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My new book Feeding You Lies is investigative, hard-hitting, and scandalous. It exposes lies that Big Food and chemical industries tell the public, and is unlike anything else that has been written before. Certain multi-billion dollar companies do NOT want their lies published and would love to prevent people from reading it. That is why we will have some challenges in getting the word out.

If you have a blog, platform, organization or are in media – I would love your help.

I have a limited number of advance copies to give out. If you’d like to read the book before anyone else, share it with your platform, and help spread the word about Feeding You Lies – fill out this form below:


Another way to support the book: Get your pre-order in! 

As I only have a limited number of advance copies, I won’t be able to send one to everyone who requests one. Another way you can support the book is by pre-ordering a copy now, before it hits stores.

Pre-ordering is very important in the book world.

When you pre-order a book it lets bookstores know that there is demand and excitement around a publication and they print more copies. It says to them, “we have to take this book seriously.” So, each pre-order determines how many books will be printed and will be available out in the world for people to pick up and read.

Support the release of Feeding You Lies with your pre-order here:

It means the world to me that you want to help. You are courageously standing by my side in this fight for a healthier and safer food system. You’re a rockstar! 




Here’s where to pre-order your copy of Feeding You Lies:

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