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The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

I’ve always said that food and chemical corporations work with public university scientists “behind closed doors” to manipulate the public—and now our movement has irrefutable PROOF. But first, let me start at the beginning…

When our movement got big companies to change, Dr. Kevin Folta, from University of Florida appeared on the scene. Every time we made headway on an important issue, Kevin Folta, who claimed to be an unbiased scientist, was there to refute our claims and throw some ad hominem attacks. Here are a few examples (many more are documented at the end of this post):
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015
“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Folta’s Blog, Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
My intuition and common sense knew that this guy HAD to be connected to these corporations in some way, but he kept denying any connection. And I believed he was causing irreparable harm to our healthy food movement because the media believed that he was an unbiased scientist. 


This week an unprecedented major investigative report was published in the NY Times about how the chemical and food industries work with public university scientists to advance their agendas to the public. Hundreds of emails have now been revealed between University of Florida Professor Dr. Kevin Folta, Monsanto, the biotech front groups, and their PR firm Ketchum after a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request was submitted by the nonprofit group U.S. Right To Know.

folta nyt article


Why would Monsanto work with a public scientist in the first place? 

Some powerful entities in the chemical and food industries have a financial incentive to try to discredit us in the work we have all done together and now we know how they are using public scientists like Dr. Kevin Folta as sock puppets to advance their message. We’ve come a long way in our food movement and things are finally starting to change –  people are getting healthier and the food industry is responding to us, but why is someone like Dr. Kevin Folta on a mission to stop our progress? 

Newly discovered emails reveal that Folta received a $25,000 unrestricted grant from Monsanto, and even wrote to a Monsanto executive, “I’m glad to sign on to whatever you like, or write whatever you like,” and “I promise a solid return on investment.”

However, Folta previously denied ties to Monsanto, here are 9 different examples:

Not only was Folta repeatedly dishonest about his ties to Monsanto, but on “several occasions” according to the NY Times, Folta took word for word answers and commentary from Monsanto’s PR firm Ketchum to use as his own words. Previously he claimed he never used the text written for him by the PR firm Ketchum.

Monsanto sells Roundup, the chemical that is sprayed on the majority of GMO seeds. The main ingredient in Roundup was recently classified as a probable carcinogen. They are in panic mode trying to repair their image and will do anything to confuse the public. 

Folta attempted to derail my speaking event at the University of Florida. He has also been interviewed by major media outlets such as The Atlantic, NPR, and the NY Times acting as an unbiased third party source, telling reporters he has no financial ties to Monsanto or the biotech industry all while acting as the ringleader and chief of my critics. 

Monsanto thanks Folta for attending my talk at The University of Florida

One of the emails discovered by showed Lisa Drake, an executive at Monsanto cheering Dr. Folta on after he attended my talk at his University last fall. Dr. Folta wrote a blog post attempting to discredit my talk including a false accusation that I refused to answer questions from the audience. (FYI – Here’s the photographic evidence of the long line of teachers and students that I answered questions from.) I still find it bizarre that if he wanted to ask me a question so bad that he didn’t stay to meet me face to face. Instead he spread dishonest information about my talk all over social media, in forums and on his blog, acting more like an online troll than a distinguished science professor. 

Monsanto Folta

Seeing this email sent shivers down my spine and left me with a lot of questions. First and foremost, my talk was not about the dangers of GMO foods, it was about the story of quitting my corporate career to become a food activist sharing examples of major food companies changing their policies. Who wrote that paragraph summarizing my talk that Lisa Drake referenced? Why was a Monsanto executive sending this message to Folta? Did they ask him to attend my talk? Are they paying him to attack activists like myself? At the time I had no idea why this professor was so aggressive towards me but now it’s starting to make sense.  

I’ve tried to explain to various reporters in the past that many of our critics are part of the larger entrenched food and chemical lobby that doesn’t agree with having more transparency (labeling GMOs) or doesn’t want to remove the controversial chemical additives from our food. The reporters have always said but what about the “public university scientists” that have no ties?

This investigation finally begins to explain that. 

