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The video I was afraid to show you

I didn’t want to share this video with you, because every time I think about it, it’s too painful to relive. And quite honestly, I didn’t want to deal with the backlash that I knew I’d get… but now it’s time.

Credit: Armosa Studios

In this video below, I’m talking to over 3000 people at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. It is the first time that I publicly express my reaction to the industry onslaught against my character. After we successfully influenced several multi-billion dollar corporations to change for the better, I became a target – and it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life. Although this was a very exciting time for us and I was overjoyed with the response to our campaigns rippling throughout the food industry – it came with a cost. The personal attacks became so vicious, that at one point I almost stopped what I was doing, but realized I NEED to continue.

Now three years later, I am feeling much stronger. I’ve worked through why and who was behind these attacks. I uncovered compelling evidence showing how certain critics were connected to and were taking money from the food and chemical industries. I also uncovered how the industry will stop at nothing to keep their unhealthy products on the market, even if it means lying repeatedly to the public. I couldn’t allow them to silence me. This is why I wrote my newest book, Feeding You Lies

I’m sharing the video of my talk now, because I’m starting a new chapter – and I’d love for you to see how far we have come. 

WATCH MY TALK HERE (Warning – graphic language):

Credit: Armosa Studios and Chris Guillebeau

Feeding You Lies is not like any other health or diet book. You can learn more about the book here. I’ll just say that certain individuals and companies do NOT want their lies to be published and that’s why I know this book is going to really open me up to attacks again. And, this will not be easy for me. That’s why I really need your support right now, and the best way is to order a copy here today


Feeding You Lies

Available in stores everywhere

If you’ve already read the book, THANK YOU.

Please share this post with your friends! The best way to make Big Food’s lies less effective is to show people the TRUTH – and that is what this book does. I’m counting on you to get this book into the hands of everyone you know.

Were you surprised by anything I said in this talk? How do you deal with “haters”? Tell me in the comments below! 



P.S. Remember – having haters is a sign of success… and here’s the infamous missing slide from my talk 😀 …

It doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it. It matters how many people do.

It’s the people who rejoice along with me when a processed food company removes a risky ingredient from their food…

It’s the parent who just wants to feed their kids better food…

It’s the adult who didn’t know anything about the food industry and blindly trusted it, who makes changes in response to what they’ve learned, and sees remarkable changes in their health…

It’s the people that you’re making healthier at the end of the day.

I have decided to focus on the willing. 

“No Mud, No Lotus” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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109 responses to “The video I was afraid to show you

  1. Great talk, Vani!! I appreciate all you are doing!!
    From someone who had their gallbladder out at age 24 and appendix at age 38….. I was told it was hereditary….trying to make changes because I don’t want anything else cut out of my body!!!

    1. I think it is fascinating reviewing the latest science that says your appendix is actually used by your body and provides beneficial bacteria for the gut…

      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is fascinating and why has it taken so long for scientists to research the appendix? Doctors thought it was insignificant in this day and age.

      2. Loved the talk. I too am a health enthusiast and you are a true inspiration. I’ve received threats and insults but not on the scale as you, because I am not that popular lol! I also had my appendix out at 14. I had eczema all over my arms and legs. I changed my diet in my late teens when I got into healthcare…eczema gone!

        If you haven’t checked it out, find Dr. Bieler’s book “Food is your best Medicine”. I picked it up for 10 cents at a book sale, didn’t touch it for years. I have read many, MANY nutrition books and nutrition coaching is what I do. But this book I KNOW you would love if you haven’t read it already. He explains, as far back as the 1920’s, how the body vicariously detoxes when the liver, kidneys, bowels and skin are clogged with toxins. He explains why the appendix is there, at the end of the book. It makes so much sense its just mind boggling and I know you would love this book!


  2. Why have you stopped doing your investigations of fast food companies? It seems like you’re more focused on selling your products and your book.

      1. Vani, I’m sure most people who care about what they put into their body don’t buy fast food anyway. If they do, then why do they concern themselves about the information you uncover? Spend your precious time investigating products that seem safe for most people. As for those bloggers in your video, look at the way they structure sentences and spell. I wouldn’t concern myself with those that are so far down on the intelligence scale. Thanks for all you do. Pete

  3. People can be so mean. THANK YOU for not giving up!! Thank you for doing great job! Let the haters hate, stay positive. We love you!

  4. OMG! The level of viciousness is nauseating! It brought tears to my eyes and I just wanted to come find you and give you a big hug. I have come to learn that some people just like to say these disgusting things for the shock value but would never talk like that if they saw you in person so please try not to take them too seriously. People who feel like you are threatening their way of life get very angry (e.g.: how dare you tell me how to live my life?) And there are a lot of angry people out there who just see you as their punching bag. Its sickening but it seems to be our way of life these days. I truly appreciate everything you are doing and have done but please watch your back!

