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The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

I’ve always said that food and chemical corporations work with public university scientists “behind closed doors” to manipulate the public—and now our movement has irrefutable PROOF. But first, let me start at the beginning…

When our movement got big companies to change, Dr. Kevin Folta, from University of Florida appeared on the scene. Every time we made headway on an important issue, Kevin Folta, who claimed to be an unbiased scientist, was there to refute our claims and throw some ad hominem attacks. Here are a few examples (many more are documented at the end of this post):
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015
“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Folta’s Blog, Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
My intuition and common sense knew that this guy HAD to be connected to these corporations in some way, but he kept denying any connection. And I believed he was causing irreparable harm to our healthy food movement because the media believed that he was an unbiased scientist. 


This week an unprecedented major investigative report was published in the NY Times about how the chemical and food industries work with public university scientists to advance their agendas to the public. Hundreds of emails have now been revealed between University of Florida Professor Dr. Kevin Folta, Monsanto, the biotech front groups, and their PR firm Ketchum after a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was submitted by the nonprofit group U.S. Right To Know.

folta nyt article


Why would Monsanto work with a public scientist in the first place? 

Some powerful entities in the chemical and food industries have a financial incentive to try to discredit us in the work we have all done together and now we know how they are using public scientists like Dr. Kevin Folta as sock puppets to advance their message. We’ve come a long way in our food movement and things are finally starting to change –  people are getting healthier and the food industry is responding to us, but why is someone like Dr. Kevin Folta on a mission to stop our progress? 

Newly discovered emails reveal that Folta received a $25,000 unrestricted grant from Monsanto, and even wrote to a Monsanto executive, “I’m glad to sign on to whatever you like, or write whatever you like,” and “I promise a solid return on investment.”

However, Folta previously denied ties to Monsanto, here are 9 different examples:

Not only was Folta repeatedly dishonest about his ties to Monsanto, but on “several occasions” according to the NY Times, Folta took word for word answers and commentary from Monsanto’s PR firm Ketchum to use as his own words. Previously he claimed he never used the text written for him by the PR firm Ketchum.

Monsanto sells Roundup, the chemical that is sprayed on the majority of GMO seeds. The main ingredient in Roundup was recently classified as a probable carcinogen. They are in panic mode trying to repair their image and will do anything to confuse the public. 

Folta attempted to derail my speaking event at the University of Florida. He has also been interviewed by major media outlets such as The Atlantic, NPR, and the NY Times acting as an unbiased third party source, telling reporters he has no financial ties to Monsanto or the biotech industry all while acting as the ringleader and chief of my critics. 

Monsanto thanks Folta for attending my talk at The University of Florida

One of the emails discovered by showed Lisa Drake, an executive at Monsanto cheering Dr. Folta on after he attended my talk at his University last fall. Dr. Folta wrote a blog post attempting to discredit my talk including a false accusation that I refused to answer questions from the audience. (FYI – Here’s the photographic evidence of the long line of teachers and students that I answered questions from.) I still find it bizarre that if he wanted to ask me a question so bad that he didn’t stay to meet me face to face. Instead he spread dishonest information about my talk all over social media, in forums and on his blog, acting more like an online troll than a distinguished science professor. 

Monsanto Folta

Seeing this email sent shivers down my spine and left me with a lot of questions. First and foremost, my talk was not about the dangers of GMO foods, it was about the story of quitting my corporate career to become a food activist sharing examples of major food companies changing their policies. Who wrote that paragraph summarizing my talk that Lisa Drake referenced? Why was a Monsanto executive sending this message to Folta? Did they ask him to attend my talk? Are they paying him to attack activists like myself? At the time I had no idea why this professor was so aggressive towards me but now it’s starting to make sense.  

I’ve tried to explain to various reporters in the past that many of our critics are part of the larger entrenched food and chemical lobby that doesn’t agree with having more transparency (labeling GMOs) or doesn’t want to remove the controversial chemical additives from our food. The reporters have always said but what about the “public university scientists” that have no ties?

This investigation finally begins to explain that. 

Why I am also submitting a FOIA request

In light of this email and the incredible amount of reputational damage Dr. Folta has waged on me personally and our healthy food movement (see a sampling of his public comments below), I am submitting a formal request to the University of Florida to have all documents and correspondence released to the public from Dr. Kevin Folta regarding my name Vani Hari and Food Babe. 

