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The Book The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Read: The Food Babe Way

I have a very exciting announcement to make today.

I can finally tell you about the mysterious book I’ve been writing! You might have seen the press mention it once or twice, but I have kept all the juicy details secret from everyone until now because I wanted to share it with you first!

How it all started…

It was March of 2009, I had just turned 30 and accepted a job offer that scared me to death. I invited over a few close friends for dinner and we were discussing this new job opportunity. I had a light travel schedule with mostly in-town assignments for my business-consulting career (this is what I did before I became a full time activist). And now I was going to take a job that required 100% travel – that meant traveling every single week on the road to and from a city I had never been to before.

Things were good at home, my health was never better. My skin was glowing. All my clothes fit. My prescription drugs slowly expired and were relegated to the back of the bathroom cabinet. I felt so good. My workout routine and healthy habits were consistent and working to keep me at my ideal weight without dieting! But now I was about to disrupt my little perfect life and go on the road, eating God knows what, living out of a suitcase with no kitchen and no regular schedule!

All I could think about was the struggles I had when my job took me on the road when I was in my early twenties where I became overweight, lost control of my food and was in terrible shape. I looked and felt really bad – My face was swollen, my eyes were sunken in, and I was in desperate need of a change. 

Now fast forward back to this dinner in March of 2009.

I said to my friends that night – boldly (but feeling very very worried) – I’m going to do it. I am going to take this job and still live organically, even on the road, and one day I am going to write a book about it.

This was the first thought I ever had about writing a book. 

Looking back. I can’t believe how far my little discussion with friends has taken me.

Introducing The Food Babe Way….

The Food Babe Way: Break Free from the Hidden Toxins in Your Food and Lose Weight, Look Years Younger, and Get Healthy in Just 21 Days!

In Stores Everywhere, February 10, 2015

The Food Babe Way has become so much more than I ever originally imagined. It has become my manifesto that covers every aspect of my healthy habits, my way of life and how to navigate successfully in this over processed world including BRAND NEW INVESTIGATIONS that have changed my outlook about the food industry forever. 

Check out the cover! 

The Food Babe Way Cover Flat 640


“Read this book and you will never think about food, your health, or the world in the same way again.  And we will all be better off for it.” —From the foreword by Mark Hyman, MD

The Food Babe is a one woman consumer protection agency. While our politicians in Washington, DC look the other way or defund the agencies we need to help keep us safe, Vani is stepping up and bringing the Food Babe Brigade with her. Her work is inspiring millions of Americans to get active and involved in pushing back against the overwhelming force of the food industry. If you want to bring transparency to our food system and improve the health and well-being of our fellow Americans then you need to join this movement. – Congressman Tim Ryan

After I left my consulting career to become a full time food activist, I knew that I would finally have time to write this book. I spent 6 months working on my book proposal and in November of 2013, I spent a grueling but fun week talking to all the big publishers in New York with my incredible two agents. There was a lot of excitement, lots of offers, but I could only pick one publisher. Many of the top publishers in the world wanted to publish this book – the interest and enthusiasm I received was incredible! It was not easy saying no to these offers but one place really stood out and that was Little, Brown. I could tell from the moment I met my editor Tracy Behar that she wholeheartedly believed in me, the Food Babe Army, the urgency of this message and changing the world. Little, Brown is one of the world’s top respected publishers – who have sold millions of books for authors like Malcolm Gladwell, The Dalai Lama, James Patterson, and many more. 

I am just putting the finishing touches on the book this week and I can’t believe it’s almost done. This book has gone through hours and hours of edits, legal reviews and fact checking – because we are not going to hold back. This is the book I wanted for myself when I started to eat a real food diet – it’s a manual on how to live with the food system we have.

Authors say, writing a book is not easy. I know what they mean now. This book is the hardest thing I’ve ever worked on in my life. I put my heart and soul into every single page. I spent several hours just on the opening paragraph. Will those words I stressed over make me some enemies? Of course, I doubt one of the largest food companies in the world will like me sharing what I experienced during a meeting at their headquarters. 

This is the book the food industry doesn’t want you to read.

But the book you absolutely HAVE to read if you want to know their tricks and how you can use them to your advantage to be and stay healthy. I go into all the things they want to hide and tell you exactly what you should do about it. It’s a book that the fitness and diet industry have never written either—because the fundamentals I talk about are so much more affordable than expensive supplements, workouts and gym memberships.

For all the investigations I uncover in this book, I have a solution for you day by day. You’ll learn one new habit a day – something everyone can do – that will change your life forever (and the food industry and the world… if you follow through). 

In The Food Babe Way, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop 21 simple, lasting habits that will get you off chemical-laced food for good
  • Avoid the top 15 ingredients that wreak havoc on your weight, beauty, and health
  • Spot manipulative marketing and manufacturing techniques the food industry uses

to get you to eat processed foods or hide questionable ingredients

  • Replace the foods that make you fat, look older, and sap your energy with healthful,

delicious substitutes

  • Prepare dozens of additive-free meals with easy and delicious recipes

The Food Babe Way Is On Sale Now! 

