Birke Reports: Why We Shouldn’t Trust GMO Salmon

This post is written by Birke Baehr, a 13 year-old organic farming advocate and author. I’m excited to announce he is now a regular contributor here on Food Babe – please give him a warm welcome!

Something sneaky is happening over at the FDA these days…

Genetically Engineered Salmon known as AquAdvantage salmon has been developed by a company named Aqua Bounty Technologies and has been the first genetically modified animal to be considered “fit” for human consumption. It is currently up for approval at the FDA – set to be approved in late February…unless we speak up.

This AquAdvantage salmon is made by adding the growth hormone regulating gene from a Pacific Chinook Salmon and a promoter gene from an eel like fish to the Atlantic’s 40,000+ genes. The eel has a special “anti freeze” gene, that will allow the Atlantic Salmon to grow twice as fast in the winter, when it usually doesn’t grow that much at all. The salmon will grow year-round vs. only two seasons normally and will grow to market size in 16 to 18 months rather than three years.

Growing bigger and faster means more profit for salmon farmers, but will this greater profit be at the expense of human health?


Picture courtesy of Institute of Responsible Technology

Genetically engineered foods pose substantial health risks, including accelerated aging, infertility and immune system dysfunction, according to The American Academy of Environmental Medicine.
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