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We live in a world where our food is making us sick, tired, and overweight.

Big Food brands design their packaged products to be addictive... so we consume unhealthy ingredients over and over again...

And it gets worse

Risky chemicals contaminating our food aren’t labeled.
Product labels are lying.
Our food is pumped up with cheap additives that are banned in other countries.
Stirring Plant-Based Protein

I decided to take matters into my own hands...

So I created a company called Truvani to create the products I wish I could find in stores. We believe in sourcing the highest quality ingredients... hands down.
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Plant-Based Protein Smoothie

I believe you deserve products with high quality, CLEAN ingredients.

At Truvani, we source USDA organic ingredients where applicable. We test for heavy metals, glyphosate, and other potential contaminants found in our food and ingredient supply. And if an ingredient doesn’t pass our standards, we will NEVER use it.
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Companies we have changed
Companies we have changed

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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find a wealth of information from food reports, to recipes so you too can lead the Food Babe lifestyle!

The Only Bar is here. A Truvani snack bar with real organic ingredients (and amazing taste, too). Finally!

Ever since we launched our small company, Truvani, I have wanted to make a snack bar that I would be happy to eat. You see, I’ve always been the type of person to reward myself at the end of a long day with a little treat. It was a ritual. I’d grab my favorite cup…

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Why I avoid these 9 controversial ingredients in my personal care products

According to The Guardian (1), the EU has banned (or restricted) 1,300 ingredients found in personal care products. Meanwhile…the US only has banned (or restricted) 11. How can one group find ingredients so dangerous that they feel compelled to regulate them, while another group lets these ingredients run rampant? IT’S UNBELIEVABLE! Over the last decade, I…

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Is This Weedkiller In Your Favorite Hummus Brand? (Sabra, Whole Foods, Harris Teeter)

Dipping raw veggies into hummus is one of my favorite healthy snacks. It’s got a combo of protein and fiber to keep you from craving junk and can be a great pick me up that replaces processed snacks.  But information recently came out that rocked my hummus-lovin’ world.  Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested popular hummus…

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