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Taking a Breather in Bali

Hello from Bali, Indonesia! Can you see my glow? I started the morning off with a Insanity workout, wheatgrass shots, and then the most fantastic massage right on the beach to the sound of big ocean waves here in Seminyak.

My writers mind has left me…probably because I am completely mesmerized by the places we’ve been so far and are still experiencing! I really can’t wait to share all the adventures we are having in detail. I was hoping to write an exciting post on the plane yesterday, but I slept. My body needed some serious rest after our incredible Mt. Fuji Hike and exploring Tokyo on foot for over 12 hours a day.

In the meantime – Fortunately, I’m able to post updates, tips, and pics on three different social media avenues pretty easily from my phone and without pulling out my laptop 🙂

Click on any of these links to give you access!

Like My Facebook Fan Page Here – I just posted over 80 photos from our Mt. Fuji Climb. Can’t wait to see your comments.

Follow me on Four Square Here – Check out exactly where I am and when!

Tweet with me on Twitter Here – My twitter account is linked to my Four Square and Facebook accounts, so you will all the updates there!

Can’t wait to see who’s facebooking, following, and tweeting with me!

I absolutely love the energy I get from all of you. It’s what got me to the top of Mt. Fuji!

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  1. Its great to read that you are still consuming healthy food while traveling. You should really write a book or something because I sure would buy it! Enjoy your trip.

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