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Kraft Petition Delivery – Listen To What Happened

When I landed yesterday back in Charlotte, I got slammed by reporter requests to talk about the petition delivery and the meeting with Kraft. I am taking all of the requests because it incredibly important to keep getting this message out there. However, these interviews take up a serious amount of time and energy. I want you to know, I plan on writing a VERY detailed post about exactly what happened, as soon as possible – waiting to do it is killing me!

In the meantime, this is a radio clip that is probably one of the most detailed accounts of what happened that’s been released so far by the media…

Enjoy it – I get pretty fired up.

Listen here: WGN Radio Food Fight Blogger War with Mac & Cheese


FYI – When you click on the WGN link, there is small play button that looks like this below (It’s not the video) – you will need to click this to listen to the 16 min radio interview.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 12.33.53 PM

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91 responses to “Kraft Petition Delivery – Listen To What Happened

      1. I’ve been to Chicago in January. One evening it was like -20F (not counting wind chill). And I’m from Miami, so that felt like the arctic circle!

      1. Before you get to the video – there is a small play button – try that.

      1. There is a small button above the video that you will need to press.

  1. Claudia, above that 27 second video there is a play button for an audio file of the interview.

  2. What I find really ironic is the that your b*ll***t comment had to be bleeped out because of government regulations on what is appropriate for children to HEAR but they don’t seem to care what those same children EAT!

    Nice job Vani for helping educate the US consumer on what is really happening with our food supply! 🙂

  3. Get ’em Food Babe! Your boldness is admirable and I seriously appreciate you devoting so much time and effort to this. Don’t stop! I was infuriated listening to what they said to you as I am any time I think about this stuff. I think they don’t have answers because their masters, whoever they may be, are the ones controlling everything and the little ants in the corporation have no power to do anything about it. But the masters will hear! It also makes me SO ANGRY when people treat the FDA like it’s God…the end all be all to what is safe for consumption and they are often the same people yelling about how they distrust the rest of the government. If the FDA approved jumping off overpasses to land on cars, people would do it. I’m trying to do my small part to get my friends, one by one, to realize the truth about their food and this weekend one of them made one of your recipes for the first time after I told them about you! Thank you for your voice!

  4. Great interview, it sounds as though they have alot of accountability issues. Let’s keep up the pressure on more transparency less rhetoric. Consumers are becoming more aware of what is being fed to them, in more ways than one, ha ha. Vani, you are a real trooper, keep up the good work. Once this campaign has been won, let’s move on to GMO’s. Oh Lord, is that opening a can or worms…

  5. WOW…I just listened to the radio interview and was absolutely astounded. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for being so articulate and brave representing the people who signed the petition. I would really like to know the answers to the questions you asked Kraft and they were unable to give you answers. Can you keep the petition circulating and keep getting the message out??? This would help educate people about food dyes, etc. What more can we as consumers do?

  6. Great job Vani keep up this fight for all of us who want real food only, great interview

  7. Great interview – very informative. But you lost me when they had to bleep out your cursing. Stay professional or risk losing your credibility over Kraft!

  8. WOW, I am so impressed with this interview Vani. Amazing job. Brandmeier can be hard on people sometimes, but seemed to welcome your points. Love your passion, we all can make the change. Thanks

  9. Terrific interview! And great job on the delivery of the petitions. I was just reading the comments and found it rather humorous that you had to repeat the instructions over and over! You have more patience that I! Keep up the good work.

  10. BRAVA!!! We are all standing behind you and what we can only do is make a difference with CHILDREN. There has to be a movement that targets children making wiser choices. It’s obvious that some older Americans are stubborn and don’t care about those who are being affected. Organic shouldn’t be a luxury item and you are absolutely right, we are all human beings and deserve FOOD not chemicals.

  11. Awesome interview!! You’re amazing! Thank you for speaking up for those that can’t!

  12. Great interview Vani!! ‘We can agree to disagree’?? Really? Ridiculous! I just want to know how many Kraft employees are feeding their kids the petroleum laden mac and cheese now!

  13. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all of the the hard work you are putting into this selfless cause. Keep it up, Vani!

