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You’ll Never Guess What Starbucks Just Announced! (Hint: You Made This Happen!)

Almost exactly one year ago, I published a simple blog post without realizing how much of a wave of change that it would create. That post, You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hint: You Won’t Be Happy)” was my second investigation into Starbucks, which exposed their lack of transparency when it comes to the ingredients in their drinks. It took repeated requests and determination, but I was finally able to obtain the complete list of ingredients in their most popular seasonal drink. Just like many of their other drinks at the time, I found that the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” contained Class IV caramel color, no real pumpkin, natural and artificial flavors, and a huge dose of sugar. This blog post went absolutely viral with over 10 million views in 2014! Within days, major news outlets picked up the story.

All of this attention was because of YOU – the Food Babe Army!

And it made a difference.


Starbucks was definitely feeling the pressure from all of the media attention but your voice helped the most! At the time, Starbucks gave reporters somewhat cryptic responses indicating that they would phase out caramel color and would list ingredients online – but they didn’t give any details or a timeline.

Since then, I have been keeping in constant contact with Starbucks – emailing them nearly every month and asking them for updates on their progress. Considering that they don’t use caramel coloring in their drinks overseas, it should be a pretty quick change, right? While the process has been slow, we are getting what we asked for.

Over the last several months, Starbucks has quietly reformulated the ingredients in the Pumpkin Spice Latte and published the new list of ingredients on their blog today.

What are the two main things that Starbucks changed?

1.  The caramel coloring has been removed, which was in their sauce and whipped cream. Their sauce is now colored with “fruit and vegetable juice”, and although I have no idea why this coloring is necessary at all – the caramel coloring is gone! This is important because caramel color is created in a laboratory by reacting corn sugar with ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperature, which produces the byproduct 4-Mel. A U.S government funded study found that feeding mice caramel coloring IV (which contained 4-Mel) increased their risk of developing lung cancer and leukemia, at every dosage level. And the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies 4-Mel as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

2.  Real pumpkin has been added to their sauce. Say what? 🙂 This is kinda funny to me, because pointing out that they didn’t use real pumpkin in their sauce wasn’t one of my big concerns, but it was something that the media really clung to (and I’ve been criticized quite a bit for for writing about it). I was just trying to bring awareness to the fact that instead of using real food ingredients, many companies use flavors, thickeners, and other synthetic food additives instead – and that was exactly what Starbucks was doing. They have now added real pumpkin to their sauce, but I still see that they’re using natural flavors (which are proprietary chemicals that make processed food taste better than it should). 

New list of ingredients in a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (I still won’t be consuming it!):

    • Espresso

    • Milk (aka Monsanto Milk?!)

    • Pumpkin Spice Flavored Sauce: (Sugar, Condensed Skim Milk (Monsanto Milk?!), Pumpkin Puree, Contains 2% or Less of Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Natural Flavors, Annatto (Color), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Salt)

    • Whipped Cream: (Light Whipping Cream [Cream (Monsanto Milk?!), Mono and Diglycerides, Carrageenan])

    • Starbucks Vanilla Syrup: (Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Citric Acid)

    • Pumpkin Spice Topping: (Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove)

This news hit earlier today, with Entrepreneur reporting:

“Last August, food blogger Vani Hari attacked Starbucks for including Caramel Color Level IV, artificial flavors and preservatives in the Pumpkin Spice Latte, while failing to include any real pumpkin. At the time, a Starbucks spokesperson said that the coffee chain was in an open dialogue with Hari and actively looking at phasing caramel coloring out over time. While Hari criticized Starbucks last year for failing to provide a timeline for making the changes, it looks like the company took criticism to heart”.

And many more articles reported this story today:

This afternoon, I received an email from Starbucks confirming new details.

My contact at Starbucks responded to me with written confirmation that they plan to put all product ingredients online in the beginning of 2016! I truly believe that this is something they should have done a long time ago – back when I first wrote about them in 2012 – and it shouldn’t take them much time to implement. We just need to keep them on their toes and make sure that they follow through with this promise!

starbucks email

This is a huge win for the Food Babe Army – and we should all be proud. 

We have been demanding that food companies become transparent about what they are putting into our food and to use safe ingredients – and they are listening! We know what is happening to our food supply and we’ve had enough. We know that food additives like caramel color do nothing to improve our health, and are just used to improve the bottom line of the food companies. When a major corporation like Starbucks removes unnecessary food additives from their food (as we have seen many times lately) other companies will follow. I can’t help but wonder, is this the beginning of the end for caramel coloring? I really hope so. 

It’s a crazy ride that we’re on, and it’s not letting up any time soon.