Why I am also submitting a FOIA request

In light of this email and the incredible amount of reputational damage Dr. Folta has waged on me personally and our healthy food movement (see a sampling of his public comments below), I am submitting a formal request to the University of Florida to have all documents and correspondence released to the public from Dr. Kevin Folta regarding my name Vani Hari and Food Babe. 

I believe obtaining these correspondences will serve the public in greater transparency on how the food industry uses “independent” third-party scientists and professors to control science and deliver their PR and lobbying messaging.

I’ve often wondered why companies like Monsanto go through such great lengths to stop transparency about GMOs… If their food is safe, why don’t they want to label GMOs? Why would they pay public university scientists to advance their message?



Quotes from Kevin Folta:

Folta calls me a crackpot, accuses me of food terrorism, blackmail, villifying farmers and compares me to a dog.

“Vani is very good at marketing herself and telling people what they want to hear. She is very good at playing into the current popularity of vilifying farmers and large-scale agriculture. But really, she’s her own company, and she’s the spokesperson.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Kevin M. Folta, the chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, described Ms. Hari’s lecture at the university last October as a “corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism.” (Her fee was $6,000.) Dr. Folta added, “She found that a popular social media site was more powerful than science itself, more powerful than reason, more powerful than actually knowing what you’re talking about.”. – quoted in New York Times, 3/15/2015

“She really conflates the science. If anything, she’s created more confusion about food, more confusion about the role of chemicals and additives.” – NPR, 12/4/2014

“To have someone like Hari go out and make up nonsense that only digs into public opinion against these technologies is really frustrating for us.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

“That’s not healthy activism or change based on science. That’s coercion, fear mongering and (yes) terrorism to achieve short-sighted political non-victories in the name of profit and self-promotion, ironically the same thing she accuses the companies of.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014
“Luckily, Starbucks didn’t fold… Otherwise, Hari would have blackmailed them too.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014


“Vani Hari would be spreading her corrupt message of bogus science and abject food terrorism here at the University of Florida. Oh joy”. – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“Responding to the Food Babe is like telling a funny joke to my dog at a party. Everyone there gets it– except for the dog. She just tilts her head to one side and looks at me like I’m stupid.” – Response to the Food Babe. This is Boring, 3/19/2015

“There’s something that dies inside when you are a faculty member that works hard to teach about food, farming and science, and your own university brings in a crackpot to unravel all of the information you have brought to students.” — Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“If this is a charismatic leader of a new food movement it is quite a disaster. She’s uninformed, uneducated, trite and illogical. She’s afraid of science and intellectual engagement. She’s Oz candy at best.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“What if Hari were to take a long look in the mirror and decide that while scaring people into boycotts and book buying pays the bills, the legacy associated with it is embarrassing. Time will frown on Hari, and it already is happening.  While adored by internet fans, scientists, physicians, the food industry, farmers and science fans see her clearly as the empty information vessel she truly is.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014

“Her discussion was a narcissistic, self-appointed attack on food science and human nutrition. There is a vein in my head that pulses when I hear someone deliberately misrepresent science for personal celebrity, and it was pounding.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I was really proud to see that the student audience was not buying it. Throughout her presentation that was about Hari in the spotlight and “me-me-me”, students got up and left. She left gaping pregnant pauses where previous performances got applause– only to hear nothing. Not even crickets.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“While microphones stood ready in the audience to answer questions, there was no public Q&A period where a scientist that knows the research could publicly challenge her false assertions.”- Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I guess I’m just angry because I didn’t get to lock science horns with The Food Babe. I would have liked to have asked a few questions that she could never answer.” – Food Babe Visits My University, 10/21/2014

“I listened to her talk about herself and provide lots of false information to my students, and waited for the opportunity to ask dismantling questions from one of the two microphones in the room”. – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She did not take questions from the audience. The event ended and the audience left”.- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She was paid $6000 for over an hour’s time to promote her brand and spread her filth.  Now scientists and educators have to fix it.” – A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“As we attempt to illuminate products, technology and method to feed a growing population, Hari’s shameful resistance to reality needs to be met. We’ve done that, and I’m proud of the push back…” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“Recently I’ve given a number of talks and interviews where I’ve been described as the “guy that stood up to the Food Babe”. While standing up for science is important, I’d rather be described as the guy that changed her mind because I took the time to teach the facts.” – The Value of Vani, 12/12/2014
“I cannot think of someone so clueless that thinks she’s so clue-full. The bravado to manufacture completely wacky statements is beyond arrogance, and to criticize students who approach her from a scholarly evidence-based point shows she’s fully subscribed to her own deception.” – Vani Hari’s Kooky Response to Critical Students, 1/26/2015