I believe obtaining these correspondences will serve the public in greater transparency on how the food industry uses “independent” third-party scientists and professors to control science and deliver their PR and lobbying messaging.

I’ve often wondered why companies like Monsanto go through such great lengths to stop transparency about GMOs… If their food is safe, why don’t they want to label GMOs? Why would they pay public university scientists to advance their message?



Quotes from Kevin Folta:

Folta calls me a crackpot, accuses me of food terrorism, blackmail, villifying farmers and compares me to a dog.

“Vani is very good at marketing herself and telling people what they want to hear. She is very good at playing into the current popularity of vilifying farmers and large-scale agriculture. But really, she’s her own company, and she’s the spokesperson.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” (Her fee was $6,000.) Dr. Folta added, “She found that a popular social media site was more powerful than science itself, more powerful than reason, more powerful than actually knowing what you’re talking about.”. – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015

“She really conflates the science. If anything, she’s created more confusion about food, more confusion about the role of chemicals and additives.” – NPR, 12/4/2014

“To have someone like Hari go out and make up nonsense that only digs into public opinion against these technologies is really frustrating for us.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

“That’s not healthy activism or change based on science. That’s coercion, fear mongering and (yes) terrorism to achieve short-sighted political non-victories in the name of profit and self-promotion, ironically the same thing she accuses the companies of.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
“Luckily, Starbucks didn’t fold… Otherwise, Hari would have blackmailed them too.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014


“Vani Hari would be spreading her corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism here at the University of Florida. Oh joy”. – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“Responding to the Food Babe is like telling a funny joke to my dog at a party. Everyone there gets it– except for the dog. She just tilts her head to one side and looks at me like I’m stupid.” – Response to the Food Babe. This is Boring, 3/19/2015

“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“If this is a charismatic leader of a new food movement it is quite a disaster. She’s uninformed, uneducated, trite and illogical. She’s afraid of science and intellectual engagement. She’s Oz candy at best.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“What if Hari were to take a long look in the mirror and decide that while scaring people into boycotts and book buying pays the bills, the legacy associated with it is embarrassing. Time will frown on Hari, and it already is happening.  While adored by internet fans, scientists, physicians, the food industry, farmers and science fans see her clearly as the empty information vessel she truly is.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014

“Her discussion was a narcissistic, self-appointed attack on food science and human nutrition. There is a vein in my head that pulses when I hear someone deliberately misrepresent science for personal celebrity, and it was pounding.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I was really proud to see that the student audience was not buying it. Throughout her presentation that was about Hari in the spotlight and “me-me-me”, students got up and left. She left gaping pregnant pauses where previous performances got applause– only to hear nothing. Not even crickets.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“While microphones stood ready in the audience to answer questions, there was no public Q&A period where a scientist that knows the research could publicly challenge her false assertions.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I guess I’m just angry because I didn’t get to lock science horns with The Food Babe. I would have liked to have asked a few questions that she could never answer.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I listened to her talk about herself and provide lots of false information to my students, and waited for the opportunity to ask dismantling questions from one of the two microphones in the room”. – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She did not take questions from the audience. The event ended and the audience left”.- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She was paid $6000 for over an hour’s time to promote her brand and spread her filth.  Now scientists and educators have to fix it.” – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“As we attempt to illuminate products, technology and method to feed a growing population, Hari’s shameful resistance to reality needs to be met. We’ve done that, and I’m proud of the push back…” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“Recently I’ve given a number of talks and interviews where I’ve been described as the “guy that stood up to the Food Babe”. While standing up for science is important, I’d rather be described as the guy that changed her mind because I took the time to teach the facts.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“I cannot think of someone so clueless that thinks she’s so clue-full. The bravado to manufacture completely wacky statements is beyond arrogance, and to criticize students who approach her from a scholarly evidence-based point shows she’s fully subscribed to her own deception.” – Vani Hari’s Kooky Response to Critical Students, 1/26/2015

Folta discredits Food Babe campaigns to remove controversial chemicals from the food supply:

“Bread is a foam. Even culinary experts will tell you. It was a perfectly safe food additive for years, until she came along and decided that Subway bread was essentially a yoga mat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“Safety always has to be the number one concern. And an understanding of safety is contingent on an understanding of the chemical in question. But she lacks the scientific prowess to be able to tell when something is truly a threat, and when something poses no threat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Additional Evidence: Folta denies any ties to Monsanto on his blog:

