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What’s In Boar’s Head Meat? (See the revealing pictures now!)

Last week I published my first investigation of the year, and exposed the ingredients that are in some Boar’s Head meats that you might be buying at the deli counter, like:

  • Caramel color (class III or class IV) made from ammonia linked to cancer
  • Sugars (dextrose, maltodextrin, corn syrup, fructose) which are likely GMO
  • Canola oil (likely GMO)
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Nitrates 

Many of you were surprised by this because you have never seen the ingredients in their deli counter meats and naturally assumed they used higher quality ingredients due to their marketing.

I also discussed how helpful it would be for consumers if Boar’s Head listed their ingredients online.

That’s because most packages of meat from the deli counter don’t have ingredients listed, which forces the customer to ask a busy deli worker for ingredients or call the company.

The feedback on this investigation has been intense.

So many of you have reached out to me personally and thanked me for this information. Likewise, many of you voiced your opinion on Boar’s Head facebook page and let them know that you were disappointed in their ingredients and that you hope they improve their products.

This simple act unleashed a bloodbath by Pro-Industry trolls on Boar’s Head facebook page. 

While I am on the front lines, willing to take one for the team and let my name be dragged through the mud (including experiencing some threatening situations) – many of you also have been insulted, called horrible names, and personally attacked for simply asking Boar’s Head to be more transparent about their ingredients and remove additives from their deli meats that have been linked to health issues. 

I filmed a video on Facebook Live to give you my take of what’s going on with specific real life examples, which I encourage you to watch here

I don’t think it is acceptable for any business to allow the despicable and horrendous abuse and bullying that has continued to take place on their facebook page. 

1/13/2016 Update: After posting this new information last night, Boar’s Head decided to start moderating their Facebook page and deleted most of the abusive posts (thank you!), but also deleted all legitimate customer concerns and feedback about their meat. You can now see only praise for the company that is coming from an astroturf Facebook page that is run by an anonymous profile. If you’ve left a comment about their ingredients and don’t see it on their page – try calling them at 1-800-352-6277 to get your voice heard. 

I continue to be appalled at the people trying to stop this transparency and removal of unnecessary ingredients in our food. All you have to do is ask yourself – who would want their meat colored with artificial caramel color linked to cancer? The answer to that question, is exactly who you think it is. 

Don’t let this PR spin machine stop you from sharing the truth. We all deserve to know what we are putting in our bodies. And with that – new ingredient information about Boar’s Head is finally being revealed thanks to a courageous reader!


This weekend, I received an awesome email from a reader that manages a supermarket deli and she told me:

I am excited about this investigation. I have been frustrated about boars head in particular for a long time. All the other deli meats you know are bad for you. But boars head fools everyone into thinking they are eating healthy.”

She also sent over a ton of ingredient pictures! 

When I buy meat, I usually buy one ingredient organic meat that isn’t full of additives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think higher quality meat should have ingredients like these…

The ingredients speak for themselves…

20160109_132619_resized (1)

All American Oven Roasted Chicken Breast


Black Forest Ham


Maple Glazed Honey Coat Ham


Jerk Turkey Breast


Branded Deluxe Ham


Lower Sodium Ham


Everroast Chicken Breast


Golden Classic Chicken Breast


Blazing Buffalo Chicken Breast


Italian Style Oven Roasted Seasoned Beef


Oven Roasted Beef


Cracked Pepper Mill Smoked Turkey Breast




Beef Bologna


Pepper Brand Ham


Hot Cooked Capocollo


Tavern Ham


Corned Beef Brisket


Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Ham



Another reader sent me this picture of ingredients obtained from a Publix grocery store, which clearly shows MSG (monosodium glutamate) in Boar’s Head Virginia Ham:

12509609_1105584692809574_5336724271391866538_n (1)

If you are looking for other alternatives to Boar’s Head, check out this post at the bottom for my recommendations. 

Remember, don’t be afraid to keep sharing this information and spreading the word, especially if you know someone you love to eat Boar’s Head Meat. 





