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What It Means To Be One Of The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet

Time Magazine has named me as one of “The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet.” This honor is not just for me. It’s for all of us. Our movement is getting recognized in big ways. Congratulations to every one of you out there that has visited and shared information from the Food Babe website including the amazing Consumer Protection Agencies who have been fighting much longer than me for a safer and healthier food system. 

When I heard the news, I was frankly speechless…but it means a lot.

It means our voices are being heard.

It means our movement is growing faster than ever.

It means more people care about what’s in their food.

It means that the food industry is changing and will have to continue changing to adapt to us learning the truth.

It means affordable healthy food will eventually be available for all. 

Time Magazine Top 30 Internet

Read the full piece in Time Magazine here & please vote at the end for the #1 spot.

Thank you for standing with me.

Much love to you all, 


 “To change everything, we need everyone.” 

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196 responses to “What It Means To Be One Of The 30 Most Influential People On The Internet

  1. Vani,congrats&job well done. the foodbabe army is growing stronger by the minute & im spreading the word to every single person I speak to. get your butt to st.louis,mo. in may &march against Monsanto with us,please & thank you!!!!! MUCH LOVE!!!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work. We appreciate you and all you do to educate us Vani. Blessings to you and your family 🙂

  3. Dear Vani,
    Way to go, is an understatment! In the past forty years the food industry has used us as Ginny pigs; have gotten rich at the expense of everyone’s health. You are the primary reason for especially the young getting on board to eating healthy and wanting to know what’s in our foods and ultimately forcing the food industries to make a change. I think this is just the beginning. My husband is stricken with Multiple Myeloma and it sickens me to think how hard I have to fight and how diligent I have to be to find foods without toxins, poisons, additives, plastics, animal secretions, etc. thank you from the bottle m of my heart! Ps. I purchased three copies of your book to hand out to my family members. Oyndisappointment was the shopping handout that I was looking forward to was not included for some reason. Keep up the great work, sincerely, Dolores

    1. I’m not sure who Ginny is, but I’m sure she wouldn’t like you calling her a pig.
      I think the term you were looking for is Guinea pig.
      And, yes, corporate food is experimenting on us, looking to increase obscene profits at our expense.
      Corporate medicine is only too happy to profit off of experimenting on us after corporate food makes us sick!

      I am sending good thoughts to you and your husband Dolores. May your husband heal comfortably, may he know vibrant and radiant health and may you have many healthy and happy years together.

  4. Congrats, Vani! You ROCK and I’m glad you’re being publicly recognized! Thanks for all that you’ve done for my good health, and for helping the world to open their eyes! There’s much work to be done – you’re the 5-Star General and we are your Army – The #FoodBabeArmy !!! ❤️

  5. Dear Vani,
    So nice to be in the “top 30” but the Time article is smitten with maliciousness through and through. They offer you not one ernest compliment. Shame on them for writing degrading insinuations like “amateur nutritionists” and “underqualified and irresponsibly alarmist.” If Time really wanted to commend your achievements they should have had the forthrightness to truly do so and leave out all of the injurious implications which one supposes must fulfill their need to declare alliance with fellow big industries (Kraft etc.) that you have had the courage to denounce. You are great without and in spite of Time magazine.

    1. Well said, Bob. And, thanks for the heads up about Time being in cahoots with Kraft. SMDH…
      We love you Vani, this is just the beginning! Congrats for your book rising to the top!
      Lulu from the West Coastg

    2. It’s still good though because she will most certainly gain more attention! The fruit of her works speaks for itself.

      1. Hi Lulu, I suppose you’re right about the article being nonetheless beneficial to Vani’s movement because of the attention it is likely to muster. But if the magazine “Time” is to be a work of real journalism then it ought to show genuine inquisitiveness toward the subject matter at hand – food – which is the basis of human existence. The harm of industrial foods is obviously pandemic and cannot be denied by Time or anyone else.

    3. Hi Bob, FYI the mainstream snews is meant to be entertaining not to provide the truth. Don’t believe me watch the bobble heads on TV when they are covering a “serious” story and they are smiling or faking sorrow ( the next second they are smiling again ).
      Vani, thank you for your influence, my wife is now getting on the eat/live/love healthy ban wagon. I have been a vegetarian for over 35 years and have always tried to eat or use organic products. This also helps support small family farmers.

    4. That was my first thought as well, so I went back through the other descriptions and none of the others were written in a biased manner and using negative words! So wrong! I think it’s hilarious that even though the tone is so derogatory, Vani has been in the top two spots since the article was posted!

  6. Was diagnostic with brain cancer in November, following your diet, never had any side effects from the poison chemicals, had blood work came out great. My doctor says I look great, but he never went over what food I should eat, and never said to cut out sugar, thank you

    1. Mary – many blessings and prayers for good health. Thank you for being brave. Xo!

  7. Vani – Just read the articel and voted for YOU ! You are currently #2 !!!! Come on army, time to mobilize and put our cause at the top !