“In another thread she encourages those curious to call the university, because “a certain professor who promotes Monsanto… has spread a lot of nonsense”. Again, she speaks from no evidence, leveling false allegations against a public scientist that only wants her to back her claims with science.  How do I ‘support Monsanto’?”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She also took the liberty of making a false association between a public scientist and university professor to a company that does not exist, purely to discredit him. Here are two clear falsehoods that Hari stands by.  Why anyone would take any advice from her, ever, is beyond me.”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“Of course, she ties me in with Monsanto. Blatantly false. But since when does she need evidence before making a claim?” – Vani Hari (Food Babe) and Silencing Critics, 12/7/2014
Folta’s personal email to Food Babe (3/19/2015):  

“I work as an independent, public scientist. Companies have no control of my research, my results or my opinions.”

“You’ll also see from my publications that almost all of my funding comes from public sources, like USDA, NSF and NIH. I’m not a “Monsanto scientist” as you’ve suggested. My only “industry funding” is for strawberries– a strawberry industry of family farmers that grow a nutritious fruit. Yes, I answer questions on GMO Answers. I am not paid, I’m grateful for the forum, and if you gave me a page on Food to answer questions the answers would be exactly the same.”

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514 responses to “The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

  1. It amazes me that some people don’t get the fact that chemicals that are being sprayed on non organic crops are basically agent orange. People who where in Vietnam when we dropped agent orange on them, are still experiencing birth defects in their offspring to this day, including American soldiers! Monsonto doesn’t care about people. They care about profits and monopolizing the food system. People like Vani are not trying to make money off organic! We are trying to save the planet from idiots that think that it’s OK to douse the soil and our food with cancer causing chemicals. Wishing consciousness to you all.

    1. Would you care to clarify your claim that, “chemicals that are being sprayed on non organic crops are basically agent orange”.

      1. “From 1965 to 1969, the former Monsanto Company was one of nine wartime government contractors who manufactured Agent Orange. The government set the specifications for making Agent Orange and determined when, where and how it was used. Agent Orange was only produced for, and used by, the government.”

        That info is from Monsanto’s own website.

      2. Foehammer, I’d love to find out why you think your response answers the question I asked Meleah, because for the life of me I can’t see that it does.

      3. On their own Material Safety Data Sheet they say it is “toxic.” What more do you need? and 1,4-dioxane is carcinogenic (causes cancer) and is known to damage the liver, kidney, brain and lungs.

      4. Monsanto are the creators of Agent Orange used in the military and has caused many, many inflictions to our soldiers such as, blindness, cancers, etc. Their Round Up has glyphosate which is similar and is cancer causing. These are the people that are in charge of your food!

      5. The chemical he is talking about is 2-4-D which is half the working component of Agent Orange .Hope that helps you understand

      6. Agent Orange is completely different from glyphosate.

        For starters, Agent Orange is a mixture of 2, 4. 5 T and 2, 4 D, whereas glyphosate is just one chemical.

        Secondly, the two chemicals in Agent Orange are chlorinated benzene ring derivatives, whereas glyphosate isn’t.

        Glyphosate is a much simpler organic chemical containing phosphorus and nitrogen.

        You people really need to read up on basic organic chemistry.

      7. Hi Simon,
        I replied to your comment a couple days ago, and I just realized that it didn’t post, the blog admins say it was because I included links in my comment. I want to say that you are correct. The chemicals are different. THey do the same thing though. Kill broad leaf plants. Here is a quote from the nat geo article I was trying to post in my response. “One study suggests that glyphosate may affect pathogens such as Salmonella in ways that can contribute to antibiotic resistance. Other recent research suggests it can interfere with hormones.
        Yet the really big unanswered question is the potential health effect of low levels over extended periods of time.”
        I can’t see the justification to douse food, soil and ultimately our water table with these types of chemicals.

  2. Reading through this man messages it is clear that science has nothing to do with his position.

    First, science discusses facts and theories, not people.

    Second, anything alive is too complex to apply the scientific method as is, so his area of research is really not under the scope of science, no matter how much they like to use the word. Biology is considered a soft science. Bottom line, if you need to apply statistics to create a hypothesis, the theory is faulty from the get go.

    Third, for what it is worth, I have a Master in Physics and my personal opinion is: your reasoning is solid.