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151 responses to “What’s In Boar’s Head Meat? (See the revealing pictures now!)

  1. Omg this is so disgusting! I’m so disappointed in Boars Head. I cannot believe I let my children eat this… So frustrating!! So what other deli meat can I feed them?? Or should we just stay away from deli meats all together??

      1. The All American BBQ Oven Roasted Chicken product does have caramel color. They also mention sugar or other sugar products ten (10) times on the label. That is as disgusting to me as the caramel color. Americans eat far too much sugar to maintain good health. The sugar and sugar products make the product taste better and allows the company to make more money. Greed trumps caring for their customer base. I recently read that there are more than 60 ingredient names that companies use in their ingredient list that are sugar or sugar products. most consumers do not know all 60 names, so they are eating more sugar than they know about.

      2. I keep my distance from this stuff and feel so much better for it. Food Babe, bless you for the work you do. I too try to hold people/companies accountable for what they do. Keep up the good fight!

    1. Any kind of deli meat is going to have cancer causing nitrates etc. even if they leave out the MSG or corn syrup in it because that’s just how they “cure” it nowadays(they used to use salt and benign spices). This includes hotdogs, whole salami etc. If you’re concerned about your kids and must get something like this then look for “uncured” and organic products. But whenever possible you can and should do as Vani suggested and buy a whole cut of meat (with only one ingredient) and roast it. Now many will say they don’t have time or it’s too much work, but most of those people don’t realize how much time and money and effort they spend avoiding preparing (and planning) their meals.

      Last week my dad was talking to a local health food store owner he shops at and mentioned he was about to go see if he could find a discount turkey from one of his competitors now that the holidays are over and get his competition to take a loss(lol). Well the store owner said he had a few left over at one of their other stores a few counties away that he’d sell at a discount. My dad says “Well, I’m on a tight budget this month but if you make me an offer I can’t refuse, then I can’t refuse. He got a 16lb organic turkey for $16. It’s a bit of effort to cook, but we’ll be eating that all week and maybe freezing some for later. That’s way more convenient and cheap that $16 of deli meat, or the 4 packs of uncured organic turkey lunch meat I could buy for that.

      Now I know most people (including you) may not have such good fortune, but if you try and just do what you can you might be surprised what you can manage! Baby steps guys!

  2. Thank you the info about Boar’s Head since that is what we buy! But what brand do we buy now? What is safe????? People still need to but deli meat.

    1. What people need is to change their mindset from “we have always eaten this so we need to keep eating this.” No one “needs” to buy deli meat. Think of what you are saying.

    2. how about going vegetarian? or even making the leap to vegan? and of course eating only organic foods.

  3. Guess I don’t understand…I got your email about this and it sounded pretty sensational and since my family and friends just love this brand, I read the full story on the website to see what it was all about…my confusion comes in readfing the ingredients on the labels…it just doesn’t jive with the sensationalism in your story. Most of the possibly questionable ingredients are in the glazes or in the curing solution, not in the primary product. So the way I look at the labeling, it’s a pretty good product made pretty high standards…not sure why you wouldn’t agree? As far as processed deli meats go, this does seem to be a slice above the rest (pun intended). Please reply – I think you are making a fire out of a flicker. – Russ

    1. I’m disappointed too :(. It feels like we got played. These meats that are listed were never even claimed by boars head to be healthier than regular deli meats. It’s not the meats they are promoting by saying:
      No artificial ingredients, minimally processed
      • Humanely Raised
      • No MSG Added
      • No Nitrate or Nitrite Added
      • No Preservatives
      • Raised Without the Use of Antibiotics or Hormones
      • Vegetarian Grain Fed

      What a crock!

