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Is This Weedkiller In Your Favorite Hummus Brand? (Sabra, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter)

Dipping raw veggies into hummus is one of my favorite healthy snacks. It’s got a combo of protein and fiber to keep you from craving junk and can be a great pick me up that replaces processed snacks. 

But information recently came out that rocked my hummus-lovin’ world. 

Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested popular hummus brands (like Sabra, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter) and found the chemical glyphosate in 90% of them. (1)

If you don’t know what glyphosate is, this is the active ingredient in Roundup Weed Killer. And, this chemical is strongly linked to cancer and many health issues. (2)

Is there cancerous Roundup in your hummus? Read on to get the details. 

EWG hired an independent accredited laboratory to test samples of hummus that they bought from major grocery store chains, Aldi, Costco, Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway, ShopRite, Target, Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Whole Foods. 

What they found was disturbing. Almost ALL of the hummus was contaminated with glyphosate. 

And, over one-third of the conventional hummus had more glyphosate than EWG’s limit (160 ppb – parts per billion) for daily consumption, based on a 4 tablespoon serving size. (1)

Hummus brands with the most glyphosate:

Surprisingly, the brand with the most glyphosate was Whole Foods Original Hummus (non-organic) – with nearly 15 times the amount that EWG says is safe! Other brands with high amounts of glyphosate were Sabra, Harris Teeter, Haig’s, and Cava: 

EWG considers anything over 160 ppb of glyphosate to be unsafe: 

  • Whole Foods Original Hummus (non-organic): 442 ppb to 2,379 ppb
  • Harris Teeter Traditional Artisan Hummus: 1,290 ppb to 1,618 ppb
  • Sabra Classic Hummus: 110 ppb to 743 ppb
  • Sabra Roasted Pine Nut Hummus: 349 ppb
  • Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus: 344 ppb
  • Haig’s Delicacies Spicy Hummus: 333 ppb
  • Cava Traditional Hummus: 224 ppb

Is organic hummus tainted with Roundup?

Roundup isn’t permitted on organic crops, so you’d think that this would mean that all organic foods are glyphosate-free. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Roundup has poisoned our environment to such an extreme level that organic crops are getting contaminated by rainwater, drift from nearby crops, and even during storage. 

Thankfully, EWG didn’t find large amounts of glyphosate in most organic hummus, and only one sample had levels over what they consider safe (anything over 160 ppb). They tested 3 different samples of Whole Foods Organic Hummus and found negligible small amounts (2ppb) in two samples and 419 ppb in a third sample. Overall, this is still less than what was found in most of the conventional hummus tested.

It’s somewhat of a crapshoot, but overall the certified organic hummus brands had the least amount of glyphosate in them – by far.

The organic hummus with the lowest levels included O Organics, Cedar’s Organic, Nature’s Promise Organic, and Hannah Organic

However, I don’t buy store-bought hummus.

I wouldn’t recommend buying those brands because they use some unhealthy oils. Hummus should be made with only extra virgin olive oil, and that’s a big reason why I make it myself. 

I’ll post some of my favorite hummus recipes at the end of this post, BUT FIRST – you should be aware that the main ingredient in hummus – chickpeas – are the main culprit in all this glyphosate in hummus, so it pays to be careful where you source your ingredients. 

There’s Roundup in our chickpeas (and other beans). 

EWG also tested various beans (dried and canned) and found glyphosate in alarming levels in a few brands…

One sample of Harris Teeter organic dried chickpeas were LOADED with glyphosate and were tested twice to be sure, at an average of 17,718 ppb. This is more than THREE TIMES the amount that the EPA allows and over the legal limit of pesticides allowed on organic foods. The EWG reported this to the USDA National Organic Program for investigation. Granted, other samples of Harris Teeter organic chickpeas were tested and had very low levels, so it depends on the batch.

  • Harris Teeter Organics Dry Chickpeas (one sample, tested twice): 13,982 & 21,454 ppb 
  • Harris Teeter Organics Dry Chickpeas (2 additional samples): 13 & 18 ppb
  • Harris Teeter Conventional Dry Chickpeas: 3,363 pbb to 5,293 ppb

EWG found glyphosate in 68% of other beans tested.

Bush’s, Harris Teeter, and Iberia brands were some of the worst offenders: 

Here is why you don’t want glyphosate in your food:

  • Independent research links glyphosate to cancer and it has been deemed a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency For Research on Cancer. (3
  • The maker of Roundup is settling cancer cases in the billions of dollars. (4)
  • Glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, which disrupts hormones and leads to reproductive problems, early onset puberty, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. (5) When it comes to endocrine disruptors, very small exposures are damaging. (6)
  • It’s also a broad-spectrum antibiotic killing the good bacteria in your gut. (7) Poor gut health is linked to inflammation and a whole host of diseases. (8)

Despite the risk – Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the world. 

It continues to be used on food crops, parks, playgrounds, and by homeowners everywhere. Conventional (non-organic farmers) use Roundup for weed control and also as a drying agent on beans, oats, wheat, and other crops. It can’t be simply washed off, as it is taken up into the plant itself. This is why so many of our food products are coming up tainted! (2)

I was disgusted to find out that in 1997 the EPA increased the allowable amount of glyphosate in chickpeas from 200 ppb to 5,000 ppb (more than 30 times what EWG says is safe). (9) This was supposed to be temporary – but it was extended and has been in effect for the last 23 years! (1) Outrageous.

Make your own hummus. It’s so easy! 

