Let me tell you about one of the most important health rituals that I’ve ever done in my life...

This practice takes only a few days , a couple times a year, and the benefits are absolutely phenomenal!

Sure, it has also helped me maintain my figure, but this IS NOT a diet.

It’s a health promoting activity that will detoxify your body from the inside out – at a complete metabolic and cellular level.

It is truly one of the most wonderful things you can do for your body!


The Food Babe’s Juice Cleanse Guide!

Learning how to properly and effectively juice is one habit that I would never give up and always recommend to everyone I meet.

Juicing is something I try to do every day , and I include green juice in my regular morning routine.

Yet, a couple times a year I like to kick it up a notch...

And drink only fresh pressed juices for 3 days straight without any other food.

No eating, just drinking! This is called a “juice cleanse”.

Before, you say “WHAT!?!!?!?” and run away screaming... keep listening...

When I did my first 3-day juice cleanse I was scared.

I thought I would be tired and hungry -- and completely brain dead...

I feared I would fail because I’d need something to chew or to snack on, and end up scarfing down a bag of candy!

But the complete opposite happened!

My first juice cleanse went something like this...

I woke up each day with so much freakin’ energy , and as the day went on I didn’t suffer from an afternoon crash like I normally did.

I didn’t even crave an afternoon snack, and wasn’t tempted by my office mate’s donuts!

Believe me -- that was a miracle in and of itself! ...but there’s more...

The nutrition in the juice was giving my body what it truly needed to prevent crazy food cravings!

I didn’t feel the need to “chew” or “eat” anything either, I felt completely satisfied.

I slept like a baby too! It was probably the best sleep I have ever had in my life.

By the final and third day, I felt utterly INTOXICATED by the plethora of nutrients that my body was getting...

I’m not exaggerating -- I felt high as a kite!

Throughout the cleanse, I felt so light and energetic – a feeling that could be really addictive.

This is how it really feels to be on a JUICE CLEANSE and I want you to feel that magic too!

You might be wondering how it’s possible to feel that amazing while only drinking juice for three days.

There are many reasons!

Fresh pressed juice is teeming with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes that your body can absorb swiftly without bogging down your digestive system -- and this can make you feel energetic.

Your body can also use these abundant nutrients to slow aging and help to prevent all sorts of serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.

It’s like nature’s vitamin pill!

But there’s way more to it than that...

Your body is probably used to eating and digesting food at least 4 times a day – sometimes more.

That keeps your digestive organs busy , devoting constant energy to digestion all day long.

Especially if you are eating a diet rich in cooked foods, refined sugars, and meat , your body is working overtime to create the enzymes needed to digest all of that food.

This can really put a heavy burden on your whole body!

Your digestion can then slow down, leaving some of this food undigested where it can ferment and release toxins into your blood.

This can lead to sickness, bloating, depression and serious diseases!

A juice cleanse will give your digestive system a much needed break , as you consume only enzyme-rich raw juice that is easy for your body to breakdown and digest.

This gives your body significantly more energy to devote to releasing toxins!

As you are properly hydrating your body all day long, you will find that this also keeps your energy levels high and that you’re able to think more clearly .

No more afternoon brain fog!

Your largest organ - your skin - is better able to clear out all of the unhealthy lifestyle habits or exposures you have had over time.

I’ve read countless books and studies about juice cleanses and this only begins to scratch the surface of the benefits it has to offer.

Aside from overhauling your health , there’s another huge benefit you will achieve from a juice cleanse:

It’s the ultimate way to break the cycle of consuming processed foods!

You’ll finally be able to break free from the inevitable cravings that sugary and starchy meals cause!

Ask yourself this...

How many times a day does a candy bar or some junk food catch your eye and leave you drooling and craving a taste?

A juice cleanse will allow you to look inward and understand how emotional triggers cause you to eat these types of foods.

It will help you unlock the spell and find out what’s hiding in your subconscious and how your surroundings influence your appetite.

You’ll start craving more healthy raw food that’s teeming with the enzymes your body craves!

You’ll be tuned into the true needs of your body and able to tune out the persuasive marketing messages for junk food and candy that used to get you every time!

A juice cleanse is all about Ultimate Health! ... Vitality! ... Detoxing! ... Releasing! ... Mind Opening! ... Being Fearless!

All of those things!

And fine... you’ll probably end up losing weight - but that’s not the most important reason to do it.

Think you are ready to try it???

First I must warn you : Don’t take this advice and start your own juice cleanse tomorrow.

You need to prepare!

Prepare, prepare, prepare! -- that is the key to a successful juice cleanse.

The last thing you want to do is jump into a juice cleanse right after eating a regular diet...

Or, you could end up with some super unpleasant detoxing side effects!

It’s best to ease your body into it by eating mostly raw and clean food for a few days prior (and afterwards) so you don’t shock your system!

My JUICE CLEANSE GUIDE will prepare you every step of the way and keep you from making common mistakes.

You’ll know exactly what to eat and drink before and after the cleanse to experience the best benefits!

I’ll also answer all your questions and give you a crucial Do’s and Don’ts list so that you don’t make any first-timer mistakes that could cause you to grab some junk food and hide out in your bedroom.

This guide is more than a juice recipe book!

It’s an all-encompassing HOW-TO MANUAL that will give you all the tools and motivation you need to make sure your cleanse goes off without a hitch!

And, you don’t need to worry about getting hungry or feeling deprived because I will provide you with all the delicious recipes you need to make you feel like you’re detoxing at an exclusive spa.

I don’t know why they call it “fasting” -- because it is truly a JUICE FEAST!

On my JUICE CLEANSE you’ll be drinking six full glasses of fresh squeezed juice every day made with organic cucumbers, ginger, carrots, lemons, cabbage, beets, celery, parsley, mint, and lots of leafy greens like kale and spinach!

Can you imagine eating all of those whole vegetables every single day?!?!

With juicing it’s so easy!

You’ll have so much variety every day, that it’s impossible to get bored or feel stuck in a rut.

A total of fifteen different juice recipes come in the guide, along with a juice detox schedule that you can keep or customize with your favorite juices.

The guide also has you covered with delicious recipes for before and after the cleanse.

Here’s a recap of what you’ll receive:

  • The incredible benefits of juicing and what you can expect
  • Juicing how-to's and how to choose the best juicer for you
  • The difference between juicing and blending
  • Help navigating store-bought juices and what to look for and avoid
  • Do's and Don'ts of a juice cleanse (This one is so important!)
  • A full 8 day juice cleanse calendar and tips (including what to eat before and after with full recipe choices
  • All the juice and meal recipes for a successful cleanse
  • Customer support to answer all of your questions

What customers have to say...

James R.

I started juicing after my wife began making new recipes each morning. I must say Vani's recipes are some of my favorite. They always provide me with enough energy to handle my busy mornings.

Sabrina S.

The inflammatory juice recipe is amazing and actually yummy! It's great for people with digestive issues, I sent it to my friend who has celiac disease and she can't wait to try it.

Brienne T.

One of the first things I noticed when trying my first juice cleanse was the clarity that I found after the 3rd day. It was amazing! Not only could I focus better but I also had so much more energy. The recipes are great whether you are just starting or have been juicing for a while.

Brandi E.

I completed the 7 day juice cleanse and am so awed and impressed buy what happened I will be repeating it again next week as my Christmas present to myself!!!. Also, I have convinced my parents to do this at the beginning of the year and am hoping my sister will participate also...

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