    2. Vani Hari has every right to make a “fire out of a flickr,” as you say. Where’s the sensationalism? She’s dedicating her talent, time, and energy….her whole life….to making sure you and I do not get sick or DUPED by companies like this one. Why not do more research on these ingredients if you are not 100% convinced of their detrimental health effects? There are nitrites in Boar’s Head products. It has been known since the 1970’s that nirites/nitrates are linked to colon and pancreatic cancers. Does this sound like a high quality product to you, Sir? There’s also MSG, and hidden forms thereof such as: yeast extract, flavorings, smoke flavor, natural flavors, etc., which are neurotoxic- see Dr. Russell Blaylock’s report on MSG. If you and your buddies continue to support companies such as this one, that’s your choice. But the rest of us are taking a hike…on un-slippery slopes. Peace.

    3. Furthermore, the ‘golden classic chicken breast’ doesn’t look like it has ANY of those ‘tabu’ things! Boar’s Head swears they are free of gluten, msg, and the like, so who are we to believe???

      1. You believe the label and the label clearly states that there are toxic ingredients in the glaze. I don’t know why some of you argue about that crap being healthy, so go right ahead and keep eating it. Obviously, if you don’t know the difference, then you have no business even being here.

    4. Well I guess if being cured with cancer causing nitrates/nitrites and coated with genetically compromised corn syrup and such is your idea of “pretty high standards” then yes it’s sensational. You might think that because it’s not the bulk of the product that it’s not going to give you cancer, or that it’s still food. That’s not true. These “2% solutions” you may think are harmless due to low volume have nitrates that form nitrosamines when they come in contact with acid(like in your stomach) and amino acids (what the protein breaks down into as you digest it). The only reason there’s not more than 2% is because it’s so insanely cancerous that by LAW they can’t put more than that in there. That law was established when the public generally ate much less of these processed foods and so lifetime exposure is much higher for people eating this every day, and the risk of cancer is as well. Namely gastro-intestinal cancers.

      The risk is serious enough the World Cancer Research Fund recommends avoiding processed meats entirely.

      Not only is it in processed meat, but there’s high levels of it in cheap beer and tobacco and you’ll even get some from cheese. Now, you’re going to inevitably be exposed to it regardless but that means there’s no good reason to add to your exposure and risk of cancer.

  4. You exposed their ingredient list, like you wanted. Great. Now those that were buying Boar’s Meat have a more transparent picture and can choose where to spend their money. Also great.

    But do you know how much of it they use? Simply stating that caramel coloring causes cancer is ridiculous — the dose always makes the poison. For example, Coke & Diet Coke were tested to have below 4 micrograms of 4-MeI (the caramel colouring). Anyone who thinks they’ll get cancer from this amount is crazy and/or paranoid.

    You’ve done some surface level investigation, but definitely haven’t gone deep enough.

    1. Sahil – Like I have always said – if there is no nutritional purpose for an ingredient, what is it doing in my food? How many times does the typical American consume food items containing caramel color class 3 and 4? The overall consumption and cumulative effect could make a difference in health. Consumer’s Report found that children who consume pancake syrup made with caramel coloring class IV can increase their cancer risk by 10%! That is what is crazy if you ask me.

    2. It all gets stacked in the liver. Over time, this makes a huge difference! Because you think that one product has a very little amt of something bad in it, doesn’t mean that all the products, containing that toxin one consumes, doesn’t accumulate into one very toxic dose in a person’s body.

      1. The liver is meant to be cleaned out oncenin a while naturally. You can improve this process by drinking cranberry juice.

        The truth is, any meat that is handled in a manner to preserve it like we do nowadays uses similar ingredients in the curing process. They ruled that all cured meat contains carcinogens linked to cancer. Did you know the charring on the outside of meat you cook also creates cancerous carcinogens? It’s very low amounts and a normal body can handle and process most of it properly. But that even goes for everyone’s beloved bacon. You don’t even want to know about frozen veggies….

      1. Totally agreed! Why eat *any* of that garbage just because it is in smaller amounts (coating) rather than permeating the meat (injected).