I don’t buy pre-made hummus for lots of reasons. Most brands are made with unhealthy oils (GMO soybean or canola oil) and risky preservatives like Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate.(10) And now we know many brands have Roundup in them! It’s much safer and way more delicious to make hummus at home with organic ingredients and extra virgin olive oil. 

Try these hummus recipes: 

NOTE: Simple Truth Organic canned chickpeas were tested by EWG and no glyphosate was detected. I personally love to use Eden Foods organic garbanzo beans to make my hummus. EWG didn’t test this brand, but we reached out them and asked whether they test for glyphosate: 

“Eden does not typically test our products for glyphosate, however, as previously stated we work with people in identifying farmland that has been managed organically long-term. Healthy soil produces better food and we know our growers well. They use third-party certifiers who work with Eden standards, require an audit trail, and provide deep transparency. We have confidence the products we produce and trust in the farmers that grow them.” – Email from Eden Foods, Jan. 2021

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Remember the best way to avoid glyphosate is to choose certified organic brands (and organic ingredients for making your own at home!) Although some organic brands are contaminated, the levels found in most organic foods are minimal compared to what’s been found in non-organic brands. This is the best way to safeguard ourselves. 

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18 responses to “Is This Weedkiller In Your Favorite Hummus Brand? (Sabra, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter)

  1. Thank you so much for this very helpful info!!
    Am sad Eden Foods was so non specific in their reply.
    They should be testing considering how prevalent this poison is.
    All the best to U for your great work.

  2. This just makes me so angry! Not a care in killing people every day with this poison! Thanks for all you do!

  3. This is horrible! I only buy organic foods …..I didn’t think I had to worry about roundup! How can we get roundup and artificial food coloring out of our foods? I have a two year old and I want her safe and healthy and to never be exposed to dangerous foods.

  4. Was Basha hummus ever tested? That’s the brand Costco carries.

    This shocking and awful!!

  5. The only hummus brand I found that I can trust is the organic HOPE hummus as it has the good kind of oil. Was this one tested for glyphosate ?

  6. Big agra, big food & big pharma poison everything. They’re all part of the global New World Order whose goal is to limit human population & keep it at 500,000,000. Research it for yourself. These are the people who have been governing our world.

  7. Agreed. Glyphosate is poisoning and making its way into everything! It degrades and stays in the soil for decades … poisons both plant and wildlife, and is a slow poison for humans. It is shameful how broken our food system has become. The best thing we can do is educate ourselves and others; demand transparency from companies, and buy organic – Non GMO verified food. Better yet … purchase from local trusted sources or grown your own.
    Regarding hummus: it is very easy to make yourself and can be frozen for future use.

  8. What about chickpeas in general. Is it the chickpeas that contain the glyphosate? If that is the case then making your own hummus isn’t safe either.

    1. Yes, it’s in the soil. The USDA only requires 3 years of no spraying to count something to be labeled “organic”. However, soil pathologist Dr Don Huber in a talk with the grass-fed conference said that glyphosate has a 22 year half-life in the soil. SO it would not matter if they didn’t spray for 3 years. It would be in there if it was sprayed pretty much ever. Also, I learned from Moms Across America that the EPA lists increase the levels because they can’t do anything about the huge amounts already there. They publish that 0.1 ppb is the only amount needed to destroy the good gut microbiome. So all of the samples were way over the limit. it was much higher for livestock feed, 300-400 ppb. Tony Mitra has a book Poison Foods that lost 7000 foods and there was where I found out about chickpeas and lentils both great in their proteins, but they were all contaminated. By huge amounts like Vani listed in the article. I am thrilled she found a brand that was clear, now maybe I can eat them again. But In Tony’s book, he was hugely upset that even organically labeled chickpeas were contaminated. Me too. Maybe I can find some dry ones that are safe because I would prefer to grow some. Personal note, I made some falafel with some conventional chickpeas before I knew this, and they wouldn’t;t sprout. I sprout all beans and grains and rice before cooking. It lowers the phytates. (phytates make these indigestible). But I tied and tried, would not sprout. I went ahead and made the falafel and early in the morning, middle of the night, my hubby was driving me to the hospital, I woke up a month later with a huge hole and wound vacuum in my gut and a colostomy bag, this is the danger of the Round-Up. It kills your gut, it killed 26 cm of mine. I was lucky. It could have been worse. If not for all the vitamin D and C I take, I might have had cancer too.

    1. Simple Truth Organic canned chickpeas were tested by EWG and no glyphosate was detected. It was in the article. Please read,

  9. One other option, last year Mexico declared itself glyphosate free. And it is currently working on banning GMO imports. So there is our answer. Tony Mitra wrote about Mexico being one of the cleanest countries of origin. I believe because they have loaned us, and rented us so many Mexican workers (yes there are still many legal workers here) that have witnessed the poor results or GMO crops and Round Up Ready crops, and went back home to farm traditionally, this could be a factor in their declaration. And for its imperfections, I for one am thrilled they are doing this. We get food from Mexican grocery stores here and My gallbladder is grateful. ( RoundUp causes gallstones very quickly in me). So Mexico is our great hope and I found some articles on the superior garbanzo beans they grow there;

  10. Thank you FoodBabe and FoodBabe team. Glad to see that the organic brands, more the most part, are lower in glyphosate than conventional. We need to keep voting with our wallets. Money is the only language these big businesses understand. We are big fans of Eden Foods as well. Michael Potter is the CEO and he is like the FoodBabe of the industry. He works very hard to ensure quality ingredients from farmers with long-term relationships with Eden. I researched Eden years ago. They are top notch.

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