      1. Vani I’m so glad your doing this, I’ve been trying to stay away from chemicals for approximately 15 years after I figured out it was just that that was causing all kinds of problems from rashes to heart palpitations, anxiety , depression and the list goes on. I just wanted to tell u my sister worked for a big bakery, and periodacly Osha would come in and remove a chemical because they found it caused cancer. I’m sure you’ve read the ingredient in some of those bags of bread. There horrible! Anyway it would be awesome if u could take on those bakeries so that people have safe bread to eat. The bakery she worked in has changed hands quite a bit but I believe it’s been Sara Lee for a few years now. Thank you so much I’m so glad u have such energy to to this! Sincerely , Belinda

    1. There is hardly any or even a single scientific arguments in Folta’s posts. Instead sweeping statements and personal attacks, both on Vani and the eedjets, us, the “blind followers” ! We expect more from scientists, meaning no accident that the “right to know” started to dig. But any scientist that gets involved defending Monsanto discussing facts will soon stall and Monsanto knows this well, which will probably show clearly when the rest of the emails are released. It is great that some of this now hits the main stream media, but we will see for how long.

      It may not be a bad idea to sue for defamation as the groundless smear is so blatant, and it will keep our Food Babe in the bigger media ! But it is probably better if Monsanto also could be sued for “paying for defamation” or similar.
      Cheers and continued luck, whatever you do!

  3. WAY TO GO FOOD BABE!!!!!!!! It’s time to expose the corrupt! I get a pit in my stomach when I read the lies these “scientists” and Monsanto talking heads tell. EXPOSE THEM ALL!

  4. Dear Vani,
    You are a brilliant light in a dark jungle of darkness that is the processed food industry. This guy Kevin is not concerned with health. He “works” in his ivory tower of deceit and I can sense his confusion and misguided self interest. Thank you for your information on the food industry. There will come a time when the general public will awaken and organizations like Monsanto will become extinct.

  5. Monsanto is in it’s death throes. The whole world is starting to stand up against them now and no amount of lobbyist spending, propaganda, or “rebranding” is going to save them. I will sleep much better once they are brought down and there is one less evil organization who profits on putting poison into our food and environment

    1. Ted from your mouth to God’s ear about Monsanto. I only hope its in the death throes but I am not as positive as you are. Big ag has swallowed the Monsanto line because they believe it makes them money.
      I am a food writer and have stood in Canola fields with other journalists while the Monsanto rep explains how “good” their practices and products are.
      It is unbelievable to hear.

      1. Monsanto responded to 2015 march against them with some 20k employee figure. There were hundreds and in some cases thousands of protesters in every major city throughout the planet. Their days are numbered, we are much further along than you think

  6. Nice work, Vani. Hopefully you’ve finally silenced this arrogant, corporate puppet and his pseudo “pro-science” rhetoric … what goes around comes around.

  7. I guess the poor man ‘forgot’ he received 25G. I so hate it when I do that… Forget I received $25,000 …

    1. Me too. I got 25G once from a company like Monsanto and later forgot that i had it and actually made a statement that was the opposite of what i was paid to say. Needless to say, they got quite upset and got me charged with a bogus crime that i simply could have beat if remembered the 25G i had and bought my freedom. 🙁 Oh well, lesson learned. Me and him obviously could benefit from things like lumosity dot com

  8. Vani. Finally taking on the big problem with the crop industry: Monsanto. They probably have more PR and lawyers on staff then engineers. They’ll sue for anything. Look at your milk: some bottles state that there are no growth hormones used then a caption: (no significant difference has been shown between milk with and without growth hormones). Why? Monsanto sued local milk companies for not using growth hormones and stating it on their milk, claiming it causes a bad public perception for growth hormones (which they produce). This is a free economy, we can write whatever we want on our milk bottles that is true.
    I’ve had my doubts about food babe before but I fully support Vani for taking on Monsanto. This is the real test, if you want to change something… go after them.

    1. That is chilling. What a monstrous precedent has now been set. I just saw that disclaimer today on organic milk, and I panicked. I almost assumed the Non-rbGH claim was untrue, I almost put it back. I couldn’t process what was going on behind the seemingly incongruous claims. I should have guessed. Free speech is 50% gone if a company has to state things they don’t believe on their product. But, then, many of those companies are choosing to receive $ from the government so they have no ‘choice’. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs we are in.