Thank you for standing by me and for your determination to improve our food supply. I know that it is taking time and these changes can’t be made overnight, but it’s happening. Keep sharing and keep spreading the word – together we are changing the food system.

It’s really happening! I love you so much. 




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119 responses to “You’ll Never Guess What Starbucks Just Announced! (Hint: You Made This Happen!)

      1. Don’t blame food companies for your lack of self control and what you decide to put upon your face, no one shoved the spoon in your mouth.

  1. Good job on calling them out on this. I find it interesting that Starbucks is getting the changes put into place in early 2016. Does anyone else find that ironic given they’ve had a year to make the changes and they’re able to pull out one more fall-seasonal drink, filled with the crappy ingredients…Or am I just being cynical? I hate large corporations.

    1. I think that is when the product ingredients will be on the website. The pumpkin change will occur this year.

    2. Unless everyone reads all of the information you posted here, and not just the headline about Starbucks, they may be headed there thinking they are getting a healthy Pumpkin latte. They still have a lot of changes to make. I will never go to Starbucks. I cannot see them ever making their products completely healthy.

      1. Deb – As much as I want to give Starbucks thumbs up for “saying” this, I am like the State of Missouri – Show ME!!!!!!! With 2016 being an election year I am wondering if the delay of doing this will be based upon who will be in the White House and I am wondering if the Dark Act, H.R. 1599, if passed by the Senate will have something to do with this decision – whether or not they will have to do anything.

        The only thing I will have to do with Starbucks any longer is drinking out of the mugs I bought years ago. They are a great size and I love when I put my non-Starbucks ORGANIC black tea in it while adding my Organic, Non-Monsanto, milk to it along with my Organic raw sugar!!! Starbucks had me for a few years but this Fat Lady sang her last tune with them almost a year ago!!!

  2. I live in a rural area near Seattle, WA and the Starbucks around here use untreated milk from a local dairy,

    1. I drink raw milk from my neighbour farmers dairystore. Very healthy
      Americans are trying to push their GMO crap on us here in Europe. This means WAR and Americans are NOT welcome in my home.

      US beef has been banned here for years.
      You and your warmongering bullies can go to HELL.

      1. It is a hateful and hurtful sentiment you felt the need to express…”light a candle, do not curse the darkness”…..

      2. Dear Mark,

        That is not a very nice thing to say.

        Raw milk is difficult to find, much less buy, in some places in the U.S., not because of “healthy Americans,” but because of Monsanto, as far as I can tell.

        A dairy farm around here was raided by “our” government. Many gallons of fresh, wholesome, unpasteurized milk forcibly spilled onto the ground.

        All for the “crime” of “selling” fresh, raw, unpasteurized milk to member-owners who signed a contract.

        I would also like to suggest that perhaps these Americans who are trying to push the GMO crap (which I agree, is crap) — are not healthy at all, mentally or physically.

        Especially not spiritually.

      3. Mark van Etten, please understand that Americans do NOT want this crap in our food supply either. Do not blame the populace, the blame falls on the large corporations. The American public are changing this (slowly but surely) with our wallets & our voices!

      4. Dear Mark-
        perhaps decaf? All 350 million plus of us are not out to get you. And a lot of us are advocating hard for change. (the rest are in fact warmongers) ((that was sarcasm))

      5. @Mark..I live in the US and agree with you. That said, please send your comment to your government representatives who work in the EU. The EU is in the process of cutting deals and loosening standard that will let the American made poison into the European countries. It disgusts me more than you can imagine. That said, you need to throw your disgust and disapproval at the EU and your home country officials. (The UK BBC has loads of archived stories on US producers trying to encourage to get the EU and UK to lower standards and allow these poison products in your market).

  3. Speaking of Panera, I recently ordered a sandwich there and was offered chips or an apple to go with it. I asked if the apple was organic, and was shocked to learn they serve non-organic apples. How can they say they’re promoting “clean” eating while serving pesticide laden apples? I am in Virginia Beach, VA.

      1. What? That’s what organic means. Why do you say there are pesticides used for growing organic apples? Sorry if my question is “dumb”! 😉

      2. No, Organic means they have to use organic pesticides like pyrethrins, not that they can’t use pesticides at all.

      3. Merlie,

        You are correct that organic doesn’t mean pesticide-free; according to the USDA “organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides”

        The difference is that “conventional pesticides” are made with synthetic chemicals which have the potential to cause cancer (they are carcinogenic).
        Pesticides that are used on organic farms must be derived from natural sources, not synthetically manufactured.