Folta discredits Food Babe campaigns to remove controversial chemicals from the food supply:

“Bread is a foam. Even culinary experts will tell you. It was a perfectly safe food additive for years, until she came along and decided that Subway bread was essentially a yoga mat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“The fact that she is able to mobilize this army of blind followers who reject science and follow her words, to smear and harm the reputations of companies that are doing nothing wrong.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015
“Safety always has to be the number one concern. And an understanding of safety is contingent on an understanding of the chemical in question. But she lacks the scientific prowess to be able to tell when something is truly a threat, and when something poses no threat.” – The Atlantic, 2/11/2015

Additional Evidence: Folta denies any ties to Monsanto on his blog:

“In another thread she encourages those curious to call the university, because “a certain professor who promotes Monsanto… has spread a lot of nonsense”. Again, she speaks from no evidence, leveling false allegations against a public scientist that only wants her to back her claims with science.  How do I ‘support Monsanto’?”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“She also took the liberty of making a false association between a public scientist and university professor to a company that does not exist, purely to discredit him. Here are two clear falsehoods that Hari stands by.  Why anyone would take any advice from her, ever, is beyond me.”- A Letter To Support My Claims Against the Food Babe, 11/16/2014

“Of course, she ties me in with Monsanto. Blatantly false. But since when does she need evidence before making a claim?” – Vani Hari (Food Babe) and Silencing Critics, 12/7/2014
Folta’s personal email to Food Babe (3/19/2015):  

“I work as an independent, public scientist. Companies have no control of my research, my results or my opinions.”

“You’ll also see from my publications that almost all of my funding comes from public sources, like USDA, NSF and NIH. I’m not a “Monsanto scientist” as you’ve suggested. My only “industry funding” is for strawberries– a strawberry industry of family farmers that grow a nutritious fruit. Yes, I answer questions on GMO Answers. I am not paid, I’m grateful for the forum, and if you gave me a page on Food to answer questions the answers would be exactly the same.”

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515 responses to “The Shocking Email From Monsanto: Why I am submitting a FOIA request

  1. Please change the identification of your supporters as an ARMY. It implies physical force. Instead come up with something harmless and positive that promotes and strengthens your cause.

    1. You will find this definition under the word army- “a large number of people or things, typically formed or organized for a particular purpose.”
      Quite appropriate if you ask me. Besides, there’s more important issues at hand than the use of the word army.

  2. Historically scientists have been not being honestly or flat out wrong. I am not going to blindly believe anyone. Follow the money and that usually points out if there’s a problem.

  3. Hi Vani, Just thought you would like to see the text of an open letter to Dr Folta that I posted on:

    It is currently awaiting moderation:

    Dr Folta, Your reputation will clearly need an overhauling after the public get hold of the NY Times article in this regard, and by now, it has gone viral. The appearance of impropriety *alone* should have prevented you from accepted non-restricted funds from a company who promotes a bio-technology that you subsequently defend from the rooftops. What were you thinking? If Monsanto is paying for *anything* of which you take advantage, then even if it is untrue, most people are going to assume you are “on Monsanto’s side” and are engaging in a tit-for-tat relationship.

    Perhaps you would benefit from taking a couple of refresher courses: “Ethics in Business and Research” and “Ethical Debate” (regarding your ad hominem attacks on non-GMO activists). I reserve judgement, as I don’t know what is in your heart and mind regarding this issue. But honestly, someone intelligent enough to garner a PhD and work at your level in higher education should have been more careful with getting entangled in something like this, to say nothing of using pre-drafted responses in favour of Monsanto.