    2. When I first read that on the side a milk carton I took a picture of it and posted it on my FB page to inform everyone of our Governments involvement in allowing Monsanto to poison us. The USDA and FDA and EPA all have Monsanto’s former employees imbedded in to strategic positions so that they can keep their finger on the pulse of the food industry.

      Our Politicians get paid by taxpayers to do their job but Monsanto has paid millions of dollars for their votes since GMOs were introduced. New Zealand has it figured out, they test their farmers products to make sure they are pure and free from pesticides, if any are found they are fined and/or shut down. They do not allow GMO anything! Follow the March Against Monsanto on FB and protest, write letters demanding our Govt. stop protecting Monsanto with such Acts as HR 1599 to prevent any state from initiating labeling GMOs EVER!
      Go Vani

    3. Wait… large companies can tell smaller ones how they can and can’t label their products but no one on earth can tell a large company to please label their products that contain things that we might wisely be concerned about? I must be sound asleep because this can’t be real life. This must be a nightmare. I sure hope i wake up soon.

  9. So all the folks in the previous emails who are “against” the logic that Vani is trying to get out there are happy to be eating – and feeding their families GMO foods and prepared foods processed with GMO foods and Roundup sprayed foods? That’s all this is really about. You actually support Monsanto’s endeavor to blanket the world with chemicals? Why don’t you just state that instead of trying to discredit a very valuable effort on Behalf of those of us who would like to make this world a better, cleaner place than what you are proposing? Why don’t you actually state what it IS that you Do want. Better living is not always accomplished through chemistry. Can you honestly say that you feel good about what you Think is a cleaner safer, chemical laden life? Do you really eat this stuff in the privacy of your own home? And do you really expect us to believe you? Trust me-health issues are rising exponentially with this chemical burden. Wake up and help us clean it up.

  10. Hi, Foodbabe.

    I definitely think what you are doing has merit, I follow your blog and use some of your suggestions for products. Don’t let these knuckleheads get you down or slow you down. My only piece of constructive criticism is that you do tend to work your feminine angle a little more than I think is necessary. I am a graduate of a women’s college so I pay attention to these things than the average Jane/Joe. I believe this is some of why you get discredited. I am not suggesting that you should wear a burka by any means – and you are an attractive woman, but just be careful when you go up to the podium don’t over accentuate your feminine parts because it ends up being equated with the likes of Hooters. Foodbabe is very catchy as a name (kudos to your hubby for coming up with it), but I would be mindful of not trying to be the “babe” so much as just concentrating on your message. It will just be one less issue that your naysayers will have to focus on.

    Be well. . .. just my personal opinion based on my observations.

    1. I couldn’t disagree with this more. I think Vani’s message is much louder and much more powerful than her appearance or any other way she has chosen to present herself. If there’s anything I’ve learned as a published author, speaker, and business entrepreneur, is that you cannot please everyone all of the time and to try is folly.

      I think it’s important that Vani continue being herself.

      If she likes to dress impeccably and wear make up, I don’t see any problem with that. In fact, I have no idea what you mean by “feminine angle”. What specifically do you mean by that? And what objective criteria are you using to arrive at such a conclusion?

      I believe actions are always louder than words, and words are louder than someone’s appearance. Would it make you happier if Vani put on another 25 pounds? Wore less makeup? Never wear high heels? I really don’t see the point of bringing this up at all, even as a form of “constructive criticism”.

      I once dated a woman who almost always wore high heels, even when she went grocery shopping. I was shocked to find out that she was sometimes criticized by other women because she chose to wear high heels more often than not.

      I think our time is much better spent focusing on the message and the bigger picture here than by bringing up obscure concepts such as “feminine angles” and to be “careful” to “accentuate” your “feminine parts”.

      There is a far more powerful message and a much bigger picture here and I think Vani’s appearance shouldn’t even enter the conversation. It think it’s completely irrelevant. Bear in mind that those who have chosen to criticize her are going to attack her no matter what. I think people who disagree with Vani are starting to realize that her and her “babe army” are starting to make small, but meaningful changes in our food system.

      I think the focus needs to be on the message and that’s where it needs to stay.