        And why was it so difficult to get this information in the first place? Perhaps they didn’t advertise “we’re the healthiest thing on the planet” but they didn’t discourage that idea either. Personally, I have gone “whole foods” which means that if I can’t easily duplicate it in my kitchen using normal, everyday ingredients (and artificial colouring of ANY kind does NOT qualify), then we don’t eat it — simple as!

        If one is a carnivore and want sandwich meat, one can just roast something and slice it. Then put the slices in separate packets of daily quantities. (Best way is to lay the slices out on parchment paper and fold over like a parcel. That way, it defrosts really quickly, better than stacking the slices.) Leave one packet in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch and freeze the rest. Each evening, when you start to make dinner, take the next day’s portion and put it in the drawer with the other lunch stuff. Then, it will be defrosted and ready to make lunch the next day.

        It’s really not that difficult, although you might need to buy a meat slicer if you want thin slices. Other than that, it’s just a matter of putting it in the oven, or if you want more flavour, make a whole-ingredients marinade. There are plenty make-your-own marinade recipes available on the internet.

        We’ve been so spoiled by fast foods and quick snacks that many have forgotten what it was like to make your own real food — it’s not hard, we’re just a bit out of practice. And it’s less expensive!

        Try it, you’ll like it! 😉 -Michelle G

  5. What about their “natural” line? I’ve requested my deli to carry it, but I honestly haven’t seen the ingredient list for those meats.

    1. I am also wondering about their ‘all-natural’ roasted turkey breast. But haven’t seen anyone address that on here. Would love if anyone has anything to say about this line.

    2. Gina,

      The word “natural” is used overzealously by the food industry. It means absolutely nothing, but makes people think that it’s good for you. It’s a great marketing tactic. Arsenic is all natural…as are many other chemicals because they are derived from natural compounds. Don’t be fooled by it. Look for words like “pasture raised” when looking at meat, and never eat processed meat or processed foods for that matter. They are laden with lots of scary cancer causing ingredients.

      1. I completely understand “natural” has no meaning, which is why I put it in quotation marks and would like the ingredient list. 🙂

    3. I’m sorry but I have a serious contempt for companies that market products as “natural” and pity for consumers that think that is meaningful. There’s almost ZERO regulation on the term “natural” so generally speaking when a company says their product is “natural” it’s dupe you into thinking it’s food.

      As long as it doesn’t have synthetic flavors etc. they can call it that. If you think it being natural=wholesome then ask yourself if you’d drink what’s in the “mystery bottle” if I slap a “natural” label on it. Now that doesn’t mean it’s not wholesome food, just that the word “natural” on the label isn’t going to tell you if it is. There could be lead and arsenic and crude oil in that mystery bottle and it qualify as “natural”.

      For example, doggie poo, urine and uranium (and cancer causing nitrites/nitrates used in these meats) are all “natural”. If it simply being “natural” isn’t a reason for you to consider eating dog doo then I don’t think it’s a reason to consider eating anything else. If you want to find out what’s wholesome ook at the ingredients themselves, not the front of the label. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, look it up and if it doesn’t sound like food, it’s probably not. Provided you can see well eventually you’ll get good enough at it that you’ll pick up a product, turn it around, glance at the ingredients, and know in a few seconds if it’s wholesome (and probably put it back on the shelf 80% of the time).

  6. I buy the low sodium turkey and the londonport roast beef or oven roasted beef. I’d love to see those ingredient lists!

    1. All you have to do is read the label when you’re at the store. I suspect all their meats have the same junk on them. Just stop poisoning your family and yourself. Boycott them!

  7. Oh wow! All this time I thought this was about their natural line. The line they claim to be natural, and not just regular deli meat

    Comparatively speaking the meats featured here on your blog, seem to be MUCH better than most (non organic or natural) deli meats on the market.

    1. There is an * after each instance of “all natural” with NO explanation of what the astrick is indicating. Where are the list of ingredients for these? Certainly nowhere on their site that I see.