        While there is no guarantee that there are not harmful chemicals in the “natural” pesticides, I know for a fact that the ones in the synthetic pesticides are very harmful. So I’ll take an organic apple over a non-organic apple any day. 🙂

      1. Apples are not clean. They are always one of the tops on the dirty dozen list.

      2. George
        There’s a difference between clean eating (of avoiding preservatives & other weird ingredients) and dirty dozen/organic. Personally, an apple (organic or not) is a much better choice than most other ‘fast food’ side options. To be shocked they don’t serve organic is just silly, they’re promoting clean eating (not organic eating)

  4. Hi, could you please direct me to a good collection of peer-reviewed, empirical articles (preferably in scientific journals) that demonstrate a causal link between GMOs and poor human health? I’ve been able to find many blog entries by non-scientists espousing what are essentially opinions on GMOs, but I’d like to read the actual science on the issue as well. I figured the Food Babe would have access to all the good info (derived from use of the scientific method one would assume) that I’ve been looking for!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I believe that one reason so many don’t want GMOs in their food is the amount of pesticides used to grow them. These pesticides are believed to be killing bees (most of our food crops are pollinated by bees) and causing the decline of Monarch butterflies (by killing off milkweed-their only food). GMOs haven’t been studied long term that I know of but I have read that mice fed these foods have been found to develop tumors and become infertile (or have very low fertility) by the second generation.. Who knows what will happen to people? The chemical and seed companies that produce GMOs said that yields would be greater. This hasn’t happened and their crops are now crossing with organic crops. Be careful when you let the genie out of the bottle. I would rather be safe than sorry and NOT eat any GMO crops.

      1. Kiki, you sound like a troll that doesn’t know anything. What is “bollocks” — that the butterflies and bees are dying because of pesticides? Are you not even minimally informed?

      2. Do you know how cotton pickin hard that is??? GMO the Monsanto demon is all around us here …I try my best to eat healthy I don’t live on a farm I am not around anything basically organic ….for many they say it’s easy ..they must be in another world’s not easy ..I hate hate hate GMO….but we are sorounded by this crap…I try hard to avoid many bad ingredients but there are always many bad ones in the food anyway…I don’t blame Europe for hating this countries bad poisoning habits…this so called great country…ha

    2. Jeff, see (where I found foodbabe!). Dr Mercola does tons of research and lists references at the bottom of each article. You can do a search on GMO in past articles. The science is there, monsanto obscenely spends to cover up the truth. If they would only spend the same kind of money for good instead of evil, this world would not be declining. I have more people I know who get cancer per year now than the entire first 30 years of my life, as well as people who have fertility issues, allergies, multiple health issues, etc. Take a look at foodbabe’s story and pictures of when she ate poorly vs now – she’s very healthy!

      1. Thought I should add, I don’t believe organic food is the only solution, there are other evil things out there that is fueling our decline, but GMO’s are so unregulated and lobbied (see the DARK bill being pushed through federal right now), that is a huge part of it.

    3. Part of the problem is that “peer-reviewed” means that scientists who’s careers and lives depend on GMOs are the ones “reviewing” the studies. A movie in 2009 called “Scientists Under Attack” was about this problem. Most of the studies showing evidence of health issues are independent studies, or meta-data studies that look at statistics or other studies etc. The “peers” that work for Monsanto, ADM, and University labs funded by them(funding bias) will discount any of the studies that go beyond 90 days and show adverse effects.

      If you want to know why GMOs are dangerous, you should be looking at the science itself and the questions they avoid answering, not the 90-day peer-reviewed rat studies Monsanto and allied groups put out or trying to find a some study confirming harm. You should look for a multi-generational human study confirming safety. There isn’t one. There won’t be. It’s costly and like NIST in regards to 9/11 explosives, they will say “Why should we look for something that we won’t(/refuse to) find?”

      For example there’s been multiple studies documenting “lateral gene transfer” not just for GMOs. A study showed that the gene from BT-corn and soy etc. winds up in the gut bacteria of mice, suggesting it may migrate even further into our own DNA so that every cell in your body is manufacturing a pesticide that we used to wash off our foods. Another study showed the BT toxin in an alarming number of fetuses and mothers’ blood, above what should be in the food supporting this theory.

      Then you have what’s known as “Epigenetics”- the science of how much of our DNA, triggers other DNA. This means that when they alter a segment of DNA to make monkeys glow in the dark or BT corn, that segment could trigger genes that cause cancer or any number of things. In the case of Starlink corn, it made an allergen that never existed in nature and that can kill people.

      Instead of asking what are the health dangers, you should be asking what makes them think it’s safe to eat without putting a population in a biodome with the stuff for generations to see if the genetically compromised “food” makes them infertile etc. as some independent studies have shown.