      1. Hi, Paul.

        You certainly have a right to your opinion. I did not state that she shouldn’t wear make-up or high heels. I am simply saying that if you want to play with the big boys you have to be careful of the image you project because people won’t take you seriously. Whether this is fair or right or whatever, it is how the world works. I understand that you think this is irrelevant, but you are mistaken. It is highly relevant. I am not saying completely change yourself to fit someone else’s perceptions, but when you see a hooker for example (and I am not saying she looks like that, but just giving you an example) people discredit her (again, whether it is fair or not). I support Vani and her causes, but I have seen at least one video where she was walking in the woods with a highly exposed t-shirt that had a look of a Playboy video and, frankly, I shook my head when I saw it. I kind of just rolled my eyes. I’m just saying stick to your fight and don’t sexualize it. Because it does lessen the strength of the message and your credibility. At least in my eyes it does and I’m definitely not the only person who thinks this way.

  11. Food Babe, in all honestly. I think you need to go ahead and sue him to bring this more further into the light. I know no one likes litigation and courts, but he has defamed you publicly, slandered your name and brand, and ultimately committed libel.

  12. Vani.. I will contribute for you to get the best lawyer and sue the pants off these scoundrels!! Post a “Donation Against Monsanto Defamation”.. I’m in!!

  13. Dear Monsatan and all assigned lackeys and puppets.
    It is too late, you have been revealed all over the PLANET for what you are. Sick perverted branch of the Elite NWO Agenda 21 whose sole purpose is to reduce the planetary population by at least 6 BILLION.

    Do you really think you are immune?

  14. Congrats–i have know since Viet Nam that Monsanto is one of the most corupted co’s in the world–keep up the good fight

  15. It may also be time to expose the MEDIA and their culpability……they too are paid off by Big Pharma and Big Ag to advertise and promote all this crap. The media makes big bucks lying to us as well……they need to fall with the giants…….

    1. Amen Kelly! Agreed! Last year, the local CBS station agreed to ‘do a piece with me’ about GMOS. I got my house ready for the interview only to be informed that the interview had been squashed. CBS is bought and paid for by Monsanto… and they didn’t want my interview running on their airwaves.

  16. We don’t need no stinkin’ proof. Mon-Satan has shown it’s face too many times already. You go get em’!

  17. Food Babe, You are a pillar to those of us who want to eat healthy, non toxic food. I purchased your book and I read the advice on your blog because even though I have always tried to eat a healthy diet there is so much hidden in the foods that we just wouldn’t know about if not for your dedicated research. Thank you for all the work and research you do and all the time you spend in educating and especially for enduing the barbs of those who would hide their dirty food secrets behind closed doors.

  18. He’s just another unethical corporate thug that cares more about $$ than what’s right, bullying you and lying about you. How disgusting. I LOVE that the truth comes out on the front page of the NY Times! Incredible! SHAME on him and Monsanto and every other evil person out there concerned more with their profits than people’s health, or the health of our environment. Like Dr. Campbell, the author of the China Study says, the truth is a funny thing, it doesn’t go away. Keep up the great work Vani!! We support you!

  19. From a small farmer in Florida, thanks Food Babe for standing strong against these “unbiased/unpaid” professionals that are only here to “discuss facts”.

  20. Your request will cost Florida taxpayers approximately 20,000 dollars. How will you compensate them? Will you be directly paying the law teams who must first go through his emails and redact student names?

    Just wondering.

    1. Shortsighted answer Mike…instead ask Monsanto and the professor how are they going to pay for all the damage they’ve done.

    2. When the FOIA investigation reveals that Prof intentionally defamed Food Babe on behalf of Monsanto, prof can donate his $25,000 paycheck to pay for the FOIA investigation. No expense to taxpayers, other than the damage caused by Prof’s lies about food.

    3. Mike, take off your blinders!

      When the university finds out what a fake Kevin Folta is, they will fire him saving even more (than a paltry $20,000) because they won’t have to pay his salary any longer. They should also consult with their attorneys as they might be able to sue him for previously-paid wages using misrepresentation and deceit as a legal basis.

      But I say, why wait? We should circulate a petition demanding that the university censure him then void his contract for unethical and unprofessional behavior. (starting with dishonesty and deceit).

      Maybe Monsanto will make him pay back the $25,000 they paid him because he really screwed up his ‘mission’ to discredit the Food Babe.

  21. Vani: Thank you for your wonderful work. Thanks to you my whole family eats a lot healthier, preventing us from poisoning our bodies with all the wrong stuff in food. Use your army to collect money to sue Monsanto or the professor. This is a time when I’m sure your army will be ready to put our money where our mouths are and help you continue to help us againsts Monsanto and cheap professors like Kevin.

