The Time I Almost Ate At Taco Bell… (I’ve Been Keeping A Tiny Little Secret!)

I am thrilled to announce we are expecting our own little Food Babe this winter. 

I know all you moms and dads out there have been waiting for this moment for a long time… I laugh just thinking about all the times you said to me “Just wait, until you have kids”…

Well – that time is almost here and you can finally get all your “I told ya so’s” ready to fire!

No, but seriously, we are SO EXCITED. It’s been really hard to keep this secret from you! I’ve been walking around with a ridiculous smile on my face for months trying to hold it in.


I’m obsessed! Baby investigations are underway!

I’ve been reading every natural pregnancy and baby book under the sun for the past several months.

How it happened…

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When Congress Screws Us Over On GMO Labeling : The Action Plan To Fight Back!

The Senate voted 63-30 on July 7th, 2016 in favor of a sham GMO labeling bill that stops Vermont’s GMO labeling laws and allows companies to use QR codes instead of words on the package. It discriminates against low income families, minorities, mothers, seniors, the disabled & those without smartphones. The bill is now moving onto the House, and at this point, it appears very likely that it will pass sometime this week, probably today. I know you are upset, I am too. Here’s your 4 step action plan to fight back!


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Three Easy “No Hassle” Zucchini Recipes!

If you have zucchini overflowing in your garden and coming out of your ears, these recipes are for you! Even if you aren’t growing any at home, it is the perfect time of year to buy them at the store or farmer’s market since they are in season and generally inexpensive. If you’ve stayed away from buying zucchini because you heard it is GMO, just make sure to buy organic. Organically grown zucchini is not permitted to be GMO and isn’t grown with synthetic pesticides

I love making a simple side dish with sautéed zucchini or layering it into this Vegetable Lasagna, but it’s so versatile that I sometimes forget how many other ways I could use it! Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables – you can spiralize it into noodles, make baked goodies, and even make chips out of it!

Here are three delicious new ways to prepare zucchini that you may have never tried before! 

Three Zucchini Recipes

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Sweet Potato Tater Tots With Homemade Ketchup & Guacamole!

I’ve got a super fun recipe for ya – Sweet potato tater tots with homemade ketchup and five ingredient guacamole! This side dish pairs perfectly with a meal by the pool or backyard BBQ. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with your family and friends too.

If you read the ingredients on most of the bagged frozen tater tots in stores, like Ore-Ida, you’ll see they are fried in soybean or cottonseed oils, which are typically genetically modified (GMO) and have an inflammatory effect on the body. Then they’re made with fillers like GMO corn flour and potato starch and flavored with hidden MSG and natural flavors. No thanks!

You can make these crispy tots at home with just handful of healthy ingredients! I pretty much always have sweet potatoes in my pantry because they are loaded with nutrients and carotenoids that are fantastic for your body… and they are sooo delicious! These savory sweet potato tots are great served along with some ketchup or guacamole, both of which you can quickly whip up while the tots are baking. 


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