      If you want the actual links to the independent studies showing adverse effects, both Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Mercola meticulously cite these studies in the footnotes on their articles and on their websites. Those footnotes and citations are the “otherwise noted” portions of the site that are not based in their opinion, but rather independent studies.

      1. Bob, Thanks so much for this most helpful information.

        I’m always looking for more resources to cite.

        Sometimes I just want to refer these trolls to evolution itself, and say, “Here’s your peer review. We’re all peers on this planet. We’re still here.”

        (Maybe not for long, though?)


    4. Jeff: I’ve been told that there are no scientific studies on GMO’s because Monsanto refuses to provide their seeds for independent studies. Monsanto has proprietary rights to their GMO seeds.

      1. Wow.

        That is really scary!

        Yet . . . all the more reason to only buy from the list of foods that are certified non-GMO.

        Not sure if I can post a link here? But, it won’t be hard to find on an Internet search engine.

    5. Here you go…
      and you will just google…there are studies outside of the US that show GMO. There is a reason the entire EU doesn’t allow GMO in European countries and the countries are individually working agains US based companies from selling any GMO products. If you walk down the aisles of large supermarkets in the UK…direct US imports are kept in a separate section with warning labels on the products….why because loads of the chemicals and ingredients that we allow in this country are considered toxic and dangerous by the UK’s stringent standards. Perhaps the average US citizens need to finally wake up and stop wondering why half of their family has health issues (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies..etc). All that aside, fine if you want to eat GMO….believe that it is “safe”..ignorance is bliss, I guess..but please stop interfering with my right to NOT consume it and my RIGHT TO KNOW if these ingredients are in products.

    6. You mean like the peer-reviewed, fraudulent vaccine scientific reviews? The “I’ll lie for you, you lie for me” reports….or the “if you want to keep this job you better say what we want” reviews? There is NO big pharma, big food, government agency, or alphabet soup (WHO, FDA, etc) organization that can be trusted. The evidence in people and animals is the proof. It’s everywhere and cannot be faked in babies, toddlers and animals. They don’t lie but their bodies, minds and lives attest to the disasters of GMO, toxins, drugs, vaccines and all the rest of the garbage. Follow the money and the corruption.

  5. Thank you so much…I love the domino effect that Panera will be rolling out their new Pumpkin Latte this fall without any artificial ingredients! Reported by AP News…..Great Job!

  6. Ingredients still list sugar, doesn’t specify what kind. From what I’ve researched, most companies that only list sugar don’t want people to know that is usually sugar beet sugar now, one of the highest GMO’s out there.

    I don’t drink coffee so really don’t care about Starbuck’s (sorry Starbuck’s drinkers, but why pay so much for something you can make cheaper and healthier at home anyway?), but do care about monsanto killing the world.

    Thanks Vani for keeping your foodbabe war going! Love your book! I tell anyone I get into food conversations with, about your blog. 🙂

  7. That is great news! Thank you for all of your efforts! It is amazing to see several big name brands starting to clean up their products. Even if it is not 100% clean yet, it is great to see that things are starting to move in the right direction!

  8. It’s frustrating that people are obsessing over there not being any pumpkin in the pumpkin SPICE beverages. It’s not called a pumpkin latte, it’s a pumpkin spice latte, meaning they use the spices to add a fall scent/taste to the drink.

  9. This is great news! While there are still ingredients that are terrible in the PSL it is good to see the carmel coloring taken out. I remember this being a hot topic last year and people either loving or hating what you were exposing. Let’s keep putting pressure on them to offer organic milk like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

  10. Wonderful news! Should we get Whole Foods to stop carrying Almond milk that contain carrageenan next? It is making me slightly mad!!!

    1. while we’re at it, let’s take out the natural flavors too. You’d literally be drinking almond water.

  11. Yeah! Saw this on the news last night. They started with, “It’s shocking (smirk). Starbucks will now use pumpkin in their Pumpkin Coffee”.

    We get it!!!

    1. Melanie, there were two reasons they claimed it false.
      It looks as though snopes is basing their report off of what the FDA has to say, that caramel coloring is not bad for you. “Based on the available information, FDA has no reason to believe that there is any immediate or short-term danger presented by 4-MEI at the levels expected in food from the use of caramel coloring.” Many people don’t put 100% of their faith in the FDA and question them, but apparently snopes does. As it picks apart Food Babe’s chart, it also says that Starbucks said that they don’t use HFCS…in their drinks SERVED at the store, but they *do or *might use it in the ones you can buy to make at home. FB’s point was to point out that they were using unnecessary products in the drink because it’s cheaper, even tho in some countries they use alternate ingredients. I don’t think snopes understood her point from the get-go.
      The other reason was that they hide their ingredients list. That I don’t remember the story…maybe they posted the list after she pointed it out, and then when snopes went to find it they could easily, thanks to FB. Maybe it was always there but she was talking about certain ingredients being left out. Or maybe she was talking about the version served at the store, which the link they provide is the version they sell to take and make at home.
      Snopes has only been sub-par. I rely on them to clear up false accusations about ‘missing teens’ or ‘someone following you to your car’ stories, but that’s about it.

