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You won’t believe this ingredient label from 1960’s Kellogg’s Apple Jacks

I couldn’t wait to show you this.

The other day Kellogg’s posted a picture of original Apple Jacks from the 1960’s on Instagram, which just proves that their cereals are MORE TOXIC than ever.

Not only did the original version of Apple Jacks have a MUCH shorter ingredient list…

But they contained fewer artificial dyes (AKA certified colors) and NO natural flavors. They were flavored simply with dried apples and cinnamon.

The ingredients remained essentially the same for 30 more years…until they drastically changed in the late 1990’s.

Studies showed that children would be more drawn to the product and would eat more of it, if it was brighter and more colorful.

So, Kellogg’s added in MORE dyes to make the bright green and orange Apple Jacks that we have today.

Kellogg’s cereals are now some of the most unhealthy products on the market, and they continue to poison our children with artificial colors, artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils, BHT, and GMO corn, all coated and loaded with refined sugars.

These artificial dyes are made from petroleum and are linked to several health issues like ADHD and hyperactivity in children, which require a warning label in Europe. Recent research shows they may also disrupt the immune system.

Meanwhile they create healthier versions of their products for other countries, like Apple Jacks colored naturally with turmeric and paprika in Australia, without any BHT.

Why don’t they do that here??? They clearly already have the formula.

How do we get them to change?

Stop buying Kellogg’s Cereal and tell your friends!

This is the strongest way to send a message to Kellogg’s headquarters that we don’t want cereals made with GMOs, artificial colors, BHT, and fake flavors.

Our petition asking Kellogg’s to remove artificial dyes & BHT (as they do in other countries) has nearly reached 100k signatures! Kellogg’s is surely feeling the heat now.

Add your name and share the petition here:

I am booking my flight soon to Kellogg’s HQ to deliver these signatures to their doorstep.

Please share the petition to your social media channels today on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you for continuing to make history with us!




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