  8. Vani, Thank you. You are amazing. You have helped so many. You are my go to resource for what’s good and what’s not in food. I don’t trust the FDA and don’t believe they are an entity who protect the people who pay them. I love the way the Times says “the yoga-mat compound was ruled safe by the FDA”…like that’s supposed to mean something. This is the same institution that approved and allowed tumor and cancer causing sweeteners into our food system…really? Sorry I have to say it, but what “balls” does it take to act like the FDA gives a crap about protecting the citizens of the United States of America. I am ashamed at what the mighty dollar has pushed these CEO’s to do as they market to us and our families like they care, while poisoning us with their products – all to make more money. I’ve stopped financially supporting any discovered ethically “challenged” companies and hope more people begin to use their power – their dollar, to stop companies that are harming them and their children. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for leaving your light and for making a difference.

  9. So happy that you are making all this progress! I just wish I could get more organic food in our town. We have only one grocery store(walmart) and they only carry a limited amount of organic items although in th last months after many complaints I think we are getting more. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  10. That is Awesome!! You got my Vote! After all these years Time actually got it right..let’s vote Vani to number 1.

  11. Congratulations Vani!!!! Makes total sense to me & you are a fantastic example of someone who is truly busy doing great things for the right reasons.. And not for fame or accolades. Thank you for all your hard work & may God continue to bless you for it.

  12. Wow, Vani…that’s awesome! Very proud of the work that you’re doing. I love how they say the Yoga mat ingredient is approved by the FDA–if she read your book, that doesn’t mean it’s safe! 😉 I’m loving your book, too! The food industry is basically poisoning us and mainstream America really has no idea to what extent. Thanks for all that you do!

  13. Hi Vani, you’re the bum! We all like you very much. Thank you for the good work and for fighting the good fight. Your husband won the lottery! Best regards. GAbriel.

  14. Another amazing victory for all of us and future generations to come.You truly are an inspirational and are leading many of today’s society from the road of being unhealthy zombies to being healthy aware consumers.Just walk around and look at people and kids today,they look like walking zombies,white skin with sores and scabs,glassy eyes,un kept,no acknowledgment to other people around them,its like they are in their own world.Usually sucking down a Diet Coke and eating a bag a chips or candy.Its sad to see most of the population like this but yet they think you are just a wack job when you try to educate them,but yet others do want to know “What do you do”?,or what supplements do you take or where do you shop for food and thats enlightening because I like to help and lead people a healthy lifestyle.Its just overwhelming to see what these companies get away with and “their” consumers love it.Thanks for all you do and you are a inspiration to me and all the millions enrolled in the Food Babe army who march by your side.Keep up the amazing work.Congrats

  15. Congratulations Vani, not only for your recognition in Time magazine but for your outreach in educating the American public in all things edible!!!

    You’ve shown that there are strength in numbers and that we are caveat emptores to our food choices. Why shouldn’t the American food industry be held to the same healthful standards as other western nations?

    You literally are what you eat, so always eat well!

    Thank you again for all your great works!

  16. Your dedication is amazing – Will all my fellow foodbabe readers please join me – a volunteer patient advocate for cancer patients – and sign a new petition on to lower prescription drug prices:


  17. Congrats! I am still appalled at how many foods in local grocery stores still have such bad ingredients in them and especially HFCS! I write comments to Kroger and Fresh Market weekly!

  18. Congrats on the Time article!! Presently I’m reading your book and have started to check every label on every food item before I buy. Keep up the great work.

  19. You are amazing. Thank you for standing up for us!! Absolutely love the changes being made!! Keep up the good fight!! Behind you all the way!!

  20. Funny, this doesn’t exactly read as very complimentary to you. I wouldn’t be exactly basking in glory based on what they’ve written. If anything, it’s a left-handed compliment, at best. Not sure why you don’t see this.

    1. Dawn – I see through the politics of the discussion of our work because I have to. We are going up against multi-billion dollar companies with multi-million dollar ad budgets. Who do you think advertises in these type of magazines? The fact that we are on this list means things are changing BIG TIME. They might have the money, but we have the people.

      1. Foodbabe, I have commend you doubly for being able to see through the PC commentary. I don’t have the thick skin required. But you are right, it is amazing to be included in that list in that publication. Well done.

  21. Way to go Vani. They attact your credentials because they don’t want to address your results. Keep up the good work. I have recommended your book to all my friends and family. I tell them that everyone who eats needs to read it. I am blessed to be a member of your army.

  22. Vani…your a remarkable person…what your doing is changing the world of food…keep going girl…my votes with you…!!!!!

  23. Way to go Vani! We are all so proud of you! You have accomplished so much in a relatively short time. Guess the saying ” You just need the right person to get the job done” would lead us to say: We definitely have the right person in you Vani! When you want something you go after it, you know what is needed in order for us to have good health and you’re going to see that the appropriate measures are taken by catapulting our food to a healthy level! How fortunate are we to have you looking out for our health! Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    I want so badly to get your book but am what you might call quite computer illiterate! So I need a store with your book in it wngghdhere I can simply pay the good old fashioned way which would be WITH CASH! Will it soon be coming to the stores? Or perhaps it is already???!!!! Maybe I just need to get out there and look!! Will Costco be getting any?? Thanks Vani and once again Congratulations on an honour well deserved!