    2. Melanie,

      In my opinion, I believe that works real hard at not reporting what is actually going on in the world. There have been a lot of time I have used them to see what their opinions are and where other sites have actual facts of something was true, will have it as being “MIXED”, i.e., trying to find a loophole of not having to say it is not true. I used to use them all of the time for fact finding information until I realized they do lean in favor of the left/liberal.

    3. Here is my response to Snopes last year:

      There’s a bogus “Snopes” article that is circulating trying to disprove my research into the ingredients in the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Here are the facts they conveniently ignored:

      Snopes Claim: “an available list of ingredients for the Pumpkin Spice Latte syrup can be found here”.

      The Truth: This link goes to Starbucks online store, which I mentioned in my post. The list of ingredients here is just for the sauce, and doesn’t include the whipped cream, milk (or soy milk), and spiced topping. This ingredient list shows “high fructose corn syrup” (HFCS) is an ingredient in this store-bought version.

      Snopes Claim: “Starbucks has indicated that HFCS may be present in some drinks due to manufacturing variations. According to a Starbucks spokeswoman, Pumpkin Spice Latte drinks purchased at Starbucks outlets are sweetened with sugar, not HFCS. The flavoring syrup available for purchase in homemade beverages may contain HFCS, but that formula differs from the one used in Starbucks retail outlets”.

      The Truth: In two different instances, Starbucks told me that the sauce sold in their online store is the same formula used in the restaurants. Yet, the ingredient list that I received via email included “sweetened condensed nonfat milk” as an ingredient instead of HFCS. When I inquired as to whether it was sweetened with sugar or HFCS, I received two different answers from Starbucks. Starbucks later confirmed that they use just “sugar” for drinks made by baristas and high fructose corn syrup for the store-bought pre-made mix.

      Snopes Claim: “Another aspect of the rumor that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are toxic stems from the inclusion of Caramel Color (class IV), another common food additive. FDA data states that Caramel Color (class IV) is generally considered safe.”

      The Truth: Food safety and consumer watchdog groups (Consumers Union, CSPI) state that caramel coloring is not safe and that stronger regulations are needed because it contains 4-Mel, which is classified as a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and National Toxicology Program. The FDA’s Deputy Commissioner recently admitted, “We simply do not have the information to vouch for the safety of many of these chemicals… we do have questions about whether we can do what people expect of us”. The FDA cannot regulate the cumulative consumption of caramel coloring because its added to an insurmountable number of foods without any post-market oversight. The FDA is actually reviewing its safety at this time.

      Also – Starbucks should remove this caramel coloring level IV (made from heating ammonia with corn sugar) from all of their flavored coffee and espresso drinks, including their Frappuccinos, not just the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Why are they adding a possible cancerous ingredient to color coffee more brown anyways? In many instances you can’t even see the drink in the classic sold white cup they use. The caramel coloring is used for cosmetic reasons only.

      After publishing my investigation into the Pumpkin Spice Latte on Monday, Starbucks told various reporters they are now planning to “phase out” caramel coloring. If they are really making this commitment, they need to provide a timeline to their customers and the public. Millions of people continue to drink Starbucks flavored coffee drinks laced with this substance and could be harming themselves.

  12. Safest food is grow your own.
    Safest job own your business.
    Safest sex is to masturbate.
    Guaranteed future in Jesus Christ.

  13. Exactly! I never thought there was pumpkin in my pumpkin SPICE latte, because it’s supposed to be the unique combo of spices– cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc., that’s used in pumpkin pie. McCormick sells it in jars, and it’s called pumpkin pie spice. I do applaud Food Babe’s push to get artificial junk out of it, and I’m glad it worked, but I don’t think it was ever dishonest not to have pumpkin in the drink.

  14. They didn’t call it a Pumpkin Latte, they called it a Pumpkin SPICE Latte. The name speaks for itself. Pumpkin spice is the combination of spices (cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg) that’s added to recipes like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. Companies like McCormick sell the spice combo in jars, while others (like myself) make our own. It’s fine that they’re using pumpkin now, but it was never dishonest not to use it.

