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The Time I Almost Ate At Taco Bell… (I’ve Been Keeping A Tiny Little Secret!)

I am thrilled to announce we are expecting our own little Food Babe this winter. 

I know all you moms and dads out there have been waiting for this moment for a long time… I laugh just thinking about all the times you said to me “Just wait, until you have kids”…

Well – that time is almost here and you can finally get all your “I told ya so’s” ready to fire!

No, but seriously, we are SO EXCITED. It’s been really hard to keep this secret from you! I’ve been walking around with a ridiculous smile on my face for months trying to hold it in.


I’m obsessed! Baby investigations are underway!

I’ve been reading every natural pregnancy and baby book under the sun for the past several months.

How it happened…

Well I am not going to go into all the exact details (I’ll let you use your imagination – haha)… but late last year, I knew I was finally ready to be a Mom. My parents weren’t getting any younger, Mr. Food Babe and I were about to celebrate 10 years of marriage and the more I thought about my role in this life, I knew I really wanted to bring another force for good into the world. I have so many hopes for her – to be brave, confident, powerful, smart and have lots of tenacity!

When I looked at my husband and said I was ready, things happened quick. BOOM. I was pregnant. I honestly couldn’t believe it – I thought it would take a long time considering all the pregnancy stories and experiences I have heard about with loved ones and close friends, but I am incredibly grateful that it happened so easily for us. We are truly blessed – I can’t help but think the years of getting my health to its optimal state had to help – practicing my healthy habits, regular acupuncture and staying away from processed food!

I’ve never been more hungry in my life!

Now that I am pregnant – wow – have my eating habits changed. First of all, not in a million years did I think I would ever crave Taco Bell again. But it happened. I was walking by one on the way to another restaurant and I could literally taste a chicken soft taco and bean burrito in my mouth. Of course I didn’t get any – But man! It was the weirdest sensation I have ever experienced, especially considering I haven’t eaten at Taco Bell since it was like 2am in the morning and I was in college.

And then Burger King happened. Yes. That nasty excuse for food. I was in Spain (of all places!) promoting the Spanish version of The Food Babe Way and was stuck in an airport terminal with the smell of charbroiled hamburgers radiating the whole waiting area. I thought I was going to DIE if I didn’t have one. But thankfully my years of personal investigation and study of food toxins and industrial factory farming kept me FAR FAR away – there was no way I was going to feed my growing baby that tainted meat on that processed to death sesame seed bun!

As you can see, my pregnancy cravings have been INTENSE! To tame them, I’ve spent a lot of time making organic comfort food at home – I’ve made just about all my childhood favorites – grilled cheese, biscuits, pancakes and more. (Have you seen all the cooking on Snapchat? Follow me at “thefoodbabe”).

I have heard most mamas stop enjoying green vegetables during this time – thankfully that is not the case for me, I still LOVE kale and all things green (with a slice of hot cheese pizza please – haha). Actually my Melt In Your Mouth Kale Salad has been on serious repeat lately and is the one dish that doesn’t give me the pregnancy burbs! I’ll be sharing some more of the comfort food recipes I’ve been making soon.

Follow “Food Babe Mama” On Instagram for pregnancy & baby updates.

I have so many more pregnancy stories to share. Like in true Food Babe fashion, I have been reading every book under the sun to prepare for this moment and can’t wait to share all the good health principles I am putting in place.

If you’d like to follow along on my pregnancy journey, I’ll be sharing my insights here on occasion but also more frequently on my new Instagram account – Food Babe Mama – come on over and follow me there!

Pregnancy Q&A Coming – Let Me Know Your Questions!

Also – I know there are many of you mamas and dads out there that might have questions for me and wondering how I am handling all the ins and outs of child bearing, so I’ll be doing periodic Pregnancy Q&As. If you have a question you’d like to have the answer to, just let me know in the comments below.

This is such a wonderful time in my life – thank you for being part of this community, celebrating with us and for all your love and support!




15 weeks pregnant 

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324 responses to “The Time I Almost Ate At Taco Bell… (I’ve Been Keeping A Tiny Little Secret!)

