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What a Miracle Food – Wheatgrass!

We’re still in Bali – and I can’t even imagine leaving. The people, organic food, beautiful customs, temples, jungle, rice terraces, volcanos, and ocean are impossible to leave behind. It’s going to be a sad day tomorrow when we leave, but I know we’ll be back… we have seen too many signs and have already started to plan it all out.

Before I leave Bali tomorrow – I want to leave you with this great information about the benefits of consuming wheatgrass juice. We’ve been having it everyday here in Bali and want all of you to realize the benefits from wherever you are too!

Wheatgrass is truly a Miracle Food – Try it today! And feel free to chase it with an orange slice if you are a bit scared your first time 🙂

Enjoy! 40 benefits of wheatgrass juice from Wheatgrass Kits Website:

1.  Wheatgrass Juice is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available.

2.  Chlorophyll is the first product of light and, therefore, contains more light energy than any other element.

3.  Wheatgrass juice is a crude chlorophyll and can be taken orally and as a colon implant without toxic side effects.

4.  Chlorophyll is the basis of all plant life.

5.  Wheatgrass is high in oxygen like all green plants that contain chlorophyll. The brain and all body tissues function at an optimal level in a highly-oxygenated environment.

6.  Chlorophyll is anti-bacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a healer.

7.  Dr. Bernard Jensen says that it only takes minutes to digest wheatgrass juice and uses up very little body energy.

8.  Science has proven that chlorophyll arrests growth and development of unfriendly bacteria.

9.  Chlorophyll (wheatgrass) rebuilds the bloodstream. Studies of various animals have shown chlorophyll to be free of any toxic reaction. The red cell count was returned to normal within 4 to 5 days of the administration of chlorophyll, even in those animals which were known to be extremely anemic or low in red cell count.

10.  Farmers in the Midwest who have sterile cows and bulls put them on wheatgrass to restore fertility. (The high magnesium content in chlorophyll builds enzymes that restore the sex hormones.)

11.  Chlorophyll can be extracted from many plants, but wheatgrass is superior because it has been found to have over 100 elements needed by man. If grown in organic soil, it absorbs 92 of the known 102 minerals from the soil.

12.  Wheatgrass has what is called the grass-juice factor, which has been shown to keep herbivorous animals alive indefinitely.

13.  Dr. Ann Wigmore and institutes based on her teachings has been helping people get well from chronic disorders for 30 years using wheatgrass.

14.  Liquid chlorophyll gets into the tissues, refines them and makes them over.

15.  Wheatgrass Juice is a superior detoxification agent compared to carrot juice and other fruits and vegetables. Dr Earp-Thomas, associate of Ann Wigmore, says that 15 pounds of Wheatgrass is the equivalent of 350 pounds of carrot, lettuce, celery, and so forth.

16.  Liquid chlorophyll washes drug deposits from the body.

17.  Chlorophyll neutralizes toxins in the body.

18.  Chlorophyll helps purify the liver.

19.  Chlorophyll improves blood sugar problems.

20.  In the American Journal of Surgery (1940), Benjamin Gruskin, M.D. recommends chlorophyll for its antiseptic benefits. The article suggests the following clinical uses for chlorophyll: to clear up foul smelling odors, neutralize Strep infections, heal wounds, hasten skin grafting, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome chronic inner-ear inflammation and infection, reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, reduce typhoid fever, and cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases.

21. Wheatgrass Juice cures acne and even help to remove scars after it has been ingested for seven to eight months. The diet must be improved at the same time.

22.  Wheatgrass juice acts as a detergent in the body and is used as a body deodorant.

23.  A small amount of wheatgrass juice in the human diet helps prevents tooth decay.

24.  Wheatgrass juice held in the mouth for 5 minutes will help eliminate toothaches. It pulls poisons from the gums.

25.  Gargle Wheat grass Juice for a sore throat.

26.  Drink Wheatgrass Juice for skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.

27.  Wheat grass Juice keeps the hair from graying.

28.  Pyorrhea of the mouth: lay pulp of wheatgrass soaked in juice on diseased area in mouth or chew wheat grass, spitting out the pulp.

