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My New Cookbook is Here! Food Babe Family – More Than 100 Recipes and Foolproof Strategies to Help Your Kids Fall In Love with Real Food

When I became a mom, I got flooded with questions. You asked me…

What do you feed your kids?

How do I get them to not only eat vegetables…but LOVE them?

Which snacks are good for us…and also fun to eat?

How do we navigate the processed food in restaurants?…or when traveling?

What do I pack in my kid’s lunch that they’ll actually eat?

I am ready to share my advice, recommendations and recipes that my family loves.

Introducing my new book in 2023…

Food Babe Family: More Than 100 Recipes and Foolproof Strategies to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Real Food

Food Babe Family is a candid and very INTIMATE look into my life with my family.

In this book, I show you all the ins and outs of our life as a Food Babe Family, walking you through how I feed my children (and myself!) on a daily basis.

  • I dispel great myths we have been fed about feeding children and help you spot ridiculous product marketing.
  • You will learn how to navigate many sticky food situations that you will undoubtedly encounter at birthday parties, restaurants, and while traveling.
  • I give you the play-by-play on how to pack yummy school lunches that your children will love.
  • And healthy store-bought swaps for ultra-processed snacks so that your children don’t feel like they’re missing out.

Having this book is like moving into my house, hanging out with me and seeing exactly how we eat as a family to make it all work.

I actually almost published Food Babe Family into TWO books, because it’s jam-packed with so much information. This book has all the tools, information, and recipes you need to feed your children in a way that will foster a love for real food and set them up for a life of healthy eating.

You’ll find more than 100 delicious recipes that make it simple to put healthy, real food on the table that the entire family will love. From Pumpkin Muffins to Taco Salad Cups, Zucchini Pizza Bites, “Chick-Fil-A” Chicken Nuggets and Waffle Fries, and even Homemade “Oreos”.

If you don’t have children…this book is for you too.

This book isn’t just for parents or those with children living at home. It’s for everyone. This is how I eat and the recipes I’m passing on to my loved ones. I guarantee you’re going to love having this in your kitchen.

Food Babe Family also makes a thoughtful gift for anyone you know who has children or is expecting. And it will be available just in time for holiday gift giving season. 

Food Babe Family will hit bookstores everywhere on October 17, 2023, but is available to pre-order so you can reserve your copy! 

Go to to pre-order your copy now to qualify for incredible bonuses coming this Summer. I have some really fun stuff planned that you don’t want to miss.

Why should you pre-order now? I’m glad you asked…

  • When you pre-order today, the book will be shipped to you to arrive on or about the release date – so you’ll be one of the first people to get it and won’t need to make a trip to the store. During the launch of my last cookbook, there was such a huge demand that bookstores ran out of copies the week that it came out! Online booksellers were sold out too. Many people who wanted a copy couldn’t get one and had to wait. I don’t want this to happen to you. If you order now, your copy will be reserved.
  • Your early support makes a difference – it will send a message to bookstores that they should carry this life-changing book and will order enough copies to meet the demand.
  • You will lock in the lowest price between now and the release date if you order on Amazon with their Pre-Order Price Guarantee. This means if they reduce the price any time before October 17th, you’ll get it for that price. (Details are on their website).
  • You will also qualify for incredible bonuses as a thank you for your early support of this book. I’m going to make it SO WORTH IT for you to order early. I appreciate your support so much! These bonuses will start rolling out in a couple months. Subscribe to my free email newsletter so you’ll be updated on bonuses

Want a sneak peek?

Here are some outtakes and behind-the-scenes photos of our photoshoot for this cookbook. It’s hard to believe but we shot all of the pictures at my house for this book in TWO DAYS. There were hundreds of shots to choose from, and only some of these made it into the cookbook. Let me just say that it was 48 hours of pure craziness between naps and set changes, but my photographer Susan Stripling is amazing and I’d never have been able to do it without her and my team there to make it run smoothly.


Reserve your copy of Food Babe Family here now.

The multimillion dollar food industry has used their vast resources to target parents, convincing them that it’s difficult to feed their children good food. But here’s the truth: parenting is difficult, but feeding your children simple, healthy, real food shouldn’t be.

Our children are the future. Setting them up with the tools they need to thrive in a world that is overloaded with fast, easy junk food full of health-wrecking ingredients is a practice that’s worth its weight in gold.


P.S. Do you know someone who needs this book? Please share this with them! 

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  1. Your cookbook looks great. I was wondering about was is the latest on Stevia? I’ve heard pros and cons?

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