  1. Congratulations! The best advice I can give you is educate yourself on vaccines. Vaccines are loaded with toxic chemicals and aborted fetal cells. Vaccines also have no liability by federal law. Vaccines causes autism and many other neurological problems. There is currently a whistleblower at the CDC named Dr. William Thompson regarding vaccines and autism. Educate before you vaccinate!

    1. Great comment JG, We have to fight for our natural health and that of our children. I love your comment. A word to the wise!!!

      1. I am positive those vaccines are the reason for my sons Alopecia.

      2. I am sure those vaccines are the reason for my sons Alopecia.

    2. It is beyond important to research vaccines. As soon as your baby is born they want to inject him or her with a vaccine they don’t need (Hep B) and that is just the beginning! The vaccine schedule is now up to 36 vaccinations by the time they are 18 mos. and 69 by the age of 16. I recommend adding Vaccination is Not Immunizaiton by Tim O’Shea to your reading list.

      1. Thanks for your support Jackie! That is a good book by Tim O’Shea. I also recommend “Vaccine Epidemic” and “Dissolving Illusions”. Vani, once you find out the truth, there is no going back to believing in vaccines. It’s a bigger scam than the food industry.

    3. Thanks for giving Babe This Advice ! She is intelligent & I am sure will heed your advice. I stay away from the vaccines too & keep my Omega Juicer going with fresh greens often too. I am glad I bought 230 Volt version as I’ll bring it with me overseas soon ! Being overseas I might be able to escape some dangerous modifications by Monsanto …………. Keep it Up !

  2. Yipeeeeee! Another little HEALTH ADVOCATE is on the way!!! I’m so very happy, Vani, for you and your husband, embarking on you new journey of Parenthood!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Please attend a La Leche League meeting in your area *before* you have the little food babe. That way you’ll have the support in place after s/he is born – on case breastfeeding issues arise. (I hope it safe to assume you will be nursing!) The biggest thing is getting support. Mom and baby both need to learn how to do it.
    I have a feeling you’ll be investigating baby formula in the near future ; )

  4. Congrats! Try to do some research on green options for your nursery. Look at the book Healthy Child, Healthy World for recommendations. And/or email me and I can give you some pointers as a green designer and new grandmother.

  5. Congratulations to you! Just wanted to send you warm wishes and happy thoughts for your rod ahead with your fam! I love all the work you do advocating for healthy food for all.
    Many blessings!

  6. Congratulations!! So happy for you and Mr. Food Babe. I became a grandma twice in the past year( a precious girl and boy) and it is so wonderful!!! I know how happy and thrilled your dear mother and father are going to be when they get to hold that precious bundle of joy!! Would love to follow your pregnancy, but don’t have snapchat. How about posting some pregnancy bumps and newborn pictures on facebook? God Bless!!

  7. I’m 57 years old and have had 2 kids 100 percent naturally. My second was breach and I delivered her vaginally and with NO medication. Here’s my secret…coloring book! That’s it. In my natural childbirth classes they impressed on us to findicate a focal point in the room to focus on during labor. My husband and I want one better and brought coloring book a and crayons to the hospital. When the labor pains were intense; I cooled closest to the lines-trying to stay in the lines! I kept those coloring books and shared them with my daughters when they were older. It’s a sure win focal point! God’s blessing on your family.

  8. I’m so delighted to read this, Vani! Lots of good luck, wonderful health, and tons of fun. You and your husband are going to be fantastic parents!

  9. Congrats for your baby, think about you are a big bag of water if you can clean it so you get all the nutrients in all toxins out Kangen water is the best for your health and baby

  10. Congratulations! I know you’re going to be a spectacular Mom! Listen to your heart! Good luck and good health! <3

  11. Blessings on you and baby. Not to early to look into Waldorf Education to continue a holistic and wholesome education. Love to you all, Susan

  12. I am a new mom myself and I am so happy for you ! My pregnancy was a beautiful blissful time; I truly am excited for more baby food advocates! You will be getting so much advice it gets crazy for a nice way to put it. I would be very happy to help you with anything ; from trouble with milk production to just weird questions. My new joy is being a mom and spreading my knowledge to other moms. I am so truly happy for your blessing. Oxoxo