  15. Nice going. Like Vani, no way am I going to spend $4 on a cute-sounding coffee drink that has Monsanto milk, carrageenan, and “natural” flavors made in a lab. I have more respect for myself than that. (And boy does DIY almond milk taste great. So easy, no carrageenan, no nothing except almonds and water.)

  16. I don’t see why we can’t just forget about Starbucks all together, and get bulletproof coffee instead! That’ll teach STUPID STARBUCKS not to listen to US! Bulletproof coffee is good for the brain, and body! Completely organic! And no false advertising for flavors that aren’t added in. So “pumpkin spiced” Lattes, will REALLY HAVE Pumpkin flavors in it! Not some chem slop made to taste like it does. Imagine that. You’d be an IDIOT not to want the real thing! Next time just put REAL damn pumpkin IN IT!!! DUH!

    Get schooled here starbucks! If you want to save your STUPID, EVIL company LOL

    1. Pumpkin Spice is the name of a spice blend (Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Allspice). No where did Starbucks ever claim it was a pumpkin latte. It’s a pumpkin spice latte. This move is just to appease customer’s complaints. I don’t really understand the need to color whip cream or coffee though.

      Coffee is also a Group 2B carcinogen, which may “possibly cause cancer.” So Bulletproof coffee is out. (Previous studies have shown a possible increase risk of pancreatic and bladder cancers with drinking coffee, new “studies” have debunked bladder and other cancers, but it’s possible they were influenced by the funding sources). Instead, Starbucks should remove the coffee, and add more fruit juices for coloring. Probably roast the pumpkin so you have that roasty flavor to make up for the loss of coffee.

      1. Lol you act like I’m the only one that drinks coffee. I drink organic coffee, which washes out all caffeine. So I have ZERO jitters. The Teccino product advertises this all over their packaging, and website. It may not be perfect still, but still less risk. I have cancer in my family, so I don’t know if I can avoid that. Thanks anyway.

        The important thing is I don’t give money to corporations, that are trying very hard to kill me.

  17. I used to be able to eat Subway Sandwiches, which we didn’t very often, knowing they were tasty but not a healthy choice. When they removed the yoga mat chemical, Azodicarbonamide – whatever they replaced it with, now gives me diarrhea (sorry for using the D word). Being that they bake their own bread on the premise, it is a shame that they just can’t use a simple wholesome bread recipe. I tested their new bread recipe, several times before making this statement. I hope Starbucks doesn’t do the same thing, replace crap with even worse ingredients.

  18. That’s amazing. Great job, Starbucks! I’m still not going to buy your drinks though unless I know the milk is organic.

  19. Way to go Vani! I’m assuming that Starbucks will remove some harmful ingredients from their peppermint latte come Christmas. I’ve banned Starbucks in my household!

    1. No they are going to add alcohol…ha ha ha ha they are going to sell liquor…so now your lattes will make you so drunk you won’t care what they put in it….

  20. Not only Starbucks is using carmel coloring but in checking the contents of Barleans Olive Leaf Complex, that I rely on for health reasons, I just read on the label that it also contains carmel coloring. This concerns me, as I always trusted their products to be among the best. Norma

  21. I do understand that it’s all about the money with these people. What I don’t understand is: are all their stores in the EU loss leaders? If not, why is the US fed dangerous, questionable, pesticide and GMO contaminated, and sub EU standard ingredients? Just because they can get away with it here doesn’t mean they aren’t going to steadily lose a large customer base, as wonderful people, like yourself, make and keep the public aware of these horrible business practices.

