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Food Babe Voted Dr Oz’s “Healthiest Facebook Page”!

Food Babe Army we did it! When I got a call from Dr. Oz’s team telling me we won his healthiest facebook contest, I jumped for joy out of my seat. Being featured on huge media platforms like The Dr. Oz Show helps grow our movement. The more and more people who know about Food Babe, the more and more people will know the truth about what’s happening to our food supply. When people find out the truth, companies have no where to hide and have to change. Thank you for voting and supporting the facebook page. It’s an incredible honor to receive this win and I appreciate what you do every single day with me to spread the word about what’s really in our food. Together we are changing the world!




Sending the army much love,


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36 responses to “Food Babe Voted Dr Oz’s “Healthiest Facebook Page”!

  1. Congratulations! This is amazing and so are you! You deserve it. Thank you for all you do.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a great way to get your name exposed to those who follow mass media!

  3. You deserve TONS of recognition and all the accolades that go with it, Food Babe!
    So very proud of you, and we’re all behind you 110% of the way! Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Congratulations!
    I am not on Facebook but you did it!
    I appreciate your information and emails…
    What I find hard is trying to convince my family about all the garbage in food…especially my parents who are elderly and take a host of medicines, they just think I am crazy and that organic and additives have been in our food forever and don’t hurt us…they thin that I am in a cultic experience with food…
    Thanks for your consistent and healthy information, recipes and encouragement!
    Traelynn Neal

    1. Greetings Traelynn,
      I am responding because you seem to feel very passionate about sharing the information that has helped you make better food choices and it isn’t working as well as you’d like.
      In my experience you will have to wait for an opening and than you can possibly flood the person with information. An opening can come in the form of a comment of curiosity or even a non verbal expression like a raised eyebrow 🙂
      Also, documentaries are to me the most effective approach to sharing information because usually the angles are infinite that are illustrated so the message is undeniable and reaches on even a sub conscious level. I have learned from all the recommended Documentaries on this site and here are few more: Vegucated, Fresh, Tapped, David vs. Monsanto and Hot Coffee, LLC. A new documentary will be released this friday titled Fed Up. All the documentaries are available on Netflix or Amazon.
      I’ve found that when you are very passionate about sharing information you may want to share with anyone who’ll listen. This, however, can cause the person you are sharing with to become resistant. What is most effective for me is always being ready to share so when the opening presents you are following their lead and not being pushy or authoritative. So many people are used to be talked down to by educators or someone in authority that if you’re not careful you could remind them of someone in their past that did not make them feel comfortable about learning something new. So when the new information seems non threatening and without judgement or opinion by you it will be better received.
      As an example, I will never say “Let me tell you what you need to do.” This will automatically cause the listener to resist or even fully reject whats being shared. Instead, if a relative topic about food comes up I will say, “Can we watch this amazing movie together?” Usually the person will say yes based on my enthusiasm and not even ask what the movie is about. When i’m super charged excited just to watch the movie with the person this is what they feel and not that i’m working my plan to change their diet. The plan is actually just to enjoy the time learning together and be a resource if the curiosity grows into the desire to learn more. Thanks for your time.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Glad you were acknowledged for all you do for every deserving human that lives!!! Thank you Vani so very much and please keeo up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

  6. Vani, Thank You so very much for all you do for every human that lives!!! And a Big CONGRATULATIONS ON WINNING DR. OZ’s HEALTHIEST FACEBOOK PAGE!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK YOUR DOING!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! You deserve it, and I am so happy for you. Change is coming….and thank you for being a part of the next Food Revolution, you are a big part of what has occurred and what is yet to come. Your my Hero!

  8. Congratulations! I admire you beyond words and appreciate all that you’re doing for humankind.! Thank you!

  9. Congratulations!!! Love your recipes and have a few go-to’s we eat every week!
    (Yes, my husband and I both enjoy the recipes!)
    Thank you!

  10. Congratulations !! Your a” WINNER ” in our book……. keep up the good work !

  11. I have been seeing the new Subway commercial! Stating what they “took out” of the bread recipe! CONGRATS!! For bringing this to light! Great job Food Babe!!

  12. Congrats 🙂 I just started eatting healthier and your emails are very informative and I’m learning everyday more & more. Thanks

  13. Congratulations food babe continue to speak for us …theses food additives are a crime ..Kraft still has not eliminated the color yellow…these people don’t care about humanity it’s greed greed greed….to line their pockets…the states is the weakest in the world …and people should wake up…thank you

  14. Thanks Food Babe. I became an ethical vegan in 2001, not really for self serving purposes, but after seeing footage and photos of cows, pigs, chickens, calves, lambs being brutally killed, which 65 billion are every year, my taste buds quickly adapted to plant based foods, the foods that animals eat to make them big, strong, healthy, free from disease.