  13. Soooooo amazing!! Big congrats to you and your family!! Please please please investigate vaccines to the furthest extent!! Wow what a rabbit hole that one is!! You think big agra is bad, wait until you get a load of the sinister ongoings between politicians, big Pharma and those at the head of government agencies that are “supposed” to protect us. All I can say is tesearch research research, clearly avoiding government sites as well as pharmaceuticals.”, then go see the movie VAXXED, the documentary about the CDC whistleblower. Protect your baby from any and all shots!! Good luck and love you and your family and your new little peanut. 🙂

    1. Jen, you are so right! Educate yourself before you vaccinate! We need more moms to wake up and research vaccines. Autism is an epidemic. In my home state the rate is 1 in 28 boys born in 2004 have autism.

  14. Congratulations! THis must be a very exciting time in your life , hope it all goes well.

  15. Congrats, Vani! The joy of creating life is a priceless gift. I’m so happy for you and look forward to how food babe baby will shape your mission.

  16. Congratulations. Wondering how you avoided getting pregnant for nearly 10 years without hormonal birth control.?!?!?! Since you are so aware of the toxins in food, I’m sure you avoided poisoning your body with the toxic “Pill” or equivalent. It amazes me how many health conscious people are contracepting. It’s a health risk which big pharma ignores.

  17. Congratulations!!! I can’t wait to give my family your book in Spanish!!! That was the most exciting part of your article for me 😛
    Can’t wait to see the mini food babe and learn from your pregnancy! Been thinking about what I will do abut food if I ever get pregnant, glad I have an insightful role model, congrats again!
    Wish you all the luck in the world!

  18. So happy for you!! May God bless you and your family. PS – Thank you for all you do!

  19. Congratulations! Babies are a blessing. We are soooo enjoying our 9 month old grandson. I had forgotten how wonderful babies can be. And it is great that you are giving that baby all the care you can, beginning from conception (scientists have found that life begins with a spark of light! Isn’t that awesome?), your child is getting a running start on a great (healthy) life!

  20. Many congratulations on your news. They grow up so fast, enjoy every frustrating, challenging and beautiful minute.

    Please consider researching ultrasound. The China study mentioned in this article is very disturbing. It would not surprise me that the risks from this procedure are being ignored just like so many others. As much as I like technology, when it comes to my children, caution is first and foremost.

    You realize that he/she will be called Food Baby until they are at least 10 years old lol.

  21. Vani! This is beyond exciting! your gonna be able to become even more of an example through this blessing! I think its also a testament that you got pregnant so fast because your so healthy. Our bodies as women are meant to do this and when it doesn’t work, there is usually a problem. I am sure you’ve already watched it, but if not I recommend, “The business of being born 1 and 2” both documentaries on Netflix by Rikki Lake, and oh man is it eye opening! Can’t wait to hear for more stories!!!

  22. BIG Congrats, Vani!

    So wonderful!

    Yes, for sure the years of taking care of your body have laid a fabulous foundation for this Little One to grow up healthy. So excited for you!

  23. Yay!! You will be an amazing mom! Looking forward to sharing your baby articles with my pregnant friends!(and learning for myself) If you haven’t already read this book, spiritual midewifery by Ina may. I highly recommend it! Its life changing!
    Yah bless u

  24. Wishing you the very best health and happiness, and congratulations on starting a new family!

  25. Congratulations and I agree that those cravings can be a challenge even if not pregnant. For a while I have noticed my cravings for certain things have died down and I started the food program 2 weeks ago. Keep you and your baby healthy ?

  26. Congratulations!! I am so excited or you both! You cannot imagine how it will impact your life in the most wonderful way! So excited for you!! You will do a wonderful job keeping yourself and baby healthy! Wishing you the ver best!