  8. My mom works for boars head. Some of their products are no better than regular deli meat. She says that. Other products my mom says are much better. Their all natural salami for example is preserved with salt, no nitrates. Their all natural London broil doesn’t have anything bad in it and as a result it only lasts a few days max. Yep, they have a lot of crappy products but some are “decent” quality for the giant corporate conglomerate that they are.
    If you chose to buy deli meat from a city market chain store then do society a favor and buy the products of boars head that IS somewhat decent. Vote with your dollar and show that company what you prefer. Convince them that their better products sell. they may have some bad products out therebut they are at the Very least the most well poised company to offer a lot better products if we just bought them.

    1. I like Boarshead company. I wrote to them and asked which products that I could purchase that did not have nitrates and GMO’s and they answered and sent a list of their products. Many companies do not reply.

  9. carmel color? I would reckon this is added to give product the aesthetic color that would otherwise come from real wood smoking. is the amount in packaged product dangerous in moderation? these products are not used as main plate meals for three meals each day. can not see the problem you are concerned about. free market, free choice, choose something else-or try making your own smoked and cured cuts of meat.

  10. I have to say even if I ever were a boars head deli meat consumer, I would never be again because of the rude, unprofessional way they choose to handle business. Thank You food babe, from the bottom of my organic heart for all you do;)

  11. When you say that things like the caramel color are linked to cancer, how come there are no links or citations to the studies that prove that?

  12. Dextrose and multi dextrose is actually corn gluten. They claim they are gluten free. So that is a lie. Gluten is gluten period. I have been buying Boars Head because they claim they are gluten free. I am disgusted that I have been feeding my family these chemical GMO ladened product to my family. I will no longer consume these toxic products.

    1. Dextrose is a sugar, whereas gluten is a protein. They are totally different chemical entities, and even the harshest chemical process cannot force one to become the other!

      (I also heard that corn gluten is safe to consume even for gluten-sensitive people, but if anyone has info on this one, please share)

      1. Seb, corn gluten. Which means extremely high chance that it is GMO corn. The main reason the make gm corn is because it can withstand being sprayed with high amounts of pesticides, especially Roundup and it won’t die. Any corn ingredient that doesn’t say organic is most likely GMO corn. Corn meal corn starch, corn syrup, corn gluten. All of it, unless it says organic.

  13. Thank you for doing the work you do, Food Babe. I discovered you a few years ago while searching for information on “natural flavors”. It seemed like I was the only person who was wondering what that term meant and why it was appearing on so many ingredient lists. Then I found an article you wrote that explained it! What amazes me about the Boar Head situation is all of the defenders of the company on their Facebook page. I guess some people really don’t care what they put into their bodies. Or else they are just paid trolls…

  14. This is so sad but I have to admit I was always skeptical. What about Boars Head’s new “all natural” line??? Does anyone have the ingredients for these meats? What is the difference??

    1. Yes, PLEASE share the ingredients for their “natural” line… the uncured ham and salami and natural turkeys. Those are the specific items we expect to be cleaner!

  15. Thank you, FoodBabe! I kind of knew all along not to trust them, but thank you for doing the research and getting to the bottom of their ingredient list! I don’t care how little of that crap is in there, still not necessary and not something I chose to consume. I am staying away from Boars Head!

  16. Even uncontaminated, untouched, 100% natural and organic meat is bad for the body. We aren’t meant to consume animal products – eggs, dairy, meat.

    1. How do you explain the fact that for thousands of years our ancestors ate a mixed diet of plants, nuts, grains and meats?

  17. The fact is that this is processed crap….and the longer we eat this stuff our health will be affected. The term “natural” is a crock of you know what. Cook real grass fed meat folks and carve it yourself. We don’t need to be eating so much protein. Disgusted at Boars Head – I’ve looked at the labels years ago and stopped eating it.

