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Super Detox Juice

Spring is the air and dandelion greens are plentiful.  Dandelion greens are AMAZING for detoxing and beautifying your body from the inside out.  Most people think dandelion is just a weed that grows beautiful yellow and white flowers but they actually are one of the most healing greens you can buy. Dandelion is proven to … Read More

Another Fabulous Vegan Potluck…

Good Evening! I broke Habit #3 last night – but for good reason. I started the day with Habit #1 and Habit #4 (do you know these habits by heart yet?) I also had some protein powder mixed with chia seeds after a quick 3 mile run. I practiced another Habit #4 with a Hari … Read More

Happy MLK Day! & Sunday Eats

Happy MLK Day Everyone! I hope most of you have the day off today like me… In spirit of this beautiful day – I posted one of MLK’s famous quotes on my Facebook Page: “A right delayed is a right denied” Don’t let food companies deny your right to know what’s in your food any … Read More

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