  27. Congratulations. Since your doing everything you can to feed your un-born child the right foods is so important. There’s another area to portect your baby that you may or may not be aware of. If you go on a airlines though the body scanner at the airport. According to Dr.Baylock the scanners put out 150 shots of radiation per. Scan and damage DNA every time we got though the TSA at the airports when we fly. According to Dr.Blaylock damages the the unborn child and as lillte children are still in the development stage is damaging to them too. Adults are damaged too. I just got through flying and I chose to OP-Out and they don’t like when I Do that and delay my screening and have a person pat you down. Note: Don’t let them take you to a separate room for this. Just insist that your pat down be infront of public view, so if anything go’s wrong and something happens, that there’s whiteness. More people are waking up to the harm this aquipment is doing to destroy our health. Even TSA agent’s are coming op with cancer, just working around the equipment on a daily routine. Thank you Food Baby for the great recipes in protecting my health. Roger.

  28. Congrats Vani!! You are going to be a wonderful mama! I’m due January 29th with my first baby and I’m so excited I can share my journey with you and learn all sorts of wonderful healthy things for me and my baby 🙂

  29. Congrats! The baby books will help (a little) but each birth and each child is different. I raised three very different and independent beings. The road ahead will be full of life, love and laughter, but many trial and errors also. God bless you and yours and may you have an easy delivery.

  30. Congrats! As someone who promotes healthy food, you might be interested in unbiased information about protecting your son from unnecessary body alteration(see the Your Whole Baby website). Although the AAP asserts that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, they do not recommend the procedure. Furthermore, other medical organizations around the world either do not support the procedure or have a policy of “active deterrence,” such as the Royal Dutch Medical Society.

  31. Please look into the “Bradley Breathing method” . This is wonderful for when you go into labor and through delivery. I guarantee you won’t feel any pain and won’t need those pain shots. Congratulations!!! Thanks for all you are doing for us. God bless you and the baby.

  32. Hi Vani,
    Congrat’s! on the baby and I wish you all the love in the world. I’m a grandfather of 6 and a father of 3 and I know full well you excitement and joy. I myself was there when all my children were born.
    But I digress, I was getting a soda, (which I have every so often) and picked up a Crush Pineapple soda. When I started reading the contents, I noticed a sentence which read: “Made from Genenticly Produced Product ” on the label. I was stunned! Have you noticed this lately?
    In any case, as an author of my own book trilogy “The Other Me” by: JT Noonan, I have from time to time come across these things – Have you? Good luck with the birth of your first and I wish you, your husband and the baby to come “Peace and Long Life” and in all good things my the Creator of all things be at your side.

    Signed, JT Noonan

  33. Wow!!! Congratulations to u n Mr Food Babe. You have been blessed because of how you haved sowed into countless lives. Enjoy everybit of your pregnancy.

  34. Congrats Food Babe on your little bundle of joy! I am also expecting my first baby in December. I would love to know your thoughts on:
    -Placenta encapsulation
    Thanks for sharing your advice with the world!

  35. Congrats! Can’t wait to see all the new receipts for kids, especially school lunches! YEAH

  36. Hi vani. One thing I didn’t realize until it was too late was that there is artificial colors in the prenatal vitamins that I got filled thru my ob office. I had no idea bc I had the vitamins listed on a paper for me and they didn’t write the inactive ingredients. I didn’t even think anything about it bc my pill was brown. Then after I had my baby girl they switched the type of pill they gave me and I noticed it was red which made me check the ingredients and long behold…..colored dyes! Ugh! Just to think I’ve been ingesting that crud all thru pregnancy! Makes me sick! Why on earth would they be putting that junk in Pregnancy pills? Just awful….. Congratulations btw! Try to stay in your Jammie’s and rest rest rest with your sweet baby for awhile! ?

  37. My sincere Congratulations! Parenthood is wonderful. It will change your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine at this time.
    Before you know it, you won’t be able to imagine what life was like without your child. Take care and I know you will.

  38. Congratulations! Please check into all the toxic stuff in seemingly everything made for a child possible. From the furniture to the mattress to toys to diapers it is SHOCKING and depressing how much exposure these poor little babies have. I was never aware until I started looking for my own beautiful ones.

  39. So happy for you Vani and Papa! I see lots of advice here…I’ll add to be careful of the fear mongers. All you need is Love, and I know you have plenty of that…It’s how your parents managed! ♥

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