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WATCH: Food Babe & Birke Baehr Speak To Youth About Obesity, GMOs & Real Food

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of finally connecting with one of my favorite food heroes – Birke Baehr. We’d been talking for months over the blog and Facebook – but finally we had the chance to meet over dinner at one of my favorite restaurants – Halcyon. Not only did we have a fantastic meal together (and a lot of laughs about me not willing to take his $5 dollar bet to eat pig ears), but we also had an incredible opportunity to give a keynote address to some young adults who are helping their communities fight the epidemic of obesity at the Southern Obesity Conference.

Hope you enjoy the candidness of our talk…You can bet, Birke and I will be teaming up again…

If this is the first time you are learning about Birke – you’ve got to check out his TED Talk and his new book “Birke On the Farm” – especially if you have kids. What an amazing young man he is!

Have a great weekend!

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12 responses to “WATCH: Food Babe & Birke Baehr Speak To Youth About Obesity, GMOs & Real Food

  1. Wonderful! I love that you have teamed up with Birke for this! It does impact the younger generation when a young person is getting up and sharing the information! It seems as younger people listen to younger people, so he has a great angle to make a difference! Keep it up as I am so impressed by your diligence☺

  2. Oh My….Food Babe….You are my hero. And that young man actually brings tears to my eyes. He’s amazing. I am going to learn how to forward this video to every single person I know. Thanks to both of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I understand soooo much more than I did before watching this video.

  3. Wow. What a bright guy. I’m impressed and so much more informed. I’m going to talk to my mom also about “voting with our dollars.” Always your supporter!

  4. FoodBabe for President! You’re a great speaker Vani and so cool you teamed up with Birke, I’ve been a fan of his for a while. It’s amazing that a 13 year old (and my own seven year old) understand this common sense urgency and the powers that be—-and the doctors!!!—carry on with this craziness. Definitely we need to stop giving the gmo pushers money! We need to get the subsidies with the organic farmers and green energy providers and away from oil and the gmo-ers. This gives me hope to see you guys out there doing grass roots education. More power to you.
    Eco Mama

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  6. I’m helping by educating my clients. I love your website and 100days of real food whom both of you have given me great resources and ideas to help relay important nutrition information.
    Thank you SOOO much for what you do!

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