    [Posted as mrs_m_goldsmith]

  4. I have also posted the following to alert all my FB Friends of this situation. Whilst not everyone we know may necessarily believe Food Babe, they will almost certainly pay attention to the NY Times, so thank you Vani for posting this information today and giving us “independent” confirmation of what you have been saying all along!

    Posted on
    along with a link to the NY Times article:

    *on soapbox*

    You may want to take the time to read this 6th September NY TIMES article. I am amazed that the DARK Act has already passed the House and is awaiting Senate approval (allowing GMO ingredients to remain UNLABELED as such on food products). A number of university scientists have been “supported” by both sides of the argument, but mainly by the biotech companies. These profs are at best naive, as this fellow:

    “Dr. Chassy … conceded that the money he had received from the company had helped to elevate his voice through travel, a website he created and other means. ‘What industry does is when they find people saying things they like, they make it possible for your voice to be heard in more places and more loudly,’ he said.”

    And that exactly THE POINT, Professor! If they are making it possible for your voice to be heard in more places and more loudly, they are skewing the information in their favour by so doing! This fellow is a PhD and he doesn’t get this?

    Then there are others, like Dr. Folta who has been attacking the anti-GMO movement with nasty personal attacks, insisting all the while he is *not* affiliated with Monsanto… No, wait a minute, after it became public that he accepted a non-restricted (ie he can do whatever he likes with the money) Monsanto grant of £25,000, but no that didn’t affect his opionion in any way… Oh, and Monsanto’s PR firm did happen to draft some of his “scientific” responses on GMO Answers website, but he only posted them as his own opinion because he just happens to agree with Monsanto. How venal can a person get?

    And this guy has the nerve to attack the non-GMO movement as uninformed, empty-headed, food terrorists, and blackmailers — all because we simply want to know WHAT WE ARE EATING!!!

    If you care about what you eat and you want to know what is in your food, please read everything you can about this issue and write to your Senators about the DARK Act today!

    *off soapbox*

    1. Mrs M Goldsmith, did you also read in the NYT article to what extent Chuck Benbrook was affiliated with Organic Valley and numerous activists? Kevin Folta works on strawberries. Monsanto is not interrested in strawberries because there is not enough money to make with small crops. And the 25k have been alteady returned and 25k are in terms of research money peanuts.

      I love Food Babe, but in this case she is off. Why don’t we just focus on improving our food supply instead of engaging in smear campaigns. And before you start with “but Kevin Folta said to Vani…”, he has reached out to her. Instead of pputting a burden on the tax payer with an FOIA request, why doesn’t she just debate him and give him hell.

      1. Hello, yes I did read about the organic-related scientist, and I mentioned that in my first post just before this one, that it happens on *both* sides of the debate.

        Also, Dr Folta could have easily asked questions at the open mike session when Vani was at his university, so why didn’t *he* just debate her and give her hell?? Instead, he snipes at her and maligns her character in letters and in the press at every opportunity.

  5. I just heard Vani speak yesterday at The Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa, Ca. (The main topic was truth in food labels.) I never even heard of her before last week, but I’m already a fan. Great talk, there certainly was none of the “me me me” self-promotion going on like some of the trolls here are accusing her of. She gave specific, factual info about some of the ingredients on food labels. Terrible rabble-rouser, right?

  6. You go girl! I just wrote to the president of University of Florida and the head of the faculty senate – copy follows:

    To: W. Kent Fuchs, and Paul Davenport,

    I have just seen the NYTimes articles that confirm that your dishonest professor Folta is lying and being paid by Monsanto to falsify the science about the safety of their products and also to vilify Vana Hari in her endeavor to make our food sources safer and more healthy. I am shocked, appalled, and outraged!!!!!!!!
    I want to know what you are going to do about it. Will he be fired immediately or do you condone and perhaps even encourage such perfidious actions! You, your staff and your university should be alarmed, disgusted, ashamed and VERY apologetic about this. I am hoping I see some statement from you to that effect.

  7. Vani,
    Keep up your good work and don’t let the personal attacks get you down. You are doing a great job and we need your work. Thank you for all you have done to improve our foods. It is really unfortunate that the trolls resort to personal attacks in an attempt to silence anyone with a differing opinion.

