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Launching Subway Petition – They Will Finally Hear From Us, Loud and Clear

Join Me In Signing The Petition: Subway Stop Using Dangerous Chemicals In Your Bread! 


I have written about Subway several times – First in 2012, when I did an investigation into what exactly was in their famous low calorie and “fresh” sandwiches and then again last year when I did a deep dive into one of the most controversial ingredients used in their breads.

Not only has this company not responded, but they have ignored repeated requests by me and others to learn more about why they are using an ingredient banned all over the world. They have completely ignored us.

Then last week, Michelle Obama, The First Lady of The United States endorsed this company saying every single item on the kid’s menu met the “highest nutrition standards.

This is what broke the camels back.

Not only is the First Lady of the United States duped by this company, but millions of North Americans.

I knew I had to do something. With you.

This action is bigger than just one ingredient.  It’s about holding companies accountable for their hypocrisy and exploitation of Americans. It’s about waking up the world and telling them the truth.

Join me today – Read this petition, sign it & watch the short video and then share it with everyone you know.

We have power together to change the food system.

We’ve done it a few times now, and we are going to do it again.

Onward! Food Babe Army! 

Thank You For Making Your Voice Heard,

Vani Hari

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406 responses to “Launching Subway Petition – They Will Finally Hear From Us, Loud and Clear

  1. I found Azodicarbonamide as an ingredient in the Safeway Unbleached Flour that I purchased. I was horrified to discover that I am feeding this to my family in the cookies and bread that I bake, with what I thought were healthy ingredients!

  2. Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue! I just looked at the ingredient list of all our store bought breads & found it on Martins potato rolls which they promote to be American family owned & operated ….so bummed!

  3. Why did Subway even start using the chemical in it’s breaddough. I thought hearthealthy was giving it’s approval? I wil stop eating at subway.

  4. I won’t eat at subway until it changes …. Eat there at least weekly if not more often because if vegetable options.

  5. So I find it funny that you would attack a big company like subway about the stuff the use in there food but yet you fail to mention that the fda allows product to be use which means it had to pass standard health laws not only that is also had to pass health standards I am pretty sure that has tested and found that it has no effect on the human body. You act like this is the only thing out there that has this product in it. It is not first off and to say that this is bad for are health is not your choice seeing as you don’t mention if you have and degrees in health fitness or even a doctor.

  6. First off I`d like to say thank you Vani for letting the cat out of the bag! But apparently a lot more needs to be done to get the word out there about the greed and incompetence of the FDA and our so called leaders,and to further educate people,because as I drive by subway the lines aren`t any shorter today and the bread on the shelves in the supermarket still have azodicarbonomide in them! Please keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Vani & Staff~ I am very pleased to watch on Channel 8 News this morning (Northern Virginia, Metro D.C. area) that your campaign to take the chemical Azodicarbonamide out of Subway bread is BIG News! I’ve also heard it over the radio.

    However, McDonald’s is refusing to do the same. Where is the FDA on this if ever? I am totally disgusted with the lack of common sense regulations to safeguard the health and welfare of our public!

    Right on Vani!

  8. Hi Vani,
    Outstanding work.

    I’ll add azodicarbonamide to my running list of nasty AtoZ stuff to avoid. Wait until you check out calcium disodiumEDTA found in Mayo. Equally nasty.

    Thank you for your drive and energy. DON”T STOP!

  9. Are you also going to take them on over the use of di-hydrogen oxide in their bread? Thousands of people die because of it, every year! Even in its purest form, it’s not safe for anyone. And it is often contaminated with things like mercury, arsenic, manure, and so many other things. How is it safe? In many places it may even contain chlorine and fluorine, both used in chemical weapons.

  10. Thank you FOOD BABE for all your efforts on our behalf. And a thank you to Alex Jones for featuring you on his SHow Feb. 4,2014. I encourage everyone to check out his show for he supports people who really are committed to helping the publics health awareness. Thank you FOOD BABE!

  11. I was disappointed to hear about Subway’s bread additive. However, the Italian loaf I just purchased from Walmart lists the Azodicarbonamide. It is being tossed immediately! Can anyone recommend a good bread maker?

  12. Food Babe? More like intellectually vacant babe… Get a life losers. You attack Subway for a legal ingredient used by nearly every restaurant, grocery store and bakery in the country. An ingredient that has killed nobody. Next you will beat the drum to ban Dihydrogen Oxide which kills millions of animals and people each year, and also destroys homes, crops. This too is an ingredient Subway uses in their dough. You brain dead petition protestors need to do a little research before you join a worthless cause.

    Good luck finding bread without your scary dangerous bleaching ingredient.

    1. Jon,

      Subway couldn’t force most of us at gunpoint into their shops at this point!

