What exactly does the Eating Guide provide for me?

Food Babe’s eating guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to educate you on weight-loss inspired recipes and the most nutritious meal choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The eating guide includes recipes, a corresponding grocery list, and a chart providing you with five daily meal choices that complement each other to achieve a balanced nutritional profile.

Monthly Eating Guide Includes:

  • Starter Guide, which includes eating guidelines
  • 5 breakfast recipes*
  • 5 lunch recipes*
  • 5 dinner recipes*
  • 1 new salad dressing recipe each month
  • A monthly eating chart that will outline the day’s meals
  • Access to a new menu each month
  • Detailed grocery list that takes the guesswork out of shopping
  • *Every recipe is comprised of organic, unprocessed, whole super-food ingredients
  • *Eating guide is designed for 1 person; however, the recipes can be doubled or even quadrupled for additional family members

What exactly does the Starter Guide provide for me?

  • Information in the Starter Guide includes:
  • How To Use The Starter Guide and Eating Guide
  • Budgeting for Organic
  • Organic Shopping Priority List
  • Guides for Dairy, Meat, Fish and Sushi
  • How to Spot GMO Ingredients
  • Dining Out Guide
  • How To Quit Soda & Substitutes
  • Daily Habits To Adopt
  • Juicing and Smoothie Tips
  • Superfoods
  • Why Nut Milks Are Best & How To Make Them
  • Bonus Recipe – “Tighten It Up” De-bloat Tea

Are the recipes included?

Yes, the eating guide provides five recipes each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each month will feature new recipes.

How do I know what to purchase from the grocery store?

We make it easy to prepare our healthy meals by providing you with a grocery list indicating the amount of each ingredient you’ll need for each recipe.

Is this Eating Guide vegan, gluten-free, paleo or vegetarian?

The eating guide does not follow any particular dietary style. It is, however, mostly plant-based with substitutions provided as needed.

Does the Eating Guide include calorie count or a nutritional profile?

No, we did the math for you. We make sure that the recipes for each day fall within a certain caloric amount (~1500 calories). Additionally, the included chart outlines the combination of each breakfast, lunch and dinner option based on the nutritional profile of each recipe. Remember, you are eating real, whole foods and therefore, your main focus is on the quality of nutrients, not counting your calories. We want you to focus on the quality of nutrients, not the quantity.

What is the serving size of each recipe?

Most of the recipes serve one; however, for the recipes that feed more mouths, we provide options for leftovers.

Why do I only get 5 options each for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We want each month’s meal plan to be uncomplicated and intuitive so that it becomes easier for you to assemble each recipe quickly. Too many options can lead to choice overload, which can get overwhelming and distract from your healthiest of intentions.

How do I know if this eating guide is right for me?

This eating guide is perfect for anyone who wants to feel better from the inside out! It will provide you with weight loss if you need to lose weight, a knowledge base for healthy eating, and structured, delicious meals to keep you satisfied.

Is this eating guide specific to one gender or age?

No, we made this gender-friendly and approved for all ages. The healthy meals we provide are universal- anyone should and can use them!

What if I have allergies to specific foods or vegetables?

If there is a specific recipe you cannot use during the month because of allergies, contact us and we will send ideas for substitutions or another recipe to try instead.

Where do I login to access my Eating Guides?

Simply login here using the username and password that you created during checkout. If you don’t know your username,contact orders@foodbabe.com and we will send it to you.

How do I receive the new recipes for the eating guide each month?

After purchase, navigate to Eating Guides -> My Eating Guides, login to the membership site, and download the latest Monthly Eating Guide by clicking the “Download” button.

How long do I need to follow the eating guide to see results?

You will start to feel results after just one week, but see physical results within a month. We suggest you follow the eating guide for at least 3 months to develop everlasting healthy habits, stop sugar cravings and re-alkaline the body.


How do I cancel my Eating Guide membership?

Login to your account and use the ‘Manage Your Membership’ widget.


Can I give the Eating Guide membership as a gift?

Yes. Click here and enter the recipients name, email address, and delivery date.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at eatingguide@foodbabe.com!