  8. Yes l agree 100% We want organic food NO GMOs how dare they play with GOD’s food to make His children sick than give us more poison meds causing us to die prematurely.Wouldn’t want to have to answer for that SIN .Thank GOD you can’t fool us all .We will fight Monsanto tooth and nail

  9. I am ever so grateful for you for all that you do. I am so appalled at our government for what is allowed as food and for the lies that are told. I live in northern California, the other night on the news they were saying how Drescoll’s organic strawberries aren’t really organic. All strawberry fields, at least in California, are fumigated. I remember seeing a piece last year where they showed a family who lived next door to a strawberry field being vacated for a week to a motel, paid for by a ‘strawberry company’, while men in white suits, complete with head covers, full face masks and re-breathers fumigated the field. We paid extra money every summer so our 4 year old granddaughter can eat non chemical strawberries, cause she loooves strawberries ( I watch her during the week). I still sit in disbelief every time one of these stories comes up. What the hell happened to our government! Keep up the Good Fight!

  10. It’s sad to see our country come to what it is today full of corruption and lying. That will not hold us back from seeking and getting the truth. People like Folta are a dime a dozen for Monsanto and Big Pharma once he folds there will be someone else to take his place. As for our elected officials House and Senate– don’t and won’t listen to us either. Once they are elected they do whatever they want. We are lucky to have Vani, Natural News, EWG, Global Healing Center and many more who are pushing us to change our health and listen to the truth because after us its our children that will inherent the willful destruction to keep us sick. I appauld you Vani and will always support your honest hard work educating us about our health. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    1. Yes it is all nothing but corruption. I was acutely poisoned on Chlordane and Dursban in 1986. I am 73 years old and have suffered for 29 years. They destroyed my health and a military hospital told me I would have cancer in 18 to 20 years . It was 18 years to the month when I had breast cancer surgery. I was scared and let them talk me into chemotherapy. Number 5 Cranial Nerve ,Auto. Nerves destroyed. I told them what the pesticides had done to my nervous system and that I was sensitive to chemicals of any kind. They paid no attention to me.. It has been a nightmare what their toxins did to me. Truth is coming out now about chemical companies and big pharma destroying and killing people everyday. There are natural ways to control insects and to cure cancer.Yes, and all these years physicians ignored me or told me it was in my head and I needed antidepressants. They were right about one thing it is in my head, the nerves connected to my brain. I treat myself with herbs and oils and I see a very good chiropractor. I will never see another medical doctor or take any of their toxic drugs again Thanks Vani, I sent email to Lisa at Monsanto and hope others will do the same. Thanks Natural News for helping me to heal myself as best I can.

  11. A despicable and shamefull person who uses his scientific credentials, and secretly pocketing money while denying any ties.

    But really, this is Monsanto also. So how honest are they? Clearly they will do anything!

    All we want is to look after our and our families health.

  12. Our family stands BESIDE you 100 % Food Babe. We are on the same journey of better health, informed decisions, eating healthy, taking care of our bodies, and educating others who want to learn. And wading through all the lies we have been told about our food safety . Learning about the government sleeping with big pharma and monsanto. Keep fighting the good fight, one day at a time.

  13. They wouldn’t be attacking you if you weren’t right and they didn’t feel threatened out of their corporate Nancy pants

  14. Monsatan has been called out for paying off ‘scientists’ to stick up for them on the internet.
    They will stop at nothing to spread their poison to the world and our paid off politicians like Obama and Clinton don’t give a damn about this country or anyone in it.
    It’s a disgrace that Obama got a second term and Hillary needs to be sent packing as well.

  15. You might want to FOIA the amounts of funding Monsanto received in creating foods that might decrease the surplus population.

