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Raw Coconut Macaroons (Only 5 Ingredients!)

If you know me, you know I love my sweets. I don’t think I could ever give up having something a little sweet every day. The way I used to satisfy my sweet cravings before I stopped eating conventional processed junk food vs. now, is like night and day. Back then, I would eat anything sweet, including those treats full of artificial ingredients and a ton of refined sugar with lots of high fructose corn syrup. Now, I go for the most real organic ingredients available that have a nice dose of nutrition but can be sweetened to create a dessert. This simple, fast, and easy to make recipe does just that! Most desserts out there are empty calories that keep you wanting more, but this dessert is different. This recipe includes a nice dose of healthy fats that satisfy you quickly so you don’t overeat. After a few of these raw coconut macaroons, my sweet tooth is tamed and I’m one happy girl!

I used to buy similar raw macaroons at my local organic restaurant and at Whole Foods, but now that I make these in big batches and freeze them, I’ve always got some handy. I am definitely saving money too which is a great bonus.

Coconut Macaroons


Food Babe's Raw Coconut Macaroons
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 12-24
  • 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • ½ cup almond flour, more as needed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until well combined.
  2. Roll into desired shape (about 1 tablespoon or bigger if desired)
  3. Store in an air tight container and refrigerate
To make chocolate macaroons, add 1 tablespoon cacao powder.

**Please use all organic ingredients if possible**


If you don’t have a food processor, you can try using a blender or a hand blender – I’ve used both and they still work well.

If you really want to go crazy, dip these in some melted chocolate after following this recipe and refrigerate them again. I’ve done this a few times with organic dark chocolate with a few drops of peppermint extract – and they become out of this world good!

Do you know someone who needs to tame their sweet tooth healthfully? Then please share this recipe with them, who knows maybe they’ll make you some 🙂 



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104 responses to “Raw Coconut Macaroons (Only 5 Ingredients!)

    1. I haven’t tried it with rice flour but it would probably work, also coconut flour might work too. Good luck!

      1. YES! I just bought 5lbs of coconut flour lol I go through it so fast. Glad to know I can use it in this recipe! Just gotta buy coconut flakes now =p

      2. Just made them with brown rice flour and came out good. I will make them with alond flour as soon as I get them and dip them in vegan chocolate. Yumm.

      3. Good evening I was having leg pain which I went to a chiropractic to to align my spine, do you have any recipes for smoothies I can take to help with sciatica or inflammation.

      4. This recipe sounds so great! I always loved macaroons and can’t wait to try this recipe!

      1. Do you know if it is ok to eat raw coconut flour if it is organic?

      2. So, coconut flour doesnt need to be organic.. It’s also just dried coconut blended up to look like flour. So, yes it can be eaten “raw” like youre asking.

      3. Absolutely Rebecca. Coconut flour can be eaten raw. It makes a handy thickener if you make your own yogurt but like a thicker consistency. Add it an mix in and you don’t have to cook.

    2. I always feel bad for people who can’t eat nuts like my niece. Love nut. Nutty for nuts. Anyhow, macaroons are my favorite dessert ever……but 5 ingredients. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play. These look practically healthy! Like something I’d eat before ping pong and can jam. (gym teacher here) Thanks for sharing. Will share with the guys at work too.

  1. What is the calorie content? Can ground flaxseed be a substitute for almond flour?

    1. You can eat them right away, or if you like them a little more firm, wait about an hour or two.

      1. Does anyone really think they will last that long………………….. 🙂

    1. The more simple the ingredient list, the better. I am finding those packages that have less names on them better, thanks for sharing.

    1. Just do them yourself? It will vary depending on how much of each ingredient you decide to use, for ex coconut flour or almond flour. Also how many you make in the end =)

    2. I just made these, and they are d’lish!
      I used preservative-free unsweetened coconut flakes, organic almond meal, organic first-pressed coconut oil, organic 100% maple syrup, Bourbon Madagascar vanilla beans (about an inch cutting), and chopped organic dark chocolate. 16 servings (78.2 cal; 6.5 g fat/ 5 g sat fat; 3.8 g carbs/ 1.2 g fiber; 1.1 g protein per serving, excluding chocolate and vanilla beans).

  2. Just made these, they are delicious! I used the cacoa and added some dried cranberries. I wish I had dried cherries that would’ve been delicious. I made half the recipe, that way I wouldn’t eat as many LOL. Super easy!

  3. Thanks so much for the recipe!!! I love coconut….and Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars!! I’m thinking of dipping them in a little dark chocolate (melted organic dark chocolate bar(s) from Trader Joes, or wherever) and topping with almonds….YUM!!!