  18. Other than convenience, you don’t need deli meat to survive. Learn how to make nutritious meals without preservatives, colorings, msg, and natural flavors. Boars Head meat is very unhealthy. Any person who disagrees is in serious denial mode. We have to STOP supporting companies who are putting toxic, unhealthy ingredients into their products. We have to take accountability and demand transparency and quality ingredients. People settle for less than best in life for no reason than trusting too much or out of pure convenience…it’s our own faults for buying this junk. Thank Vani for her work, yes, but this work is in your hands as well. What can you do, or better said, stop doing to fuel these companies profits and start a food revolution of your own? Get busy everyone. Write letters. Demand that these companies take unhealthy and toxic ingredients out of our food supply.

  19. Thank you Vani for your whistle blowing and hard work. However as Boars Head is not organic meat I never thought for a second that they would have entirely “safe” ingredients. If it is not pasture raised, organic or humane in the first place why is anyone surprised? Boycott meat by companies that do not care how the amimals were raised period. I think that is the order of first importance. Carmel color, while not what I want to be eating, is to me far behind that issue. If they take out that crap you will still be eating and supporting feed lot practices and eating animals that likely suffered.

  20. Thank you Vani for the info, I buy Applegate myself. Remember folks, every dollar you spend is voting for health or disease.

  21. Thank You again Sweetie, Since I received your book I have begun to question more and more about what is in food. Thank You so much for this alert.
    I will always be on your side.

  22. Thank you Food Babe! I feel, as you do, that it is best to skip deli meat all together. When I am eating meat I go for the highest quality, pastured and local if possible. On the rare occasion that I havs eaten deli meat I’ve had puffiness around my eyes the next day. But for people who consume it on a regular basis you are doing such a wonderful thing!

  23. Thank you SO much for exposing the truth. My local deli counter actually has a branded sign that claims their meat is free of nitrates and nitrates, which is clearly NOT the case. I will never buy this meat again for my family.

    1. Boars Head has built their business on slick marketing, advertising, and deceptive packaging. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Tell people long enough that you are the greatest and eventually a certain percentage of people believe it and become your mouth pieces. The have brainwashed store owners who then accept paying the ridiculous high prices for their junk.

  24. Thank you! I have been saying it’s the same crap as all of the other brands but people truly believe it’s better because of their marketing! People will at least believe it now that you have addressed it.;)

  25. We were boars head customers up util you posted this! There’s literally no meat options left! 🙁 Thank you for uncovering this. Knowledge=power!

  26. Hello, We Love you Food Babe. The truth is on your side. Despite the lies they say against you. I want you to know that you are
    Just remember that people who don’t have integrity for the truth usually fight dirty. You are doing a good thing!!!!

  27. Many Boar’s Head Brand Meats are better; real meat muscle with flavors added is always better than junk meat with flavors added. Compared with other deli meats, many of their products are healthier. Not to say any deli meat is healthy, but when faced with a decision, better choices should be mentioned than branding all deli meats as the same. People will not change their eating habits overnight.

    Flavored meats have always been and always will be full of sugar and flavoring such as BBQ, Honey glazed (which honey never was used much after cheap corn syrup was invented, example; few ever made a pecan pie without Karo syrup). Seeing honey on a label is a better alternative than processed sugar or corn syrup, but health benefits of “honey” on the label may be misleading too. Honey heated and/or pressed through filters does not have many of the health benefits of “real honey”. Deli meats as turkey, chicken, ham, and roast beef, with minimum processing is much better. Just stay away from the flavored meats and order just meat. Add your own lemon pepper salt, homemade BBQ sauce, mustard, etc. and you have a better choice when serving someone who won’t eat anything else.

    Many blogs concentrate on the viewpoint of the author and the other exceptions are ignored. Most reading here may be making the best choices for themselves, but many here also are feeding others who do not “see the light”. How many here cringe with the idea of eating “meat” products but have to get their kids or partners meat so they will eat? Everything in the real world is about choices. Yes, the lesson learned here is as always, READ THE LABEL and be very selected when purchasing deli meats. It is better to not buy deli meats but people will eat what they want to. False hope may be as bad as false condemnation. Telling consumers all is bad leaves them feeling they have no choice and give up trying. Many worse choices are made and this encourages unhealthy eating rather then curbing it.