  22. Funny, I am always surprised when this sort of thing comes out. Why? Because I “want” to believe that a so-called scientist at a University has the integrity to do the right thing. Instead, again, as always, for some people it’s about money, money, money! Pay me a sum and I’ll do anything or say anything for you! Wonder that these people can lay their heads down and close their eyes at night. And what’s even funnier, is that I’ll bet that money doesn’t even bring them TRUE happiness! I said “true.” Integrity and honesty is the only way to feel good inside yourself.

  23. This illustrates just how corrupt the globalist system of destruction is and how you can’t even trust a University professor that obviously won’t accept evidence of the dangers of GMO’s that is on record.

    Fear not, this is only one so called professional among the myriads of others including other countries that warn us of the dangers.

    Vani, you are learning how to walk through the valley of evil, so, take it in stride because you are doing a wonderful job at what you do best. Never yield!.

  24. Scientist are usually turned into pimps, and are most likely childless, otherwise their mutants would act accordingly; “If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they’re gonna murder you in your sleep,” Frank Zappa 1966; It only goes to show, no matter how many framed credentials are on your wall, they will only show how ignorant a person can become when faced with the truth. Congrats, you have earned an epitomized position at a creature organization. Monsanto; retract your reptilian nictitating membrane and stay the hell out of my food.

  25. Mexico just lifted the ban on GMO Corn. A counter suit was filed to block the start the use of GMO’s seed use. This needs all our attention and our voices. Please do whatever you can to help Mexico wake up and preserve their age old naturally bred and adapted corn varieties.

  26. Don’t ever tell me that junk food is okay to eat! I just lost an awesome twenty-year old relative. He died of multiple tumors on his brain. He was raised on junk food and junk beverages — full of chemicals and poisons. How many more who die from the sàme fate must be staggering in numbers!

  27. The problem with the science that these industry “scientists” use is cooked science, metaphor and pun intended.

    You need look no further yhan the canola situation to see that they are winning. Rapeseed is a healthy, historic human food that was genetically modified to yield canola. Depending on their motives at the time they may claim that canola is the same as rapeseed, canola is different from rapeseed, rapedeed is harmful, canola is healthy, or whatever. They a have convinced a generation that it is healthful.

    Although European and Asian consumers claim to be on guard there is evidence that GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and their associated chemicals are making inroads there.

    In the USA (United States of America) the growing of oilseed rape is almost nonexistant.

    This e-mail controversy exposes the obvious – that there is collusion. But the real power is in the pocketbook and people will continue to buy GMO products while railing against them.

    People will maintain the perception that these products are healthy long after they forget that industries and universities are in collusion. And most Americans will not know, realize, recognize, or believ that there is collusion in the first place anyway.


    1. Typo correction-

      And most Americans will not know, realize, recognize, or believe that there is collusion in the first place anyway.


  28. Vani – BIG hugz to you for what you do! I have no words for what is going on, and I am so glad that you expose it all. As a Food Scientist/Pastry Chef/Chocolatier I know enough about ingredients and then some. Please keep doing what you are doing! <3

  29. the University of Florida has been paid off for Years . The Companies like Monsanto have past employees on the Schools boards . J D Rockefeller was the first to do this years ago so everyone followed suit .. he might own Monsanto he owns the American Cancer Society ok he started them … They run IFIS Institute of Food and Industrial Science , doesn’t that say it all ??? They use to have a guy fro Quaker who ran it , he also took my patented information and refused to allow me to us the facility although I had before when there was another person running it I was also an organic farmer and owned an Organic fertilizer co. in the State .

  30. Way to go Foodbabe for fighting tirelessly for us.

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

  31. Well done, Vani. Keep going Girl and show these monsters like Monsanto that there is no hiding place for them or their ilk. They are all a bunch of pompous poisonous greedy liars who deserve nothing. We love you.

  32. Just wanted to echo others in my support for you and your efforts, Vani. I don’t believe you are motivated by self-promotion or greed (as some of your naysayers have asserted). I believe your motivation is a genuine passion to help others improve their health. Your work is important. People are hungry for information that will empower them to improve their health.

  33. I say ignore the critics or feed off the energy they provide you and your mission. Without the criticism, how would you know you are so effective? Read Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule and criticism will never phase you again. Keep up the good fight Food Babe!

  34. Vani, besides the word search for “Food Babe” and “Vani” I think you should also include the word “Monsanto” in the search.