  16. Unbelievable reading all of this. To think that there is even an argument here is astounding. The results and facts speak for themselves. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a “scientist” from the University of Florida) to figure out what is occurring. Anyone defending it is obviously part of the problem and not part of the solution. These education and food manufacturing systems (among many & practically all) are working hand in hand to generate an intention “Control”. Controlling the food supply by “owning” the GMO crops & what it does or doesn’t do to peoples health. If people are sick from eating non-food, then that feeds the medical & pharmaceutical industry lots of issues to deal with to further progress the intention – which is obviously happening is it not? or is the health epidemic occurring naturally from eating good healthy natural REAL food? Surely anyone can see this? Let alone any other generally unaware, dissociated consequences we see occurring day to day. Luckily we are waking up to it ALL. Just do what you know in your heart is the right thing for you, not what you are being manipulated to believe. You are literally what you eat & always have been since conception (& even before in reality…but that’s another story). Is very simple and not need to be complicated at all – eat good healthy, FRESH!, unprocessed, unmodified, sustainable food you can recognize every day! Anything else is heading toward extinction – it’s that simple!

  17. Keep going Vani and we will follow your lead ! Thanks for your hard work bringing awareness to these crazy mess that is our “food” world !

  18. I wonder if Kevin (or anyone else) could please answer this one question, “why is it that you and or any other “scientist” believes it a good idea or himself to be smarter than the universe and what has been provided adequately for millennia, to think you can modify food genetically in feeble attempts to “improve” it, just to suit harmful mass-agricultural practices?” Is it just for the money?, control over food supply?, or purely ego?

  19. Vani Hari, you are a fraud, a modern day snake oil salesman. I hope these actual Scientists (that you aren’t) that you slander and all these companies that you fear monger your army into attacking, bullying, and harass with your pseudo science garbage. Your “healthy” eating can kill people and so many of your followers are afraid to eat anything. You are creating a mob of mass hysteria… I hope they all start to sue you for everything your worth money wise. You’re a con out to enrich your own life style. You’re nothing but a Cult guru of trash. I hope sanity takes you down ASAP

      1. Lisa must’ve had one too many sniffs of Roundup already..geez, that attack was unprovoked in my opinion.Why so many people can’t see the irreparable damage these chemical companies are causing in our soil, water, and food supply is beyond me.

  20. You are justified. Do it. This is like a war in a way, between disinformation and propaganda paid for and/or supported by big food companies and/or biotech industries versus people who have a right to know what kind of crap is being passed off as food. You are doing a great job, keep it up.

  21. Let me begin by thanking you for all that you do!!! I can only imagine how hard it is to get up every day and fight this battle! As a former BigPharma rep from my previous life, I can tell you there are plenty of Doctors and Scientists waiting with their pockets open to say whatever is necessary to advance themselves both monetarily and personally. After the birth of my first child, my life changed drastically and I realized what was in not only what I was eating, but what I was feeding my baby. Now three more kids later, I am happy to say that I cook from scratch for my family everyday with real whole foods. My allergies and asthma have disappeared and none of us have any health or weight issues.

    I am a firm believer that you are what you eat and my kids know it. They have never eaten fast food and have no desire to.

    I wish I could find a way to help fight the cause with you, but please know there are so many of us that are grateful for what you do!! Keep up the fight, they will cave eventually…..knowledge is power!!

  22. Dear Vani,

    You are doing so much good and your work is incredibly powerful . Thank you .

    I too think food army could be changed to something more peace loving .

    Cheers to life and right to healthful food.


  23. So, what you have is an already discredited NYtimes article, a gut feeling and an “army” of minions.
    You do realize that some in your upstanding army are already making threats on this man’s life. Good for you. Your parents should be so proud to have raised a daughter who is more in love with herself and her image that she would knowingly and willingly put a man’s life and quite possibly the life of his family to protect her image.
    You are above reproach.

  24. I’m so grateful for what you’re doing Vani! This guy’s attacks sound like a little kid having a temper tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted. I can just see him jumping up-and-down, stomping his feet, while he’s doing all that yelling. Makes him look like an idiot. A paid off idiot. You keep doing what you’re doing! We all know this is not something that you made up! Keep it up, girl!

