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We live in a world where our food is making us sick, tired, and overweight.

Big Food brands design their packaged products to be addictive... so we consume unhealthy ingredients over and over again...

And it gets worse

Risky chemicals contaminating our food aren’t labeled.
Product labels are lying.
Our food is pumped up with cheap additives that are banned in other countries.
Stirring Plant-Based Protein

I decided to take matters into my own hands...

So I created a company called Truvani to create the products I wish I could find in stores. We believe in sourcing the highest quality ingredients... hands down.
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I believe you deserve products with high quality, CLEAN ingredients.

At Truvani, we source USDA organic ingredients where applicable. We test for heavy metals, glyphosate, and other potential contaminants found in our food and ingredient supply. And if an ingredient doesn’t pass our standards, we will NEVER use it.
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Companies we have changed
Companies we have changed

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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find a wealth of information from food reports, to recipes so you too can lead the Food Babe lifestyle!

Orange Creamsicle Pops Recipe (Healthy Swap For Store-Bought Creamsicles!)

Orange Creamsicles were one of my favorite treats as a child, and since I’ve learned how bad the ingredients are in them, I’ve really missed them. Thankfully, I’ve figured out how to recreate this summertime staple with 100% real food ingredients which are actually healthy for you! 

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Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich Ingredients Exposed (See what’s in those Cajun Fries & Biscuits too!)

When Popeyes came out with their Spicy Chicken Sandwich a couple years ago, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Lines were around the block and the demand was so insane that they sold out of these sandwiches for weeks. (1) My first thought was, “What in the world is in those things that people…

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Burger King Ingredients Finally Revealed in the Whopper, Fries, and Chicken Nuggets

This is a very important investigation into Burger King that you need to know about. What I’m about to share with you is the ultimate example of a food corporation swindling the public into believing their food is something that it’s not. You may have seen all over the media last September that Burger King…

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