29.  By taking Wheat grass Juice, one may feel a difference in strength, endurance, health, and spirituality, and experience a sense of well-being.

30. Wheatgrass juice improves the digestion.

31.  Wheat grass juice is high in enzymes.

32.  Wheatgrass juice is an excellent skin cleanser and can be absorbed through the skin for nutrition. Pour green juice over your body in a tub of warm water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

33.  Wheatgrass implants (enemas) are great for healing and detoxifying the colon walls. The implants also heal and cleanse the internal organs. After an enema, wait 20 minutes, then implant 4 ounces of wheatgrass juice. Retain for 20 minutes.

34.  Wheatgrass juice is great for constipation and keeping the bowels open. It is high in magnesium.

35.  Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll “concentrated sun power.” He said, “chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.”

36.  According to Dr. Birscher, nature uses chlorophyll (wheatgrass) as a body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of toxins.

37.  Wheat grass juice can dissolve the scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gasses. The effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases hemoglobin production.

38.  Wheatgrass Juice reduces high blood pressure and enhances the capillaries.

39. Wheat grass Juice can remove heavy metals from the body.

40.  Wheatgrass juice is great for blood disorders of all kinds


*** All Information provided by Wheatgrass Kits Website.***

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33 responses to “What a Miracle Food – Wheatgrass!

  1. Thank you Bianca! Let me know if you get your hands on some wheatgrass and how you feel! 🙂

  2. Hey! I love your page. I’m currently in school to become a holistic health coach and your page was so inviting! Have you found any wheatgrass in the Charlotte area?? I may need to go to Bali next…

    1. Thank you Jessica! I am excited about your career! What school are you going to? You can find wheatgrass shots at Home Healthy Market and at some Smoothie King locations – Both are organic! If you plan a trip to Bali – I want to come 🙂

      1. I am studing at Institute for Integrative Nutrition – its all online and they also give you a fun ipod touch with all your learning materials loaded on it. Its a fantastic program! They are based out of NYC but because its all online now anyone can study with them globally. I might need to hit up Healthy Home Market this weekend…I usually shop at Earthfare 🙂

      2. I know many graduates from IIN – I too have considered it. I love Earth Fare too! I could spend all day in Berrybrook Farms, HHM and EF … LOL. Thanks again for checking out my Blog – Hope to hear from you again soon! I’d love to know what you think on my recent post about the Flu Shot and what IIN recommends there.

  3. I am considering trying wheat grass supplements. I am taking a Greens concentrate powder daily from the Vitamin Shoppe. I have really liked it. Was wondering about your thoughts on wheat grass only or using the mixture – the pro’s and cons of both. Also which form – liquid, powder, fresh, etc. Thanks! Love your travel posts by the way. It gives me the bug everytime I read them. 😉

  4. Great information. I was wow’d by this…now if I can get over the “tastes like grass” taste. LOL

  5. Hello- Great post and I have a wheatgrass question for you. Whole Foods Market sells a product, Amazing Farms Organic Wheat Grass Powder. I do not have anywhere around here for fresh wheat grass….what are your thoughts on these powders? Is there a significant loss of nutrients versus having access to the actual plant? Thank you!

    1. I think they are good supplements if you can’t find the real thing or just for convenience. I take Vitamineral Greens as a supplement everyday.

  6. Hi

    Can you tell me where i can find wheatgrass shots in ubud, bali as i am currently located here.

  7. New member here and love the posts. I’m a wheatgrass virgin. How does one start to incorporate this into their daily routine? Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Monica – you can buy fresh wheatgrass and juice it with your other juice ingredients (if you juice already) You can buy a wheatgrass juice shot at your local health food store or local smoothie chain (not all have it) Or if you can’t find fresh wheatgrass locally you can try a supplement – see Vani’s response to Colette above.