      And while you’re drinking you’re Dihydrogen Oxide with a round up chaser consider just how easy it is for most of us to get away from USA toxic wheat!

      Many of us have land to grow our own, buy it from friends or import non- toxtic flour from other countries.

      We can also drop wheat from our menu completely.

      Check wiki, ie: Bread, Wheat, Hardtack, etc….

      BTW: McDonald’s , Burger King, Wendys, Chick fil a, Jack in the box, arbys, WalMart, etc I’ve been boycotting them for years now, they can sell whatever they want for the most part, but just not to me.

      1. As a “Glueten Freek” you can’t eat @ quick service restaurants without filling your drawers, I get it. Not surprising that someone like you would be on this petition like white on rice. The only gunpoint a boycotting politically correct person like you supports is one held in the hands of a corrupt government official.

        Choose to eat other than quick service and leave the rest of America alone. If we didn’t like it, they wouldn’t do BILLIONS in sales every year. Stay home, lock your doors & eat your glueten free garbage in the dark… Better yet, get on a plane with a one way ticket to your European Utopia…

      2. @Jon – Let people eat what they want to eat! You cannot control the world, you can only control yourself. If someone else wants to eat Azodicarbonamide, let them eat it. It is not personally affecting your life.

        Personally, I couldn’t give a crap if my bread contained Azodicarbonamide. I’m a realist – not a bandwagon jumper who is easily swayed by “new exciting information” and trendy causes and fails logic.

        Let’s also NOT forget that this is FDA approved.

        where we killed millions of Jews.
        and many who died cause no one thought to say or even stop them
        and look at its rewards
        millions of men women and children
        lost the lottery ticket of life.
        and have died at the will of another human being.
        how many must die before you realize.
        we are being farmed for poor health.
        and wealth extraction of the entire family
        to keep alive
        the perfect magnetic to lure the money from ever
        cupboard and mattress to stay alive
        just to give to an FDA approved doctor’s super deluxe car
        with all the bells and whistle
        while other doctors practically give up
        there food for the day to treat the poor

        we all need to take on our share of response ability
        to keep us alive and healthy and leave this place when were dead
        a little better than we found it for the next person to live and enjoy
        just like the ones before us

        so you think you selfish ass
        what your eating in your bread weather you want to know or not
        I am so glad she has chosen to take time and I am sure was no easy task
        to present her findings so that I may read it
        food babe Your the best
        lets just allow the idiots to food poison them selves and die.
        as quickly as possible
        seams to me they serve no contributing communal purpose
        does that suite you . the one who does not care

  13. It’s not just ” Subway” though!… This chemical is in almost ALL breads! Buns, etc… What we are buying at the grocery on a weekly basis and what so many of us are regularly feeding our kids. How do we get all these other companies and manufacturers to follow ( hopefully Subway’s) suit?

  14. It is great Subway is finally removing this chemical. Now can you please convince other chains and bread makers to remove it and PLEASE ask Subway to remove the CARAMEL COLOR they add to their wheat and 9-grain bread to make it brown since the azodiacabonmide bleaches it? Thanks for all the work you do!

  15. Your appearance on Good Morning America today had an outstanding
    visual! The scene showing you taking a bite out of a yoga mat said
    it all in a matter of seconds!

    Good Job!


    1. …. except you are not actually eating YOGA MAT when you eat a Subway bun. The visual element of “eating a yoga mat” is so off base, and it is being used as a shock marketing tool – but there is NO credibility to this whatosever.

      Here’s a breakdown for you:

      Azodicarbonamide is a chemical that is used in the production of yoga mats. Azodicarbonamide is a (FDA approved) chemical that is used in the production of some bread products, including Subway buns.

      Do you see what happened there?

      Alluding to the fact that you are “eating a yoga mat” when you eat a Subway bun is as absolutely ridiculous and absolutely incorrect as saying “you are eating cow poop” when you consume something that was fertilized with manure. Or, “you are eating bees” when you consume honey. Or, “you are eating fish scales” if you apply certain types of lipstick.

      This entire petition has made me realize how shockingly gullible people are.

  16. My high school students are currently studying the Progressive Era, muckraking journalism, and Upton Sinclair. This post was such perfect timing to lure them in to wrap their heads around the industrialization of the food industry and that 100 years later things aren’t all that different! FoodBabe is the modern day Sinclair! Thank you for all that you continue to do!

  17. I eat subway for 6 years I have Change my diet Believeing there’s no chemical involved in fresh food at the subway I do not Take medication but subway lie to me.

  18. Wow! This blows my mind. I’ve eaten this stuff almost everyday for the last 10 years of working there and I have developed a cough that doctors can’t figure out. Maybe this is the cause? Nice to know that my food has been killing me for the last decade. Yikes!

