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The Best Brownie Mix On the Market

I am still slowly collecting my thoughts from the trip to Expo West where I witnessed and tasted some of the best organic products on the market. To my surprise there were a few products that totally blew me away…. one of them being a brownie mix… but not your typical brownie mix. I like … Read More

Expo West Highlights & Making an Impact

Here’s some highlights of the trip out west so far…. and the first day at Expo West.  I want to show you everything that’s happening here and could write for days about what I have experienced so far!  But a girl’s gotta get to the pool before another long day of exploring new products, meeting … Read More

St. Regis Monarch Beach & Stonehill Tavern

Good morning from Southern California! It’s really early here (still on east coast time…. ) and the moon is still out! I just finished making some lemon water and Green Vibrance… drinking some tea and deciding what I’d like for breakfast…

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