  9. I am all for this and I think what you do it great, however you should really reference legitimate sources from peer reviewed journals or other sources that are backed by scientific studies. This website you linked is from a sales website, of course she will say many great things because she is trying to sell her product but that doesn’t mean it is all proven facts. The number one rule when doing research in the nutrition field or any research on heath benefits from food is to never take information from people trying to sell something or .com websites.

    1. Agreed.

      I loved reading the post but was a bit disappointed when it linked to a sales site. That’s not to say they are making it all up, but they clearly have a interest in selling product which is a potential conflict to just stating known facts.

      At the very least it muddies the waters.

  10. Love all the info you share, Vani! Thank you so much for all your hard work getting the truth about food out there!

    I’m very intrigued by and a bit intimidated by wheatgrass, I’ll admit… I know they have wheatgrass shots at Jamba Juice, but do you know if their wheatgrass is organic?

  11. Chlorophyll molecules are specifically arranged in and around photosystems that are embedded in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts. In these complexes, chlorophyll serves two primary functions. The function of the vast majority of chlorophyll (up to several hundred molecules per photosystem) is to absorb light and transfer that light energy by resonance energy transfer to a specific chlorophyll pair in the reaction center of the photosystems.:”–

    Have fun

  12. Hi…was so interested in this post on wheatgrass juice. Could you please let me know what kind you buy and how much is needed on a daily basis to get the results listed above?? Also…will it keep all it’s benefits if added to my smoothie? Thanks! Donna

  13. Hello FoodBabe! When are you going to look into the growing ‘green superfood’ industry. Couple of weeks ago, there were reports of arsenic and other unwanted items in these green powders.


  14. Yes, chlorophyll is a powerful, powerful antioxidant. And you are correct that, when held in the mouth, it pulls poison from the gums. Indeed, it will pull poisons from most soft tissue. At my retreat in the foothills, we host three Chlorophyll Weekends every year. It’s a pretty expensive course, I’m not going to lie. But for $6200, you get three days of Chlorophyll Treatment (TM). First, we use chlorophyll as a body massage and wash, which neutralizes most external toxins. The second day is primarily meditation and what we call “soft tissue treatment”, where chlorophyll is applied to the eyes, nasally, and held in the mouth for extended periods of time. Day three, always a Sunday, is a day of alternating warm and cold chlorophyll enemas. Chlorophyll has amazing properties when taken rectally, including cleansing toxins from the colon and promoting the growth of healthy intestinal flora–think Kefir x 10000. It’s powerful stuff. When my clients leave, they are healthier, they look younger, smell better, and absolutely cannot wait to get out of the retreat and back home to share the good news about Chlorophyll Treatment.

  15. This information blew me away! I shared this article on my page. Thank you. I just found some frozen 100% Wheatgrass shots at my local Whole Foods Store. The brand is Wonders of Wheatgrass (WOW). The website is

  16. We just bought some Organic Wheatgrass and it’s growing so quickly! We didn’t think it would be so difficult to find a manual juicer for it. Do you have any opinion on a good one to use? Thanks!

  17. I am interested in trying wheat grass, as your post suggests, but have never had it. I tried reading information about it but am not sure I want to grow it and by a special juicer for it. Can wheat grass be brought as a powder or supplement, or is less effective this way? Thank you.

  18. Ok so how do I get some wheat grass and how do I make it in to a juice? Or is it sold somewhere as a juice??

  19. I would love to know how much wheat grass is considered a daily dose if you are drinking it in the juice form.

  20. Hi,

    Do you have a special wheat grass juicer, or do you go to a juice bar to get it everyday. Is it just as potent if you blend it in smoothies?


  21. Vani, am I right to use 1 tablespoon of wheatgrass powder per serving and mix it with a liquid? How many shots should a person drink in a day?

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