I just LOVE coming home to a home-cooked organic meal...

After a long day of working, the last thing I want to do is slave away in the kitchen!

That’s why it’s been SO MUCH easier since I started using a cooking method that is so simple that even a child could do it, and I don’t have to compromise my health by outsourcing my food to restaurants and the processed food industry.


The Food Babe’s

Real Food Slow Cooker Guide!

One of the biggest obstacles that people face when ditching additive-filled processed foods is the time that it takes to prepare everything from scratch.

I’ve had SO MANY people tell me how shocked they were that it really doesn’t cost them more money at the grocery store to eat whole foods instead of processed foods, but the time they were spending in the kitchen was wearing them out!

I’m right there with you!

It seems all too easy to just pick up some take-out in the evening and relax on the couch.

But, I’ve learned that even when I’m crunched for time , I can’t continuously outsource my health to restaurants if I want to maintain an ideal weight and stay in the best health that I’ve ever known.

When you cook your own meals you are in control of the ingredients and know everything that went into them. It’s the only way to know exactly what you are eating!

That’s why I prepare at least 15 home-cooked meals every week -- and I’ve found that using a slow cooker is one of the easiest methods out there that makes it virtually effortless for me to stick to eating unprocessed food on a regular basis.

Hands Down... this is the easiest way to eat a healthy diet on limited time.

Of course, you can find slow-cooker recipes all over the internet. Yet, many of these recipes call for heavily processed products like Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup and seasoning packets loaded with MSG and GMOs -- instead of REAL FOOD !

Most slow-cooker recipes online use ingredients like canned tomatoes... canned beans... canned broth... canned fruit...canned sauces... and eating all these canned foods can expose you to the endocrine disruptor BPA (which lines most cans at the grocery store). These often contain unwanted additives and preservatives too!

Mixing up a bunch of canned food together in a slow cooker to make a meal is really no better than eating processed food ! When you cook these so-called “dump recipes” full of chemical additives and BPA, you are treating your body like a big toxic waste dump .

There’s no reason to resort to cooking with cans when using REAL FOOD is just as easy and a million times better for you !

The Food Babe Real Food Slow Cooker Guide will show you how unbelievably easy it is to throw real food ingredients into a slow-cooker and just hit “cook” to create some of the most delicious and comforting healthy meals you’ve ever tasted!

These recipes will knock your socks off and they smell so, so good !

My team and I spent months carefully crafting OVER 50 healthy slow cooker recipes and they hit the spot on so many levels!

20 Delicious Hassle-Free Dinners & Lunches…

...Including Comforting Soups & Stews...

5 Delectable Desserts...

11 Healthy Snacks & Sides...

10 Nutrient-Packed Breakfasts...

5 Warming Drink Recipes...

All recipes are made with ORGANIC and NON-GMO ingredients, and they are so simple and hassle-free that they make a healthy lifestyle a breeze!

Plus, there is more!

After we created all of these mouthwatering slow cooker recipes, I realized that there was crucial information about slow cookers that I couldn’t leave you without!

Not all slow cookers are created equally

...and yours could be harboring TOXINS that can leach into your food....

Especially if you have an old slow cooker sitting on your counter - this is essential information that you don’t want to miss.

I used to have an old hand-me-down slow cooker and had no idea that it could be damaging my health .

I later found out that some manufacturers do not test the coatings in their slow cookers for LEAD - and that this potent neurotoxin could have been leaching into every slow cooked meal that I was making!

As soon as I found this out, I researched to find the safest slow cookers and ditched my old one! I share all of my “Food Babe Approved” slow cookers in a BUYING GUIDE - so you are all set with the proper tools to start cooking the healthy recipes in this guide.

I also compiled a list of TIPS & TRICKS and my comprehensive “DO’S AND DON’TS” list that will make your slow cooker meals completely foolproof!

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