  19. Spartan Stores in Michigan sells their brand of bread with this ingredient in it. I certainly won’t be buying that brand or any other that has this ingredient in it!

  20. Hi,

    How about Panera bread? I think you should pressure them to disclose their ingredients for making bread. The best thing is to pressure FDA to bann azodicarbonamide. This chemical is banned in Europe, yet allowed in US. Even though FDA sets a limit, does FDA goes around checking the level? There are still a lot of bread in the super market containing azodicarbonamide. Just check a few brands, you will know. All we have is an irresponsible government, leaning towards merchants, but not the general public.

  21. I should have sue subway for my health and well being. During that time I thought I have the swine flu in the past. I was having horrible asthma attack wheezing and down on my knees gagging for air. Never does I have this horrible illness come upon me before. Those time I ate 2 foot long subways like daily thinking it was good for me than eating a whole pizza. Worst yet, was my extreme heavy period like no other ever before during those time subway meals. I might as well stay in the toilet all day that whole week since blood clots can full up the entire overnight night pad in a second. I do not even want to mention eating subway during my pregnancy. The worse pregnacy every. Must see the OBGYN every week due to complicated pregnacy and the things is I was always been healthy my whole life and did not know why. Thanks goodness I now stay away from breads and buns since I heard about the silicone dioxide ingredients and now this. . I am more healthy since I quit Subway. Thank Vani, you helped save people lives and our children future. I read about your articles from NaturalNews.

  22. Countries do not run without government, we just have to do our best not to vote for people that say one thing and do another.
    I really want to know, the main reason/s why Subway chose to use chemical in US and not in foreign countries? Does this mean the foreign countries where Subway do business with have stronger regulations on food safety than US? Please give us a list of other companies that use chemicals on our food?

  23. I’m not sure you have your facts 100% correct. Azodicarbonamide was approved for use in foods BEFORE it was picked up for it’s use in “yoga mats”. So it didn’t go from a yoga mat your bread…it went from your bread to your yoga mat, so you could enjoy soft and fluffy things in your mouth as well as under your butt.

  24. Pam,

    The Constitution a valid document protects us from big government socialists like you. The Constitution is the future. It is the only way to keep people like you from destroying what is left of this countries liberties. That same Constitution that you claim is outdated and not the future actually was used to free and protect the slaves civil liberties. I don’t know who your people were who supposedly built this country, but you need to read the Constitution and get a clue.

  25. I have a question…… first, I’d like to congratulate you in all you do. I’ve seen you on few shows and I also am your alumni from IIN, and I’d like to know, how did you find out that Subways made their bread with this chemical?

    Be Great, Live Greater!!


  26. Steve,
    What does ignorance have to do with people that are trying to learn and be well informed?
    I’m grateful for boogers like foodbabe. I’ve learned a lot in the last few days and it has opened my eyes and my mind to do more research and make good decision for the sake of myself and my family’s health. I thought I was some what informed, but in the last few days, I’m more shocked from what I learned about our food safety.

  27. So, when are you going to start working on banning margarine? It is, after all, only one molecule away from plastic. Much worse for you than bread.

  28. You guys are easily brainwashed. Food Babe doesn’t even have the credentials to give nutritional advice (she does have a computer science degree though). The ingredients in bread based foods- yes, even the toast you eat in the morning, has Azodicarbonamid :

    1) Azodicarbonamid is a preservative that keeps bread fresh so that it stays on the shelf longer. Without this preservative, bread gets stale and even moldy. Personally, I’m glad preservatives like this are used to protect me and my kids from biting into a moldy Subway sandwich and I’m glad Subway is able to keep prices low so that I can get a quick, low fat, loaded-with-veggies sandwich when I’m out running a billion errands.

    2) Azodicarbonamid is also used in breads sold in grocery stores. Get ready for The Food Babe to move on to harassing grocery store managers. But moms should know that while these trace amounts of chemicals won’t do a thing to harm you or your children, they do a tremendous amount to keep costs down. Without the use of this chemical, bread wouldn’t last as long on the shelves and therefore, there would be greater waste, and ultimately higher prices on bread to account for the waste. I really don’t need my food prices to go up.

    3) Azodicarbonamid isn’t harmful in the trace amounts it’s used in the breads in Subway. What The Food Babe leaves out of her scary story is that you would have to eat a huge dose of this stuff (everyday for a long time) for it to cause any of the health issues the Food Babe is claiming.

