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I couldn’t wait to show you this. The other day Kellogg’s posted a picture of original Apple Jacks from the 1960’s on Instagram, which just proves that their cereals are MORE TOXIC than ever.

I was interviewed on TV this week, where I shared the latest on our Kellogg’s petition asking them to remove all artificial dyes and BHT from their cereals. They don’t use these ingredients in other countries, so they already know how to do it. These ingredients are known to cause hyperactivity in children and can…

Shake Shack announced they’re giving away their antibiotic-free chicken sandwiches for FREE every Sunday this month, which is a pretty brilliant marketing move… taking a jab at Chick-fil-A who just went back to using antibiotics in their chicken.  But Wait!! Before you run down to Shake Shack this Sunday to grab your free chicken sandwich,…

The other day my friend told me that she had been drinking a bottled protein shake every morning, and she suspected that it was making her feel like she had a “bubble gut” a few hours later.  You know that feeling when you have to unzip your pants because they feel too tight? When you…

It was my birthday last week…but I got the worst present ever. That morning Alex Clark of the Spillover Podcast DM’d me: “Someone sent me this!” Along with a screenshot from Chick-fil-A’s app stating that they are cancelling their “No Antibiotics Ever” standard, and would start selling chicken raised with antibiotics this Spring:

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