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In-N-Out switching to antibiotic-free burgers
Contra Costa Times
March 2, 2016
The 13 Most Powerful Women in Food
The Daily Meal
February 19, 2016
Girl Scout Cookies Are Really Unhealthy And America Doesn’t Care
International Business Times
January 21, 2016
November 2, 2015
Vani Hari's Food Babe Army
The Hindu
October 2, 2015
Access Hollywood
March 4, 2015
The Food Babe: Enemy of Chemicals
The Atlantic
February 11, 2015
Charlotte's Food Babe puts cereal giants in her cross hairs
Charlotte Business Journal
February 6, 2015
‘Food Babe’ wants BHT out of cereal
Food Business News
February 6, 2015
Food Babe targets cereal giants Kellogg's and General Mills
Chicago Business Journal
February 5, 2015
Meat Companies Go Antibiotics-Free As More Consumers Demand It
Wall Street Journal (Front Page!)
November 4, 2014
Food Babe wins battle with King of Beers
Financial Times (Front Page)
June 14, 2014
Why Big Food Fears The Food Babe
Toronto Star
June 14, 2014
Economic Times of India
Economic Times of India
May 2, 2014
First Business News - Skype Interview
First Business News
February 13, 2014
Chick-fil-A moving toward antibiotic-free chicken
Charlotte Business Journal
February 12, 2014
Subway to remove chemical from bread
USA Today
February 10, 2014
'Food Babe' Calls Subway's Bread 'Dangerous'
Good Morning America
February 10, 2014
How you can make a difference in the fast food industry
A Healthy You - Carol Alt Show
February 8, 2014
Where Are They Now?: Five Years of Saving Lives
The Dr. Oz Show
December 19, 2013
chicago tribune Kraft Foods Food Babe
Chicago Tribune
April 1, 2013
food babe dr oz mac cheese petition
The Dr. Oz Show
March 2013
wcnc charlotte
January 18, 2013
wsoctv 9
December 2, 2012
Take Part(The Company Behind Food Inc.)
November 23, 2012
taste for life - Bood Babe
Taste For Life
November 8, 2012
Well & Good NYC
October 30, 2012
charlotte today
Charlotte Today on WCNC Channel 6 - NBC
October 16, 2012
washington times dnc delegate
The Washington Times
September 5, 2012
You Tube - Food Babe
WLOS News 13 - ABC
September 4, 2012
Charlotte Magazine
September 2012
the Kitchn - Food Babe
the Kitchn
August 24, 2012
Social Media Personalities
Charlotte Video Project
July 2012
Global Cuisine
Skype Global Live Debate
June 2012
Eat With Your Dollars Series
Creative Loafing
April 2012
Food Babe breaks down Chick-Fil-A
Creative Loafing
August 24, 2011
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