    I quickly learned that the very same recipe for human health and reduction of animal suffering, is the same recipe for healing the planet which is 70% water, 30% land, from the impact of raising 65 billion farmed animals on her at a cost so high we could never calculate it.

    Thanks for reminding me how far away from real FOOD we have come, because of deceptive marketing, political malfeasance, chemical company power, and the tragic view, changing slowly, as did the view of Africans as slaves, that animals are our property.
    When children are put on a whole food plant based diet, free from toxins and grease, their brains, heart, and other organs recover from assault, function optimally, and health care and special education costs are reduced. Everyone WINS on a pure food diet.

  15. Congratulations!!! I really enjoy your page and have tried to tell as many of my friends about it. So much information and I appreciate the time and work it takes for you to get this valuable information to us!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  16. Awesome! Congrats and keeping spreading the truth about what we eat. Knowledge is power… thank you for sharing yours with us on a regular basis. Your articles are truly eye opening as well as inspiring!

  17. Here is a new battle for you that may be a bit out of your normal battles. Most 401K plans and mutual funds, index funds, etc. all have Monsanto in them. How can we fight to change this?

  18. Question for Food Babe: What is the best, healthiest deli meat brand buy for a sandwich loving family. no nitrates,no chemicals. Thanks!

    1. Look for Applegate Farms. They worked furiously last year to remove any remaining GMO in the last 10 products which contained it – they were very open about the 10 products which still had GMO ingredients (GMO corn fed chicken and the breading on their frozen breaded chicken ( January of this year all the GMO ingredients have been removed (except from a gluten free corn dog they have – again, they are very open about it letting their customers know the product does have GMO corn breading but are working to get rid of the ingredient). They have organic, grass fed beef hot dogs (I don’t eat hot dogs but my husband & my dog do so I buy them these), natural, organic & non GMO turkey deli meat, etc. Just look for them at most grocery stores. There is an Applegate section at my local Target super store so I imagine they are most places.

  19. Congratulations — this exposure — & what u r doing — is SO fantastic; keeping big (&small) food suppliers accountable & empowering consumers (helping them realize they vote with each purchase & what they eat affects their functioning & vitality).

    For a while now I have had a big concern about the fact that feed my starving children and other similar organizations (attempting to feed 1/7 of the world’s population!) are largely feeding them with GMO products. Bad for the recipients and also perpetuating the problem (pouring money into companies like Monsanto, Cargill etc). I Used to take my Girl Scout troops and hockey teams there but realized I had too much of a conflict of interest.

    When I contacted the purchaser (and by the way this organization has Bible quotes all over its website), they really stood by the GMO manufacturers and said they believe it’s the only way to feed the starving people. Periodically, I send this person articles, maybe every 3 to 4 months. I’m trying to be pleasantly persistent but I like your motto (hay house interview), of carrying on until you get a “yes .”

    Related, There is a great guy Darius /youwealthrevolution who keeps sending me emails stating that for every email I receive, enough money to feed 15 starving children goes to feed my starving children. I have emailed him explaining that this actually causes me anxiety, and why. I never got a response from him. I commend his work,

  20. (Part two)

    I commend (Darius’) work, helping people to be more effective, loving, expansive and conscious but really feel his good intentions are going astray here. I have been feeling a bit disheartened that I never even got up reply from him on this (that he would look into it etc), but perhaps you could (?). (I’m pbly asking you to add it to what a very long list of targets.) Again, pbly 95% of what he’s doing is AWESOME but if his (& others) energy in this one area be redirected to a starving-children-feeding organization that agrees to solicit or purchase from organic farmers (or Trader Joes?!) at a fair price (for example) … Don’t know if there is any such thing yet … I feel this could make a big impact (& news — huffington post etc ).

    Ps – Trader Joes corporate informed me that all of their products are non-GMO – even their dog food! I do believe it, so I hope it is true and I tell a lot of people but if you feel like verifying it is still a small “?” in my mind because it seems strange that they do not promote it publicly more … Whole foods has made such a big deal –and gotten so much publicity — for stating that they will be GMO free in something like 2017 (– I think the date keeps moving?)

  21. On your Petition for Budweiser to release their Ingredients, they listed; Water, Barley Malt, Rice, Yeast, Hops what about the type of sweetener they use? every fermentation has to use sugar of some sort. they left that part out maybe perhaps they use high fortuitous corn syrup?

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