  5. You are such an inspiring person! Never be afraid to share your wisdom and knowledge with others because there are so many people that look to you for the truth. I’m excited to read your new book!

  6. What a great and inspiring talk, Vani! Keep it up! Thank you for having the strength and sharing it now. It’s never too late! I’ve been following you since the beginning and you’re still on fire!

  7. Dear Vani,
    You’re an inspiration and one of my heroes. Thank you for sharing the video! Keep up the good work!

  8. I love you for helping us stay healthy , there’s always some idiot out there trying to make you feel bad , I had a fellow nurse call me KKK , I just laughed , guess she wanted to get into response from me

  9. Thanks for sharing your talk Vani! I can only imagine how much hate crap you get on a daily basis, because once I stood up for one of the things you were informing the public about and I got bombarded on Social Media by industry hacks tearing you (and me) down for spreading falsehoods without any scientific facts. It was truly scary and ugly! Keep on keepin on and fighting the good fight – we are behind you!

  10. You are a rock star, my dear. Love your advice about the haters. You’re changing the world. Thank you!!!

  11. Thank you everything you do… we bern waiting for you for a long time, even though we didn’t see you coming… we believed in the wrong person … now it’s time to get our health in order and back on track… thank you so much… we appreciate you…

  12. Great talk – very inspirational for me since I’m on the health and wellness coaching journey! Stay strong – and keep on digging!

  13. This is a fantastic presentation filled with inspiration and truth about succeeding in both business and in life. Thank you for sharing this, Vani! You rock!

  14. The video stopped at the 6 min mark. I tried several times to stop and start and to move ahead a new minutes, but it keeps spinning and won’t play the video. 🙁

  15. Hi Vani,

    CAN YOU PLEASE ADD CAPITAL CLOSED / SUBTITLES on your videos PLEASE? Most of your videos don’t have any subtitles / capital closed.

  16. Vani, I am grateful to you for challenging us all (especially the producers of processed foods) to think about what is in our food. You have been God’s instrument for higher change. My only suggestion, as you speak about your success, is to give God credit for inspiring and actively supporting your quest. Just as you are not afraid to speak out against your critics and stand up for our health, why be shy about acknowledging this presence paving the way for a higher purpose? With God’s grace, may your success in raising awareness multiply!

  17. Love you Vani! Wanted to say you can jump out of your chair and shout “woohoo” again since my 12 and 14 year old boys are just as much on board with what’s in our food as I am (because of YOU). Quick story (sort of).. as you know cleaning up the food you eat is definitely a lengthy process. I thought I was good 14 years ago changing everything “healthy” for my pregnancy, then cleaned it up again as my toddlers started eating, made sure it was “real food”, then again and again and again constantly eliminating and adding. During that time somewhere in the middle I switched out our cereal (my husbands ritual) from kelloggs etc to “moms best” thinking i’m doing something great for him. Moving along in life changing everything else up but forgetting about the cereal since it was already checkmarked, my son grabbed the box and started reading it and called me out and said why are you letting dad eat caramel coloring?? SUCCESS!!! My kids have knowledge (here is where you get to jump out of your chair and say “woohoo”). Flash forward now, again, so much more has changed and even healthier, cereal is still there 🙁 all organic but ever steps work too. Thank you for all you do and making yourself so vulnerable!! You are a wonderful!!!!

  18. Very inspiring talk Vani! At the age of 69 I have heard many good talks, but this one is right at the top for truly making a difference in our toxic world.
    Stay with it! You are important!

  19. Wow. Great presentation! I was shocked at some of those posts directed at you. So glad you did not let it get you down and you pressed on!! We are all benefiting from your work and are so appreciative of all that you do.

  20. Got it to work and listened….love what you do for our health! Glad you have succeeded in your quest to make our companies improve what’s killing us! Also, thank you for the graphic warning…..and really don’t think that was necessary to get your point across. It actually distracted me from your excellent talk. Keep up the great work and don’t let the haters get to you, but keep the language “clean” like you want our food to be clean. 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. My thoughts also. Excellent talk, and appreciate the warning but the bad language at the end distracted me. I have been a follower of Food Babe from the start and I am horrified at the awful things people have said and threatened. Keep up the great work, but don’t alienate those who don’t enjoy hearing the unclean language.

    2. You are a kick-ass warrior of truth and that was a phenomenol talk! I so appeciate and admire what you stand for and what you’ve gone through, you’re truly inspiring!

  21. You killed it girl. I’ve been a watchful eater for a long time now and I also live on Vancouver Island and we are lucky to have such a variety of organic produce and choices. I did travel to South Carolina once and it’s tough to be a vegetarian there.
    Never give up Babe.

  22. Excellent video. I have been following you for years now. I rarely get sick. I don’t have a family doctor because I don’t get sick like most other people. I take your information and apply the healthy choices to my lifestyle. My wife makes fruit juice with real raw aloevera. Our energy level and mental clarity is high and never get or feel depressed. Thank you for all you do. Keep going.

