butter is a food we should be eating but my understanding as laid out by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Dr. Kristi Funk, Dr. Will Lee, Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Jason Fung et al is that dairy, particularly fatty dairy, is correlated with increased cancer -particularly estrogen driven cancers, and heart disease. I would love it if you could site your research about butter being healthy or any research that shows Organic butter or sustainably raised butter is a healthy choice for humans. I have not come across that research. I don’t stand firmly in an ideology so I would be happy to eat butter again if l didn’t think it was going to contribute to the chance of me or my children developing cancer, obesity or heart disease. Thanks.

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