  25. That there are figures of authority that have been corrupted is neither new nor interesting and a complete sideshow to the struggle for the hearts and minds of healthy eaters everywhere. Would you rather eat natural, sustainable food or unsustainable food designed for profit? If you’re in the first camp, the views of all proponents of unnatural systems of health become uninteresting, wrong-headed and a waste of our precious, health-seeking time. Much of our time should be spent optimizing our personal health, not catching pathetic professors and profiteers in aha! moments.
    Embrace your paradigm, natural or man-made, but a healthy lifestyle is best supported by common sense, not the contentious arguments of science or its corruptible authorities. Common sense should tell you that optimal health is not the product of an expensive, hard to find source, natural or otherwise.
    I understand Vani wanting to defend herself. That is natural and healthy, but a small skirmish in a much greater battle for preferring natural, sustainable solutions over man-made.

  26. Are you kidding me? Diabesity, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Depression, Alzheimers, Leaky gut syndrome, IBS, Crohns Disease, Diverticulitis, Exzema, Psoriasis, Cancer, GERD, Reflux, Birth defects, Endless Food Sensitivities, Allergies, Juvenile Diabetes – to name a few of the manifestations that are caused by ingesting pesticides at unprecedented levels for decades. If you are denying this reality, you are ignorant or completely unaware of the toxic load in your environment. Hawaii stopped recording birth defects in 2005 because of the overwhelming numbers of infants born with mutations. Hawaii is one of the largest Monsanto Corn growers in the US. Wake up people. We have been, and continue to be poisoned through our food chain. These BIg AG companies must fall. Vote with your dollars. Buy organic and demand that the requirements for organic labeling be upheld.

    1. In 2011 EHEC bacteria in organic (!) sprots killed over 50 people and left some more with permanent liver damage. I am all for healthy eating and a safe food supply, I love my organic farmer next door, but we should not forget where the real dangers with food lie.

      The diseases you have mentioned are also in the rise in GMO-free Europe. Why?

  27. Folta thinks people are stupid, he has the arrogance of a title and think he would never be checked up on, well welcome to the information age Mr Scientist, your not all that after all.

  28. Thanks for keeping up the fight in spite of the vicious personal attacks. The blind allegiance, by many, to the PR spouted by Monsanto is unfathomable. Anyone wanting a more thorough understanding of how the biotech industry has manipulated science and the public needs to read the works of Jeffery Smith and Steven Druker.

  29. My Dear,
    You are a Crack pot ! But a darn good one, and I am proud to be on your side. Awareness is so important these days. Thank you for sharing. I too am very proud of you for standing up for truth.

    Hugs my Friend,

  30. Speaking the truth scares people in their wallets. Thank you for continuing this movement Vani !! Your an inspiration to us all !!

  31. Yeah, I remember the day I realized how easy it is to skew scientific facts. That’s how many of the scientific studies show up in favor of the latest new drug. The testing is always done by someone that is “in bed” with the pharmaceutical company in the first place. And, they know how to set the tests up so the data comes back in their favor. So I don’t pay as much attention to that stuff as I did when I was younger. I dig deeper for the facts.

    It’s clear to anyone that’s done the homework that GMOs are poison to both the rats that they’ve tested them on and the humans that are now ingesting them daily and coming down with multiple disease as a result. Do these guys really think they won’t get sick too? And, what about their kids, spouses, relatives?

    So, you have to surmise that the people that are promoting them are stupid OR they have access to very clean food and eat a healthy diet. I think the first one is most likely.

    Vani, you very brave. Thank you for taking on this enormous challenge.

  32. Take heart, Vani! You are the real deal.

    I have always thought that “Professor” Folta was a suspicious character; now I know. He and his fellow “scientists” undermine not just the public trust but American science in general — or what is left of American science. He is a public “scientist” who works for private interests. Only in America…. well, sadly our culture of greed has corrupted science and scientists all over the world.

    In supposedly organic Boulder, Colorado they have the Monsanto machine working overtime to undermine the community. The government of Boulder County has long been deeply networked with Monsanto interests as is known throughout the United States. The Boulder Daily Camera internet site has been plagued with a full time GMO shill known as 123CommonSense who serves corporate interests in general and Monsanto interests in particular. The Camera (as is the case with most newspapers) has had many other shills working for corporate interests as well.

    Of course, the Internet is stuffed full of GMO frauds: we have had French Kissed along with a plethora of Bay Area operatives working overtime. The Bay Area GMO shills must be paid very well because they spend much time doing what passes for “research” to benefit their corporate masters.

