Must watch! These videos will have you smiling, cheering and crying!

These Food Babe Way videos have been so incredible to watch. I’ve cried, cheered, laughed, screamed and shouted. These brave and extraordinary people are absolute heroes and are changing the world! I appreciate every one of you that took the time, and had the energy and courage to share your stories in video with all of us. I know it wasn’t easy! 

It’s going to be so tough choosing the winners of this video contest. I want to personally watch these videos multiple times before scoring. Even if you don’t win a prize, or didn’t enter the contest, watch these video entries below. I promise they will not only inspire you, but they will blow you away!

Click each name below and watch (Warning: you might tear up!):

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The Food Babe Way is a New York Times Best Seller! Let’s Share Our Stories!

We did it! Congratulations Food Babe Army! The Food Babe Way is officially a New York Times Best Seller! 

I am astonished by all your support and generous love. I am humbled and forever grateful for every single person that is reading this book, leaving their reviews, spreading the word and getting this message out. 

This is a big deal and I can’t thank you enough for all your support. 

Making the NYT’s list means our message will finally be getting out to the masses in a big bold way! This book won’t be relegated to the back of bookstores everywhere, it will be up front and center, growing our movement faster than ever! I know we can change our health, the food system and the world together by spreading the information & research in this book.

NY Times Best Sellers List March 1

During my book tour this past week, I met so many people that just don’t read blogs. They are picking this book up curious and inspired to change their lives. And there are people that only read books that are “best sellers”, and they too will now be more likely to pick up a copy. 

I had some incredible Costco book signing events this week. For example, at one Costco, there was a huge sign explaining organic food above my head and my petition video (discussing the controversial additive BHT in Kellogg’s & General Mills cereal) was playing behind me on a big flat screen TV as I met readers and members of the Food Babe Army. Just a few rows over, they were selling the cereal I was warning people about! It was quite a sight to see. This is what spreading the message looks like and it is happening so fast. I’m so happy to have you along for the ride. 


I wish I could share all the incredible personal stories I have heard this week with you – the ones from people who say they don’t eat Kraft Mac & Cheese anymore, and the ones that stopped their daily Subway sandwich habit, or gave up GMOs or processed additive-filled food, and have started to feel a level of health they never thought was possible. I wish I could video tape everything that’s happening – because hearing your stories is what this is all about! This is why I quit my corporate career to become a food activist full time and I’m so incredibly grateful to be here with you in this revolutionary time!  Continue Reading →

Suja Juice 3-Day Cleanse Giveaway + Tropicaloe

I’ve got three criteria when it comes to buying juice – it’s gotta be raw, organic and cold-pressed or forget it! 

Suja Juice thankfully fits the bill for all three, and I’m so excited to announce a juice giveaway that will get your January off to a fantastic start. Even if you aren’t into cleansing, these juices are healthy and delicious, so winning them will stock your fridge with absolute goodness! 

Suja Juice Giveaway

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Alter Eco Giveaway, Prop 37, & My Latest Investigation

I’ve got three very important things to share with you this Halloween!

#1 – An Awesome Organic Chocolate Giveaway

If you have never tried Alter Eco Organic Chocolate before – here’s your chance! Alter Eco is hands down my favorite indulgence right now. I like it so much that I cannot keep it in the house because it will be gone in a matter of minutes!

Alter Eco Chocolate is sustainable, fair trade, organic and Non-GMO project certified. Their chocolates do not contain added fillers like “soy lecithin” and other junk you find in typical popular chocolate brands.  I like every single flavor I’ve tried so far – but the Dark Coconut Toffee, Dark Mint and Dark Quinoa Crunch are tied for the win.

I reached out to Alter Eco last week because our next vacation is taking us to Peru & Ecuador in South America where they harvest and produce many of their products. I am hoping to spend part of my vacation to learn more about superfoods like Quinoa (which Alter Eco also makes) that I eat every week. And I wanted to thank them personally for supporting and donating to the Yes on Prop 37 – the campaign to label genetically modified foods in California.

During our conversation – I asked if they would be willing to host a giveaway…. they were more than thrilled and generously accepted!

Alter Eco will be sending a gift basket with an assortment of all their chocolates to 10 readers!  I absolutely can’t wait to hear what you think of all of the different variations and if they will become your favorite too.

You can enter to win up to three times:  (Deadline: Midnight on November 5th, 2012)

1. SUBSCRIBE to Food Babe and leave a comment below

2. Spread the word on Facebook or Twitter and leave another comment. (Optional)

3. Sign up to call California voters to vote Yes on Prop 37 Ballot Initiative to label genetically modified foods. If you sign up – please just leave another comment. (Optional)
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