  4. Yipee! I’ll make these this evening..Do you think I can add some chia seeds too?

    Thanks so much..we are fanatics on coconut and only unsweetened/organic of course! I have everything here

    1. Yes, chia seeds would be pack this dessert with even more nutrition – great idea! I might try that next too.

  5. What a great recipe and suggestions, I love Mounds and Almond Joy too and with adding Cacao to the mix there are so many options. This recipe is one that just keep giving (:

  6. OMG!! I have got to try these!! I’ll be going to get some coconut flakes this weekend!! I have everything else!! Yum!!!

  7. Absolutely sensational!! (but I’ll still keep a Nutiva coconut treat in my pocketbook for my macaroon-ish emergencies 😉

    1. I use olive oil frequently but I don’t think I would use olive oil in something like this. Coconut oil (unrefined) is sweet in its own right and adds a coconut flavor to this dessert. I think olive oil would pretty drastically change the flavor (and i don’t think it would be in a good way)

      1. Thanks Kristin, I thought so too but the recipe was so irresistible I wanted to make them today but guess il wait to grab some coconut oil from the store 😉

    2. Oh, couldn’t use olive oil! it is always liquid, whereas coconut oil is semi-solid depending on the temperature. Chilling the coconut oil would make it solidify, and the olive oil would just stay pretty much runny. I’m thinking about using coconut cream with is even a bit more solid to begin with, and I love coconut cream! Get mine online from Tropical Traditions I think it’s called. I warmed the coconut cream up just enough to make it stir-able, then poured it on a silpat lined cookie sheet-refrigerated it, and then snapped it into flat pieces. You can eat it like candy, and it is one ingredient!! It is really nothing but coconut oil that they leave some of the coconut powdered flake in. Thanks for the Macaroon recipe Vani!!!!

  8. Just made these and they are very tasty. I rolled them around in coconut flakes to make them look like the photo. I figured I’d have about six when I was done, but only one satisfied! New favorite!

  9. I made this with raw Manuka honey and an extra tablespoon of coconut oil in place of the vanilla and they are amazing!!!! This type of honey is expensive but very potent and sweet.

  10. Still waiting to see what type of flour besides nuts and grains, (almond and rice), can be used to make these. So excited to make some to take to the beach on vacation. They are $7.99 a bag for 8 pieces at the local health food store.

  11. Have you checked out the research on rice products and their contamination with inorganic arsenic?

  12. Is the honey just for sweetness or does it serve another purpose? Could I just replace the honey with Stevia?

  13. I rarely see agave syrup brought up. Is agave syrup not a good alternative to sugar. I thought it had a low glycemic index, and didn’t raise your blood sugar?!

  14. Love love love coconut bites…thank you so much for posting the recipe. Looking forward to making these. Hope you are well Vani. Thanks again for a great membership full of EXCELLENT recipes and great advice.

  15. You could cut back on the maple syrup & add 1/2 tsp of stevia – it would make it sweeter with no added calories.

  16. I just made these (with the addition of a small amount of melted chocolate spread on top and topped with an almond). They are deeeelicious!! Thanks for the recipe!

  17. These were delicious!!! And only took a few minutes from start to finish! I used coconut flour and an extra splash of maple syrup.. (2tsp) kids loved them too 🙂 thanks 🙂

  18. I’d love to know the calorie content and the glycemic index, I often substitute coconut nectar for honey and have been warned away from agave nectar. LOVE your blog and recipes, would love even more to see the nutritional information and the calories. Thanks Food Babe!!! Please keep up the great work.

  19. Agave syrup has been found to actually be worse than white sugar in terms of the body’s response to it. It is higher in fructose and it could actual cause insulin resistance in diabetics and non-diabetics.

    Dr Oz breaks down the particulars here –

    And for all the questions about “healthy sugars”, this is a good resource:

    This recipe sounds amazing, and since coconut is naturally sweet, I bet these would be good even without any sugar (honey/etc). Especially if you’re dipping them in dark chocolate. Can’t wait to try it!

    1. Yes, if dipping in chocolate, you could probably leave the maple syrup out…but I haven’t tried it that way yet.

  20. I just made these….so fast…so easy to make. I admit my unopened bag of almond flour had been in the fridge for a really long time but I used it anyway. Next time I’m trying the melted chocolate and peppermint extract on them… A wonderful, non-guilt snack. [I’m diabetic and rarely find anything I think is a real snack…] 🙂 Thank you…

    1. I forgot to mention…I had to use a lot more flour than recipe called for…anyone else have to do that?

  21. just made these, they are really dry. had to drink a lot of water. my husband didn’t care for them either. I went back and reread recipe to see if I did something wrong, but didn’t.