    4) Lastly (and I know this will mean exactly nothing to the conspiracy enthusiasts – like The Food Babe — who claim the FDA just approves things to please their BIG FOOD overlords, but…I’ll tell you reasonable moms): Azodicarbonamide is considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. The FDA has set the limit at 45 parts per million (in other words, a teeny tiny amount). Manufacturers are required to follow FDA guidelines for their products.
    – See more at:

      1. Second the motion. Very well stated and FACTUAL with no side of emotion.
        Good Job Idiots.

  29. Although I really respect the efforts made to remove this chemical from Subway bread, as well as other fast food breads, I am extremely frustrated with the mis-use of the terminology.
    Contrary to several social media accounts and comments, there is no “yoga mat” in your sandwich. There is a chemical in the bread that is common to an ingredient in the manufacturing of yoga mats. I am so sick of hearing and reading references to there being “yoga mat” in the buns. Because of this, my boyfriend’s teenage sister and her friends actually believe and have been liberally spreading the news that the Subway buns are entirely composed of condensed yoga mats.
    If your goal is to educate all consumers, please do it in an accurate fashion. Saying things like, “you’d better have a drink after eating that sub, to wash down the yoga mat” are not helping spread awareness. In fact, it makes the entire case and point seem like a hoax, or urban legend – like how Little Mikey died from eating pop rocks & soda. Before you know it, this actually worthwhile cause will become “Buns made of yoga mats” and will be disregarded immediately.

  30. Azodicarbonamide…just found it listed as an ingredient in the fresh bread I bought at my local BJs Wholesale Club. I won’t be buying anything else to eat which contains that ingredient. Can I even buy pizza anymore, I’m wondering?

  31. I wanted you to know, Subway is going all out big time on facebook promoting all their new sandwiches and this is before the azodicarbonamide has been removed, they are advertising like nothing happened or is wrong! Lately it is almost every day and people are going for it and they say, Healthy bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When is the change going to happen and why are they still advertising like crazy, this is healthy?

    1. Diana,
      Can you please show some reasonable proof or scientific literature that ADA is not healthy. I think there are several posts here that demonstrate that the ingredient serves a purpose and has no health risks. If tying together the use of this ingredient with yoga mats is all anyone can bring to the table, then you better smarten up and look at all foods and all ingredients and I’m certain you can find substances that have multiple commercial uses.

    2. It is banned in Europe, Subway doesn’t use it over there, it is to be banned in Canada. My daughter first told me of this ingredient a year ago, I wrote Subway twice, they never responded, I ceased to buy from them. I personally don’t want this or L-cysteine in my bread products. I think they are labeled bread enhancements & a cheaper way to go. I don’t need to prove a thing, it’s already been announced, the vast majority want good old fashioned bread, not made with a rubber like product. That is really all I have to say, I thought it was foodbabe who put this out there, the petitition, which had hundreds of signatures & I just personally want healthy products. My preference, obviously others too. End of subject here for me, Subway even sees how many find this entirely gross & really, can’t be healthy, I’ll stick to local sub sandwiches until they take the crap out of their bread.

  32. I hear what you everyone is saying here and while I totally agree, why stop at that one ingredient? Below is a link to a website that lists all of the ingredients used in their bread and there are many other ingredients besides the azodicarbonamide that are extremely harmful to us and should NOT BE consumed no matter what the “bought and paid for” FDA opinion is.

    Among the ingredients that are harmful include datem and other hazardous preservatives and additives that they use to cut corners and make the bread cheaper to produce at the expense of our health. I say we demand that they not only remove azodicarbonamide, but the other poisons/toxins that they put in their products as well.

    1. Cliff,
      to my note back to Diane earlier, can you please provide links to literature that suggests ADA, Datem are poisons/toxic as you suggest? In particular, toxic at the levels of exposure to the population over time? Please, we need facts, not emotion