    We have First Officer infecting Huffington Post. Of course we have the far, far right Hoover Institute working hard for Monsanto interests. The UK Guardian has been plagued by GMO trolls quite a bit.

    GMO shills are constantly evolving their PR and this is in itself a fascinating study. Hopefully, we can discover the PR agencies who are contributing to defrauding the American People.

  33. The avalanche of ignorant comments clearly indicates you are succeeding! Making a certain industry nervous that you may just yank the vail they’ve put over the eyes of the masses?

    These people are not against you because of their altruistic nature. If they disagree with your investigations, I would imagine they would not feel the need to comment. I mean, I don’t troll around websites of communities that go against my beliefs (naturally, right?). It’s obvious that they are trying to smear the hell out of you personally rather than provide evidence to the contrary (like the real stuff guys, not the bought and paid for kind). Trolls, your work is sloppy. And to most of us discerning types you make for a crooked smile, maybe a small chuckle – at best.

  34. Yeah Vani – this will bring more people to your side. I support and admire you for all the wonderful help you have given me to feel better and enjoy the taste of food more.
    Remember you are standing up to GREED and it will take you to be strong to take the blows. I love Science and Scientists but not the ones who are bought by the corporations that do not care about people’s health as long as they can fill their “back pockets.” Hey, try what Vani recommends and see for yourself how much better you will feel and look!
    Yeah Vani!!

  35. Attended a “Discussion on GMO’s sponsored by U of A, and lead by two U of A Scientists” on 2/25/15. The audience questions and concerns were totally ignored. Instead, the scientists applauded the “benefits” of GMO’s” ie: Higher yield, Longer shelf life. The U of A scientists definitely appeared to be defending Monsanto.

  36. Anyone who has read Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate” isn’t shocked by these revelations. It’s Junk Science 101.
    Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Ag, they’re all using the same playbook: Find a scientist sympathetic to your cause or sympathetic to the Almighty Dollar, shovel money at him, and let him spout his lies loudly until corporate media picks it up as gospel truth.
    Because all it takes is a seed of doubt from a reputable source to ruin the entire crop of legitimate science.

  37. Thanks for what you do. You have turned on a spotlight that has long been turned down. There are many kinds of scientists and lately some sadly have been caught fudging their data and the interpretation.

    A true scientist would have quoted you on a statement and supplied references and research to back up his point disproving that statement. Common sense trumps a PSD most of the time, especially in absence of the ability to quote research. Folta may claim to be a scientist, but he does not support that claim with his actions. I hope he hasn’t tenure because he has no business teaching at the university.

  38. That Mr. Folta’s dissent consists mainly of common name calling really makes one wonder how on Earth he got to become “professor.” He seems to be saying that people are generally incapable of cognition (knowing, reasoning, remembering, understanding, assessing) save for those called “scientists.” How haughty this man. I say he put himself on a strict diet of azodicarbonamide, monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated palm oil, genetically modified corn along with generous doses of sugar drinks and salt, and let us monitor his health over time.

    1. > That Mr. Folta’s dissent consists mainly of common name calling

      The ironic part is that almost none of the quotes of his posted here are ANY sort of “name calling” – and ALL of them contain factual, correct criticisms. Meanwhile, “Food Babe” can’t counter-argue any of them, so she hits below the belt. Typical…

      1. Well Mike Drake, didn’t our dear Folta chant “army of blind followers” to put down all of the people engaged in the critical thinking on which the present debate is built? I’m finding Folta funny. Isn’t he in essence beseeching those of us in this “army” to lay down our investigation and join his obedient march behind Big Food?


  40. Oh my Word Vani, I knew you and this army took these companies like a BOSS, but did not realize all the negative things that come with it. Keep doing what you are doing. You are definitely an inspiration. Those companies did not change or make a commitment to be better because they were producing safe and natural products. WE know and THEY know that what they are serving is essentially crap. Thanks for always staying on top of things. We will be the mature ones and shall do no name callings here.


    KaZoua Berry

  41. Dont worry too much about this guy. Remember first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you WIN.
    We will all win if we just keep on going. The truth always wins in the end. : )


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