  14. Just started following you a few months ago and am amazed by all that I’ve already learned from you and “100 Days”. Love your passion and thankful to have both of you standing up for us and our children. Great interview and hope it and your efforts continue to get the publicity needed to bring Kraft to change its ways.

  15. thank you vani. the interview was great but i am so furious now i can hardly think straight. you did a great job and those people at kraft should be ashamed!!!!!!

  16. That’s right… you are their worst nightmare and an ANGEL to the rest of us. (Lisa too, I don’t want to leave her importance out of this) Thank you for working on this and I loved the interview. I thought you sounded really level headed and honest, not pushy or arrogant about eating healthy foods!

  17. Fabulous interview!! You were so strong and articulate with those Kraft people. I’m so happy to have you lead the charge to protect our food sources and children.

  18. I went and thanked the station for airing this. It was AWESOME. Vani, you’re my hero. Keep speaking up for all of us – when you need our help just ask. I wish I could sign the petition 100,000 times!

  19. Vani – you rock! Thanks for staying so passionate and keeping on this fight. We need more people like you to advocate for us, the consumers. Continue your calling, and you’ll always have my support!

  20. Awesome work, Vani! Thank you for all you are doing. You and Lisa are a godsend to so many people. We stand firm behind what you are doing!

  21. WELL DONE Vani!! You are so articulate and knowledgeable about your subject. I really admire your gutsy approach. Keep fighting for us all Food Babe!

  22. Love the work! Keep the information coming! I’m pretty chatty when it comes to this topic and highly appreciate your information and research, it helps me positively influence and correct the eating habits of peers around me. You plain and simply, ROCK!

  23. ***************YEAH!!!!!!!!************ You did an excellent job in that invertiew! Thank you for sharing it and I am sooooooooo excited for you doing it for all Americans! You are striving hard for change and I am soooooooooooo grateful!!!!! Praying for strength for you to keep it up-you and Lisa and all your supporters!!!!! I see another “Erin Brockovich” type movie in the works! 🙂 A grateful supporter! Sherra in TN

  24. If I had a medal to give you, I’d give you one… or 12! Thanks for representing all our voices and hearts so incredibly well on the issue. You’re leading the charge in amazing ways.

    {Virtual high five!!}

  25. Great job, Vani!! Keep it up and we’ll keep signing your petitions. You are making a difference – even if they don’t change ingredients, you are contributing to America’s growing awareness and education about food, and this is invaluable! …And I am sure Kraft is saving $ by using the petroleum-based dyes. If the natural alternatives were cheaper, they’d already be using them.

  26. Thank you Vani! Hopefully Kraft will open up their ears and eyes and realize that hundreds of thousands of people want safe ingredients in their foods, and this is a great start. I don’t buy Kraft mac n’cheese anyway, but until they remove these dyes, i’m DEFINITELY voting with my dollars. Thank you for being the voice for all of us! You go girl!

  27. Beautiful! What a great interview. Thank you so much, Vani. We are blessed/lucky enough to have the knowledge and financial stability to not rely on foods like Kraft, but there are millions of families out there who need people like you to fight when they can’t/don’t know how. Thank you! Let us (your followers) know how else we can support you on this issue and many more. Well done!

  28. Just pinned your pic with this comment:

    Food Babe – on her way to doing for processed foods what Upton Sinclair did for processed meats. Complete and total overhaul that removes many questionable chemical additives.


  29. Awesome!!!! Great interview!!!! Thank you so much for the hard work that you do!!!!!!

  30. Keep it up!! Keep persevering!! You’re doing a great job and we have your back! Thanks for representing. 🙂

  31. That was a great interview! Thanks for all your hard work! I hope this opens everyone’s eyes about reading ingredient labels. I have learned so much reading your and 100daysofrealfood blogs! Thanks!!

  32. Vani, have you been able to contact any of the other leading brands who may not use Yellow #5 & #6 to see if they have seen an increase in sales for their products?? I know of Annie’s and Trader Joe’s and those are the brands we choose. Thank you and the WGN interview was epic!

  33. Wow, Vani, phenomenal interview! I agree with you 100%! People are medicating against symptoms instead of looking at the causes of the problem! The food quality is becoming so bad! Being from Europe, I can tell a huge difference between the food quality to here in the US, and especially the steep price tag of real food here!

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