      1. Hey, glad you asked and I have been dieting my entire life and have have seen a nutritionist for the past 6 years.  I was obese when I was younger (Iwas 245 at around 16 years old) till I decided that I was not going to live this way and completely stopped eating to the point that I got extremly sick.  I lost around 50 pounds within 5 months and soon was getting nauseous every time I ate.  I then went to a dcotor who told me that he felt that I have an eating disorder and will have serious health issues if I continue down this path. 
        I first refused to change in fear that I would gain the weight back, but soon started eating again and slowly put the weight back on.  Around 20 years of age, I got toally fed up with my weight and eating habits and decided that I am not going to live this way.  In Aug of 1991, I then joined the US Marine Corps and lost all the weight that I was hoping for (in 3 1/2 months I went from 185 pounds to 155 from boot camp @ Parris Island in South Carolina). 
        After grad boot camp, I went to combat training and then to my MOS school.  After spending a few months in Aberdeen Maryland, right before I graduated from small arms repair school, I realized that I have started to put the weight back on.  After a self evaluation, I realized this was happening because I was not doing the same physical exertion that I was when I was in combat training and boot camp. 
         It was at that point that I dedicated myself to healthy eating. I talked to every body builder and health nut (the Marine Corps is full of them) and picked their brain till I came up with a sollution that I could live with and that would work for me.  I knew I had to be carefull because in the past, I have tried every diet known to man and have failed miserably.
        I cut all fats out of my diet, switched my whties to wheat and ran like a mad man.  I was running over 5 miles a day and eating only bran flakes and apples as my daily intake.  I kept this up for about a year till then my body started demanding more calories.  I then knew I had to eat more because I was always feeling like I was about to pass out and was dizzy all the time.  I was in great shape though, I could bench over 300 pounds, do over 400 sit ups straight and I ran just about every day over 5 miles. 
        Everything was was fat free this and low fat that and the only cooking choices I excepted was baked, broiled or BBQ, NEVER fried.  This style of eating took me all the way to the point when I left the USMCR in Oct of 2000 and a little beyond.  I then got injured in early 2004 that forced me out of the work force and in the next 2 years because of such, I gained over 40 lbs. 
        I also developed high blod pressure caused by sleep apnea and after a heart attack, I realized I needed help.  After having numerous conversations with my cardiologist, he decided to send me to a nutritionist, which then changed my life over the next 6 years and I still see her to this day.  During my time with her, I learned a hell of a lot.  I was told to start to eat mostly fruits and veggies, but since I didn’t like veggies too much, I had to learn how to incoroprate them into my diet.  After doing such, I lost, I went from 228 lbs. To 215 in about a year and was stuck at this weight not able to lose anymore.
        My nutritioist told me that even though I have a really health diet now (even better than before), that I would not go much further if at all because of the fact that I was now perm out of the work force due to my injury thus causing me to not burn the normal amount of calories that I would be burning if I was still doing so.  We then decided to reevaluate everything that I was putting in my mouth and could find nothing wrong till we talked about the calorie free lemonades that I drank frequently throughout the day.  She then informed me that this was without a doubt the culprit of why I was currently stuck at my current weight despite having a diet rich in veggies and fruit.

      2. Not convinced in any manner of what she was saying because I have always managed my weight during my time in the Marine Corps up until the time that I got injured, on fat free chem laden products, I fought with her vigorusly. My main point on numerous occassions to her was how can Splenda be bad for me when the FDA deemed it safe and the it was done so because it’s made from sugar? She then explained to me that while it was made from sugar, it was highly toxic and because of such, France even banned it from their country!!

        She then went on and said that while it is made from sugar, that during the process of making Splenda, they brake the indiv, crystals down and tried to rebuild it from the ground up. They tried very thing they could to build it back and finally found a compound that would stick to the indiv grains of sugar. Know what that compound is?? It’s CHLORINE!!! I said there is no friggin way that the FDA would approve something made from a pool cleaner that has the international symbol of poison on it (skull and crossbones). Till I looked it up myself and guess what she was 100% right. Google it and see for yourself.

        Outraged, I then eliminated splenda and every other artificial sweetner from my diet and in 6 months time with that being the ONLY thing I eliminated from my diet, I lost 10 pounds and dropped to 205. While dropping 10 pounds might not seem like a big deal it actually was because that was the only thing I eliminated from my diet and was even having LESS veggies and at times taking in MORE calories then I prev was. Stunned by these findings, I went back to my nutritionist and discussed it with her. Not only was SHE NOT surprised by what happened, she gave me a big fat “I told you so” and then she proceeded to explain the reasons why this occured.

        She went on to explain that the chem sweetners that I was ingesting from my everday habit of no calorie lemonades were actually poisoning my cells making them bloated/sick, therefore not able to take in the good nutrition that I was giving my body from the fruits and vegetables I was feeding it.
        When I stopped poisoning my cells with splenda after about a 6 month period, my cells cleansed themselves of the chem and returned to their normal and healthy size now allowing them to take in the good nutrients that I was feeding them.

        On top to this, the weight did not come off slowly, the weight in that final 6 month seemed to melt off with little effort. She then explained to me that the reason for that was 2 fold. First being that since your body does not recognize the chem, it does not know what to do with it. Your liver and kidneys are your filtration system for the body after being exposed to it, they don’t recognize it and don’t know how to process it. While your liver and kidneys are trying to figure this out, they are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing which is filtering your blood of the impurities that are in it from normal eating (processing fats and so on) making your cells sick and swell up.

        The reason for the rapid wegiht loss is that after you stopped introducing this unknown toxic chem into your system, your kidneys and liver then returned to the normal function for which they were meant for and thus resuled in your rapid weight loss. I then realized that what she told me was the absolute truth. The reason being that I lost the weight was that my body ridded itself of some of the hamrfull chems/toxins after staying away from the chem sweetners for an extended period of time allowing my sick cells to once again return to their healthy state.