  22. Another step in the right direction. Good for us; ‘We the People.’ When and if the American public ever really wakes up, the battle for Real Food is going to be up hill. Vani and her Army are a great example of what can be done with real perseverance and working together for a common good goal for our benefit!!! It is amazing how much you can learn when one starts asking questions and studying!!! I just read through the comments and things seem to be heating up! Fight back by educating yourself and spreading the truth within your community. There is a huge movement growing in America about health and nutrition. There is also a lot of greed and corruption alive and well as we all have witnessed. The DARK headless Horseman Bill is yet another example; stripping away state’s rights(( the people’s rights/voice as well)) in regulating food labeling and safety precautions for the overall health of each state. The Senators in favor spoke/rambled about … of the need to regulate federally the issues of healthy foods; not states. This is the same governing body that is NOW bankrupt by their great gutless/witless decision making. This is the same group that has allowed big business, big Agriculture and special interest groups/lobbyists to flagrantly disregard the environment, our food and this nation’s health. WHO has the US now at the 37th healthiest nation!!!! Pub Med just this year stated that research is now showing that 14,000 Americans are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s DIsease DAILY! It costs today $100,000.00/ patient to treat with no real cure b/c they are treating the symptoms/the effects NOT THE CAUSE> THE CAUSE IS IN THE FOOD!!! Period!. Alzheimer’s also called Diabetes 3. People are cooking their brains by what they are eating or not eating.Congress wouldn’t know nutrition if they sat on it! If anyone interested in doing some homework, check out Functional Medicine. I sat in a lecture on what functional med is doing and they protocols are actually growing back brain tissue. We all witnessed the gross GMO misinformation that was mass produced during the state elections. They know that most people do not follow nutrition and are hurting financially. So they spread the fear factor of how expensive Organic Food is going to COST. Hummmmmm! I am writing a health/nutrition cookbook and Organics IS NOT EXPENSIVE. I actually break down the costs/meal. As Benjamin Franklin used to say, “Poppycock!!” There is another avenue that must be utilized by everyone who really cares about what is going on with collectively (Health of your family, friends and this nation,) Contact your Representatives and speak loud!. Writing letters actually somehow/someway really reach their desk. I write and or email them all the time and have received correspondence! I have read where several Senators/Congressmen stated that they rarely get mail. Vani has shown what real perseverance and some attitude can do. I, about two years past, was listening to the radio while driving for 10 hours. Something really caught my ear and I actually pulled over to listen. There was a group of attorneys that were very politically active, ((I assume a nation wide talk show daily,)) in being watch dogs on what bills and activities Congress and the presidunce are doing or not doing, The bottom line was that in hours and or days millions of people called and emailed in their support and these bills etc were stopped dead in their tracks.
    Remember this if nothing else . . . there is power with, for and by the people and there is power in prayer!
    p.s. nobody makes an apple like Him!

    1. Hi there… I tried to follow your suggestion and went to the Functional Medicine website in order to get useful informations regarding alzheimer’s disease, because a dear friend was recently diagnosed wth the syndrome. I was not able to get to it… Can you please help me any further, perhaps with a specific link? Thank you…

      1. Angelo, greetings and good day to you!. I do not have a specific web site but recommend you find a health professional in your area that practices functional medicine. Your best bet is to check for chiropractors and or naturopaths that practice this! Your friend, bottom line, needs to change his/her diet right away. Check out several websites such as, Living in the, Food Babe .com, Hallelujah, Each has books on nutrition, books on healthy recipes and eating right. Other sources of info are::
        ‘Eat Right 4 Your((Blood)) Type, Dr. D’Adamo ND.
        Alzheimer’s Disease, Mary T. Newport, MD
        Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Emoto
        Water for Health, Healing, for Life, Dr. Batmanghelidj M.D.
        Find someone in your area that has access to Market America’s antioxidants – OPC3 . This product is a conglomeration of anti-oxidants that really works well if you also change your diet. Anti-oxidants fight inflammation that is caused by many factors but one of the largest is one’s diet. The American Diet is so inflammatory!!! Another great source of information is:: Daily This is another huge factor that you and your friend have to understand and apply every day. Superfoods are maxed out with ingredients that work as nutrition, anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory as well. There are many such Superfoods available. Try to buy your food locally. Know this that it is vital that you and your friend start eating ORGANIC BULK FOODS. If it is not organic, leave it alone. You have to educate yourself. Eat RIght 4 Your Type is a great place to start. The information recommends foods to eat/drink and others to avoid based upon your blood type. Then go buy organic Superfoods locally. Buy several books from the websites that I suggested , including Food because her book has great recipes. Smoothies are huge!! Most folks that I have talked with took several months but if they persevered daily, they got better. These same people claim that they read several books every year! I have talked with hundreds of people at farmer’s markets with the same story. . . They were sick, in chronic pain, taking meds that were killing them and they were getting worse. They read the Eat Right 4 Your Type… These people buy nothing but bulk foods. Most have not seen their doctor in 6 to 7 years. Most are in their late 50s. One more story. I talked to a wife that was leaving her husband b/c he was yelling at the kids b/c he was in so much pain and he was getting worse. He was taking 6-8 meds/day, gained a ton of weight and was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. I discussed nutrition, inflammation and diet with her and recommended that he might read it. Eat Right…4 … She said she would talk to him about it and call me back. . . 6 months later, she called saying, ” He read the book and followed it verbatim! He lost 80+ pounds, no more pain, no more meds, no more doctor visits, no more Crohns, works out 4 to 5 days/week and they were getting back together again. There it is. Blessings!!