    Is any food we eat really safe? You are doing a fine job educating the consumer about labeling. COOL or GMO labeling our government has chosen to ignore because of politics and conflicts of interest really makes reading our food labels today less than factual. Thanks for helping many sort this out.

  28. This is fantastic information. Any amount of a toxin is toxic, in my opinion.

    But reading all of this and the comments, nobody even seems concerned with the nature of this meat itself…if it’s not humanely raised and slaughtered, then it’s disgusting and unethical, whether it has caramel color in it or not.

  29. … always be suspicious of the ingredient “spices” …. it can hide (legally) a certain amount of MSG as a spice without declaring it. This is important info for those of us who are extremely sensitive to free-glutamates.

  30. Do you know about the ingredients in their no-salt-added turkey breast? I’ve been having that since years ago!

  31. Vani thanks for your hard work on this topic.
    I love cold cuts. It is something that has always been a part of our family gatherings. When you compare Boars Head to other brands they sure are the “cleanest” around. We were die hard Hormel and Krakus fans until Boars Head came around because the taste was so much better and healthier.
    I always assumed anything processed is not the best for you. And from my experiences, Boars Head is the healthiest choice. Obviously nothing beats an organic food in terms of healthy ingredients, but nowhere has boar’s head ever claimed they are at an organic standard. I do not feel duped, cheated, or anything negative about Boar’s Head because they sell processed foods and their marketing states the positives. I too have called the 800 number since my elder relative has celiacs and we couldn’t believe that everything is gluten free – but it is. They have a lot of preservative free products too, mostly the chickens, turkeys and beef. And the sodium content is really low too in comparison to other brands. Applegate says they are gluten free but they use carrageenan which is no good. Again, thanks for your hard work but I will continue to enjoy cold cuts, especially Boar’s Head.

  32. Vani:

    Thank you so much—-I had no idea of the stuff I was putting into my body. I am thoroughly disgusted with Boars Head. No more of their products for me. Will look at your recommendations


  33. I kept hearing a couple of years ago, while shopping mainly at Publix, that Boar’s Head was ‘clean eating’, until I looked at the ingredients online (guess they took them down?). I was confused why people kept saying that it was so great, better for you, etc….I never bought it. Publix actually has it as sort of an upgrade in their deli department when ordering sub sandwiches. The subs cost more if you order the Boar’s Head.

  34. Vani,
    When you said “When I buy meat, I usually buy one ingredient organic meat that isn’t full of additives.” Do you mean that you just purchase raw meat like you would find in a meat market or are you referring to a brand of deli meat that actually has only one ingredient and is organic?

    I usually purchase the Organic Applegate Farms deli meat because it is the best option for deli meat I can find (which has several other ingredients still) . Is there a better option ?

  35. Vani I agree with most everything you share and really appreciate it!
    I do believe that you need to let go of the nitrate/nitrite issue.
    Many of us doing alternative research and awareness have found the arguments against nitrites to be false. I would be happy to provide the info.
    Keep up the great work! My PIC (partner in crime) and I watch you and have been helped by your research.

  36. Not to mention, the meat they use is from GMO-fed animals and THAT is why I don’t buy it or consume it.

    1. I agree with you Sharon! The feed they give the animals, the hormones and antibiotics, I feel, are the main culprit and mostly responsible for the incorrect studies that claiming that nitrites are bad (not true) when it was actually the GMO, pesticides and chemicals in or added to the meat. Meats like this would still be unhealthy even if they removed the bad ingredients on the list. The fact that Boar’s Head is using Trolls to attack people with decent comments has me convinced that the company is corrupt.

  37. This is just WRONG, to advertise a food product saying it is healthy and good for you and your family, just to make MONEY from it and charge a much higher price for you Not So Good Food. I think they should be fined and made to pay back us for buying this Big Fat Lie! SHAME ON YOU LIARS.

