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Do Your Favorite Snack Brands Contain GMOs?

Earlier this week on my Facebook page, I posted a disastrous list of America’s most popular snack brands – all of them containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Top Snacks

Everyone was in uproar about their favorite brands – Nabisco, Frito Lay, Orville Redenbacher, and Kellogg’s heavy use of GMOs in their popular products and asked for alternatives.  I created this handy chart below that lists some of my favorite organic and non-GMO snacks that are equivalent in taste and satisfaction to these popular snack brands. To be perfectly honest, I think the non-GMO and organic snacks taste better knowing they aren’t poisoning me with exposure to Roundup.

I usually don’t recommend many snack foods like these that often – I like to preach the gospel of whole real foods, however sometimes you just need to get your snack on and this is how you do it without consuming genetically modified ingredients and supporting companies that use GMOs who are trying to stop the effort to label GMOs and our right to know.


Recommended Non-GMO Snack Brands:

One thing I love about these alternative snack brands, is that they do not contain MSG, an ingredient that keeps you going back for more and more and more. This is why some of the GMO snack brands like Doritos are so addictive and have become “popular” as a result.

Take back your food, get your friends and family involved and share these products with them!

Have a great week!

Food Babe

P.S. I’d love to know – What are some of your favorite non-GMO and organic snacks?
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367 responses to “Do Your Favorite Snack Brands Contain GMOs?

      1. That was a response to someone else wanting scientific evidence that GMO’s were harmful. Plenty of evidence they are- read my response- is there any scientific evidence that they aren’t harmful- of course there isn’t- not any published anyway. The comments on this page seem to disappear often so no wonder you questioned my response. We need to keep our voices loud & educate the people GMO’s are bad news & do not belong in our food supply.

    1. Hey Rebecca, get with the program, huh? You sound just like the tobacco industry of many decades ago, luring the public with all the “lack of evidence.” And when those chickens came home to roost, well, that proved what liars the tobacco industry is. There is not any INDEPENDANT, THIRD PARTY study that proves that GMO’s are NOT harmful because Monsanto threatens any independent testing labs to huge lawsuits, it cows them into silence, so that no independent study is done. We get BS from Monsanto, stating that oh yes, they are safe (and the fact that Monsanto is holding on to the billion dollar horse in that race,) yeah, I’ll give that drivel all the lack of belief it deserves. In Russia, where Monsanto was to told to go pound sand, the government is going to do its own study on GMO’s, and I expect that answers will be vastly different from Monsanto’s, and more believable.

      1. To Gerald…Of course they aren’t safe & there is no scientific evidence proving they are not harmful. Monsanto cares about the billions they make- not anything else. That comment was in response to a comment that is no longer posted. I do love your effort to try & convince me. We need to keep spreading the truth, get the GMO’s labeled & get the glycophosphate & round-up out of our environment & food supply! I’m on your side!

    2. Thanks Rebecca, I couldn’t figure out if that was for or against GMO, thanks for clearing that up. We need to fight the power, and drive Monsanto and all their unethical planet killer buddies into the ground. When Monsanto spends tens of millions of dollars to fight something as innocuous as just a GMO label, they show exactly how unsafe their planet destroying company is, and why we need to keep the fight going.

  1. I love you food babe, but I think this correction should be made:

    Orville Redenbockers popcorn IS NOT GMO. It’s not organic and I’m sure there are better brands, but it should not be found on a GMO list, nor should any popcorn for that matter.

    Here’s a quote from

    “At the Seeds of Doubt conference recently, Jeffery Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology and GMO expert, assured us that even though almost 90% of the corn grown and eaten in this country is GMO corn, popcorn comes from a different seed and has not been genetically modified.” [1]

    Seeing as how Jeffery Smith, author of Genetic Roulette DVD and Seeds of Deception book, is a GMO expert… I feel comfortable believing this information which is a relief since I’m not a fan of GMO anything and like I said, my family loves popcorn.”

    1. Yes, there is no genetically modified popcorn. It is a different variety of corn than field corn, which is primarily GMO. It is also difficult for field corn to cross pollinate with popcorn, which minimizes the chance of GMO contamination.

      1. Perhaps its the seasonings, butter etc. that is used on the popcorn that contains GMOS…

    2. I agree that popcorn is not GMO. What I do worry about is what the conventional farming practices of these big popcorn producers is. Are these kernels pesticide and herbicide free?

      1. But it still shouldn’t be on a GMO list if it isn’t GMO. Also to Brittney, the list doesn’t specify ‘microwave’ or ‘kernel’ popcorn. If one or more of the other ingredients in the microwave popcorn is gmo, then Food Babe should specify that she is talking about Orville Redenbocker’s Microwave Popcorn. The only ingredient in the kernels is CORN.

  2. What do you think of the Lentil and Snap pea crisps by Calbee. I’ve been teaching my students that these are a great alternative to their Hot Cheetos. I hope I’m not wrong.