      2. Dear Jonpatrick, I am really grateful for the time you generously spent answering my request. It’s all very inspiring and I will try my best to turn my friend into a dedicated healthy nutrition buff! Will have to search for compelling and convincing material published in italian though…as just like the vast majority of my countryman, he doesn’t speak a word of this beautiful world language. I’ll look for translations of the books, or do the translations myself… and find testimonies to inspire him. Hopefully in 6 months time or so I will be able to get back to this chat and get you updated with positive results… From my heart: GRAZIE!!!

  23. Yay! Let’s keep fighting back to get the rest of those nasty ingredients out of those drinks!

  24. I still do not ever buy Starbucks. Their coffee is steeped in chemicals as far as I know. I buy organic coffee period.

  25. You simply rock… and I love to hear your music. Am so grateful for all the courageous and dedicated work you do… THANK YOU VANI

  26. I’ve had Starbucks coffees that were definitely LACED WITH DRUGS! YES LACED WITH DRUGS! I know it’s hard to believe but NEVER EVER CONSUME ANYTHING FROM STARBUCKS!

  27. Wow, well done, Food Babe! and the FB-Army! One good step for real food in retail food purveyors and a small step toward getting rid of the folks who manufacture this poison — hurrah!

  28. Now how about they stop using conflict palm oil that is contributing to deforestation and the extinction of the orangutan? I can’t believe the terrible practices this company gets away with. And honestly, it’s not that popular here in Australia where you can only find their stores in the central business district. Australians seem to opt for real coffee from small businesses, which is definitely a good thing! Too bad my native Canada is so obsessed with Starbucks.

  29. Now, if only Starbucks made good coffee! People – who cares if they’ve finally been browbeaten into submission by We the People? They still serve way overpriced food, snacks and coffee – along with mugs, etc., that are made in China (by their large, mandatory slave population – but I digress).

    So, yes, great work. McDonald’s also has ‘natural’ chicken now, and kale in their menu. Does this change how I personally choose to express my culinary experiences? NO! HELL NO! I’ll never do business with these places again, if I can help it. That they’ve already committed these horrible ‘crimes against humanity’ in the name of profits over people is enough for me to tell them to shove that yummy ‘phude’ product they sell where the sun doesn’t shine!

    Again – Great Job – now let’s go out and vote with our dollars and stop supporting these terrible practices every time we open our wallets!

  30. Vani – THANK YOU for this huge win! I am so excited to hear Starbucks is listening!
    My other beef with Starbucks is that their “organic” soy milk contains carrageenan which is known to cause tummy troubles. Can you help remove this harmful ingredient? I’ve already reported it to the Cornucopia Institute but would love to get this on your radar as well.

  31. Great Job! I’m so thrilled that you do what you do. You are making the US a better place. And while I don’t drink Starbucks products, it’s perpetually amazing to me that other countries actually have government agencies that protect the citizens instead of the companies.

    Keep up the great work.

  32. Awesome work Vani!
    I used to drink their caramel malquiato but i would get very sick.
    So now in rare occasions I do drink hot chocolate with coconut milk from them.

  33. Who cares . if you don’t like what was in it don’t I love Starbucks . I drink the same venti ice coffee every day no matter what other drinks come out.

  34. Sooo just wanting to clarify… caramel coloring will be removed from All starbucks drinks or just the pumpkin spiced latte???

  35. Thank you Vani! It’s not an easy fight to take on but you are leading a great army :). I learned this past year how important nutrition is when I healed my body and caused a 2 cm tumor to disappear. Yes to juicing, veggies, fruit, raw milk and farm raised meats only. Yes to homemade coconut milk with no guar gum and no carrageen in it. It goes way beyond nutrition it’s the quality of our water avoiding the chemicals in our cleaning products, avoiding all these plastics imported from China, avoiding perfumes and make up that have hormone disrupters in them. My body has detoxed to such an extreme that walking into a door tree or Walmart makes me nauseous because of the plastic smell. I’m rambling here basic line is we can take charge of our health which is powerful. God bless! Keep up the good fight!

  36. I hope Vani and the “food babe army” are as successful in having the “DARK” act voted down by the Senate or vetoed by President Obama. That’s where our real
    Focus should be.

  37. but what about the chemicals and pesticides in the coffee beans? Sheeple are still going to get sick!

  38. Why would you want to buy and consume anything from a company this is knowingly using ingredients that will make your body sick? Just stating the obvious! They Do Not Care about people. Money (Their drinks are not inexpensive.) is their prime concern and it includes the cost of your health! Think about it!

  39. Dear Food Babe,
    Im very happy with the progress you made with Starbucks. Its time to wage the same war on Tea which uses caramel color as their main ingredient as well. Ask Publix to remove caramel color from their tea.

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