  23. Just a quick note to say thanks Vani for all that positive energy, experience, passion and honesty you bring to the table in helping us all make better food choices. More power to you, your family and keep it going. Yes, the Universe will continue to back you up! Not everyone likes the truth, only those who deserve the truth and can benefit from it will receive it and understand it!

  24. I love that you decided to share the video. It amazes me just how nasty people can be and I would have been destroyed by all those horrible things said about you. You are such a strong person and I’m glad my aunt (who follows you) told me about you and the work you do. I’ve learned so much already. I just pre-ordered your newest book and can’t wait for it to arrive. Thanks again for the work you do!

  25. Thanks for all you do! I use the toothpaste you recommend and teas, on and on. I bought your book. I never realized what you have had to go through. But your talk really made me think about haters in another area – politics. I realized that if haters mean you are successful then Trump is the KING! Anyway please keep doing what you do, you are affecting so many people to live better lives. God bless you!

  26. You Are the Best Vani!! You have been an inspiration to me, I have always watched what I put in my body, but you made me realize so much more! And I love it! I am constantly on the Internet reading your blog, and researching food, it’s my passion! Your video I just watched was fantastic, keep up the good work!

  27. Even after graduating from culinary school, where certified master chefs taught, and then obtaining my bachelors degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management, I still learned so much from your first book. I couldn’t stop talking about your book when I first read it, I cried when I listened to this video. You are such an inspiration to me, on so my levels. Thank you for sharing your story and never stopping to inspire people in this world to eat real food and be real people.

  28. Wow that was fabulous but I can understand why you waited to show this. There are so many evil people in our world but Vani God had/has a plan for your life!! Your an amazing mom, wife & daughter. Harley will surely grow up in a wonderfully healthy environment & probably carry on her mom’s legacy. Sorry you had to go through all this hate but we are told to Love Those Who Hate Us. Forty years ago I was a part of a small group of new moms fighting against Nutrasweet(artificial sweetener). We saw what it did to so many young kids. Sorry to say it’s still around but we are lots smarter. Please don’t stop what you are doing. We need you. Your army needs you as well as the health of our world!!!

  29. So inspiring, you are super awesome and I’m so grateful for you! I’ve seen some of the hate posts and it’s shocking! So happy you survived all that and still do! I wanna be just you!!! Big big BIG thumbs up and THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you do for people, you’re just so wonderful and strong.

  30. What an inspirational video. Thank u for posting it. Let’s try to change the food industry .

  31. Amazing presentation! Loved every minute of it. You’re so right, and so real. #hatersgonhate #bigseanforlife 50 Cent has some inspiring words too 🙂

    Love for all you do!
    A fellow Charlottean

  32. You are amazing Vani! You have been an inspiration to me. I have always watched what I put in my body, but you made me realize so much more, Your video I just watched was fantastic, keep up this very important work.

  33. Help! I can only watch 3 minutes of video before it stops and will not play any further.

  34. In short, I love what you are doing to change the world for the better. You are beyond radiant, resilient and brave. You inspire me greatly!

  35. Thank you for all you do to expose the toxic world of Big Food!! Oh how I wish you would take on the vaccine manufacturers to expose their true toxic nature….

  36. I agree with Crystal and the exposing the vaccine world, however Vani you have enough evil to deal with right now, as the video shows. You are doing what God wants you to do. Keep going, be strong, pray (we are praying for you) and keep showing the world the truth. We all need you!

    Thank you so much for your time, effort, tears and intelligently taking on the liars of the food industry!

    Blessings of strength, courage and joy to you family!

  37. Vani—thank you for all you do! You are so strong and amazing. I’m very thankful you answered your calling. Thank you for teaching me not only about what is healthy to put in my body but about how to be the best version of myself in life via this video. Thank you for being selfless and doing the hard work that we all benefit from in a very important way! You are a great role model. Keep it up, the Universe does have your back and so do all of us who believe in you!!

  38. Hi Vani! I always knew the food industry was adding too many chemicals to our food but I never knew how much. Thank you for all of the work you do, that you were meant to do. The haters get paid to hate from corporations. Keep up the good work because there are many of us who support you!

  39. Vani, that speech was incredible! I read almost everything you send, although I do not partake of any meat products (such as bone broth, et cetera). Yet still, I learn a lot from you and am very careful when I shop. I read every label EVERY SINGLE TIME so something can’t be put in and change the product without me knowing it. I do not trust the food industry at all! I am gluten free and almost completely vegan, so everything you promote does not fit my choices yet still, it may help others and if so, I’m very happy for that. Keep your courage up! Learning to appreciate the haters is powerful!! How much all of us can learn from that perspective!!! Learn to appreciate those who criticize, those who try to shoot us down, prove we are wrong — they are the ones spurring all of us on to a better life, including better health. I’m proud of you for all you have done, and I wait and watch what you will take on next! You have a cheer team out here!!!

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