  24. Hi i have been following you with much interest but i am wondering why you havent started any campains to ban the substance Dihydrogen Monoxide i know its used as waste in power plants and if you research it it is found in just about everything, but it it never listed in the ingredientd list we should do something about this for the children

  25. Way to go girl!!!! You rock it!!! Thank you for all that you are doing to make this a better place! I absolutely love how things are changing because of you and everyone on here who is dedicated to making food better for us all. 🙂 We will this!!! It will take time but we will win this war. 🙂 Keep doing what your doing Vani!!! You rock!!! 😀

  26. Vani congrats on a job well done its proof the army is growing by the minute & getting out to the right places I tell everyone I come in contact with about the foodbabe & what we stand for such an honor to be a part of such a beautiful thing on the second note get your butt to stlouis,mo. & help us march against Monsanto in may please &thank you 🙂 MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

  27. You don’t know the joy i feel.. I’m seeing organic food in my neck of the woods.. Where there was none… It’s wonderful to see nestles take out all the chemicals it has.. And what about Kraft macaroni and cheese.. Did they take out their junk??? Thanks vani you are a trooper

    1. Not completely – but they will soon. It’s time there’s safe organic food for all – thanks for joining me!

  28. Congrats Vani and congrats to Nick Graboski for being a douche.You know when your are doing good when you start getting negative responses.And people tryin to manipulate others with false claims are the reason this country,medical system,big Agra,big Pharma,Insurance companies,and society is so out of order.Just another puppet thats being paid to spark hate and negativity.Again,”Let your Haters be your Motivators”.Congrats Vani your are a inspiration to all,except Nick who hopes everyone stays sick while Cancer,Autism, Heart disease,Diabetes,Obesity,and Alzheimer’s are all up thousands of percentage points.Billions of dollars that is spent on science and big pharmaceutical companies and we lead the world in all these ailments is reason people are skeptical Nick.Wake up America

  29. Congratulations, Vani. It’s a well earned and well deserved testimonial to your hard work and dedication to the cause of changing our food supply. Your detractors should be grateful because they have no idea of the harm that these chemicals do to their bodies. Isn’t it interesting that Time magazine has to add the caveat ‘although the FDA deems it to be safe…’ as if the FDA’s benediction carried any weight at all. Anything the FDA agrees to should be highly suspect, considering that it is headed by an ex-Monsanto executive. I am glad to see that you are getting so much positive feedback. Please keep up the good work, for our sake and that of future generations.

  30. Congratulations!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and for all that you do in fighting for our health and thank you for the truth and exposing all the food lies. I love your website!

  31. Thank you for all the information, its incredible how are we blind in this food industry, now I am careful with what I eat and buy (still learning). Its not fair that the food industry feed us with all those quimicals and they don’t care, the just want to make money. Keep up the good work Vani = )

  32. It’s long over due that healthy food and farming advocates make their voices and concerns heard loud and clear. The larger issue is that companies like Monsanto, Archer-Daniel-Midland and other super con-agra giants will continue to look for ways to absolutely control and “own” via patents crops, live stock, and dairy. GMO is only the beginning here. The cosmetics industries too are putting nano tech into their products which is ending up in the water supplies and it cannot be filtered out. The products you use to bathe with, launder clothing and clean your home is also full of toxins. The major food processors are going to rename the toxic food additive high fructose corn syrup to – sucrose or fructose – but it is the same foul stuff they will put into ours foods. What they will do, and you can take this one to the bank, is they will continue to use their Frankenstein chemicals during the making of processed foods while coming up with ever more clever ways to deceive the consumer. Not just the garbage in cans, boxes or bags that is sold in grocery store – but within the whole commercial food industry which includes restaurants. While Mickey-D’s is now going to look for non growth hormone infused chicken – they still will bleach all chicken and super cook it into processed Chicken Nuggets, Dippers, etc. They will still chemically tenderize the meat to be juicy and succulent as you woof on those chicken breast sandwiches that run and dribble down your chin! Umm um, Yummy! Pass the BBQ sauce please! ( corn syrup favored with artificial food coloring , artificial smoke flavors, mystery [ chemical ] spices and of course acid based preservatives) Hey, boy and girls, can you say Mc Delicious? So – you supposedly gain one small victory step, only to still face the full summit of an Everest sized mountain of other issues and problems with the whole food industry. The fight has only just begun and it’ll remain to be seen who actually wins in the end.

  33. Congratulations Vani!! your the best!! The influence of healthy food is inspirational. I am doing the something like you and feel proud!! Remember never stop and never give up!!

  34. We all have pride and gratitude, Vani. You have put life into the field where corrupt industries have taken control of government officials to force dangerous chemicals to be mainstream in the food supply. Other countries have functional governments which control these industries and do not allow filth into the food. Thanks again!

  35. Just learn’t about your website – had me examining food labels – keep up the good work. Congrats!!

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