I hope you’ll reserve your copy of The Food Babe Way today and pre-order it now at Barnes & Noble, Park Road Books, Books A Million or Indie Bound.

You can click on any of the links above or below to pre-order your copy now.

Once again, I really appreciate all your support to help get the The Food Babe Way into the hands of millions of people.

With much love and excitement, 



P.S. If you pre-order the book now, I’ve got some really exciting bonuses in store for you! Stay tuned!




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129 responses to “The Book The Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Read: The Food Babe Way

  1. Just pre-ordered from B&N- thank you so much for all you do. If you ever want a Food Babe Army representative to help in CO I am here :-). Would be cool if we could have an advocate in all 50 states to replicate what you do!

      1. Hello Janet, My name is Ronda L. Kleeber, I Love what both of you ladies are doing for all of the communities across the Globe. I’m an Activist myself for people with a Good Cause… I live in small town America right now. The name of the town I live in is Dewey, Ok. I am originally from San Diego Ca. I used to work in the grocery industry, where all that GMO is stock piled & sold. I’m just glad that there are gals like you are doing such a Good Job… Let me know how I can help… Thanks Again, Ronda [email protected] 🙂

  2. local fan here! I’ve been a “foodie” for a LONG time and a locavore for quite a few years, but only just recently found you. Congrats on this huge accomplishment! Any chance you’ll be doing any local book signings? I’d love a chance to meet you in person 🙂

  3. Hi Vani,

    I live in The Netherlands and would love to get hold of a copy of your book. What is the best way? An e-book would be fine but I really prefer a hard copy:-)

  4. Vani,
    I’m so excited to here about the great success starting out with the sales of your book! They ain’t seen nothing yet !!! You and all who get behind you are going to make great changes : all the way to the FDA (GRRRRRRR) the truth will not be hidden any more. I can’t wait to read your book.

  5. Just pre-ordered one copy of your book from B&N to say thanks for all the hard work that you have done and continue to do to improve the healthiness of our U.S. food!

  6. I have pre-ordered through B&N and also signed up to be an advocate! I can’t wait to help spread the word! Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m so glad I’m not in the dark, and know how to do my own research now. It’s literally saving my life!

  7. I am in my late 40’s. Will this book work for me? If she turned your life around in your 20’s I’m wondering if it will work or if it is too late for me………….

  8. Beth, I turned my life around when I was 45 and I have seen older people making the change. Never too late.

    1. Beth: I’m 70+ and STILL changing, learning, adjusting, improving and growing more healthy. Marita is correct: It is NEVER too late.

  9. Love love love your work Vani and the Food Babe Army….I follow you avidly all the way from New Zealand <3 am about to pre-order your book and can't wait to read it and share your thoughts and information with as many people as possible on this other side of the world 🙂

  10. I appreciate your comment “moving on” and I certainly appreciate the work and goals you have set for the world’s concern by Food Babe – the greatest doctor.

  11. Food Babe, keep the info flowing… the food industry needs a change!
    You can take the heat in the kitchen… Like water off a ducks back… Like the thicker your skin gets the fight gets easier , don’t take a step back, just go forward.
    Good Luck

  12. Thanks, Vani, for writing your book. I hope I’ll learn more ways to ramp up my better eating and feeling knowledge. I went on JJ Virgin’s Diet almost two years and transformed myself in a matter of two months. I astonished my doctor with amazing results.

    Now, I need more because I’m challenged to find food I will eat and I’m slowly putting on some weight again. I need more tools in my box which I know your book will provide. I appreciate all the info you share, and well, I can’t help but think I’m drawn to your name, Vani; It’s just missing an “n”!

    Best wishes on a smashingly successful book!!

  13. Thank you for writing this book! I just purchased a copy. The research and advocacy you are doing saves me a lot of time! I’m forever grateful that I discovered your website this new years!

  14. Hello,

    I pre-ordered both the hard copy and audio book. Will the pre-order bonuses be emailed later or is there a link to access?

    Already on chapter 4 🙂

    Thank you,

  15. I preordered 1 book, will I get the workout dvd and guide bonus? I read that ” Bonuses only apply to books shipped to US Addresses (except “buy 1 book” level).”

  16. Any suggestion on the type or brand of parchment paper to use. I know some can be toxic. Thanks so much for any advice.

  17. I listed to the audiobook version of the book and loved it. Throughout the book you refer to the PDF that came with the audiobook to reference different lists, recipes, etc. I don’t recall receiving any PDF or bonus material with my purchase (through How can I get a copy of the PDF that goes along with the audiobook?

    1. Hi Jenn, it depends on what format you are listening to.

      For the CD, the bonus material will mount on the desktop (if you have a Mac) or it will be listed as a file when opening the CD drive under “my computer” (if you have a PC). It would be on CD 8.

      If you downloaded it from Amazon/Audible, then the PDF will appear in your library on

  18. Hi. I pre-ordered the book and I got it today!! So excited..but how do I get my order number to qualify for the bonuses? I order on Amazon..I can’t find it and don’t want to miss out before the 21st!:/

    1. Thank you for ordering Food Babe Family! Please submit the form at to claim your bonuses. After you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email that has a link to the bonuses, so you can access them now.

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