  38. You are doing a great job !
    Keep up the good work for the people.
    Truth is a bad thing for those who have something to hid !
    You have a lot of people who believe in you.

  39. Do remember also that these meats are surely all from CAFO’s (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) where animals live in small areas, often in their own filth, are given antibiotics to make them grow faster and prevent the diseases that are caused by how they are raised, and are fed very unnatural diets, such as GMO soy and corn (plus animal waste products) to animals that are supposed to be grazing on pastures or rooting in the earth.

    The people who sell the chemicals that keep that system going are the same ones who sell us the drugs to “cure” the so-called “diseases” caused by eating these animals poisoned by their food and then poison added to preserve these meats to stay around much longer than any fresh meat.

    Ever wondered why the meat can sit in a deli case or hang on a rack for a long time without spoiling…? The answer is in the poisonous preservatives. There is no good deli meat. And just because this company says, “Guten Free, no transfat, no milk” — that doen’t make them healthier. They are stating the obvious about any meat. Good try.

    As consumers, it is our responsibility to know what we are eating, and make a clear choice about it. No “right” way, just wise choice. Thank you Food Babe for educating as many people as you can, including the producers, so we have choice. We choose and vote with our dollars. Be informed, be smart, be healthy.
    AND, buy organic. It is the only way to know what these producers hide.

  40. Great to see people becoming educated. I-always- take the time that would otherwise be spent standing in a line (or ?) by culinizing the meat myself and storing it in the fridge.
    One thing I would like to see is an expose on the Potato Chip industry.
    I can not find one bag of chips, outside of plain salted, that has sugar in it. Just what does Jalapeno chips have to do with sugar. Sugars are even in the Salt & Cracked Pepper chips at Whole Foods.
    I recall an article some time ago where it was shown how sugar combined with fried potato products have an influence on cancers.
    Blessings 0:-)

  41. Vani,
    I am grateful to you in this fight, (that is gaining ground daily), to make these corporations be transparent about the foods they produce and sell to so many unaware of the toxic mess that they are consuming. It would be laughable the way they juggle the words around on their labels, trying to make them sound less toxic. Boar’s Head says blatantly that there is no Monosodium Glutamate, (MSG) (a toxin, poisoning the central nervous system). They use words like “natural flavor”, “flavoring”, or just plain “flavor”. These are just a few of the ways they disguise that particular toxin, which causes no end of toxic results to the human body, (or anything alive that eats it, such as your pets). It can cause Extremely excruciating, shooting pains throughout the body, and for anyone with Restless Leg, also adversely affecting people with MS, Autism and a host of other side effects from the toxins in our environment and foods we consume. MSG by any other name is still a Toxic substance, when added to our foods. On some labels it reads “No Added MSG”, because it naturally occurs in poultry, such as chicken and turkey. When consumed in the very small amounts that are in the fowl naturally, as would be in a wild turkey, for instance, with none added to enhance the flavor, it normally does not have these toxic or even debilitating effects. Added in the extremely concentrated amounts changes it into a substance not acceptable for the human nervous system. And this is only one of the toxic ingredients they saturate their foods with, and Lie about.
    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Vani, and all those that have joined this transparency movement, for the Health and well being of all food eaters. : )

  42. Food Babe, I admire you very very much. You are very brave. Thank you so much for all you hard work! You have made my life and my family’s life much healthier!
    I love your Ravishing Red juice!

  43. Food Babe you should be appalled by the ingredient dead animal carcass. You are missing the point worrying about the ingredients! You shouldn’t be eating meat. Also, this is not just my opinion. Check the World Health Organization website. Thanks

  44. I would love to see the same investigation of Dietz & Watson, I am suspecting you would find the some of the same ingredients, maybe even true with AppleGate who are one of the only few high end deli meat companies that at least remove the nitrates on some of their meats also. My wife and I love your e-newsletter and read almost everything you send out so keep up the great work Babe!

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