        Thus is the reason why I lost the weight that I did. I then went nuts looking at all food labels and googled anything that I could not pronounce and cut most if not all harm pesticides, chems and preservatives from my diet and since then have lost another 10 pounds. I also found that I was consuming more calories and still able to maintain my weight loss by reading every label I found and very rarely consumed processed foods/dangerous chemicals.

        My nutritonist since then has been astonished by the amount of weight that I have lost because even though that it’s not a ton of weight I have gone to as low as 190 lbs and leveld off @ 194 when she has told me that because of my injury that I would never see below 200 lbs. Which brings me finally to my list of toxic chemicals/ingredients listed in our foods. ALL APPROVED BY THE BOUGHT AND PAID FDA BY THE FOOD INDUSTRY.

        Keep in mind that the FDA is never going to suggest that a chem/preserv is harmfull because the food industry contributes so much money to the Govt. for the sole purpose of making sure that they never say that one of their products is unsafe and not to buy it unless people are immed. dropping dead in the streets from it. My list below shows the harmful/toxic ingred listed in everyday foods that has been APPROVED BY THE FDA and deemed totally safe. The first link is for datem

        Now for the list that I have personally aquired myself as stated below. Some have websites linking to my findings, but most if not all can just be googled to find out this info (it’s how I found out myself). Any ingredient that I found on a food label that I could not pronounce, I googled it and I was astonished on what I found. You will be too!! Here is the list:

      3. Hexametaphosphate: Linked to Pancreatic cancer

        Nutrasweet/Aspartame: Causes colon and brain cancer and has a nuerotoxin in it

        ETDA, TBHQ, Datem, BHA and BHT casue cancer

        Carragean: Destroys human breast tissue, grows tumors and causes existing tumors to grow faster
        Splenda/Sucralose: Has Chlorine in it (it’s real sugar broken down and made whole again with Chlorine)

        MSG: Monosodium Glutimate causes headaches and respitory issues.

        SACCHARIN — A sugar substitute. It has been proven to
        cause cancer in laboratory animals

        Sorbitol: Abdominal pain
        Irritable bowel syndrome
        Stomach cramps
        Skin rash
        Shortness of breath
        Weight loss

        by Jayne Benkendorf, Author of The Food Bible
        ALGINIC ACID (propylene glycol alginate) — A stabilizer.
        It is being investigated as a probably cause of reproductive
        problems and birth defects.

        ALUMINUM COMPOUNDS — Leavening agents used in
        packaging and baked products. They have been linked to nerve
        disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease.

        ARTIFICIAL COLORS — Affect the central nervous system
        and can cause allergic reactions. A link between hyperactive
        behavior in children and artificial colors has been proven. They
        stress the immune system and have caused cancer and brain
        tumors in laboratory animals.

        ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS — Affect the central nervous system
        and stress the immune system. A link between hyperactive behavior in children and artificial flavors has been proven.

        ASPARTAME (Nutrasweet, Equal) — A sugar substitute. It
        has been found to cause nervous system disorders and mental
        retardation in individuals who cannot tolerate phenylalanine.
        Those at highest risk are unborn fetuses and children under six.
        BHA (butylated hydroxy anisole), BHT (butylated
        hydroxytotuene) — Preservatives and antioxidants. They can
        affect the nervous system and can cause behavioral problems in
        children, a weakened immune system, allergic reactions,
        infertility and elevated cholesterol levels. They have been
        shown to weaken the resistance to cancer-causing substances.

        BEZOIC ACID, SODIUM BENZOATE — Preservatives
        which can affect the centra l n er vous system, cause allergic
        reactions, asthma attacks, stomach irritations and hyperactivity
        in children.

        conditioners which have been know to cause nervous system
        disorders and kidney problems.

        PROPIONATE — Requires further study for safety. All forms
        have been known to cause allergic reactions.

        COTTONSEED OIL — A cooking oil that has been exposed to
        many chemical pesticides because cotton is not a food crop.

        DISODIUM GUANYLATE — A flavor enhancer that can
        increase uric acid concentrations and should be avoided by those
        with gout.

        DISODIUM INOSINATE — A flavor enhancer that can
        increase uric acid concentrations and should be avoided by those
        with gout.

        EDTA (ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) — A sequestrant. It
        c an cause allergic reactions, asthma, skin rashes, and large
        amounts can cause excretion of valuable minerals.

        GLUTAMIC ACID, MSG (monosodium glutamate) — A
        flavor enhancer which can affect the central nervous system,
        stress the immune system, cause allergic reactions, skin rash,
        headaches and rapid heart beat. It has been banned from baby
        food in the United States.

        IRRADIATION — The process o f p r eserving food with
        radiation. This is a preservative that a ffects the immune
        system’s production of white cells. It has caused tumors,
        cataracts, and kidney damage in test animals. It destroys
        vitamins and minerals and is feared to be cancer-causing.