    1. I contacted Calbee and the oil that they use for the Snap Peas are GMO. :/ my kids used to love them.

      1. This is sad. I thought snap peas were a healthy snack. :0( what is wrong with these companies that they can’t use better ingredients? Is it really that much more costly?

  3. How about those Simply Balanced organic blue chips from target? I’m obsessed.
    Ingredients: Organic blue corn, organic sunflower oil, organic flax seed, sea salt, lime.

  4. I only have one truth to voice : ” if there is no harm in labeling gmo’s then why
    Put up the fight I label ???” It’s simple , if u have nothing to hide then labeling would not be an issue ! But since there is a darker truth regarding gmo’s and Their affects on human consumption as well as other mammals and fish etc …. They fight to label …. Money is their ONLY motive people , not out future , not our health ….. Keep spreading the truth people , do not be fooled or ” a pay off” our lives are worth it 🙂

    1. Money is not their only motive. It’s not even their main motive. The death of every single person on Earth is their motive. How can you reach this goal? By creating GMOs and putting them into every food product you can. Since there have and always will have people who eat organic food, they decided that they needed to poison the water supply as well. So they used fluoride toxic waste from manufacturing and dumped it into the water and began their fluoride propaganda campaign. Then they decided that since there are still areas where the majority of organic crops are grown and those farmers will not switch to GMOs, how can we make them switch to GMOs? Let’s take aluminum, barium, strontium and many other toxic nano particles and spray the atmosphere with poison so that people will be breathing in toxic air. Then when these chemicals come down into the soil, they prevent the root system of crops from absorbing water and the crop dies. But before that even happens, those aluminum particles are shiny and bounce light off them instead of allowing it to travel down to the plants normally. So people are getting less sunlight than they should which then leads to vitamin D deficiency. Plants are getting less sunlight too. This geo-engineering is also causing severe drought in major agriculture states like CA. So if there is no rain, then there is no water for the organic crops and therefore GMOs would seem like the only option because they claim to be drought resistant. If you control the food supply, you control the world. Think about if 100% of all food was GMO. Assuming GMOs were safe (which they aren’t) Monsanto would control all of the seeds and could then refuse to sell any of them to any country they don’t like and essentially starve them to death. They could force political change in their favor to allow them to be in control of every government worldwide. This is their motive…kill off 90% of the world’s population, control the remaining 10%.

  5. The chart at the top of this page where you cite the Top 10 brands MUST be cited, both by scientific procedure and by the usage rules laid out by the company from which this data originates (IRI or ACNielsen). You are in flagrant violation of these basic procedures.

  6. what about frito-lays natural cheese puffs? They contain organic corn it says. Curious about your thoughts on these.

  7. What about the Utz brand? Their original and “Ripples” potato chips read clean with just potatoes, cottonseed oil and salt as the only ingredients. I know they’re not organic, but aside from that, is there anything wrong?

    1. Potatoes are one of the heaviest Glyphosate sprayed crops in the country….that poison is just as dangerous as GM/GE.

  8. Just last night I was offered orville redenbacher’s popcorn by con agra. My daughter pointed it out, says it is made with no GMO’s . I am pretty confused to see this. Is this a healthy alternative?

    1. There is NO GMO popcorn, period. Corn for popcorn is derived from a different seed. People need to realize how short the GE crop list is. Some crops have been developed but not introduced into the food chain due to various reasons. Here is a link to all GE crops that have been developed, all 27 of them. Some are not approved for use or have been discontinued. If you click on each one and go to the “Authorizations” tab, you can see if this product is approved for use in the US.

      1. Oh WOW, I never really knew till now. We stopped enjoying pop corn a while ago. I only buy it if it says non gmo. Thank you so much for the info. Yaaaaaaaa back to having popcorn.

      2. What about the oils used in microwave popcorn? If they use corn oil there is a good chance it is a GMO.

      3. Tiffany – there is no corn on the GMO list, and we know that there is GM corn.

      4. Jason, yes if there is soybean or corn oil listed in the ingredients, more than likely it is GE. Fiona, in the US, Canada and a few other countries corn is known as maize.

  9. Mary’s Gone Crackers Original are on sale this week in Florida Publix stores as buy one get one free. Perfect time to stock up!

  10. There is plenty of evidence that GMOs are safe. The literature is vast and every major food safety organization in the world has come to the same conclusion. It is anyone’s right to choose not to eat foods made from ingredients derived from genetically engineered crops, but don’t do so because they are not safe to eat. Be more concerned if they can alter the environment or if the herbicide residue has long-term health effects. GE technology has many potential positives for humans.

  11. I never knew MSG was addictive! No wonder why 1 small bag of Doritoes doesn’t work. I try to eat Pop Chips, trader joes veggie sticks or snapea crips. Hope those are ok? Any one of those better than the other? Thank you.

  12. Do you have information on foods containing Glyphosate? I’m just as worried, if not more so, about that heinous poison. Thank you.

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