    1. I had the same problem, but I did substitute coconut flour instead of almond flour. Coconut flour for some reason always tastes dry to me, so I doubled both the honey and coconut oil. Still dry, so added 1/4 cup water, which did not help things at all. All I can say from my experience with coconut flour (at least the brand I bought at Sams Club) is that most recipes call for at least 3-4 eggs to make up for the dryness.

      What I ended up doing to keep from wasting the whole batch was crumbling up the dry macaroons in a bowl (yes I said crumbling, if that tells you how dry they were), mixing in some eggs and a splash of milk, then scooping them out onto a baking sheet and baked at 350 for 30 minutes. Obviously the end result was very different from the coconut macaroons I had originally hoped for, but sometimes you just have to accept that a macaroon failure can be turned into an oddly shaped cookie ball. The cookies have their problems too, but that’s just what happens when you don’t cream the eggs and honey together before you add the coconut flour.

    2. sherri, possibly your unsweetened coconut was a little old. Sugar is a preservative and hydrophilic, so it can take moisture out of the environment and make the sweetened coconut moister. Unsweetened coconut is more prone to being brittle and dry than sweetened coconut, as it doesn’t have these preservative properties and will dry out faster.

  22. I know that she meant for this recipe to be used as a “treat”, and not to be eaten on a regular basis but, is anyone else concerned about the high amounts of saturated fat in the shredded coconut and coconut oil? This recipe may be healthier than a cookie, but I’m not too sure you can refer to these as a healthy snack. People are starting to put coconut oil in EVERYTHING, like it’s a miracle oil with no artery-clogging fat! Am I wrong?

    1. Yes, you are wrong. You should look up more information about coconut oil. Especially how its healthy for you not the opposite.

      1. I have read about it. Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat, which is higher than butter (about 64% saturated), beef fat (40%), or even lard (also 40%). Too much saturated fat in a diet causes your bad LDL cholesterol levels to spike, which increases your risk of heart disease. But interestingly, coconut oil also causes your good HDL cholesterol to raise, which is what everyone is referring to as its “healthy” properties. That fact still does not make it healthy by any means. Medical studies done at Harvard, the Cleveland Clinic and many others claim that it is too early to tell of the long-term harmful effects that this oil can be having on your heart, etc. Most agree that it should be used very sparingly, if at all. The flaked coconut is slightly better than the oil because of the fact that you are getting a little fiber, and not just ingesting a lot of oily saturated fat.

      2. You have your answer to your question right there. Why are you asking? Everything in moderation. It’s a better alternative than the other oils and fats. Seems like you just want to get people talking to you.. why even asking if you’re wrong if you know?

  23. I looked through the comments and couldn’t see if Xylitol could be substituted for the maple syrup. I’m trying to stick to the wheat belly diet and am in the losing weight phase.

  24. These were amazing! I skipped the vanilla because I have been unable to find a quality product. I didn’t even miss it.

  25. This is the worst recipe I’ve seen yet for coconut macaroons. It doesn’t work in a blender at all, as it forms a solid mass around the blades, so it won’t mix. No amount of mixing by hand works either. I wasted about 20 minutes trying between hand mixing and the blender.

    After I gave up, I tasted the resulting mess. It tasted like coconut flavored saw dust. The maple syrup and vanilla can’t be tasted at all. It’s so horribly dry as well.

    I’ll stick with Immaculate brand coconut macaroons. Those are incredible, all natural, moist, and “meaty” for lack of a better word. They are full of flavor as well, unlike this 5 ingredient mess.

  26. My coconut oil was liquid….didn’the think about the change that would make in texture….much too loose. So., I folded one whipped egg white into the batter, which I put on a pan by the Spoonful, flattened a bit and baked at 30 MI I tested at 250 degrees. They look fine….Shall taste one later today.

  27. I made these and added chia seeds-not sure if that caused the issue but I could NOT roll these into balls-they wouldn’t “pack together”. :/
    Any thoughts Food Babe? Thx!

  28. I just made these with toasted coconut and they were yummy, but just a bit too sweet for me.
    I will make them again with less or no sweetener. This is a great recipe!

  29. I made these last night with the cacao and can I say mounds candy bar, yum! I see you said on the recipe 12-24 servings so with balls rolled into 1 tablespoon, would that make one serving be only 1/4 or 1/2 of a ball? Thanks

  30. These sound yummy!! What are your thoughts on using Coconut Sugar? I have been substituting Organic Coconut Sugar in a lot of my recipes lately and it tastes great.

  31. I made these, they taste lovely but did not stick together like the ones in the picture. What did I do wrong?

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