        NITRATES AND NITRITES –Preservatives. Nitrites
        combine with stomach juices to form nitrosamines, powerful
        cancer-causing agents. Deaths have occurred from sodium
        nitrite residue in foods.

        Emulsifiers. Their safety is questionable, and the FDA
        requests further studies.

        POTASSIUM SORBATE — A preservative. It can affect the
        central nervous system and cause skin irritations.

        PROPYLENE GLYCOL — A humectant. It has been found
        to cause nervous system disorders.

        SACCHARIN — A sugar substitute. It has been proven to
        cause cancer in laboratory animals.

        SILICON DIOXIDE, SILICA — An anticaking agent. For
        safety, its use is restricted.

        enhancers. These have proven to be carcinogenic (cancercausing).

        SULFITES — Preservatives & antioxidants, including:
        Potassium bisulfite, Potassium metabisulfite, Sodium bisulfite,
        Sodium sulfite, Sodium metabisulfite, Sulfur dioxide.
        These affect the nervous system, can cause severe allergic
        reactions, asthma attacks, abdominal pains, diarrhea, faintness
        and severe headaches, and has caused death in some

        TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone) — An antioxidants. It
        is used alone or in combination with BHA and/or BHT. Its
        use is limited for safety. It can cause nausea, vomiting,
        delirium and contact with skin can cause allergic reactions.

        4. Oats– In 1994, the FDA found so much contamination in Cheerios that General Mills had to destroy a major quantity of the product in their warehouses. Actually, the cardboard box of Cheerios may be better for you than the Cheerios 🙂 There is no indication that General Mills recalled what was on store shelves. Organic oats alternatives are available but expensive. You may want to avoid pre-cooked oats and soak the oats and throw the water away and cook them in fresh water. Also, prepared cereal flakes etc are the most dangerous of choices since they also have added chemicals to enhance flavor and preserve the product. This risks co-functional activity between pesticide residue and the “approved” preservatives– a co-factor which has not been tested since it is assumed it could not happen.

      4. The Monk fruit is similar in size and shape to a lemon; its color is somewhere between Kelly and lime green, with pale green streaks. The inner pulp is used to create a super-sweet product that (in small portions) contains very little calories.
        Manufactures of monk fruit sweeteners report that it’s 300 times sweeter than sugar, which allows it to be used in small quantities.
        A few years back, the FDA gave some products derived from monk fruit the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) designation, which has allowed food companies to process and incorporate it into powders and extracts. This means you can find it on ingredient lists as well as standalone packets and canisters. This sweetener is relatively new on the scene; if you haven’t seen it in your local grocery store, you will soon.
        New Products
        A few name brands of Monk fruit containing sweeteners are currently on the market. A powder from the Splenda folks called “Nectresse” is sold in bright orange colored packets and canisters. According to the Nectresse website, their product is combined with erythritol (a sugar alcohol), sugar and molasses. Since sugar and molasses do contain calories, larger portions of this sweetener will have a caloric value.
        Other name brand products you might come across include Fruit-Sweetness, Go-Luo and Purefruit (a monk fruit extract).
        How Does it Taste?
        Monk fruit sweetener tastes, well . . . sweet. It has a course sugar-like consistency and is light beige in color. It does have a slight aftertaste but I found it more pleasant than some other sweeteners I’ve tried.
        It’s relatively quick dissolving and one packet made a cup of coffee overly sweet by my standards. Its heat stable so you can cook with it. One company website states that ¼ teaspoon of sweetener is as sweet as 1 teaspoon of sugar. They suggest experimenting with your favorite recipes to find the right balance of sweetness.
        Recipes from makers of the sweetener include beverages, granola, apple pie, cream fillings, pancakes and salad dressings.
        Bottom Line: Don’t be fooled by the word “natural.” Monk fruit may come from a plant but it must be processed to some degree to become a powdered or liquid sweetener. Just like all the other sweeteners out there, this kind should be used in moderation.
        Tell Us: Have you tried Monk fruit sweeteners? Will you?
        Read more at:
        Refined Sugar Controversy
        Sugar cane and sugar beets typically contain very high concentrations of natural sweetness and are commonly used in commercial table sugar manufacturing. Although cane and beet sugar is natural in so far as it comes from nature — that is, directly from plants — it is nonetheless not usually considered a strict “natural sugar.” This distinction has caused some controversy in the food and labeling communities.
        In the United States, as in many countries in the world, sugars that have been refined or processed, even minimally, cannot be sold under the “natural” label. Some manufacturers get around these restrictions by labeling their products as “raw” or “straight from nature.” It is usually impossible to purchase true natural sugar in isolation, since it is by definition a part of a plant or food source.

