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Last weekend, Good Morning America came over to interview me about the #NoWaySubway petition. It was a big week for the #FoodBabeArmy! I continue to be incredibly proud of each and every one of you – especially those that took the time to sign the petition which is at 90,000 people and counting! Voicing your concerns about the food system really works and now Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and Publix have all stated they are removing azodicarbonamide. Dunkin Donuts is even considering it! If you find this ingredient in a product you buy or restaurant you frequent – continue to make your voice heard publicly – this food industry giants are clearly LISTENING!!! 

I love getting the opportunity to do National TV like this. It’s a great platform to help wake up the world about what’s really going on at Subway! 

If you still haven’t signed the Subway petition, please join 90,000+ others here. Subway still won’t tell us when they are going to stop serving this dangerous ingredient! 
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