  35. This type of corruption is exactly why people should not vote for Hilary. She is paid by Monsanto too… Feel the Bern 2016 ..take back our government and LABEL GMOS! It still amazes me that most people are blind to these companies that are killing people .Keep up the hard work FOOD BABE!

  36. I’ve been following this debate for a while now (foodbabe versus science). My first observation is that I presume most people will not get a chance to read this comment before it gets deleted the foodbabe staff for not being on message. So if you’re reading this now, be sure to check back later to see if indeed it did get deleted. Second point is that I would implore everyone to read both sides of the argument. Folta was paid travel expenses by Monsanto for speaking about the area of science in which he specialises in – why wouldn’t he accept it as opposed to spending precious faculty budget or worse, from his own wallet if he’s passionate about science? Folta’s comments have been carefully lifted out of context to look like he’ll say anything for a few dollars…but the reality is much different so go and have a look at his blog for the details of what he said in context to get the bigger picture before jumping to conclude like foodbabe that he’s simply a monsanto puppet ( Go in peace brothers and sisters

  37. Dear Food Babe,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing the dirty work and never giving up. You are paving the way for a complete reversal in public opinion on these toxic corporations, such as Monsanto, who are slowly killing us.

    I have just left a VM for Ms. Drake, representative of Monsanto, asking her how she can sleep at night?! She must be completely delusional, drunk from the Monsanto kool-aid to help build and protect something that is truly harming the health of mankind and the earth. Thank you for posting her phone number. I suggest the rest of you also give her a quick call : ))

    Much love!


  38. WOW! – yet not surprised either…….. Thank you so much for all that you do to protect Americans & the world!

  39. Hi Food Babe. I think it is time you put on your corporate suit and mean business, sometimes it will give us more power from a physical stand point. Your dresses are cute but if you are going to face the power ye be upon you with all this coming at you, then transform your wardrobe to have power suits when you speak at crowds, Being in the image field, clothes have always gained more respect…I understand you are who you are….but it is just like being an actor on stage they put on that costume to play that part. Your part is now transforming into facing the dominance of the male world of Monsanto. The guy that said you should get a lawyer I agree. Many people are being shot out there for cures like cancer lately if you haven’t read the The Health Ranger’s website…your heading into deep waters…protect yourself Food Babe. Otherwise I admire your guts what you have done. Great job!

  40. Interesting information, and that professor has certainly lost some credibility. However, you also receive compensation from the companies that you give favorable reviews to, so I think you’re being a little hypocritical to attack this man. You may say that their money isn’t buying favorable reviews, but I’m sure the professor would also say that money isn’t buying his research results.

  41. Makes you wonder where that ‘professor’ got his degree! – or maybe he ‘forgot’ all that he learned & was willing to give up any Scientific knowledge he ‘may’ have once had just for money!

    Thank you for all that you are doing – and YES – continue writing, speaking & filing complaints or whatever against this type person(s) and companies.

  42. This is big! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Wow! This fight is going to be so worth it in the end.

  43. Not only is Food Babe spot on, so are many of the supportive and wonderfully well worded supporters on this site. What a lot of great reading! And what a lot of insightful, ‘awake’ people. Food Babe should sue, there is no doubt, and let very good attorneys handle all the angles.

    No rock should be left unturned regarding the conscientiousless actions of all involved in slander and libel against either Vani, or involved in sliming with poisons, the world and food that we all share. The world is here for the fight of good against evil, and good’s only ‘job’ is to keep facing off with evil without respite… the Creator, in the end, will, without a doubt, finish the battle.

  44. I wouldn’t stop until this creep Folta is fired, Florida has to pony up enough to fund my campaign for the next two decades, and Monsanto is completely shut down, sending them and their shareholders to the poor house.

    Don’t let go of the tiger’s tail, in fact keep giving a wring as often as you can.

  45. So all the rumblings I’ve been hearing are true. Not that I’m surprised, but I had to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

  46. You have opened so many eyes and ears…and the food babe army keeps spreading THE TRUTH with you! People are thinking and looking outside “the box” to see **WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON** Vani, the work that you, the team, and the Army do will “weed out” these toxic companies, people hired to work with them….AND ALL THE TOXIC FOOD, CHEMICALS, ADDITIVES, AND PRESERVATIVES, THEY HAVE BROUGHT WITH THEM to ruin this beautiful world we live in. Thank you! We love what you are doing and keep going strong!!! Xoxo

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