  33. So why are you just targeting Subway when this chemical is being used by so many other places? Even store bought bread has it. Do you have some sort of agenda behind setting the crosshairs on one particular chain?

  34. Yep, Big Government is sooo good that Mansanto can’t be sued! Get all of your heads out of your anuses!

  35. This is absurd. It has been linked to problems in heavy doses (of small snimals). There hasn’t yet been long term studies that correlate issues to exact causes. Why does this chick even care when she probably doesn’t eat subway anyways. Their bread conditioning agent isn’t what makes them crap. Their crappy food makes them crap. And no link to any scientific study? Go figure.

  36. You’re all missing the point. Almost all of our food has been adulterated with chemicals so that if you don’t get a dose of chemical from Subway, you’ll get it somewhere else….and most of these things are cumulative, building up in our bodies over time. Try to buy organic when you can afford it and RBST free milk. The large corporations have bought and paid for our government as they’ve also done throughout the world. The politicians will tell us that they’re going to fix things, but nothing ever changes. You may think it does, but it really doesn’t.

  37. Cliff,
    You have a great story to tell and congratulations on finding your way to control your personal issues. Sorry to say however, you did not provide me the response I am looking for. There is scientific literature at the WHO (world Health organization) or under the food chemical codex or FDA GRAS, or EFSA (European food safety authority) where by you can read the most relevant, up to date safety assessments of food substances or additives. Perpetuating emotional blogs with out sufficient scientific reference materials does not prove anything, other then a lack of understanding of the level of testing, food ingredients undergo around the world. The scientific review literature is developed by some of the smartest toxicologist, biologist, chemists, etc in the world. Many if not all of these scientist are on academia or medical boards and for their time and effort are not even paid all that much, but they pride themselves as looking out for you as well having their names published in the literature. I highly suggest, some opponents to food ingredients start to look for themselves at the scientific literature that proves these materials are safe at the levels of intended use.

  38. Food Babes sponsor SUJA juice product. Why doesn’t the company put their product label on their advertisement so we can see whats in the product? I bet that stuff is packed with calories.

  39. Hi there, i think we saw you stopped at this site well, i located turn back the actual choose? . Now i’m seeking to in locating items to improve my website! I suppose its sufficient to apply some of your mind!

  40. I have heard that Subway’s wheat bread is not made from wheat. It’s just white bread colored with caramel. Is that true? Even the workers do not know they are not serving 100% wheat bread.

  41. I have a very serious question. Are Subway Sandwich worker’s at a higher risk for health problems since they have to work with the raw ingredient before its cooked. Could the public and workers be at risk while the bread baked? The chemical could quite possibly permeate through out the establishment no? Even Jared Fogle gave an interview commenting that the bread was safe AFTER it was baked. During the baking process and our lungs is what I would be concerned about for Subway workers.

  42. I, as I imagine many have, wrote to Subway about concerns that Food Babe brought up and this petition addressed. I received a very defensive reply. Not wanting to admit anything wrong with their practice, it was basically the government says it’s okay so they’ve been doing it…” I want to share some facts about Azodicarbonamide, an extremely common bread ingredient that is fully approved and recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only is it approved and safe but it is commonly used in breads sold in supermarkets, at fast food chains and at restaurants.”

    And they let me know they’re not the only ones…”According to restaurant websites, here is a list of some products that contain it as an ingredient:
    • McDonald’s: regular bun, bakery style bun, bagel and English muffin, Big Mac bun and sesame seed bun.
    • Burger King: specialty buns, artisan-style bun, sesame seed bun, croissant, English muffin, home-style Caesar croutons and French toast sticks.
    • Wendy’s: bagel, premium toasted bun, sandwich bun and panini bread
    • Arby’s: croissant, French toast sticks, harvest wheat bun, honey wheat bread, marble rye bread, mini bun, onion bread and sesame seed bun
    • Jack in the Box: bakery style bun, jumbo bun, croissant, grilled sourdough bread and regular bun
    • Chick-fil-A: chargrilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and chargrilled chicken club sandwich”

    But even thought it’s “safe” they are leading a charge to remove it… “But even though it’s safe, we are removing it from Subway breads. We have already developed an improved bread formula, conducted extensive performance and consumer testing on it, and pending final government approvals we should complete the entire conversion process within the coming weeks.

    At Subway we are very proud of this initiative, and we think that other chains, restaurants and bread manufacturers may soon follow our lead to remove this ingredient.”

    Thought you all may find this interesting.

  43. I worked for Subway when I was 16; I’m 41 now. All those years I had always wondered “Why does Subway bread smell like rubber??” Everyone thought I was weird and had a strange sense of smell. They’ve come to realize, especially now, that my keen sense of smell is not only right but useful: “Can you smell this for me??” I don’t mind (sometimes). 🙂

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